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So the "heat" is the pressure they feel. They could also be referring to themselves as resting on a slide under a microscope "glass" -- same kind of implication, that they're under scrutiny and pressure. I will probably have in a near future more questions. I am reading "The silence of the lambs", and unable at times for a few phrases to get to their real meaning. You are welcome by the way to outline any grammar or formal mistakes that you could find in my messages. I have been ten years in the USA, but as a designer spending a lot of time in front of a screen with the same words over and over, I don't write that much, or get into discussions over serious topics.

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I am taking you at your word, Michael, so don't think I'm just being critical. Grammar is a noun, and with grammatical so easily available, not the right modifier for mistakes. I will probably have in a near future Well, since there's only one future, generally speaking, say THE near future. Female laboratory technician examines a test tube with the medium under a magnifying glass. There is a smiling woman portrait under it and a bunch of business icons. Earth under magnifying glass on blue background. Magnifier closeup one hundred dollar isolated on white background.

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This has clipping path. Abstract text under magnifying glass.

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Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and . We are scrutinizing commonly held perceptions and/or beliefs under the magnifying glass of inquiry. What do the things we say mean and how.

Men in crowd under magnifying glass, flat square illustration. Business people standing in line under a magnifying glass, as a metaphor for employee performance evaluation, EPS 8 vector illustration, no transparencies. Businesswoman standing in a line with male coworkers under a magnifying glass, in a spotlight, EPS 8 vector illustration, no transparencies.

Illustration of a girl holding a magnifying glass under a flower on a white background. Old US Dollar banknotes under magnifying glass.

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Threading the needle under the magnifying glass. Fingerprint under Magnifying Glass. Retiree watching his new smart phone under loupe. Fingerprint under a magnifier on a white background. Illustration of kids and a magnifier in the garden. Group of people under magnifying glass, loupe.

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Words cloud of social network under a magnifying glass. Vector illustration of computer under a magnifying glass on screen with small office people around it. Monitor with books, concept of internet learning, job search, online finance, financial success. Businessman under magnifying glass icon in outline style on a white background. Business man look earth and business graph under a magnifying glass. Vector illustration set of businessman mascot character holding pencil, holding magnifying glass to x mark,running away from big dollar money symbol and with key unlock keyhole under shop store awning.

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Vector illustration set of businessman mascot character walking and holding magnifying glass, under house roof, sitting on star and holding open mail envelope. Businessman under magnifying glass pattern vector seamless blue repeat for any use. Vector illustration of computer under a magnifying glass on screen. Monitor with coins, concept of internet earnings, job search, online finance, financial success.

Under the magnifying glass

Community text viewed under magnifying glass illustration. Human footprints under magnifying glass. Hand with magnifying glass showing bacteria in the toilet bowl Raster version. Pigment spot on female face under magnifying glass. Magnifying glass over Black background. Set Of 13 simple editable icons such as Note, Businessman standing with yen, Euro under magnifying glass search, Print filled interface tool, Royalties, web ui icon pack. It was in that moment that the reminder hit. My blackness became glaringly evident. To take a step back from your point of privilege, whatever privilege looks like for you, and pause to listen to other perspectives.

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