Tolls in Transportation Networks

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    Drivers without a TollTag have their license plate photographed automatically and the registered owner will receive a monthly bill, at a higher rate than those vehicles with TollTags. In the United States, prior to the introduction of the Interstate Highway System and the large federal grants supplied to states to build it, many states constructed their first controlled-access highways by floating bonds backed by toll revenues. Others object to paying "twice" for the same road: Toll roads have existed for at least the last 2, years, as tolls had to be paid by travellers using the Susa — Babylon highway under the regime of Ashurbanipal , who reigned in the 7th century BC. Some of these such as the Connecticut Turnpike and the Richmond—Petersburg Turnpike later removed their tolls when the initial bonds were paid off. The A5 road in Britain was built to provide a robust transport link between Britain and Ireland and had a toll house every few miles. Time Based Charges and Access Fees:

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    What is TOLL ROAD? What does TOLL ROAD mean? TOLL ROAD meaning, definition & explanation