Un bebé caído del cielo - Y llegaron gemelos (Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)

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The screenings are free and will last approximately 80 minutes. Besides the three competitive sessions 3D Wire Fest will screen: As a result, National and European shorts films winners will be directly shortlisted for the prestigious European award. Piotr Bosacki Polonia, Noise, dir. The jury 3D Wire Fest is composed by the following professionals:. She is program coordinator promoting Polish animation and Polish artists around the world. She cooperates with Momakin Company, which offers a new quality of cultural education and film distribution.

The main hallmark of all activities conducted by Momakin is animation. It is the core element of workshops, events, exhibitions and trainings organized by the company. Los Animantes She is a director, producer, teacher and occasional programmer of independent and experimental animation. Her work has been screened at festivals, museums and galleries around the world. She currently lives and works in Mexico and Madrid. He founded, promoted and run film clubs and other cinematographic events in different countries.

He has participated as a producer, screenwriter, actor and director in many projects. After an exhausting day at work, arriving home and resting sounds perfect to Johnny, but it is a dream far away from reality as some peculiar uninvited guests will make resting on his mattress an impossible mission. Second chapter of Adventures in Funland. Our characters keep meeting each other in their own way.

Casi sin darse cuenta, de la amistad surge el amor. Almost without realizing it, love arrives. Repression, a tragic disease, a forced marriage and the fear keep them from being together, but determination, courage and selfimprovement will make them accept themselves, leading to an unexpected meeting. Felix owns the most wanted comic book ever. He loses it in a hard moment of his life and starts a search that goes far beyond a piece of paper; it is a personal search of desire for selfimprovement. At the same time we get to know the story inside that comic book. We are in New York, Detective Dennis Pitt starts an investigation to find his lost friend Zhanglao.

That search will put him at the doors of death. He is going to fight for his life while some strange energy wakes up inside of him. Un viejo y alcoholizado vagabundo encuentra, enterrada en la arena de una playa, una larga y pesada cadena. In film animation the set is part of the background, the scenery, and it serves to contextualize the scene; it is something fictitious.

What would happen if the world around you were a film set? Family, work, friends… fundamental pillars of life can be unreal, invented and fake. Guezala 19, local trasera. A drunk, homeless old man finds a long and heavy chain buried in the sand of the beach. What will there be at the other end? Maybe a big treasure that will change his luck? With all of his strength, he pulls the chain until it gives way.

Astonished, he witnesses the revelation of a great secret. Todo funciona a partir de diversos aparatos hasta que la empresa decide unificarlos en uno solo: On a rainy day, a girl creates a little man from an old newspaper and takes him out to play with her friends. But as soon as he starts to speak, all he can talk about are wars, tragedies and misery. With the help of the children, the little man learns about beautiful colors and words, becoming a messenger of hope and optimism.

In a society where technology has become essential in every activity in the human being routine, Network monopolizes the social network services and the devices that offer them. Everything works in various platforms until the company decides to unify them in just one: Buck is a galactic rent hero who has lost passion for his job, because even if you are a hero, who has the willingness to go to work every day?

This time, he gets a call from Cubi Planet. A visitor goes for a walk on a surreal Spanish nudist beach. A middle-age man, who is still living with his mom, will definitely lose Contact with reality one night and he will plot a plan to release once and from all of ghosts that torture him.

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Un bebé caído del cielo - Y llegaron gemelos (Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) - Kindle edition by Rebecca Winters. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Un bebé caído del cielo - Y llegaron gemelos (Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) [ Rebecca Winters] on linawycatuzy.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Madrid.

An ordinary man on an ordinary morning dressed as a cowboy to go to work. An emotional travel through his past and his expectations. The life of a man with a different sensibility, who daydreams in order to scape reality. No, no son invisibles, son imaginarios. No es lo mismo.

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Mynah is a girl who loves birds and their world. But in the twilight of her ninth birthday, she will discover a little bird staring at her from outside the window. Well, now they are right beside you. They are sitting in the corner. No, they are not invisible, they are imaginary. It is not the same.

Second short film starring the great heroes of the tiny cases. Mientras pinta uno de sus cuadros grises, encuentra una manera de cambiar la forma de ver las cosas. Uka is a tiny painter who lives alone in a grey world. While she paints one of her canvas she finds a way of changing the way to see things. In a small village lost in the mountains, where it never stopped raining, the happiest girl was afraid of the rain.

However, one day Dad is sick and Kyna has to walk Stool with a real umbrella; she gets wet and ends up throwing her umbrella into the fireplace. Trying to recover it, Dad burns his beard. Stool is so scared that runs away. Eventually, by rescuing her dog, Kyna loses her fear of rain. Isaac conduce por una carretera aislada cuando un misterioso objeto cae al lado de la misma. Isaac encuentra una gema capaz de transportarle a otros universos diferentes de su mundo natal en 2D. Isaac is driving along a lonely road when a mysterious object falls off near it. Isaac finds a gem capable to carry him to other different universes of his native 2D world.

Isaac will have to face the adversities and get back before his body becomes glitch. Owen Huntington es un hombre de familia cuya vida da un vuelco de arriba abajo cuando hereda un circo viejo y una misteriosa caja de galletas de animales. Owen Huntington is a family man whose life is turned upside down when he inherits a rundown circus and a mysterious box of animal crackers.

The magic of the cookies will take his family to live the most fantastic adventures ever imagined. The rumor that man never really set foot on the moon begins to spread throughout the population, and even more so when multimillionaire Richard Carson, threatens to travel to the moon and prove that he is the first man to get there.

But the US Government is not going to let this happen. They decide to send a space mission to the moon to recover the flag planted there by their men and return to Earth, proving the whole world that it was all true. This will be the journey that will bring a grandfather, father and son closer together. Bienvenidos a Villaradios, un lugar genial para vivir, trabajar y divertirse. Welcome to Villaradios, a great place to live, work and have fun.

Located somewhere between mountains, woods and rivers, Villaradios is a kind of different city, the entire place is populated by… bicycles. Everything was happiness in Villaradios, until one day the engine comes to the city and with it a revolution of unexpected consequences. Dogtanian is a boy from a small village who goes to Paris to fulfill his biggest wish: Honor, friendship and justice: In the near future, when most marine life has disappeared, an extravagant colony of abyssal creatures still thrives in the deepest of the oceans.

Deep, an orphaned and adventurous octopus lives there with his two unconditional friends: Evo, a nerdy and clumsy angler fish, and Alice, a neurotic deep sea shrimp. On their mission, they will travel to amazing places like the submerged city of New York. They will also face formidable enemies. One day, Salma and her two best friends discover an ancient book that may answer all her questions, but instead, takes them on a journey full of adventures, ghost, skeletons, spells and curses. La hora del escritor ha llegado y la parca llega con la idea de robarle el alma y conducirle al infierno.

Las historias que el autor cuenta son las historias extraordinarias que ha escrito durante su torturada vida para retrasar el momento en que la muerte le robe el alma. Con cada cuento macabro, Poe intenta ganar tiempo en un mundo mortal que aborrece. Sebastian is a 45 year old workaholic pilot who spends much more time in the sky than at home with his son Lucas.

As a result, Lucas spends his days playing Dorusgaim, a state of the art RPG videogame that ends up absorbing him completely. To rescue him, Sebastian must enter the weird and fantastic world of Dorusgaim. From now on, being a father means being the best gamer ever. The stories they exchange are the extraordinary stories written during his tortured life.

With each grisly tale, Poe tries to buy time in a mortal world as the writer reflects on his own existence, and realizes he has led a life obsessed with death and embittered by the loss of loved ones. Hope, a nature lover, mechanic of the principal Supernova reactor, is the chosen one to save Gaia from destruction. Will Hope be able to stop him? Martin is a boy who is always losing stuff: And something more important: To get it back, Martin will lose himself to arrive to the Lost Objects World.

A World full of all the objects lost by humans, where magical creatures keep not only the Lost Objects, but also Lost Dreams and wishes. Dreams and wishes that Martin will fight to give back to their owners. Teenagers Birdboy and Dinki have decided to escape from an island devastated by ecological catastrophe: Birdboy by shutting himself off from the world, Dinki by setting out on a dangerous voyage in the hope that Birdboy will accompany him.

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Cuando su familia no puede llevarle a un largo viaje, le depositan en lo que creen que es el mejor balneario canino, Blue Creek. Pero la perfecta estampa del lugar resulta ser una fachada, y otro destino bien distinto aguarda a Ozzy: The idyllic life of Ozzy, a kind and pacific beagle raised and wrapped in cotton wool is about to change. When his family cannot take him to a long trip, they leave him in Blue Creek, a canine health resort. But the place is a lie, Blue Creek is really a jail for dogs, populated by toughs stray dogs and where the rule of the strongest prevail.

Ozzy will have to find his way out of trouble, find the strength and learn to trust Chester, Fronky and Doc, his new friends that will join him in this adventure to try to come back safe and sound. Tamarindos, 21 — 3. During the travel there he meets Naali, a young girl with his same nature. Together they join an adventure where they will face tough tests pursued by the most feared pirates. Many years after all the magical beasts were caught and imprisoned in a secret place below a sacred mountain, the Boogie Man, the most fearsome of all the fantastic creatures, will be accidentally liberated by four young adventurers.

Thanks to their force, balance, courage and wisdom, the values represented in each of the four heroes, the magic flute will be recovered and the Boogie Man will be defeated once again. Martin, Leo y Rebecca. Educational series about four very especial friends that all together make a peculiar group whose curiosity and their desire to experiment will make them use new technologies. A great invention, a real virtually room, guided by a computer who will become another important character and will create for them historical moments, fantasy places or microscopic spaces, making them feel like dinosaurs in prehistoric times, musical instruments in an imaginary musical city or white blood cells fighting against a virus inside the human body, to learn from their own experience and especially… to learn having fun.

Follow the spooky and comical animated adventures of the talking bat, Bat Pat and the Silver brothers, Martin, Leo and Rebecca, as they unravel mysteries and cross paths with supernatural creatures of the night that lurk, haunt, shriek and dig themselves up in every dark corner of their home in Fogville — a small town that seems to be the center of all things weird in the world: No hay nada que se les ponga por delante, cualquier locura para ellos es solo un reto.

The Bubox are four friends who live incredible and magical adventures in their cardboard box. With the power of imagination and without moving from their room, they can travel to the most wonderful places: Cartoon series of the crazy adventures of TJ, Sam and Marvin. These three dinosaurs from the town of Leadfield who spent their time being up to date in technology recording crazy videos and enjoying every minute of the day. They have an infinite imagination, as infinite are the superpowers of DuckMouse, the superhero they have created and the name of their group.

What looks crazy to others is just a challenge to them. Adorable newborn puppy story. As the only narrator of the series, with her adorable voice she shares her thoughts on her everyday adventures with her best friend Irma, whose beautiful drawings serve as landscapes for everything that occurs in the show in an innovative cut-out animation style. The series is structured in adventures made up of three episode seasons each.

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In every adventure, Cleo has a different objective to be just like Irma. At the same time, our puppy and her friends will learn about values such as friendship, tolerance and the respect for the environment. Cleo is a 7 years old girl, the elder sister of six siblings. Her stories start when she wakes up and after living fantastic dreams where she could be a bakery, or maybe a gardener. Every day she will discover an ideally suited profession for solving simple daily conflicts and tasks that let her dreams comes true. Maybe she will become a bakery that can make a birthday cake or maybe she will decide to be a gardener who plants beautiful flowers.

Downtown tells the challenges that any child has to face with Down syndrome or without it at an age in which they begin to understand the reality that adults have built for them.

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In a small apartment under the rooftops of Paris, Jeanne and Jules make love Thirteen of them are based on different animals: She arrives to discover her flamboyant father, Kenneth as hale as ever however the relations enterprise taking place the drink. The performance is centered in an eloquent choreography that stresses the desire to be expressive without bounds. A black sun rises on Leman Lake. While eating lunch, Jean observes his family members.

Outrageous parody of clinical calamities. A journey of a lifetime, where daily diagnosis and treatment are a far cry from reality. Flamy the Flamingo has a dream: He only has one problem: But his friends have found a mysterious book that appears to contain the keys for him to talk and fulfill his dream.

Will they get a voice for Flamy? In the house beside the sea, Fred, a cheerful five-year-old with a very lively imagination, awaits with his friends for a never-ending storm to come to its end willing to go outdoors and dream of faraway worlds. Then, something unexpected happens that will completely change his life. The series follows the amazing adventures of Fred and his friends helping Poo find his way back home.

An amusing story of friendship full of exciting adventures and fantasy. Su voluntad es divertirse, emocionarse con casi todo, todos a su manera. In the Lands of the North lives Horaci the Inuit, who will make us live incredible adventures together with his best friend Sedna. In a remote village, it talks about universal values such as caring for the nature, using the intuition, being open-minded and, above all, respecting family and friends. Funny adventures of six inhabitants of a one brain, four neurotransmitters, one structure and one emotion world.

Their will is to have fun, get excited about almost everything, all in their unique way. Their world is an amazing planet: The bad guy, Ego, wants to kidnap Conscience, because he is looking for recognition. They all go to school, except the bad guy, and they will find lots of surprising adventures on their planet. Su zona de juegos: En la primera temporada tenemos ocho escenarios: Misha es una gata muy despierta y espabilada. Tiene mucha curiosidad por investigar todo lo que pasa a su alrededor. Esto le lleva a vivir aventuras muy divertidas con sus amigos. En el mundo de Misha pueden pasar muchas cosas: Mirette Investigates is the very first travelling detective comedy.

Mirette is 11 years old. Kidnappings, heists, missing persons… the more bewildering the mystery the more she loves it. For our first season we feature eight: Misha is a very lively and alert cat. She is very interested in investigating everything going on around her, which means she has some very entertaining adventures with her friends.

He will try to learn how to survive, since he cannot go back home. Is there something living in the closet? A monster in the house means trouble, but also means a new adventure to discover! Discovering monsters can be fun! Creativity, imagination and sense of humor are the keys to work out the problems with a monster. Children will investigate, draw and discover what to do with every monster they face.

They will learn to use imagination to deal with common fears. PicoPico, Pu y Mu son amigos, pero amigos de verdad. Two brothers and a… guy with a strange costume become trapped in the biggest attraction in the world: In there, they will embark on thousands of adventures while trying to unveil the great mystery that shrouds it. PicoPico, Pu and Mu are the best of friends.

They love counting waves at the seashore, they love games and jokes and to read and learn about adventures. The sea is the starting point to the discovery of thousands of fun far places and to solve great mysteries. Their playground is full of fantastic creatures real and invented all to be discovered. Son chicos normales que estudian, entrenan, aprenden y se relacionan entre ellos.

Michelle is the year-old daughter of the janitor of the PINY the Pinypon Institute of New York , an elite high school that gives its wunderkinds cutting-edge instruction in fashion, design and the performing arts. Michelle has always dreamed of becoming a PINY girl. And she will get a scholarship. Her wish is about to come true. A rivalry sparks off on the very first day of class with Beautiful People girls but Michelle finds herself being welcomed into the Indie Chic girls.

But an even bigger surprise lies in store: They are normal kids who study, train, learn and relate to each other. They have the usual problems of any kids their age. They are a gang who only wants to have fun, grow up and one day fulfill their dreams. Through them we discover a modern and fun world, where new technologies appear to be another of the characters.

Melvyn and his friends live curious miniature adventures in their lego - plasti — animated world. Max Green lived a carefree life with his loving parents, while being the most popular kid in the quiet Cucurtown, until he discovers that Teresa and Goliath, his newly adopted brother and sister, are aliens bent on taking over the earth. Con sus moldes especiales son capaces de construir coches, dinosaurios, castillos, edificios famosos, otros planetas y cualquier cosa que sean capaces de imaginar. Vive con su familia en un tranquilo barrio residencial.

La vida en el vecindario pasa sin mayores sorpresas o sobresaltos… o eso es lo que parece. La verdad es que cada noche justo antes de acostarse, el vecindario y la casa de Solomon se convierten en una enorme casa del terror. The Sandbox Kids are a group of five-year-old kids-puppets that create unbelievable adventures in their magical sandbox.

With the use of their special sand molding toys they can make cars, dinosaurs, castles, famous buildings, other planets and almost anything they can imagine. They use their imagination, triggered by their creations, to go on amazing adventures. Solomon is a child like so many others: He lives with his family in a quiet residential neighborhood. The Life in the neighborhood passes without major surprises or shocks The truth is that every night just at bedtime, the neighborhood and the house of Solomon becomes a huge house of terror. Every night some dark shadows, strange noises and monsters invade his room, causing a huge panic.

However, as in all great stories, in this there is also a hero, Pancho, his favorite toy, who help Solomon to fight their fears using a mysterious magic word and its inseparable shield and sword. Sherlock Junior has a mission, what is wrong, needs to be right. When the monkey of the organ grinder gets stolen, Sherlock wants to bring him back, no matter how difficult this may become or whoever may be involved in this. When a gang of smugglers utilize the cartridge of the baker for their filthy business, Sherlock will bring the cartridge back.

As he is only a 10 years old boy he needs intelligence, creativity and his friends Penelope Watson and Sam to outsmart the bad guys. In the end they make fun out of it to find a way how to solve these cases. Kai, Dodo and Blink are absorbed into a strange and magical world where technology and the creatures from all the legends they knew as kids coexist.

Traveling in an interstellar and surrealistic journey through dream worlds lost in the infinite holes of a sheep Manchegan cheese and inhabited by freak creatures that live threaten by an apocalyptic and millenary prophecy. Join with our anti-heroes, a quixotism couple compound by a stellar spaceship-neo-earthenware pitcher and an idealist deity become flesh, in a vital search to discover the secret of the universal absurdity and free the Great Cheese of its prophetic end.

Three monkey morons trying to fix the world. Tan is six year old, adores animals and is extremely curious. She wants to be a vet like her mother. Meanwhile, little Tin, only three years old and with no vocabulary, wants to follow the steps of his father, the forest reserve guard. Tutu is a small motorized kangaroo who always faces any problem or challenge.

With the help of his best friend Nina the flea, Tupa the mole, Vella the sheep, Raffa the giraffe and Fante the elephant they will discover that any problem can be overcome with a little effort, intelligence and joy. The impossible fight of Yukimura to maintain his ancient way of life amidst the whirlpool of a great 21st century city will put him in both funny and unimaginable situations. Although the issue is, will this be a problem for our main character?

Or will it be a problem for the rest of the millions of inhabitants of Tokyo? Juego basado en la novela de HP Lovecraft. Video game based in the novel by H. Fight against the elements and explore ancient lands and Antarctic landscapes, find dark caves and ancient alien dungeon labyrinths while trying to survive in a real-time 3D action adventure. You could also combat against some of the creatures from the book! Puedes empujar el mundo con tu dedo. Strategy game around the historical events of the King Carlos the 1st of Spain.

Every level represents several years within the history of Carlos the 1st. The player can take political decisions that will affect the feelings of the people towards him, with the goal of getting their loyalty. Furthermore, the king may try to conquer new territories and get new characters that will help him to increase the effect of his political decisions. Precision plat former where you move the world with your finger.

This control scheme allows for great expressiveness and has significant gameplay implications. The game is designed to be played on touch devices such as mobile and tablet, but plays even better on controllers with touch input such as Dual Shock 4. We even designed a custom spinner controller for the game such as those used in Arkanoid or in Tempest.

Sencillez de control, aspecto retro, todo ello con una buena dosis de humor absurdo. Put your sport shoes on, wear some cheesy shorts and plan the most spectacular jump into the soccer field! Insane brawler with roguelike elements, with up to 4 players. Aims for control simplicity, fun, retro style and a good dose of humor. Aliens and flying pigs included!

Download e-book for kindle: Made Of Glass by Kim Padgett-Clarke

Investigation, adventure and terror first-person game developed with the Unity 3D graphic engine, in which we will control a young man stuck in a long-ago prestigious university, but due to a long series of events, the university shut its doors forever. You will become a dog, and discover the exciting world of games of Tura. You should start training your dog to obey you and can improve the qualities of your sheepdog. You must guide your flock to the farmyard, dodging obstacles in the shortest time possible.

Remember, to get 3 stars must arrive before the last 60 seconds, 2 stars before the last 45 seconds and 1 star before last 10 seconds. With hundreds of enemies waiting outside your citadel, you just have to pick your favorite character to begin in the battle. You go up a level to level 30, where your skills and be strong enough to destroy them all. Once you reach level 20, you can get started in Arenas and Dungeons, where you can make it clear who is the strongest, fighting against other players. La historia de Dr.

Usaremos armas como vinilos, CDs, cassette y ayudas como mixers o sushi que dan puntos y vida al personaje. The story of Dr. Kucho, a real DJ and music producer who fights against fake artists that became stars because of their money.

Using weapons as vinyl, CDs, cassettes and aids like mixers or sushi for scoring or recovering health. Hilarious and critic, it becomes clear that any similarity with reality is just a coincidence. Take charge of incorrigible group of Goblins testing arms in a frantic pixel art game, where you have to be faster and with greater reflexes survive.

Roguelike-brawler ambientado en un futuro solo para robots. Gloomy adventure full of enigmas where the exploration of your surroundings comes to prominence; puzzles, secrets and riddles will help you discover who has locked you in this somber hotel room and most importantly, why.

We put ourselves in the shoes of Doctor Leonov, an old Russian scientist that would have to fight against himself to solve the mysteries surrounding him. Rogue-like 3D Brawler set in a robot-only future. You play as Heart, an innocent yet deadly robot escaping the grip of the evil and all seeing machine Quassy, fighting your way through hordes of minions, all the while falling in love. It is a hard game. Games are short, brutal, and death means game over and a whole new level generated.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

Yet, it is a chance to get new weapon and gear from over different items that you unlock throughout the game. Descubre todas las pistas para resolver el misterio. Virtual Reality game developed for iOS and Android. You find yourself in an abandoned house full of traps when strange things start to happen. If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Do you already have iTunes? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. View More by This Author.

Description Aunque la escritora australiana de viajes Lyssa Belperio estaba sola y embarazada, estaba deseando ser madre, y una oferta de trabajo en la costa amalfitana de Italia le dio la oportunidad de volver a comenzar. Other Books in This Series.

Hensel and Gretel: Ninja Chicks by Corey Rosen Schwartz Rebecca J. Gomez (2016-05-24)

Juntos otra vez There are just problems: And take-a-risk Julia, has without notice come over all disapproving. Sky diving, swimming with sharks, cooking periods in Tuscany, traveling an orphanage in India are all a part of the adventure. Charleston psychic Melanie Middleton discovers the previous is not entire revealing unsettling secrets and techniques within the 3rd novel within the big apple occasions bestselling Tradd road sequence.