Spiritual Warfare for Teenagers

Prayer for a Teenager
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During that time of intense prayer , we were on equal ground before God. They looked to me for direction in that time of prayer but once I set the pace, they ran.

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Authenticate that you are logged into your user account Essential: Lord, the head of this household needs the cover of your love to handle each situation with the wisdom of Christ. In Jesus name I pray. In Jesus name I command the fears, worries, cares and burdens of this situation to leave my mind. Keep track of your visited pages and interaction taken Analytics:

My church has a weekly prayer meeting that attracts hundreds of people every week. From those prayer meetings, I've learned from Pastor Kathy Gray who leads the meeting, how to bring prayer home.

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First, I fervently believe that prayer starts at home with me as the parent. The parent must demonstrate that prayer is a priority in the home by letting their kids see them in prayer and pray with them. From those prayer meetings, here's how I learned how to pray with my teenagers. I've shared stories of God answering prayers for my husband, Jerome and myself.

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They have heard the exciting adventures of God stepping into our struggle when we cry out to Him. These stories arouse their appetite for prayer. There is no shortcut and this topic could be a book in itself. But there is no substitute for mom or dad taking the time out of a busy day to teach their child to pray by praying.

You can't delegate this job to your children's pastor or youth pastor. You are their first teacher for prayer. We've prayed together as a family and have tried to show them that this is the first response to an emergency or an opportunity to worship God for answered prayer.

I've learned from Pastor Kathy to dig into the Word of God which is the best book of prayer. Last night I had a list of prayer points and scriptures for all of us to cover. My approach is to set the pace and then let them push with their own personality and passion. Singing songs of praise and worship and lifting His name together brings His presence in a beautiful corporate setting for the whole family to experience.

Teenagers are naturally emotional and passionate. I believe God has wired them to experience His presence in a deeper manner. When we finished prayer, I shared how I sensed God wanted to encounter them. I then asked what did they think God was speaking to them.

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For two teenage boys to experience His presence and know that He wants to encounter them is priceless. It may feel awkward, but I believe that nothing can replace dad and mom praying with their teenager. Prayer doesn't have to be complicated or super-exciting but a priority. Start with one need, one scripture and let your teenager flow with the Word of God. There is nothing like coming before God as a family and seeing Him move among your teenagers. She is a Kansas City, Mo. Please follow these guidelines before commenting on our website: Please be considerate and respectful of your fellow posters.

Show them clearly the sin they are living in. Help them to make wise choices. Continue to give me unconditional love and patience. I will not allow fear to control me.

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I now choose faith not fear. In Jesus name I pray. Friend, as you were saying this prayer I have already agreed with you. Let us join our faith and begin to completely trust God for the outcome. I would recommend saying this prayer first thing each morning.

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God is pulling for you and so am I. You are richly loved. Stand up for yourself and refuse to be intimidated. I really needed this prayer. I have a 17 year old daughter who is extremely disrespectful and disruptive. She feels she can do whatever she wants and we just have to take it unless she starts a whole big scene. I will be praying this prayer daily… Any suggestions would be great. When fighting these types of battles it is impertinent that you begin to fast and pray.

Read all my posts under Fasting. I recommend a long fast such as 6 months to one year.

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The most powerful fasts are often Media Fasts. This means no TV, No movies, no social media, or internet, etc. Only listen to Christian music and read the bible. This can drive away much of the darkness and prepare the ground for deliverance. I encourage you to read all our posts on Armor of God, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully as this will be your key to overcoming difficulties and spiritual warfare. Also, listen to the Audio Meditation on Putting on the Armor of God as this will guide you in the process as to how to put it on.

I also encourage you to read all our posts on Inner Healing, as this will help to bring healing to your mind and heart during this stressful time. This will also help insure that a root of bitterness does not develop and cause further pain in your life.

Are You Equipping Your Children to Fight Spiritual Battles?

Take time to peruse all the Audio Meditations as they can be very beneficial for specific situations and can help guide you through the healing process. Daily Quiet Time is essential during this time.

As this will bring you the peace and solace that you will need during this time. Generational Curses must be broken. Read this teaching that will guide you through the process. Finally, purchase the book Boundaries for Teens by Cloud and Townsend.

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We stand with you in faith and will have our prayer team lift up your situation. I needed this prayer for her thank you. Lucretia, I feel your pain. Being a single parent you are in a difficult position. Remember, we never ignore the problem, we address it. If you are ignoring her then you are sinning — you are allowing the rebellion to continue in YOUR home. I hate that your dealing with matter with your daughter. Go to her room raise her bedroom window open her room door and start praying pushing all negative out the window touch her favorite clothes inside her closet her book bag anything that she wear shoes underwear and Ask God to come into her life.

Tell Satan to go back to hell and get out your daughter room and life. This to shall pass I will be praying for you all as well. I am thanking you in faith for standing in agreement with me for my 14year old daughter Gift.