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I don't know anything about his reading taste, but this is so lovely it will do it. James - "Ghost Stories": I had nothing creepy to read at Halloween, so I had to fill this hole in my shelves.

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It's a bit of a blind shot because I know nothing about book or author. As always German book, English review. The Alchemaster's Apprentice is the sole Zamonia book, I haven't read. I don't really know why, but it maybe the case it was, because I couldn't finish the story of it's origins. But then came the theater tickets and because didn't get round to read it, before, I decided it was now time to pick it up and read it.

No longer caring for Gottfried Keller, just diving into the story of the The Alchemaster's Apprentice, which was written by Gofid Letterkerl, than modernized by Optimus Yarnspinner and lastly translated for our time by Walter Moers. That's probably part of the fun of reading a book from Zamonia. Zamonia is to this time unknown, or a sunken, continent of our earth.

It's Metropolis is or was Atlantis, and it's population is recruited from all myth, legends and tales of humankind. Here you will also find Malaisea, the "least healthy place in Zamonia". And here it is, that we meet Echo, the crat, which would be just a normal cat, if he hadn't two livers and could speak all languages. Echo has lost his mistress and is short of starving to death, when he meets the lord of the town, the alchemaster.

He makes an offering to Echo: He provides a roof over his head and to eat a lot of the best from the best for a hole month, but ofter that the alchemaster gets all of Echo's body fat This book is a fairy tale, a tale, that is upgraded with themes from Zamonia and reminiscences to other Zamonian books.

It provides a lot of fun reading time. But it's a fairy tale for adults.

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The theme is dark, the storytelling is darker and it is nothing you should read aloud to children. Walter Moers is known to write really gruesome stuff and doesn't shy away from it. So, attention please, this is not meant for the weak and soft minded. I liked it, but it was a little to low on the big phantasm, Moers put in his other books. Also, the story is actually a bit plain with just the few characters in it. Exept for the culinary gush, all the wordplay, weird fonts etc.

Echo, as the main character is plain and not very fanciful. You pitty him and his situation but it takes half of the book before he does anything interesting. But Moers did a good job painting the evil alchemaster a little bit greyer. It is a nice book but nothing more, I hope this will get better in Moer's next book, when he gets back to Bookholm and the catacombs, Unbeaten are the illustrations, of which you get to see some.

Generally, I can only encourage a trip to Zamonia, though, and I didn't overcome my excitement, that the books are translated and available for an international audience. Der Schrecksenmeister ist das einzige Zamonien Buch, dass ich bislang nicht gelesen hatte. Echo hat sein Frauchen verloren und droht zu verhungern, als der Herr der Stadt, der Schrecksenmeister, ihm ein Angebot unterbreitet: Es ist allerdings nichts, was man seinen Kindern vorlesen sollte.

Es gibt nur wenige Charaktere und das meiste davon spielt in der Burg des Schrecksenmeisters. Echo bleibt als Hauptcharakter sehr blass und ist, um ehrlich zu sein, nicht wirklich interessant. Es ist ein nettes Buch aber leider kaum mehr.

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This comes late for today, but I try to finish "Winter in Madrid" and it is a really slow read for me. Gabriele Wolf - "Still und starr ruht der See": This goes to housekeeper and college I. This is for me again, short stories from a guy, which impressed me with his " The Ministry of Special Cases".

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Coming back from a night of babysitting at my sister, I'm a little bit tiered right now and my bones are aching from a night on the couch. I'm getting old ;. I've got a nice green chocolate Santa from Mr. He now lives between my books before I kill him. Chocolate Santas are the best, if you give them the Queen of Hearts treatment: Gerard Donovan - "Winter in Maine": Sounds English, doesn't it? But it is the translation of "Julius Winsome". Dark and gloomy, I hope it will please my workmate, who is a little bit of a metal hipster, if something like that exists.

Muriel Barbery - "Die Eleganz des Igels": This goes to the trainee we have this year doing her intern with us. We were all there at someday, and the story of the concierge might help a little to get through with her year, being the lowest of the low, with more working hours than all of us.

Jed Rubenfeld - "The Interpretaion of Murder": This is for me, it sounds good and I god a little bit of taste for murder mysteries this last year. English book, so German review first, English version after the picture. Dies war ein wunderbares Buch, ganz einfach. Aber ich muss zugeben, dass ich ziemliche Panik davor habe es zu rezensieren. Ich bin nicht mal sicher ob mein Hirn das kann. Es ist von allem etwas. Es strotzt vor Symbolik und dies ist diesmal nicht so esoterisch gemeint, wie es vielleicht klingen mag. Dabei wird man beim Lesen durch die Literaturgeschichte geschleudert.

Da wird angedeutet das eine Geschichte nur ein Roman sei, oder ein Film. Das ganze wird zusammengehalten durch Symbole und wiederkehrende Motive. Doch einen moralischen Zeigefinger vermisst dieses Buch und das ist meiner Ansicht nach etwas Gutes. Sind all diese Leben miteinander verbunden? Ist es eine Reinkarnation, der wir dort folgen? Mir hat das Lesen viel Freude bereitet, auch wenn es streckenweise eine arge Herausforderung war. Laut lesen half, wie ironisch, sogar mir schlechtem deutschen Akzent. Das ist etwas was es viel zu selten gibt in der Literatur und in den Genres Sometimes it's even harder to write about a good book: This was a wonderful book, plain and simple.

But I have to mention that I'm in panic to review it.

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Walter Moers is known to write really gruesome stuff and doesn't shy away from it. Echo has lost his mistress and is short of starving to death, when he meets the lord of the town, the alchemaster. She does a good job with it. I think she will love it, it's just great. Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.

Because what David Mitchell did here is so wonderful constructed and written with such talent, that my review can never reach the depth of the story, I'm not even sure if my brain could do it. But I will review every book I read from now, and because of this, you have to live with my half-cooked thoughts, bad constructed sentences and the whole caboodle.


So, what kind of a book do I have here in front of me? It's something of every book ever written. It could be a really nice short story collection, but no, it has to be a novel. Full of symbols and symbolism, but, this time, it is not meant as esoteric as it sounds. Mitchell tells a history of mankind, from the point of view of several characters or, maybe just one life, lived several times.

It's about people, dependent to one another and the meaning of freedom. It's about human dignity And it is about the circles our life takes, how we have to start again and again, and don't really progress. Reading this story, you get an a roller coaster through the history of literature. It begins with a diary, walks into a epistolary novel, moves into a thriller, than a cozy light and humorous novel, steps up into the roam of a science-fiction interview and ends at the first steps of human literary fiction, the oral retelling.

Beside that, Mitchell asks the reader some questions, if this all is real or not, if the story you just read is genuine or is it just another book, another film. Little titbits to get you engaged on a different level of reading. Questioning your own reading behavior. Should you take all what is written in this text at face value or is it just like in the real world, were history is written by the victors. What is real, what's not For a novel it couldn't get anymore post-modern, could it? All this is pulled together by symbols and and themes. Human in deep dependence, slaves in many facets, living in their world, with all it's ups and downs.

But without the author taking a moral high ground, and that's a bonus. Are all those characters connected?

Is it just one reincarnation we are following? Sometimes I like to be clueless, shifting to one theory or another, from one moment to another. Reading this book was a delight, even if it was sometimes really challenging in the way it was written. After the diary, I thought I had overcome the pain, but right in the middle came Zachry and his part Playing with language and style is wonderful, but this part was a pain in my arse, the oh-so-sorry-for-her-self-reader-with-a-non-english-background. Hey, but I'm still here and I did it. It helped sometimes to read this oral telling out loud.

Surly this book isn't meant for everyone. I don't care, I'm not a fan of those boxes, but this book is easily one of the best I read in a long time. Maybe I'm flawed, I love fantasy and science-fiction. I'm not an advocate for postmodern thinking in science, but in a book I enjoy it a lot. It gets me thinking, thinking without getting bored. This is something that happens to rarely in literature and modern genre fiction, and this all together in one book is a real curiosity. This was my first book by author David Mitchell, but I will happily grab another one in the future, because it was a big reading experience.

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It got me laughing and crying, puzzling. Nicolas Day is there, and I have forgotten to fill Mr. Did it in the morning after finding a chocolate Santa in mine. We've got the first snow for the year today. Not much, but a nice sugar powder covers roofs, cars and the road. Nice, so time to come to the point. Christopher Moore - "Die Bibel nach Biff": This book goes today to Mr. He loves is "Lamb" and this is a special edition.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Attributed to Zig Ziglar Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. The Famous 'Goethe' Quotation", Answer. Commitment", Goethe Society of North America They abandon themselves credulously to every fanatic scoundrel who speaks to their baser qualities, confirms them in their vices, teaches them nationality means barbarism and isolation. The line was Mann's invention, though it was later quoted during the Nuremburg trials by prosecutor Sir Hartley Shawcross, who quoted the passage as if it truly had been written by Goethe.

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