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Hummell, so a woman may experience it with one partner but not with others. Once this allergy is diagnosed, doctors may be able to perform desensitization similar to allergy shots that can help a couple have sex without these symptoms.

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Couples who are trying to get pregnant can also consider intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization. This can happen during a sudden temperature drop—from going indoors to outdoors in the wintertime, for example. People who suffer from cold urticaria should always wear lots of layers when going outdoors, says Dr.

Other rare reactions can be caused by scratching, rubbing, vibration, or even exposure to water.

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This condition, known as dermatographism, can sometimes be treated with antihistamines. Some mild cases go away on their own, but more serious problems may require treatment with steroids. A common allergen is sulfites, says Dr. McGrath, which are compounds present in red wine and dark beer that can cause itchy eyes and a runny or stuffy nose. Other root causes of allergies to booze can include hops or gluten in beer , potatoes in vodka , and mixers made with fruits or nuts in cocktails. For people with dust allergies, vacuuming and even sweeping up around the house can be extremely difficult.

People who are sensitive to dust may want to wear a mask while vacuuming and cleaning.

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Send to a friend Print Share. Doctors tried shunting the penis to drain excess blood, but it didn't work. Eventually, doctors got to the root of the problem: Excess sodium in the bloodstream pulls water out of nearby tissues by a process called osmosis, which equalizes the concentrations of salt across cells. Doctors have published at least 17 cases of patients who swallowed a whole toothpick that migrated to the liver.

After that is a good time to dust surfaces and change bedding, Hummel says. Hummel, but there is a blood test to determine if someone has it.

People with this condition should avoid mammalian meat like pork, lamb, and beef , but are safe to eat chicken and turkey. Products used in nail salons, such as nail glue, polish, and acrylic nails themselves, can cause a contact dermatitis rash after exposure. This rash sometimes appears on the hands, says Dr. Hummell, but not always. In recent years, allergists have begun reporting cases of patients experiencing allergy-like reactions—including nasal congestion, itchy eyes, wheezing, and coughing—from smoking marijuana.

Asthma and seasonal allergy symptoms, triggered by exposure to cannabis plants themselves, has also been reported. As the herbal substance becomes legal in more states, more of these cases are expected to arise. Doctors recommend avoiding marijuana if you have an allergy, but also say that antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays, and decongestants may help treat symptoms. Having a strange reaction to your Christmas tree? It could be from terpenes, the fragrant chemicals in tree sap. Real trees can also hide mold spores, warns Dr.

Artificial trees are usually less allergenic, but Dr. McGrath cautions about bringing a dusty tree up from the basement or in from the garage once a year.

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But it can have a strong irritant effect on airways, eyes, and skin—and for people who are sensitive to its fumes, it can make existing allergies worse or trigger asthma attacks. Chlorine sensitivities are most common in people who have spent a lot of time in or around the chemical—like lifeguards, serious swimmers, and professional cleaners.

For people who have trouble swimming in chlorinated water, saltwater pools may provide relief. If you have the opposite problem—a very dry home—keep in mind that humidifiers can also grow mold if not properly maintained. In fact, people with mold allergies should be on the lookout for anywhere in their home where moisture can and mold could potentially grow, including decorative fountains, fish tanks, and areas with leaky faucets or plumbing.

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As tattoos have become more popular in the United States, so have allergic reactions to tattoo ink. Even black henna, a dye used for temporary tattoo art, can cause reactions in some people. You can reduce your risk of having a reaction by making sure you get inked at a clean, reputable facility, and by getting a tiny mark tattooed on your skin at least 24 hours before having the full design done.

Some reactions may not appear for years, however, so always see your doctor if any tattoo begins to look or feel different. In , NCIS actress Pauley Perrette tweeted a photo of herself with a very swollen face after experiencing a reaction to black hair dye; the next year, a British woman made headlines for nearly dying after attempting to go blonde. Nearly all hair dyes contain the same chemicals, says Dr.

As with tattoos, always test a product on your skin before doing a full dye-job. Amanda MacMillan April 12, Weird allergens Everybody knows somebody with an allergy to pollen, dust, pet dander, or peanuts maybe you even have one of these common ailments yourself. Jewelry Inexpensive silver-colored jewelry is often made with nickel—one of the most common causes of an itchy rash known as allergic contact dermatitis. Cell phones and tablets People with metal allergies may have trouble using cellular phones, PDAs, and tablet devices, including iPhones and iPads , as these products often contain potential allergens nickel and cobalt.

Pants buttons Nickel strikes again, this time on your clothing.

Weird allergens

Wool We know, wool is itchy. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets Some ingredients in laundry detergents and fabric softeners—especially dyes and scents—can cause people to break out with contact allergic reactions, says Dr.


Chamomile tea Averse reactions to strong scents or flavors like sneezing or coughing after eating hot pepper are often caused by an irritant effect, rather than a true allergy, says Dr. Raw produce and nuts Cross-reactivity with pollen and grasses can also cause some people to have allergic reactions to raw fruits such as apples, peaches, bananas, melons, and tomatoes. Condoms People who are allergic to latex can experience an irritating rash when exposed to products—like condoms —made with the plant-based rubber. I was worry at first time when I got redirected to the membership site.

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