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I was about to find out. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Confessions of a Klutz , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Confessions of a Klutz. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Mar 02, Kathleen R.

I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

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It literally had me in stitches. This book is about Vi Violet who is a living, walking, breathing Klutz. Taylor who just happens to be a sexy CEO. From there things get very interesting. This is a fantastic romantic comedy so if your a Confessions of a Klutz Confessions Series, Book 1 This book popped my Abigail Davies cherry, and what a book it was. This is a fantastic romantic comedy so if your after a laugh this book is for you.

I adored this book!! Vi is the epitome of a klutz and someone the majority of us can relate to. She's witty, weird in all the good ways , and totally eccentric; all the great makings for a heroine that you can really root for.

Throw in an off-the-charts sexy CEO, a stray cat, and a little spice, and you have yourself a romcom that is pee-your-pants funny! This is Abigail's first attempt at a romcom, and she absolutely smashed it out of the park! The endearing side characters will also capture y I adored this book!! The endearing side characters will also capture your heart, I can't wait to read their stories. Confessions of a klutz is not to be missed out on. You'll relate to Violet on many levels—most especially her being a klutz. I first released this at the start of , but these two wouldn't leave my head even after release.

So I added some new scenes and had the whole thing re-edited. I love the new version more than the old one, and that's saying something! I am new to Abigail's writing I am so glad I got this chance to read this beauty.

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If you are one who loves humor or silliness u will love this book. I have never laughed this much while reading I just I have my moments but not like this lady. I loved this book. The nick I am new to Abigail's writing The nicknames are priceless!! Such a great read. I'll never look at the eggplant emoji again without thinking of this book. Please check it out! You will every moment. Axel is your typical business man, however having Vi thrown into his path causes hilarity to ensue along with a lightning of his day, if not certainly a distraction.

The novella went very quickly for me and i am certainly hoping that we get more of these characters and the other supporting characters as i had a blast reading this one. Anyone who needs a good laugh. This book is my book of the year so far. I don't think I've ever laughed so much when reading.

I had honest to god tears streaming down my face, and the strangest looks from my family. If I could give it more than five stars, I would, that is how much I loved it. Violet is a 'real' character for a reader and thus identifiable to so many people. She takes being a klutz to the extreme and the inner monologue she has going on his hilarious. She's not the conscientious worker that I usually read in b This book is my book of the year so far.

She's not the conscientious worker that I usually read in books, no she would rather draw pictures of her boss and watch Game of Thrones Jon Snow - yummy. See I told you completely identifiable. Axel is the hard-faced boss when you first meet him, but as he develops throughout the novel, you develop a big crush on the kind-hearted, although sometimes a bit foolish man stop listening to Della, you idiot.

This is a new series from Abigail Davies, and she has hit the nail on the head for a romantic comedy. It was just so funny and believably so because I could totally see so much of Violet's klutz happening to me. I read the book in a day as I could not put it down. The novel is descriptive and superbly written.

I can't recommend enough. It's 'ducking' brilliant 'birches' LOL. Filled with humour and wit this book will have you laughing so hard you will cry! The banter is perfection and the steam is definitely HOT. You really won't be disappointed in this book at all!! Dec 13, DW rated it it was amazing. I loved this book so hard. Such a fun read!!! View all 3 comments. It has everything you could want in a RomCom. Their chemistry well that was just off the charts and they were so good together and so perfect together even if she did cause mayhem when they were together.

They had you laughing at one point and getting hot under the collar at another point I loved the little confession boxes at the beginning of each chapter they had me laughing as much at the book did. This book is laugh out loud funny and I was crying with laughing at one point to which I was getting funny looks off the other half I highly recommend this book it sure got me out of my book funk Laugh out loud funny Loved Vi and her klutziness. You made the characters come to life. Sep 22, Paula Phillips rated it liked it.

Violet Scott isn't just clumsy or a klutz, she is full-on accident prone where if someone looked at her hospital records, they would A think she was being abused and B they would keep a permanent bed there for her. This book made me laugh at parts as I can be sort of clumsy at times but nothing as bad as Violet. Taylor who is the "big boss. During this time, Violet and Mr. Taylor whom later we learn is called Axel end up sleeping together and having a whirlwind romance.

What will happen though when Violet returns to her life in LA to find herself fired and Axel not taking her phone calls and to make matters worse she has inherited a cat called Colonel Fourpaws. Could this being fired though be the best thing for Violet? If I could I would give Confessions of a Klutz 6 out of 5. Yes, I'm going there.

I expected a fun read but what I got was much more. I love how Vi just accept the way things happen.

I imagine I could be best friends with her. Don't get me started on Axel. I want a boss like that well my luck is shitty so even if I get a boss like Axel he wouldn't even notice me. I love how Amazeballs I love how Axel just go with Vi and all her clumsiness if there is a word like that There are times where I laughed so hard I thought I was going to laugh everyone awake in the house. There is a spot where I almost threw my kindle.

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Trust me you will too if you read it. Don't just get the book and let it lay there in your kindle. Best read for I wasn't prepared for the extreme wittiness of the banter or the exceedingly wonderful and unique personalities of our characters. It was both filled with humor and sexier than I could of imagined. It was exactly what I craved and I didn't even know it.

I chose to review this book for our blog Alphas Do It Better and literally told my girls "gee it sounds like this author is writing about me! Violet is so accident prone, she needs a punch card for the ER and I felt an instant kinship with her. Despite being pretty childish in some cases, I loved her from start to finish. Axel Taylor is an uber-hot, Alpha businessman completely unused to having his precise world altered.

With Vi filling in for his assis I chose to review this book for our blog Alphas Do It Better and literally told my girls "gee it sounds like this author is writing about me!

With Vi filling in for his assistant, his ordered world is a little I cannot tell you how many times this book had me laughing out loud. I could see it playing out like a movie in my mind, the old-school Three Stooges physical comedy kind. I also really loved the side characters of Ella and Chad. The book was really short and I didn't want it to end but I hope to see more of the foursome in future books!

When in her current job, she gets told to go to New York to be the PA for the CEO whilst they find a replacement she never expects to meet the Adonis that is her boss. Axel has never met anyone quite like Violet before but she brightens his day with her little quirks and her clumsiness but he never expected to have the feelings he does for her. How will she feel when she gets fired…. Can these two have their happily ever after? I absolutely loved this klutz with the foul mouth and all the trouble she gets into.


Saint Augustine extrapolates from his own experiences to fit others' journeys. Augustine recognizes that God has always protected and guided him. This is reflected in the structure of the work. Augustine begins each book within Confessions with a prayer to God. Outler, a Professor of Theology at Southern Methodist University, argues that Confessions is a "pilgrimage of grace [ Written after the legalization of Christianity, Confessions dated from an era where martyrdom was no longer a threat to most Christians as was the case two centuries earlier.

Augustine clearly presents his struggle with worldly desires such as lust. Such rapid ascension certainly raised criticism of Augustine. Confessions was written between AD —, suggesting self-justification as a possible motivation for the work. With the words "I wish to act in truth, making my confession both in my heart before you and in this book before the many who will read it" in Book X Chapter 1, [15] Augustine both confesses his sins and glorifies God through humility in His grace, the two meanings that define "confessions," [16] in order to reconcile his imperfections not only to his critics but also to God.

Augustine does not paint himself as a holy man, but as a sinner. For example, in the second chapter of Book IX Augustine references his choice to wait three weeks until the autumn break to leave his position of teaching without causing a disruption. He wrote that some "may say it was sinful of me to allow myself to occupy a chair of lies even for one hour.

Due to the nature of Confessions, it is clear that Augustine was not only writing for himself but that the work was intended for public consumption. Confessions thus constitutes an appeal to encourage conversion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Augustine, Confessions ed.

Harmonds worth Middles ex, England: Book IX, Chapter 1.

Confessions of a Klutz

Book X, Chapter 1. Book IX, Chapter 2. The Body and Society. The Confessions of Saint Augustine.