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Can Loved Ones in Heaven Look Down on Me?
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Is it possible that sometimes we miss seeing God in the everyday workings of our lives? Be strong and courageous. He shows up in our lives, and He can be seen and experienced…if only we open our eyes to see it. Check out the movie trailer here. This is one you can take your entire family to see it is rated PG, and some younger children might be scared by the topic of death, so use your best parental judgment — you know your kids best! Everyone who sees this film will be inspired. It opens in theaters March 16th. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes: Poignant personal reflections are woven artfully with metaphors, personal stories, and an eclectic smattering of quotes and movie references. You, too, are invited to reflect and discover your own divine encounter. Paperback , pages. Published August 16th by Destiny Image first published August 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. However, Love IS the answer. As I read this book it made me think back to a job interview. He asked me how I handled those kids that are not real lovable and easy to get along with. I never hesitated in my answer because it is what I do each day. Today the unlovables seem to be…. She told me it would be so much easier for her to deal with me if I would just hate her.

No matter what evil thing she did to me I still loved her. This is not easy to do, but it is required by God. God does everything through love and that is what this book shows us. We must live this way daily to transform our lives. I will gladly place this book into the hands of my pastor.

He recommends books to our congregation all the time and I believe this is one that should be in our church bookstore.

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Shane was a self taught musician and while he could play any instrument, his favorite was guitar. He played in church, tent revivals, and would go visit people in nursing homes and play and sing for them. I just wanted to share this with the hope that it may help someone else who may have also recently lost someone and is having a hard time learning to live with it like I am. Hello Dawn We lost our son also on May 8th at the age of He had 2 sisters and we all loved one another very much. He would teach his younger sisters how to drive ro get their license and stay up late to help them with their homework.

A beautiful thing he did for his youngest siter also was beautiful. My daughter had just come home from a junior prom and had not had a boy ask her to dance throughou the night. When she cam home from it He asked her how it went. When she responded that no boy danced with her he put on her favorite song and danced in the living room while she still wore her prom dress. He was a very humble and meek erson who loved his famly and loved others. I hurt so much as I miss him every moment. It is hard to understand and get through the greates painb I have ever know not having him.

I know that the promise of the Heavenly Father shall reunite us oncre again when Jesus returns.

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God Bless You Dawn. My late husband appeared in photo that I took last Christmas. Only realised it a week after Christmas when I browse through the photo. I know he still looking up after me. Recently I dreamt about him. He came fr visit and i found feather on my pillow. Once a while bird will fly in my balcony and hang around for while. I know he love me so much. My mum passed away on thursday morning when i went to bed Thursday night i found a feather in my bed and tuesday night i had a moth land on my hand me and mum discussed sending signs that she was ok when she passed so i am taking comfort in these little things that she is now safe and ok in her next journey.

Hello all My mum passed just over a year ago and today for the first time she came to pay me a visit. I was standing in the kitchen and her faint image passed from the hall into the living room. Then I had tiny goose bumps and a chill all over my body. And there have been white feathers outside the front door. I ve been desperate to hear from her. Hello, My name is Darrick. So 2 years and a half almost 3 years, my mom passed away 6 days before my birthday. So about 2 days later I fell asleep in her bed with my body positioned awkwardly.

The back of my arm and hand were up against the wall and I laid on my left side which left my right ear out and exsposed. The guy didnt come off as scary or evil more of a im going to let you talk to your son but we gotta go. It felt extremely real. The breath on the ear and the hand thing was so uncanny for her not to had physically been right there with me.

I felt so happy and sad at the same time but more so sad. Then as days and weeks went on i use to have crazy random dreams about her.

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My mother was a very outgoing jokester. I know that im writing too much but the night she died, that morning I actually woke up from a dream of her getting shot and dying and I told her about it. That was a weird day for me because she was actually watching my favorite tv shows with me wich she despises of. Hello everyone, I have some recent experiences I would like to share.

For the last week the spiritual activity in my house has been very active. It all started with objects near me randomly falling over or being knocked off the counter ,also the flickering light bulb in my kitchen… and then it esclated to my hair being grazed while I was talking, and the other person said my eyes got so big after I felt the movement of my hair. Just last night I was sitting in my room and I got up to go out and as I did I felt like I bumped into somthing.. After i walked by the stand the windchime went off like it was touched and I turned around and asked my aunt did she hear that and she said yeah,but listen to what I just saw before you walked in…My au t had said she saw a shadow figure in the corner of her eye walk out before I even got up and she thought I was walking in but I didnt until like 15 seconds later…To conclude this, I woke up this morning and my dow was low-growling at the window and tv corner and nothing was there..

My mom came in and said my grandmother was probably watching over us,and as soon as she said that a ladybug flew on her and sat there. Does this sound like a visit from my loved one?

Love Lives On…

Nobody could believe it at first, we thought since I got better, he would too. Is God Mad at Us? I thought this was a sign from my brother that wanted to say goodbye to me, his sister. My mother passed away last Sunday evening. We were alone in her dorm room and talking about her mom, when I got a little emotional and started to cry a little.

Or the tricks its playing is that a sign of another spirit? The knocking things off the counter and low growling to me is a little beyond what our loved ones normally do to reach out. I have indeed had visits and signs made from my deceased loved one. I can now honestly say with positively with confirmation that my brother is always with me, and im not crazy. I knew since the very first day that the light started flickering that it was my brother who passed away on june 2nd, Your sis always rosie. My father passed in January and a month ago I sat in his car that he left me and I could smell his scent!!!

That was the only time I ever smelled it. I read this and I broke down in tears because I knew he was sending me a message. I have some of my deceased parents belongings. They worked hard for the items. Its hard for me to just give it away and I also am not sure if Mom and Dad know that I have their things. I dont want to get rid of something if they are aware I have it as they always loved their furniture and worked hard for it. Do the deceased know what we kept of theirs?

I dont want to hurt their feelings. My mom died on the 26th of April from stage 4 breast cancer. We were talking beforehand and if it were possible, she would send me a sign via a ladybug landing on me as to say hello. She had been unconscious for two days before she died, and 6 hours before she passed I was getting in my car to go see her and had a ladybug fly right into my car and landed on my hand. Is it possible for the soul to leave the body before the body dies? And do you think that was Mom?

Was that a sign to? Especially hearing she was unconscious… What a beautiful and such a clear sign from your mother! When I lost my husband of 25 years, I started finding dimes in the oddest of places. I looked it up online and realized that it was him trying to tell me that he was ok. The last one I found was the oddest of all. On his dresser that had been a little tattered box that probably used to hold a piece of jewelry. I was cleaning out some of his things after his death, and I went to throw it away.

There was no weight to it and no sound when it was shaken, but something told me to just check the inside first. It was a dime with a straight pin through it. Now please realize that he was not at all a sentimental man, and there was literally no reason for him to have this made or to keep it. I had never seen it before. On closer inspection, I realized that dime was minted in the year that we had met. I just had to sit down for a while! I cried and cried. After that, the dimes ended. The dream seems so real I can even smell his Sent, I truly believe with all my heart that he is visiting me. When I wake up from the dream I feel good, its hard to explain.

But thank you thi. Thanks for sharing your experience Kayla! Moments like these are truly so precious and beautiful. I feel the presence of both my mother and my father not at the same time. Their presence is very clear and distinct to who they are, ie, first a strong sensie of them by me, and their distinct scent. Their presence is like nothing I have ever felt before. I never know when they will appear, but I feel such peace when they do come to me. My mom died in january of a long time heart ailment age 81, in the usa. The doctors knew she was going fast so i flew from france on.

Strangely , in the week following while remaining at the family house , i did not feel the incredible sadness i thought i would feel losing my dear mother. But some favorites i could not find. He was so close to my mom over the years and she would have surely loved to come to this special celebration. My son gave us a tour of his college town , the highlights being the blocks full of antiques stores he enjoyed visiting.

It was bittersweet for me because i knew how much my mom and her companion had loved browsing antiques shops when they came to visit us twice a year. I kept remarking aloud for hours about this to my son and husband. I brushed it off and decided to not go inside but then a rack of vintage clothes set out on the sidewalk stopped me in my tracks: They knew immediately it was an identical dress to our mother. That in itself was a miracle , then one sister reminded me it was the same dress my mom had loaned me to wear for a portrait she had painted of me as a teen.

The same painting i could not find at her house after her death. Forty years later and 3, miles away this dress appears. I felt it was a sign from mom saying she was there with us , and knows i should still try to find this missing painting she painted of me wearing her dress. I have had a few occurrences that let me know my husband Marty is near. He loved surfing, and died in a surfing accident in Sept. Later that morning, I noticed sand scattered on my hardwood floor! Neither my daughter or I had been to the beach recently. My neighbors had come by, and I invited them in to look at it.

One had commented on a footprint! Also, I had a breadbasket on a shelf in my kitchen which had fallen onto the counter numerous times. Nothing else had fallen from that shelf. I started taking pictures of it. One time, after I had come inside from being away, I saw the basket and contents spilled to the floor! I laid in bed one night , and the saying bridge over troubled water kept going threw my head , so I got up to see what it ment , the internet took me to utube and a beautiful song started playing , then all of a sudden I connected with my son Shane he took words out of that song and with out words said he was heartbroken, but would dry my eyes when I cry , it was like his mind was placing them words in my mind , and it felt like a good bye ,.

My mum sadly passed on Monday evening, following several years suffering with a terminal illness. She died with myself and my sister by her bedside holding her hand and talking to her. Two other things I wonder about. I really hope she knows how much I loved her and still do. My mother and father are both deceased but they both have made it obvious that they are around us.

My dreams are usually vivid regarding them. They both told me in a visitation dream that they were okay. I had a dream that was like outter body experience about them being in Heaven together. Yes I have seen things like the pennys, and my alarm clock the one that does not work rang for me to get up as soon as I touched it it stopped, This is my daughter who passed away, Can she see me? I miss her so much. Hi My girlfriend passed three months back and through my grief for her i became close with one of her friends and one night i thought she wanted to kiss me and I thought to myself.

I took it that was telling me it was not time or it was not right for me. I found an old phone and went through our old text and the last date was April 5. I wish I could see my love again I miss hey so much. We have been physically touched gently by deceased loved one recently passed away. We were all in shock.. My Austin was Home in his name sake city, and seemingly happy?? I sure hope so. Yesterday was Mothers day and I was so so sad my daughter passed away three weeks ago..

I felt it was my daughters Jodie and Casey sending their love for me.. Then last night I had the most vivid dream of my daughter Casey.. She had a huge smile on her face…I woke up with a start and found myself cluthching a tissue to my chest.. I took it that she came to me and told me not to mourn her she is ok in Heaven…. One month after my husband passed away, a wild blue jay landed on my shoulder as I exited my car which was parked in front of our home. Around my neck, I was wearing my deceased husbands wedding ring and medal.

The religious medal was something my husband wore around his neck for 42 years, never taking it off. When the blue jay landed on my shoulder for the first time, he lifted the wedding ring with his beak and sat on my shoulder. This blue jay continued to stay with me daily for approximately a month. He would stay outside my home in the front and back yard, and would even fly into my car when I would arrive home.

This bird would sit on the window outside and watch me inside the house. I began to take pictures of all of this to show everyone, as I thought people would not believe me. I currently have photographs and videos on my phone and ipad to prove that this actually happened. What really made me understand what was happening and that this was no ordinary occurrence was when I asked the bird to give me another sign.

The bird, again, flew into my chest and lifted our wedding ring. At that point I knew this was my message from heaven. I actually have the video of me asking the bird for another sign and him flying into my chest and lifting my wedding ring up into his beak. This bird has changed my life, my belief in God and the afterlife. In death, my husband helped me to live life again. My brother died from heart attack and I was crying my aunt was yelling at me on the phone and when I hung up the radio went loud and the song another one bites the dust came on.

That was that was the first rock and roll song I heard with him. I knew it was. She was a very spiritual person as are all the women on her side of the family. A few days after she passed the weather was changing like crazy through the day, as it started raining I got a sudden feeling of energy flow through my body and I started thinking of mum then out of no where the most thickest, brightest rainbows appears side by side over my house. They were brighter than anything iv ever seen before. Lastnight when I had a bath I jumped out and got changed, I had closed all of my windows and doors before getting in so there was no cold air flowing through and suddenly my candles started flickering a blue flame.

I have felt her with me everyday. I have her crystals in my house with only her energy and aura on them. I feel somewhat at peace with her passing but still breaking from the tragedy. My husband passed away in December and hie would have been 51 tomorrow. I am nervous I will not handle the day well.


I went up to bed and turned my light on. It started flickering so i looked ones at where it was plugged it and it was fine. Then the light turned off for a few seconds and then came back on. My former boss died 6 mths ago ,and the signs l get is the name of the nursing home he reside at. For example, a client came in and she worked at that Nursing home where he died or a client is currently employed at that facility.

Another example l seen the nursing home advertise on tv. My son,an only child, past from a car accident now going on three years, he was I never got the oppertunity to say goodbye and as a mother this weighs on me deeply. On my birthday, an ordinary day to me,I proceeded to the gym. I was on the treadmile and all of a sudden I felt a warm embrass. The embrass engulfed my entire body,but I knew it as how if felt when my son hugged me.

Then all of a sudden his song came on my headphones. I cryed cause I knew he was comforting me and wanted to wish me a happy birthday. I get choked up just recalling this moment. I miss him dearly. My son, Chase, had just turned I had to give him back about 9 months ago and he gives me the most beautiful ways to know he is with me. The conversation had been about some of the signs Chase gives me..

It made sense then! My first one was in the floorboard of my car! Another on my windshield. One was at his grave at the cemetery. And it was right after I read about communication through feathers that he started with them! There is a profound knowing when these things happen. The sign combined with that incredible sense of knowing is what makes these types of experiences so powerful. Thank you for sharing! I lost my son , Daniel 19, as well in an accident this past November. If you would pray my Danny comes to me so I can feel a hug like that, I would really appreciate it since I have been begging him and God to let me know he is ok.

I have gotten signs but I would love to feel him and hear him say those words to me.. My heart is completely broken. Afterward I kept thinking I must have imagined it but it was so real. My Dad died from a massive stroke over 10 years ago. I sat with him the last 2 weeks, and did my best to make him comfortable. My Mom was there too, but she had had a brain tumor and reality would come and go for her. I had to put the two in a nursing home, because I had to support my family and work.

My husband had recently died from Parkinson disease and he had been a Diabetic for a long time. My plate was full, but Angels carried me through. I rarely left, but was fearful that when I did that he would go while I was gone. He died on Super Bowl Sunday, and I was right by his side, and I needed a sign from Heaven to tell me that he had arrived. As he died, his eyes opened wide, and he looked directly at my Mom and smiled. His eyes was a brilliant blue and the white of his eyes was perfect…my first thought was that his eyes were as bright as a new born baby..

Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes: A World View that will Transform Your Life

He was in Heaven and his eyes were new and the smile showed me he was happy. It was as if, through my Dad, that I could touch the face of Jesus. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. September , I was thinking of a college instructor. I went online to find out that he passed away in July. But the announcement stated that a service was going to be held a week later. I asked if he would be my guardian angel. I looked out the window and a hummingbird flew up to the window. Since then I have 3 hummingbird. I have all the other signs,but usually at night I get consumed with energy. That goes in waves all over my body.

Thoughts pop in my head. Like rubbing my back comforting feeling. Benjamin I have been searching for the same thing. When my boyfriend comes to me at night, I feel an electric sensation around me and on me. I have been searching for verification that it is him. Glad I read your comment. Three weeks after my mom died I went to the shelter for a dog to keep me and my stepdad company. That was my moms name. I took her home. Pop and I loved her for a few months, turns out she had a heart condition due to her age.

Pop died of a stroke two weeks later…. My dad was in respite for 6 weeks before he passed away. The first week he was there his gold chain and cross came up missing.

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He never took it off. The administrator interviewed the entire staff everyone stated they saw my dad wearing it but no one knew where it had gone. The suspected that it may have gotten lost in the laundry or thrown away. My mom searched her house also.

Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones -

We were all devasted. I had several conversations with dad about what we thought heaven was like and who he would see when he got there. I made him promise he would send me a sign when he got there so I knew he was ok. The day after he passed away I went to my moms.

I wandered into his room and was looking at his things on his dresser. The necklace was sitting in a trinket dish in plain view. My husband passed away almost 10 months ago and I have been heart broken ever since—one night I was just laying in bed—not sleeping—because I have had a problem sleeping since he passed away. I sat there for a few minutes and then decided to get up and look through the house. For some reason I walked through the house unafraid—I thought about my husband in the house. He always took care of me and I thought maybe he was still there taking care of me—I feel as though he is still in the house keeping me safe and he knows how much I miss him.

I was really sad all day. I recently prayed that Papa would give me signs that he exists. So I looked up articles about grief. The first one I saw talked about contacting a deceased loved one. Then I read several more ab out chronic grief. Then I decided to look up articles about contacting the dead. So I put my phone on the bed and put the pants in a laundry basket and returned to the bed. So I brought up the Internet so I could look up how to contact the dead and low and behold, what was on the screen shocked me.. It was a door. Are you 21 or older.

I almost hit the back button to go to Google but then I saw the words Mr. I enthusiastically pressed a yes button which lead to another page. I got the pioem from Mr. I suddenly broke out in tears and happiness. This poem showed up at exactly the moment I was going to look up how to contact him. Like he saved me the trouble and contacted me.

I was never expecting such a clear sign that is so obviously him. He is a jolly fellow, one of those rare individuals, everlastingly young, a distinct personality and famous throughout the land for his sterling qualities and genuine good fellowship. His friends number in the millions those who are great and those who are near great even as you and I.

Follow his advice and there will be many pleasant times in store for you. My mother passed away over 10 years ago. I had given her a music box that played a song she sang to be as a child. After she passed, I kept it on my night stand. This morning the music box played a few notes, all by itself. I never touched it. Could this be a message from my mom?? My Mom played a music box shortly after her death.

It was given when I was born. It sits on top of my cabinets in the kitchen. So yes this is a sign. My father passed away 6 years ago and I never got to tell him how I really felt about my childhood and growing up. But one day a few months back I had a situation and became angry at my father and started telling him that I hated him with every fiber of my being for standing by my mother and allowing her to do the hurtful things she did.

It resulted in my sadness in life and I no longer wanted to live that way. So as I threw my anger at my father, my phone rang and I let it go to missed call. I called it back and they said they never called. My phone rang again and I missed it but called it back, it was a card of some kind telling me I have zero balance.

Ok now I was beginning to ask what was going on here. The third call came through and I answered it, I heard static and what appeared to be my fathers voice saying my name. I said hello again and it hung up. All my hairs stood on end. But I finally went to see her and of course she is still the same. I asked her a couple questions that I needed answers to and I got them so that now I can let them go.

As well as my mother. So you see there are signs all around if you just pay attention. I may not have made up with my mother but my father guided me to heal myself. I took some pain in the little picture when I visited my mother but the release was that much more fulfilling. My parents died suddenly when I was 8 years old, and for me has been extremely hard to even believe that both of them were gone in the blink of an eye.

I had about 6 or 7 of those dreams throughout 20 years. But about 25 years after their death, I had the most realistic dream about my mom: I was so real that I still cry every time I remember it. It was the first time in my life that I was really aware that she has been gone all those years, and I heard her voice… her real voice! It was so warm, and real! Imagine embracing your mom one more time after all those years! In my dream we spoke of so many things, and after some time together, she told me that she needed to go and visit my sisters. That was the last time I dreamed about her, but this bittersweet dream allowed me to have an unforgettable moment with her.

I to lost my father at the age of He meant so much to me. It has been 8 years now that he has passed away. I think of him all the time. He has visited me not much but sometimes earlier when he passed and said that he was in heaven that he was ok he gave a kiss and a hug and disappeared into a bright light. I woke up instantly crying missing him. But knowing he was ok. We will see them again as you will to. It was early in the morning and my husband left for work.

My mom had been in the nursing home and in her last days. My husband had let our dogs in when he went out the door. It was still dark and I was sitting on my bed. My dog had jumped up on the bed and had something in her mouth. She laid it down next to me. It was a dead bird. I said real funny suzy my dog. It was 15 minutes later the nursing home had called and had told me my mom had passed. My stepdad died in my first year of university. Before he died he came to me in my dreams, sat on my bed and told me so many things.

I woke up to the phone ringing saying he was gone. The weeks following things intensified. I lived in a 2 story house at the time. When no one else was home he would walk the second floor. I knew it was him because he would switch my phone on to play Johnny Cash, walk around and it would sound just like him. And the cats my roommates owned at the time were very aware of this as well. Two years ago my cousin died in a horrific car accident. On cold nights when I am feeling down or I feel scared. A rabbit will appear out of nowhere outside my house. Its when I feel the most comfort.

I got woke up this morning the back of 3 am with a noise on the floor I looked down and my plastic cup that was on my bedside cabinet had fell and had landed upside down does this have a meaning. I keep seeing a recurrent number constantly for years which happens to be the house number of the house I lived as a child with my family.

I believe this is a sign from my mother. My old home place was