TOMMY GABRINI 2: A PLACE IN HIS HEART (The Gabrini Men Series Book 3)

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Book 2 of Tommy Gabrini's story and book 3 of this series will definitely have you wanting more of Tommy and Sal. Tommy Gabrini can be a beast both in and out of bed. He is a man with a heart of gold and will protect Grace at all cost.

This book picks back up where book 1 of the series left off where Tommy has proposed to Grace and she said "YES! There are two unexpected deaths in this book and Grace starts t Book 2 of Tommy Gabrini's story and book 3 of this series will definitely have you wanting more of Tommy and Sal.

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There are two unexpected deaths in this book and Grace starts to learn who her friends really are when Tommy hands over his shares to the company that she works for to her. We, Sal and Grace learn things about Tommy and his father take when don't see coming until seconds before its revealed.

Buckle in when reading this book folks, it going to be a bumpy and wild ride. Will Grace survie Tommy's ex's? Will Tommy and Grace handle the Hurricane Jilly and family? Mallory Monroe does the damn thang is this story, can't wait to complete this series. This book is one of the best in the series.

Just when you think they can't go on any further due to outside for forces they find a way to work through the difficult times. The love of Tommy and Grace is so strong that no one understands their bond. Tommy longed for someone to love him for the man he truly was ;while Grace was longed for love without strings attached. In essence, they were looking for someone with a heart that match the others.

I'll not give away the story, but must say I truly enjoy Ms. I highly recommend this story. It has a twist that you will not expect. Great characters and well written as usual.

This book had me laughing at some points and wiping my tea 're along with the great characters! On to the next book in this great series!!!!! Oct 28, Adrienh1 rated it liked it Shelves: I've read all of the books in the series.

And this by far has been the most disappointing to me. There were just things in the story that did not make sense. What I just could not seem to wrap my head around was the fact that Tommy resorted to using his fist, and threatening women! So, from all I've read about Tommy's character to date, he is a smooth operator and savvy in his payback. The Tommy in this book was anyt My thoughts The Tommy in this book was anything but savvy.

When all else failed, he resorted using his fists. And there were just too many unanswered questions in this story not even a cliff hanger, just unresolved things that don't make sense. The story just did not flow smoothly. Mar 14, Mspraise50 rated it it was amazing. Grace and Tommy story continues.

Grace is getting tougher now and she knows she has a fight on her hands to keep her man.

That ex of Tommy's was head case and clearly had some mental issues!!! I am glad Grace showed her who she was messing with. I wish she had woken up the fact that Nayla was douche earlier and drop kicked her ass to the kerb ages ago. Wow what a relation about Tommy's dad and poor old Sal who has to bear the horrible burden yet again. Dec 27, Kashi Ashley Lowe rated it it was amazing. Another Fantastic read about Grace and Tommy. I stayed up all night so that I can finish this book.

I was happy when Grace was able to defend herself and not just act as the little puppet everyone underestimates her for. I thinklove it when Tommy defends his woman. All in all another great book from Ms Monroe. About to hit book 3. Jan 13, TJ rated it really liked it. A lot of things I wasnt expecting in this book, character progression was solid in this story. The added drama brought flair as well as twists that were thrown in. There were grammar and misspelled words and the reason I bring this up is because of the price. Italiana Deliciana I love the Gabrini series..

Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. COMING JUNE 18TH: MICK SINATRA 5 TOMMY GABRINI 2: A PLACE IN HIS HEART (The Gabrini Men Series Book 3) - Kindle edition by Book 3 of 5 in Tommy Gabrini Series (5 Book Series). Tommy Gabrini 2: A Place in His Heart [Mallory Monroe] on *FREE * shipping on customer reviews. Book 3 of 7 in the Gabrini Men Series . Tommy Gabrini 3: Grace Under Fire (The Gabrini Men Series) (Volume 5. Total price.

Ms Mallory u r the most exciting author I've read so far on kindle.. Oct 08, Angelia rated it liked it Shelves: Was having a hard time finishing this one Found out why Tommy hated his father so much but there was still a lot of unanswered question so I know there will be a few more stories on the Gabrini family Wow What can I say another gripping read. Never saw that twist coming. Absolutely explosive I can't wait to read the next in the series.

Do go and read. Love it Three stars. The Gabrinis boys are what real men are suppose to be. Enjoying reading these books. Strong women that love their men's.

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Jul 19, Constance rated it it was amazing. Again, I love it. Those Gabrini men are awesome. Tina Sosa rated it liked it Feb 12, Their tempers flare, their personalities clash, but their love for each other becomes the cornerstone that could actually make their relationship work.

Italian heartthrob Sal Gabrini has a reputation as a hardnosed former cop who is now a hardnosed wealthy businessman who will fight to the death for what he believes in. If his family is threatened, or his business compromised, he will not rest until payback is complete and final.

Tommy Gabrini 2: A Place in His Heart

But even hard men like Sal has a soft spot. His soft spot is Gemma. Gemma Jones, his beautiful African-American girlfriend, is a woman who speaks her own mind, runs her own business, and refuses to be the female who looks the other way. And together their long-distance relationship grows closer and closer. But when Sal is double-crossed by men who are supposed to be working for him, and the blowback blows back on Gemma herself, he knows he has to restore order in his life before Gemma leaves him, and he has no life to restore.

Romancing Sal Gabrini 2: Business tycoon and sexy heartthrob Sal Gabrini works hard to maintain his numerous business ventures and his long-distance relationship with his super-sexy African- American girlfriend. Marriage is in the cards, but he knows that branding her with the Gabrini name could become more of a curse than a blessing.

Tommy Gabrini Series

But when a woman from his past asks for his help, and it nearly costs him his life, he and Gemma must rethink their entire relationship and if their love is strong enough to endure his tumultuous and often dangerous lifestyle. It should have been the best time of his life. Italian tough guy and business mogul Sal Gabrini asks his beautiful African-American girlfriend, criminal defense attorney Gemma Jones, to marry him.

And she says yes. But the world around them says no. No to their happiness. No to their union. No to any peace for either one of them. But Sal and Gemma fight tooth and nail to stay together, even as everybody, including those who should be happiest for them, fight tooth and nail to keep them apart.

In the fourth installment of the Sal and Gemma interracial love story, we find a couple determined to find happiness despite their many storms. Business mogul and Italian heartthrob Sal Gabrini has too much going on.

From the international Gabrini Corporation, to his shady dealings outside of his corporate responsibilities, to dealing with all of the men who are pulling out the stops to get next to his beautiful African-American wife, he is a man on a ledge. In a sexy and furious installment of the Gabrini Men series, Salvatore Luciano Gabrini is angry, and determined to bring to his brand of justice every one of the MFs who thought they could play with fire by targeting his wife, and not get burned. Sal Luca will not only burn them, but will burn down everything they hold dear.

Sexy businessman and backdoor mob enforcer Dapper Tommy Gabrini finds himself at a crossroads. His latest relationship, with Liz Logan, is crumbling. Bad guys are plotting his demise in more ways than one. And when he comes to grips with an inconvenient truth about his feelings for his ex-wife Grace, he realizes that they have a unique love that will not die.

But when the plot thickens and seek to choke not only Tommy, but his entire family, he knows he has a choice to make. When he chooses Grace, all hell breaks loose. In the fifth installment of the Tommy Gabrini interracial romance series, Tommy and Grace are together again.

Will Grace survie Tommy's ex's? But when a gorgeous African queen in red walked into his orbit, he knew something drastic was about to change. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This just seemed like a fast read that was rushed. I thought that would be explained in this one but it seems to have jumped o Wow!

But what price do they have to pay for love? Sal Gabrini never saw it coming. His business is flourishing. Gemma Gabrini, his beautiful African-American wife, is the love of his life. He has his health, his wealth, he cannot ask for more. Until allegations of sexual improprieties, racial discrimination, and uncovered secrets and lies threaten to tear his happy life and his powerful kingdom apart. In the explosive sixth installment of the Sal Gabrini series, Sal and Gemma must confront the ghosts of their past, and discover that their own love and marriage is about to be tested beyond any crisis they had ever faced before.

His House of Cards. Hunky mobster Sal Gabrini is in a tough spot. His gorgeous African-American wife is pregnant with their first child together, and his legitimate corporation is managing just fine. But his crime syndicate is falling apart at the seams, and enemies from within and without are trying with all they have to pull he and his woman apart too.


In the latest installment of the Sal Gabrini interracial romance series, loyalties are tested, positions are challenged, and turf wars are fought and settled the only way Sal and company knows how. Just The Way You Are. Titan of Industry and gorgeous mob enforcer Tommy Gabrini finds his life unraveling before his very eyes when enemies hit him from all sides. But it all takes a darker turn when his wife, Grace Gabrini, and his brother Sal, also find themselves caught in the web of lies, deceit, and heartbreak. In the latest installment of the Tommy Gabrini interracial romantic suspense series, Tommy and Grace must battle forces from the past and present as they seek to maintain, not only their love, but their very existence.

Every Which Way But Loose. On the day his gorgeous and smart African-American wife files papers to challenge the incumbent District Attorney and clean out the corrupt and biased D. Because Sal is a former cop with a sketchy, some would say racist past, the media plays it up and attempts to drag his wife through the mud right along with him.