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Prophet Muhammad greatest person in the history of mankind, says Hindu scholar
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enter John Milton Lawrence Goodreads Author. Mohammed The Greatest 4. It is in that spirit that I would like to convey my feelings on our beloved Prophet Mohammed, may the peace and blessings of Allah forever be upon him. I was not born into the Muslim faith and had many of the same views that many Westerners hold today.

The very first time I read about the life of the last Prophet of God, it literally brought me to tears. This sparked my curiosity and I began reading as much material as I could about the Great man, and the life he led, and this led to my conversion to Islam in My hope and aim was to give a glimpse into what I found in hopes that others would come to love him and what he stood for, as much as I do. Being a Westerner I know how many view the Religion of Al-Islam and to you I would say, don't let your hatred blind you to the truth.

We as human beings were given minds as thinking rational beings, we owe it to ourselves to examine even contrasting views. Don't Measure anyone through anyone's eyes but your own. Many are so full of hate towards Muslims and Islam, they have never even bothered to read about the life of the Last Prophet to the world, or the Q'uran, the last revealed word of God. To quote brother Maulana Muhammad Ali " The real conviction is that God comes to man not by the belief that there is a God in the outer world, but by the realization of the Divine within himself".

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Prophet Muhammad: the greatest

Oct 20, Eng. May 17, Muhammad Ali rated it really liked it. Jun 08, Calle rated it did not like it Shelves: Considering its title, this essay had very little to say about Momahmmed. It's mainly just a rant against his critics. Deedat has found some western thinkers who had something nice to say about Mohammed and quotes them at length. He then gives a few anecdotes from Mohammed's life and from this somehow concludes that Mohammed was "the greatest man that ever lived", unlike Jesus, who was rich and arrogant.

Despite the short length, Deedat has trouble staying on topic, digressing into random commen Considering its title, this essay had very little to say about Momahmmed. Despite the short length, Deedat has trouble staying on topic, digressing into random comments about Jim Jones and whatever else he came to think of while writing.

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This essay is all attitude and a rather unpleasant one and no substance. It was very badly written and the ebook was full of typos and formatting errors on almost every page. Mar 09, Avid Reader rated it it was ok. I gave this book only two stars not because of Dedaat or the topic but because the book was so unorganized.

I didn't enjoy reading it at all. At the beginning it was exciting but then it was rushed and I didn't the like sequence. Mar 03, Ahmad Nazeri rated it did not like it. Basically, this could've very well been a list of quotes from many western scholars about Prophet Muhammad pbuh. If you want to learn about Prophet Muhammad pbuh , you are better off with another book or a short bio. Aug 14, Yassin Salama rated it liked it. Apr 30, Hamadou Abdo marked it as to-read. Shabbir Sayeed rated it it was amazing Feb 14, Maha Magdy rated it really liked it Jan 07, Abdullah Abu-siam rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Abdie Noor rated it really liked it Apr 13, Mir Ahmad rated it really liked it Oct 03, Ramy Mzk rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Yahya John rated it it was amazing May 14, Hart to be fair, had to place Jesus, in slot number three.

Why provoke your customer? This placing of Christ in the number three spot by Michael H. Hart poses a very serious question for us. Who will buy his books? Surely, not the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis, neither the Arabs nor the Turks! Except for a few copies here and there, the overwhelming number of his customers will be from the million Christians and the 6 million Jews of America. Then why did he provoke his customers?

Then why his daring choice. Hart Publishing Company, Inc. On one occasion I was hosting a Portuguese couple, a husband and wife team. Salazar was the greatest man in the world! Salazar except that he was a one time dictator of Portugal albeit to many a great benefactor to his nation. My poor visitor was, however, speaking according to his own knowledge, point of view and prejudice. Muhammad an not be ignored!

Ten reasons Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the best Prophet of all time.

Perhaps it was by force of habit. It is very likely that McNeill is a Christian. However, we will not argue with him. Then comes - James Gavin, described as a United States army man, a retired lieutenant general. The General does not say much more, yet we have to salute him. It calls for tremendous fortitude to pen the name Muhammad before that of Christ peace be upon them both. It surely, was no slip of the pen. Jules Masserman, United States psychoanalyst and professor of the Chicago University, gives us, unlike the other contributors, the basis for making his selection.

He gives us his reason for choosing his greatest leader of all times. He wants us to find out, what we are really looking for in the man, the qualities that sets him apart. We may be looking for any sets of qualities. As in the case of Michael H. Hart, he was looking for a person wielding the most Influence. However, Masserman does not want us to depend on our fancies or prejudices: The leader must provide for the well-being of the lead The leader, whoever he is, must be interested in your welfare: You will remember him as the man who committed suicide together with of his followers, all at the same time En Masse!

The United States Government was on his trail and he was on the verge of being caught for certain felonies. But before they could apprehend him, he thought it wise to eliminate himself, together with all his followers, so that no one would be left to testify against him. He laced lemonade with cynide and inspired his devotees to drink it, and so they did and they all died in disgrace! In the meantime, it was discovered that the Rev. Jim Jones had salted away fifteen million dollars and stacked it in his own account in banks throughout the world.

Traits of this kind show us the genuine man, brother of us all, brought visible through fourteen centuries, - the veritable son of our common mother. The leader, whoever he is, must be interested in your welfare: The hero Prophet Carlyle was a man of genius and God gifted him with the art of articulation. It is easy to talk of the Fellowship of Faith and the Brotherhood of Man, but in South Africa today, there are a thousand different sects and denominations among the Whites people of European descent and three thousand among the Blacks of African descent. Africa The majority of the people on the East coast of Africa as far down as Mozambique, as well as the bulk of the inhabitants on the West coast of the continent are Muslims, but history does not record any invading hoards of Muslims from anywhere. Orphaned at age six, he was reared in modest surroundings.

All his victims were his milking cows and he was exploiting them to satisfy his own lust and greed. The leader or would be leader must provide a social organization in which people feel relatively secure There is something prophetic in the name itself - the Jews are doing to the people of the occupied territories exactly what the Nazis did to them. But his beliefs and feelings are abundantly clear. He is in search of a Leader who will provide a social order free of self, and greed and racism: Still do men drive Slaves,.

Still does Greed devour the substance Of helpless ones within her power. It is easy to talk of the Fellowship of Faith and the Brotherhood of Man, but in South Africa today, there are a thousand different sects and denominations among the Whites people of European descent and three thousand among the Blacks of African descent. The hatred between the Christian sects was aptly described by the Christian Emperor Julian, who said: We cannot help marveling at Masserman, that as a Jew he condescends to scrutinize even Adolf Hitler, the arch-enemy of his people.

He considers Hitler to be a great leader. His race, the mighty German nation of 90 million people, was ready to march to destiny or destruction at his behest. Alas, he lead them to ruin.

Hitler is not the question. What say the sceptics? Hart put Muhammad No. William McNeill considers Muhammad as worthy of honour in his list of the first three names of his. James Masserman adjudges Muhammad No. I, for my part, cannot form any such supposition Yet the scoffers bemoan anyone who has anything good to say about Muhammad or Islam as having been bribed by the Arabs!

They are giving too much credit to my brethren. It is unlikely that America and the Western world have just reached puberty to spawn a breed of Quislings nurtured by hot petrodollars from the Middle East. Please do not demean your honest, courageous men, who without fear or favour are prepared to suffer obloquy for their convictions. We must all admire them!

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Friends and foes alike, as if by some secret compulsion are made to pay unsolicited tributes to this mighty Messenger of God. But the Almighty commanders even the devil into His service, as He had done in the time of Jesus, Matthew 4: Even the devil sometimes speaks Gospel truths.

People like Pasteur and Salk are leaders in the first sense. People like Gandhi and Confucius, on one hand, and Alexander, Caesar and Hitler on the other, are leaders in the second and perhaps the third sense. Jesus and Buddha belong in the third category alone. Perhaps the greatest leader of all times was Mohammed, who combined all three functions.

To a lesser degree Moses did the same. Quoting Hitler, he says:. From the historical past It is not difficult to reproduce a further dozen or more eulogies by the admirers and critics of Muhammad. Despite all their objectivity, jaundiced minds can always conjure up some aspersions. Let me take my readers deep down in past history. It was Friday the 8th of May, , that is about a hundred and seventy years ago, at a time when it was a sacrilege to say anything good about Muhammad and the Christian West was rained to hate the man Muhammad and his religion, the same way as dogs were at one stage trained in my country to hate all black people.

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At that time in history, Thomas Carlyle, one of the greatest thinkers of the past century delivered a series of lectures under the theme. Developed sickness Carlyle exposed this blind prejudice of his people at the beginning of his talk. Perhaps Grotius was inspired into this fairy-tale from his reading of his own Holy Scriptures:.

These falsities wringed the heart of Carlyle. The hero Prophet Carlyle was a man of genius and God gifted him with the art of articulation. In his own way, he wanted to put the records straight. In other words he, as well as his elite audience were free from the fear of converting to Islam, and could take a chance in paying some compliments to Muhammad. If he had any fears regarding the strength of their faith, he would not have taken that chance. In an era of hatred and spite towards everything Islamic and to an audience full of scepticism and cynicism, Carlyle unfolded many a glowing truth about his hero - Muhammad.

For that is what the very name Muhammad means - the Praised One - the Praiseworthy. There are times when Carlyle uses words and expressions, which might not be too pleasing to the believing Muslim, but one has to forgive him as he was walking a cultural tightrope, and he succeeded eminently. He Paid our hero many ardent and enthusiastic tribute, and defended him from the false charges and calumnies of his enemies, exactly as the Prophet had done in the case of Jesus and his mother. In his lengthy speech, Carlyle did not have the opportunity to inform his audience about the sources of his inferences.

I may furnish just one incident from the life of the Prophet. An incidence which reflects the highest degree of his sincerity in recording a Revelation in Quran even if it seems to reprove him for some natural and human zeal. Admonition as revealed It was in the early days of his mission in Mecca. Muhammad was deeply engrossed in trying to wean the leaders of the pagan Quraish to his teachings. Apparently one of them was giving him an attentive hearing when a poor blind man by the name Of Abdullah son of Om-Maktoom tried to barge in into the discussion and wanting to draw attention to himself.

I believe that lesser men, sinners and saints, will not be questioned for such lapses, but not so for Muhammad. Did not God choose him and honour him with that lofty status as recorded? He frowned Whilst in the midst of the conversation with his pagan fellow tribesmen, God Almighty sends Gabriel, the Angel of Revelation, with this admonition:.

The Prophet had naturally disliked the interruption. But he whose gentle heart ever sympathised with the poor and the afflicted, got new Light Revelation from his Lord, and without the least hesitation, he immediately published it for all eternity! Subsequently, every time he met this blind man, he received him graciously and thanked him that on his account the Lord had remembered him.

He never forgot this good Khadijah. Long afterwards, Ayesha his young favourite wife, a woman who indeed distinguished herself among the Muslims, by all manner of qualities, through her whole long life; this young brilliant Ayesha was, one day, questioning him. In the whole world I had but one friend, and she was that! Heros and Hero-Worship, p. It would have been easier to repel the temptation of the devil than to succumb to the ego of a young, loving, brilliant and beautiful wife like lady Ayesha.

Why not let her hear the soft soothing balm of flattery-, it will not harm anyone. Even the soul of Khadija, the mother of the Faithful, would look light-heartedly at the ruse. Traits of this kind show us the genuine man, brother of us all, brought visible through fourteen centuries, - the veritable son of our common mother.

A man rather taciturn in speech; silent when there was nothing to be said; but pertinent wise, sincere, when he did speak; always throwing light on the matter. One or two men of influence had joined him:. It is the nature of Falsehood to hate the Truth. Light dismisses Darkness, but darkness does not take kindly to light. He says to the unbelievers, you shall not have short weight! Remember, Thomas Carlyle uttered these words, and many more to a shocked and bewildered Christian audience in England, a hundred and seventy years ago.

History did not record for us the lively arguments and debates which his lecture must naturally have caused. He kept to his promise: It will not stand for twelve centuries, today is, fourteen centuries to lodge a hundred-and eighty millions; a thousand million today. Nature bursts-up in fire-flames, French revolutions and such-like, proclaiming with the terrible veracity that forged notes are forged.

All crowns and sovereignties what so ever, where would they in a few brief years be? I decidedly think, not, we will leave it altogether, this imposter hypothesis, as not creditable: Not very tolerable even, worthy chiefly of dismissal by us. Readers of the Bible above all, one would think, might know better. David, the Hebrew king had fallen into sins enough; Blackest crimes; there was no want of sins.

They charge their prophets with incest, adultery and even murder. They impure horrendous crimes to them on the authority of the holy Bible. What are faults, what are the outward details of a life; if the inner secret of it, the remorse, temptations, true, often- baffled, never ended struggle of it be forgotten? He ably defended himself, his family and his followers; and finally vanquished his enemies. He did not believe in any vicarious sacrifice for the sins of others. He believed and behaved naturally: The longest the Christians ever ruled over Muslims was years in Mozambique, a territory captured from an Arab governor by the name of Musa-bin-baique, a name they could not properly pronounce, hence the name Mozambique.

However, after eight centuries in Spain the Muslims were totally eliminated from that country so that not even one man was left to give the Azan the Muslim call to prayer. If the Muslims had used force, military or economic there would not have been any Christian left in Spain to have kicked the Muslims out. One can blame the Muslims for exploitation if you like but one cannot charge them with using the sword to convert Spaniards to the Islamic religion. Today, Islam is still spreading all over the world and Muslims have no sword!!

The Muslims were also the masters of India for a thousand years, but eventually when the sub-continent received independence in , the Hindus obtained three quarters of the country and the Muslims the balance of the one-quarter. In Spain and in India, the Muslims were no paragons of virtue, yet they obeyed the Quranic injunction to the letter:. Force can conquer but cannot convert. Except for some eccentrics here and there, the Muslims as a whole adhered to the commandment of God in the lands over which they held sway. But what can you say about countries where no single Muslim soldier had set foot?

Indonesia It is a fact that about two hundred million Indonesians are Muslim, yet no conquering Muslim army ever landed on any of its over two thousand islands. Malaysia The overwhelming number of its people in this country are Muslims yet no Muslim soldier had landed there either.

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Mohammed The Greatest has 95 ratings and 11 reviews. Esraa said: الكتاب يجمع اقوال شخصيات (بعضهم يهودي ومسيحي) وإجزامهم على ان محمد صلي الله عليه وسلم ه. Of humble origins, Muhammad founded and promulgated one of the world's great religions, and became an immensely effective political leader. Today, thirteen.

Africa The majority of the people on the East coast of Africa as far down as Mozambique, as well as the bulk of the inhabitants on the West coast of the continent are Muslims, but history does not record any invading hoards of Muslims from anywhere. Where was the sword? The Muslim trader did the job. The Prophet good conduct and moral rectitude achieved the miracle of conversion. How did he do it if not with the sword? We can do no better than to allow Thomas Carlyle himself to defend his Hero Prophet against this false charge;. One man alone of the whole world believes it; there is one man against all men.

That he take a sword, and try to propagate with that, will do little for him. You must first get your sword! We do not find, of the Christian religion either, that it always disdained the sword, when once it had got one. At the age of forty when Muhammad declared his mission from heaven, there was no political party, or royalty, and certainly no family or tribe to back him up. His people - the Arabs, immersed in idol-worship and Fetishism were not by any means a docile people, they were no easy meat. They were a very volatile people.

One man, single handed, to wean such a people required nothing short of a miracle. A miracle did happen. God alone could have made Islam and Muhammad to triumph through with flimsy, gossamer support. God fulfilling His promise:. In when Carlyle defended Muhammad and refuted the allegation about the sword, there was nobody around to bribe.

The whole Muslim world was in the gutters. The countries of Islam were all under subjugation by the Christians, except for a few like Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey who were only nominally independent. There were no riches to flaunt and no petro-dollars to bribe with! That was yesterday and many yesterdays ago, but what about today, in modern times? It is further affirmed that in Britain and the United States of America, Islam is the fastest growing faith. It is the fulfillment of yet another prophecy: The destiny of Islam is spelt out here in the clearest terms. The same Quranic Verse is repeated in chapter 61 verse 9 which ends with this slight variation - Never mind, though the unbelievers might be averse to Islam.

Triumph of Islam Islam will prevail. It is the promise of God, and His Promise is true. Not even if we had the laser gun! Could we use it? The Holy Quran forbids us to use force as a means of converting! Yet the verse prophesies that Islam would be the most dominant of religions. The triumphs of its doctrines have already started and is gaining hold over the religious ideology and doctrines of the various schools of thought in the world. Though not in the name of Islam, but in the name of reformation and amendments, the doctrines of Islam are being fastly grafted into the various religious orders.

Many things which are exclusively Islamic and which were formerly unknown, or which were being opposed before with tooth and nail by the other creeds, are now part of their believes. The Brotherhood of man The abolition of the Caste system and untouchability The right of women to inherit Opening the places of worship to all.

Prohibition of all intoxicants The true concept of the Unity of God etc. Just one word on the last subject above, before we proceed further. Ask any theist, polytheist,. One who believes in many gods pantheist, Pantheist: The one who believes that everything is god. He will shudder to say anything other than one! This is the effect of the strict monotheism of Islam.