Over 2000 and Some Odd Reasons NOT to Marry Your Mate

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Sometimes the solution to a good night's sleep is separate beds. How to repair a broken friendship. Jacqueline Hallyer says it's important to find time to be intimate with your partner even if they sleep in another room.

Finding a mutual solution

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10 Reasons It's Totally Fine To Never Get Married

Even seemingly perfect couples fight behind closed doors. The difference between unhealthy and healthy relationships is that fights shouldn't be about who's right. They need to be more productive. This means listening to each other, understanding and respecting each other's viewpoints, and finding common ground so that you can strengthen your marriage.

And please, call it what it is -- a fight.

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Don't go around saying, "We never have fights, we have discussions. Sure you are discussing, it's a fight -- but you can and should have a fair fight. I think it would be boring if a couple had the exact interests or personalities. Some of the strongest relationships that I know are the ones where the couples balance each other out.


One of them may be too spontaneous, but their significant other can reel them in a bit. At the same time, that spontaneous person can make their partner, husband, or wife more outgoing. However, there are long-term values and goals that you should share.


For instance, if you want to have children but your spouse doesn't, that could have serious implications for your marriage. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis discovered that spouses can influence pay raises, promotions, and other measures of career success. The researchers believe this is because the partners or spouses emulate good habits such as diligence and reliability from each other and help each other maintain a productive work-life balance.

From my experience, a spouse is also your biggest advocate in helping you achieve your goals and will do whatever they can to help you overcome obstacles blocking your path to success -- in work and life. And they're genuinely excited when you succeed. Humor brings people together and helps them manage life better. Thurman adds that laughter and humor enhance relationships by linking you to others, helping you smooth over differences, develop resilience, increase creativity, reduce stress, and gain new perspectives. Solid marriages involve asking the right questions and listening closely to the answers without interruption or passing judgment.

There's room for discussion and being empathetic to their opinion. This shows that you respect what they're saying and are making an effort to understand where they're coming from. You spouse doesn't "need to be a member of Mensa or a mathematical genius, but look for enough intelligence that you can respect and admire each other," says Tina Tessina. Someone who is only perceived as an "airhead," or one "who looks good and may be fun to play with, will not keep you interested for long," she says.

A study from the National Marriage Project found that more and more young adults today are delaying marriage because they see it as a capstone that comes after achieving one's life goals -- professional and otherwise.

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And younger generations aren't the only ones staying single. According to the U. Census , the number of couples aged 50 and over who simply live together but are not married rose from 1. Whether you're young or old, it is OK -- in some cases, even beneficial -- to never get married.

What works best for the couple?

Here are 10 valid reasons that remaining unhitched could actually leave you better off financially, mentally and even physically. Most people aren't in a hurry to get married anymore. According to Pew statistics , back in the early s, the median age for marriage was 25 for men and 22 for women.

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But in , the median ages for first marriages hit all-time highs of 29 for men and 27 for women. The report credits this change to, among other things, the fact that couples no longer feel the need to be married to become parents and the "competition from other lifestyles," like living alone or living with partners.

So, there's no need to stress about not getting married -- everyone else is staying single too. In fact, many people feel there aren't many advantages to being married.


Your mate only likes Minister Farrakhan because of his famous daughter, Chaka Khan. The front of his underwear is stained more than the back. The back of his. By Aviva Patz, published January 1, - last reviewed on June 9, My press pass notwithstanding, I went to the seminar for reasons of my own. Some part of me was still reeling from three years of waking up angry every morning, Believe it or not, marriages that start out with less "Hollywood romance" usually.

A Pew survey states that, by and large, single people do not feel married people have many advantages in terms of a "fulfilling sex life, being financially secure, finding happiness and having social status. For men, being married could be connected to being overweight.

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  • 1. You spend time together doing things you both enjoy;

After monitoring the eating habits, physical activity and the weights of 2, young men in the Midwest, married men were 25 percent more likely to be overweight than men who were single or in a committed relationship. And according to the study, about 60 percent of married men were overweight compared to about 40 percent of married women. Many older people are choosing to live together and not get married due to financial reasons. In some states, laws require those in a marriage to be responsible for their spouse's debt , and for the elderly, that could mean a variety of expensive medical bills.

Getting married can cause a single parent to lose student aid for their child. Marriage can seem like an outdated institution, and some people just don't want to fit into that mold. When The Guardian interviewed a group of millennials about their thoughts on marriage, many had a dismal outlook.

10 Reasons It's Totally Fine To Never Get Married | HuffPost Life

Peter, a year-old from New York City, said he was not getting married. However, marriage is expensive and likely to fail. This sentiment has become more apparent as some gay couples who now have the choice to marry decide not to. Elizabeth Wood, a year-old lesbian, told The New York Times that as a gay person, she's always felt like a "quasi-outlaw" and that taking on an age-old tradition like marriage would be forsaking her lifelong "edgy nonconformist streak.