Das Ufo über Wittenbergen (German Edition)

Wittenberge, Germany Night Vision Triangle Shape UFO Duo
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Our goal is to upload real UFO sightings because with today's modern computer technology, you can fake many things. Clearly visible in the video are three objects, two of which are triangular-shaped and the third object is circular. As they move in relation with each other, the two triangles appear to individually rotate, and when they first approach each other, they seem to be repelled, as if they are opposite ends of a magnet or the way objects in early video games used to "bounce" away from each other.

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The video has no clearly defind reference points, like the appearance of ground, trees, hills, buildings and, even, stars. At the end of the video -- and to the apparent surprise of the videographer -- one of the triangles takes off at incredible speed.

UFO: Mystery as night-vision video captures unidentified flying object passing over Germany

Is this a legitimate night vision video showing unexplained objects in the sky? Just because someone claims that night vision equipment was used to produce evidence of unknown aircraft, does that mean we should accept it as fact?

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Hansen, the lead investigator of the Syfy Channel's " Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files " series, told The Huffington Post in an email that the triangular objects in the Germany video "are too defined. Although the latest night vision technology is very good, when we film in near total darkness, the most intensely lit objects typically give off a slight 'halo' or 'blooming' effect.

UFO Sightings: 3 UFOs Captured with Zoom and Night Vision Over Wittenberge, Germany [VIDEO]

Hansen provided HuffPost with the following example of what night vision should look like when filming aircraft or bright stars. And then there's this: Hansen found a second version of the "green" night vision footage showing the supposed UFOs at the same location and on the same date.

UFO sightings over Wittenberge, Germany. The shared UFO video shows three unidentified flying objects, two were triangular-shaped while the third one appears to be circular.

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As the UFOs move close to each other, the triangular-shaped objects can be seen individually rotating until the two resisted each other when they came close comparable to a magnet's opposite sides. Before the video ends, it showed how the triangular-shaped object took off at an unbelievable speed. The video has signs of night vision fakery. It looks like they added a night vision video effect with a green tint and even some 'grainy noise' -- the sparkling pixels which are common when night vision is shot in near complete darkness," Mr Hansen, lead investigator of Syfy Channels' "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" series, stated.

The former FBI Agent further added that he was expecting to see a brighter sky even if the video recording used the older night vision technology to have more information in analyzing Germany's UFO sighting. This often makes the Internet a hoaxer's amusement park. They don't have to answer questions. They don't have to provide further details.

UFOs Over Wittenberge, Germany, Videotaped With Night Vision | HuffPost

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