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L'Isola Misteriosa by Jules Verne 4. Member States in which criminal investigations are ongoing in relation to the present case are actively cooperating with Europol. According to EU food law, Members States shall have in place sanctions which must be effective, proportionate and dissuasive.

Sanctions in relation to violations of Union agri-food chain rules are not harmonised across the Member States. In the context of FPAs, fishing activities on these species could however be limited or even prohibited, following international or national provisions. As a consequence of the scope of these FPAs, both components of the financial compensation EU budget and vessel-owners fees for access of EU fishing vessels in waters of the coastal States are based on the whole catches made on highly migratory species, being targeted or not, and on associated species.

For each FPA, validated data on these species are transmitted to the Commission and shared with partner countries. Konkluzje Rady Europejskiej na temat wieloletnich ram finansowych — Expenditures for most of the programmes for which the Commission has proposed new legal bases are not pre-allocated by Member State. For these programmes a reliable split of expenditures by Member State is only possible ex-post. The Commission publishes these splits in its annual financial report for executed budgets and has always emphasised the limitations of the methods applied.

For the programmes where commitments are pre-allocated to specific Member States the Commission will determine and communicate the national envelopes after the agreement of the Council and the Parliament on the Multiannual Financial Framework MFF Regulation and the Interinstitutional Agreement and on the basis of the criteria laid down in the respective co-decided legislative acts. In any case the Member States' specific allocations do not reflect the value added that these programmes bring to the development of the European Union.

The Commission publishes Member States' national contributions for the following year taking into account the impact of corrections and rebates only in the framework of the annual budgetary procedure. For past budgets national contributions per Member State are published in the financial report. This will be in the form of a communication which is expected to be adopted by summer The objective is to bring together a range of EU policies and instruments to ensure a coherent, practical and value-added contribution to Europe's defence sector.

By doing this, the Commission is taking a pragmatic approach that can complement the collaborative projects and partnership initiatives of Member States. It is in this spirit that the Commission is drafting the strategy. This strategy will put forward a series of new proposals in areas where the Commission has specific competences and could make a significant difference notably by reinforcing civilian-military synergies. Does it believe that lower VAT rates should be permitted for essential goods, particularly those that are vital for families and the lives and physiological needs of children and infants?

In view of the demographic crisis in Europe, on top of an economic and financial crisis, does it not consider it fundamentally right and a matter of common sense to promote pro-birth policies? In the Commission's view, VAT fraud and the application of reduced rates and exemptions are the main obstacles to the efficiency of the VAT system. The economic evaluation commissioned by the Commission during the public consultation on the VAT system. The Commission thinks that the decision to have a child ought to be a private one while support policies for families are a Member State responsibility The Commission is however strongly in favour of policies that make it easier for parents to reconcile work and family care such as childcare, parental leave and working time flexibility.

Birth rates are highest in those countries where it is made possible for mothers to accept paid work. The campaigner notes that the government and the police recently insisted that most rapists cannot be prosecuted in India because, as one official put it, they are known to the women who are attacked.

Has it asked the Indian authorities what steps they have taken to prevent rape and to ensure the safety of women in India? The EU takes note of the issues mentioned by the Honourable Member and has engaged the Indian authorities and civil society for some time already on violence, discrimination against women and gender issues. Verma, whose mandate was to look at possible amendments to the Criminal Law to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals committing sexual assault against women.

The EU approach is based on three principles: Several health professionals helping to vaccinate children against polio have been killed in countries including Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they are accused of using Western medicine as part of a plot against Islam. The escalation of violence and attacks on health services has even led the United Nations to suspend its polio vaccination programme in Pakistan, despite the disease being endemic in that country.

What information does it have in this regard? Has it questioned the local authorities in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan , in particular political and religious leaders, on the measures taken to ensure the safety of international personnel involved in vaccination programmes? What information does it have on these types of incidents and on the spread of infectious diseases in these three countries? The EU is well aware of these terrible attacks against health professionals. It sends condolences to the families of those brave workers.

The EU condemns utterly these senseless attacks that undermine the global fight against polio and impact particularly on the people in those worst-affected countries. The EU is in regular contact with the authorities in all these countries on security matters and the safety of humanitarian and development professionals. It should be noted that both political and religious leaders in all these countries are almost unanimous in their support for polio vaccinations.

In , Nigeria reported having reached a three-year high with cases of polio. In response to the attack on the health workers, Nigeria has scaled up security at health facilities in the northern part of the country. The EU supports the polio vaccination campaign in Nigeria and has been funding the World Health Organisation programme. Pakistan still has widespread transmission of polio, but the chances of successful eradication have greatly improved.

The outcome of the elections and the overall security situation are likely to determine the viability of implementing Pakistan's National Polio Emergency Action Plan. Afghanistan recorded 37 cases in President Karzai has endorsed the National Polio Eradication Emergency Action Plan, which includes particular focus on endemic southern and western regions and an engagement with local-level access negotiators and humanitarian organisations active in conflict areas.

Sexual offences are particularly serious, and appropriate criminal procedures must be in place. Is the Commission aware of the debates taking place in Member States on the legal framework for sexual offences, particularly for rape? Given the seriousness of sexual offences and the particular vulnerability of the victims, does it not believe that attempting to somehow mitigate the seriousness of these crimes by.

Rape is a serious violation of the victim's fundamental rights. The reason is partly due to the vulnerable position of the victims who tend not to report these crimes, and — if cases are reported — to the particularly high attrition rates in rape investigations. For rape and other sexual offences, national criminal justice systems apply generally complex evidentiary rules which vary significantly among the Member States.

The directive will ensure that a whole range of special measures will be put in place to protect and support vulnerable victims, among them women victims of sexual crime. The directive also emphasises the need to train practitioners police, prosecutors and judges on the needs of victims, which is crucial for changing attitudes towards victims and treating them with respect and recognition.

Recent news reports have revealed that an error on the image sharing and hosting pages of the website Flickr. This situation, which is by no means unprecedented, calls into question the effective capacity of such services to respect and uphold data privacy commitments made to their users.

Bearing in mind that there have been several cases in recent years where the private data of users of various websites and Internet services have been accidentally made public, what measures has the Commission taken or does it intend to take, along with the companies operating these websites, to prevent similar situations from arising? Without prejudice to the powers of the Commission as guardian of the Treaties, the responsibility to ensure that controllers comply with the current provisions and once adopted the ones proposed for reform lies primarily with the data protection authorities of the Members States.

The Commission requests periodically an update of the scientific evidence available to evaluate the risks from EMF and checks whether it still supports the exposure limits as proposed in the Council Recommendation on EMF exposure limits. Landenspecifieke aanbeveling woningmarkt Nederland. In het kader van het Europees semester deed de Europese Commissie een landenspecifieke aanbeveling aan Nederland met betrekking tot de woningmarkt. De Commissie riep Nederland op om de woningmarkt onder meer door de volgende maatregelen geleidelijk te hervormen:.

De Commissie wil verduidelijken dat de aanbeveling met betrekking tot de huizenmarkt in Nederland uit verwijst naar structurele verstoringen die breder zijn dan het element door het geachte Parlementslid wordt aangehaald. De kwestie wordt nog ingewikkelder aangezien de waarde van huurwoningen wordt gedrukt door beperkingen ten aanzien van het niveau van de huren. De onderliggende zorg is dan ook dat er onevenwichtigheden op de Nederlandse huizenmarkt kunnen ontstaan die een destabiliserend effect op de economie kunnen hebben. De Commissie legt de regels inzake staatssteun voor socialewoningbouwcorporaties niet restrictief uit.

Zij eerbiedigt ten volle de autonomie van de lokale autoriteiten om te beslissen welke diensten zij als diensten van algemeen belang beschouwen. Haar bevoegdheden beperken zich tot het controleren op kennelijke fouten. Zodra een dienst echter is aangemerkt als dienst van algemeen economisch belang, moet hij voldoen aan specifieke regels om de goede werking van de eengemaakte markt te garanderen en om ervoor te zorgen dat de dienst tegen de beste voorwaarden wordt verleend.

In the context of the European Semester the Commission issued a country-specific recommendation in which it called on the Netherlands to carry out a gradual reform of its housing market by taking measures which should include the following:. What individual EU policies and objectives underpinning the European Semester form the basis for the aforementioned recommendation to the Netherlands concerning the reform of its housing market? The Commission would like to clarify that the recommendation concerning the Netherlands' housing market refers to structural distortions broader than the element raised by the Honourable Member.

In their analysis, the Commission services conclude that the interaction of, on the one hand, tax incentives, financial innovations, bank mortgage policies and trends in the labour market, which push up demand, and, on the other hand, policies limiting supply, including policies linked to social housing, has driven up prices. To complicate matters further, restrictions to the level of rents reduce the value of rental property.

The underlying concern is thus that the Dutch housing market represents an area where imbalances may emerge and could have a destabilising effect on the economy. The Commission does not have a restrictive interpretation of the state aid rules in relation to social housing associations. The Commission fully respects the autonomy of local authorities in deciding what services they consider to be services of general interest. Its limited powers are restricted to manifest error.

Once a service is qualified as service of general economic interest, however, it needs to comply to specifically targeted rules, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the internal market and ensure that the service is provided under the best conditions. It does exactly the opposite. Although EU public policies take account of the fact that private investors must be responsible for investment, they also recognise that the Digital Agenda for Europe DAE goals will not be achieved without public funding.

Indeed, the introduction to the Broadband Guidelines contains the following recommendation: The Spanish draft telecommunications law will prevent these social and territorial cohesion strategies from being implemented, while also putting a stop to all public funding provided by Spanish public administrative bodies for e-Government facilities.

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NO_CONTENT_IN_FEATURE. Start reading Manifesto per la terra e per l'uomo ( Add+) (Italian Edition) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle?. La sobrietà felice (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Pierre Rabhi. Dopo il successo di "Manifesto per la terra e per l'uomo", Rabhi ritorna con la sua Publisher: ADD Editore (October 18, ); Publication Date: October 18, ; Sold by.

The Digital Agenda for Europe recognises the need for public support for financing Next Generation Neworks in areas where the market does not deliver, in line with EU State aid rules. EU funds are contributing to this effort by enabling national management authorities to invest in this infrastructure, in line with EU State aid rules, using a variety of financial instruments and investment models. The initiative of the Spanish Government is one that complements EU action in this domain. In early , the Spanish Government published a study on broadband coverage in Spain and launched a public consultation.

"Manifesto Animalista" - il libro di Michela Vittoria Brambilla

The draft law has not yet been submitted to the Spanish Parliament for adoption. When it is approved, the Commission will analyse its conformity with EU State aid and electronic communications rules. The agreement, which gradually won the backing of other manufacturers, provided for a common charger with a universal micro-USB connector. Some manufacturers have now unveiled plans for non-universal chargers for their own phones. Clearly, it is now unsure whether plans for a single European charger which are backed by many stakeholders, including consumer organisations European Consumers' Organisation, ANEC , will go ahead.

Does the Commission have any data on the percentage of mobile phones on the market that are already equipped with a charger incorporating a micro-USB connector and on the extent to which these figures are the result of the abovementioned letter of intent? What further steps is the Commission currently planning, including possibly legislative action, to realise its plan of.

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Le procedure per i controlli dei prodotti che entrano sul territorio dell'UE sono definite nel regolamento CE n. I Europa le nacijonali schtotendar na ulo tschatscho. What measures is the Commission taking to increase competitiveness in the transmission and trading of gas for Europe? For the time being the Commission does not have any indication according to which the Swiss system for the protection of workers would be insufficient for dealing with this type of cases. Nella vita sociale lo rifiuta come ruolo autoritario. In cosa crede chi non crede?

A recent progress report provided by the MoU signatories has shown that they have met their obligations under the MoU. This indicates that the voluntary agreement has been successful in delivering benefits for citizens. The Commission is convinced that consumers and manufacturers can benefit from an extension of the initiative on harmonisation of chargers to new categories of products such as the new generation of mobile phones while taking into account technological innovations and other small electronic devices, such as digital cameras, tablets and music players.

Therefore the Commission is preparing the launch of a study evaluating the results achieved with the MoU, and will consider options for appropriate follow-up including voluntary agreement and legislation. According to a survey by Bloomberg, the international news agency, on petrol prices in sixty countries, eight of the ten countries with the most expensive petrol prices worldwide are EU Member States.

Is it aware of the above findings of the Bloomberg survey and, if so, is it planning to conduct a survey of its own to study the causes of increased petrol prices on the European market and ways of reducing them to reasonable levels? Particularly with regard to Member States such as Greece, where goods are transported mainly by road, so that high fuel costs translate into higher prices for commodities, is the Commission, in its capacity as a member of the Troika, drawing up proposals to ease fuel prices that, by reducing transport costs, could help bring about a corresponding reduction in prices?

How is the maintenance of fuel prices at such high levels compatible with the goal of lowering prices, at least for basic goods and services, so as to ensure that Greek citizens, who have seen their real incomes fall sharply, have access to these goods and services? This situation is mainly the result of high taxation, notably VAT and excise duties.

The Commission closely monitors the situation in the EU's oil sector. Moreover, the Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund have identified various problems which hinder the competition on the Greek fuel market, notably in the transportation sector. The trial process and appeal investigation have been highly secretive, and the verdict on his case was not reached until one year after he was initially detained.

Homo's uit Turks leger ontslagen vervolgvraag. Daarin schrijft hij onder andere: Turkije, een land dat met de EU onderhandelt over toetreding, moet de mensenrechten garanderen, en discriminatie verbieden overeenkomstig het Europees Verdrag tot bescherming van de rechten van de mens en de jurisprudentie van het Europees Hof voor de rechten van de mens. Wanneer trekt de Commissie de conclusie dat Turkije, een discriminerend land — in dit geval door homo's uit het Turkse leger te willen ontslaan —, EU-onwaardig is en dat derhalve de toetredingsonderhandelingen dienen te worden gestopt?

Met andere woorden, hoezeer dient, in de ogen van de Commissie, de situatie in Turkije verder te verslechteren voordat zij tot deze conclusie komt? Om toe te treden tot de Europese Unie, moeten landen zich aan het acquis van de Europese Unie aanpassen en aan de economische en politieke vereisten voldoen. Het vrijwaren van de mensenrechten, met inbegrip van het discriminatieverbod, vormt daar een essentieel onderdeel van. Tijdens het toetredingsproces wordt Turkije geacht alle onopgeloste kwesties aan te pakken.

In his reply he wrote, inter alia: In other words, how much worse does the Commission consider that the situation in Turkey needs to become before it reaches this conclusion? On what does the Commission base its implicit hope and expectation that the situation in Turkey, a country which is constantly regressing, will nonetheless improve? In order to join the European Union, countries have to align with the European Union's acquis, as well as the economic and political criteria. Safeguarding human rights, including the prohibition of discrimination, constitutes an essential element in this regard.

Turkey is expected to address all outstanding issues in the course of its accession process. Daarin schrijft zij onder andere: Zij hecht groot belang aan een constructief toenaderingsproces op basis van dialoog en extra inspanningen om de banden te versterken.

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Waarop baseert zij zich wanneer zij impliceert dat de houding van Turkije in dezen zal verbeteren? Deelt zij de mening dat zij het voortbestaan van Hamas, geschaard onder welke groepering dan ook, nimmer dient te ondersteunen maar met de krachtigste bewoordingen dient te veroordelen? Zij prees de recente toenadering tussen de twee landen als de juiste keuze. Beide gesprekspartners hebben het belang van deze ontwikkeling erkend.

In her answer she wrote, inter alia: How successful does she consider such a process to be when Turkey unequivocally adopts an anti-Israeli — and thus anything but constructive — position? Does she agree that she ought never to support the continued existence of Hamas, as part of any group whatsoever, but should condemn it in the strongest terms?

Why does she implicitly. If so, will she withdraw her preference for. She commended the recent rapprochement between the two countries as the right thing to do. Both interlocutors acknowledged the significance of this development. Wat zijn hierbij de criteria? Waarom wenst de Commissie geen commentaar te geven op het bericht. De Commissie concentreert zich op kwesties die relevant zijn voor het toetredingsproces van Turkije.

In his reply he wrote: On what statements derived from the press will the Commission comment and on which will it not? What are the criteria for this?

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Why will the Commission not comment on the report. Does the Commission fully endorse the opinion that a country which seeks to expand its territory should never accede to the EU? The Commission focuses its work on issues that are relevant to Turkey's accession process. A inizio febbraio , il governo egiziano ha imposto un blocco temporaneo di YouTube a causa della controversa pellicola Innocence of Muslims L'innocenza dei musulmani , che ha provocato proteste in tutto il mondo islamico. Un tribunale del Cairo ha chiesto di interrompere l'accesso al sito web per 30 giorni.

Risposta congiunta di Catherine Ashton a nome della Commissione. La costruzione della democrazia richiede molto lavoro, impegno e pazienza, sia a livello nazionale che internazionale. Zij meent bovendien dat het opschorten van hulp momenteel niet gerechtvaardigd is. In principe kunnen alle EU-samenwerkingprogramma's worden opgeschort als het begunstigde land zijn verplichtingen niet nakomt inzake eerbiediging van de mensenrechten, de democratische beginselen en de rechtsstaat, en bij ernstige corruptie. De EU is van oordeel dat samenwerking en politieke dialoog de meest geschikte manieren zijn om democratische hervormingen in Egypte aan te moedigen.

Hoe verklaart zij deze hypocrisie? Egypte heeft Youtube voor een maand in de ban gedaan vanwege de film Innocence of Muslims. De blokkade volgt op de uitspraak van een administratieve rechter: Wat vindt de Commissie hiervan? Verwerpt de Commissie deze ordinaire censuur? Deelt de Commissie de mening dat Egypte met de blokkade in strijd handelt met de vrijheid van meningsuiting? Deelt de Commissie de mening dat dit aantoont dat het land almaar verder afglijdt?

De EU is zich sterk en principieel tegen de doodstraf gekant. De afschaffing ervan is een van de kerndoelstellingen van haar mensenrechtenbeleid. De EU is de leidende institutionele actor en belangrijkste donor in de strijd tegen de doodstraf. De EU is niet van oordeel dat een opschorting van de steun op dit moment gerechtvaardigd is. De opbouw van democratie vergt veel werk, inzet en geduld, zowel van het land in kwestie als van de internationale gemeenschap.

Het is duidelijk dat Egypte in zijn overgang naar democratie te kampen heeft met ernstige belemmeringen, en dat Europa, als buur en partner, de overgang in Egypte nu meer dan ooit moet ondersteunen en tegelijkertijd het belang van de rechtsstaat en van de naleving van internationaal overeengekomen beginselen inzake mensenrechten moet benadrukken. In her reply she wrote, inter alia: In principle, all EU cooperation programmes can be suspended if the beneficiary country breaches an obligation relating to the respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law and in serious cases of corruption.

The EU considers that cooperation and political dialogue are the most appropriate channels to encourage democratic reforms in Egypt. How does she explain this hypocrisy? If not, why has the financial assistance not yet been terminated? Is the Commission aware that Egypt has imposed a ban on YouTube in response to the film. Does the Commission reject this crude censorship?

Does the Commission agree that, in imposing this ban, Egypt is acting in contravention of the freedom of expression? Does the Commission agree that this shows that the country is regressing? Is the Commission prepared to withdraw this financial support? A court in Cairo called for a day block on the website. However, Egypt is a state party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which protects the expression of ideas even when they are considered to be offensive or insulting. The EU is the leading institutional actor and largest donor to the fight against the death penalty.

The abolition of the death penalty is raised in all relevant bilateral contacts with Egypt, notably in the context of the EU-Egypt political dialogue. The EU does not consider that suspension of assistance would be justified currently. In this context it is important to keep in mind that EU programmes support the Egyptian people and the most vulnerable among them. Democracy building requires hard work, commitment and patience — both domestically and internationally. Does the Commission have any plans to reduce or increase the cost of the Protocol Service? What is the total number of staff employed in the Protocol Service of the European Commission?

Can the Commission provide a breakdown of grades for staff in the Protocol Service of the Commission? None of the members of the Protocol Service is specifically assigned to any Commissioner, all work for the President, the Vice-Presidents and the Members of the College. The cost of the salaries of the Protocol Service staff are part of the overall staff budget of the Commission.

The Protocol Service is attached to the Secretariat General. Does the Council have any plans to reduce or increase the cost of the Protocol Service? What is the total number of staff employed in the Protocol Service of the Council? Can the Council provide a breakdown of grades for staff employed in the Protocol Service of the Council?

The costs of the Protocol Service are those of the pay of its agents, and the cost of overtime, whenever necessary for the accomplishment of duty, for those agents entitled by the Staff Regulations to financial compensation. They were as follows for The Council is not planning either to reduce or to increase the cost of the Protocol Service.

These EEAS posts were identified following a screening exercise and they were redeployed from other services. As a new service, it is not foreseen for the time being to change the size, the activities nor the responsibilities of the Protocol, meetings and conferences sector. It cannot be compared to the Commission or the General Secretariat of the Council protocol services or even Member States' services.

Angesichts dieser Tatsache erlaube ich mir, folgende Fragen an die Kommission zu stellen:. Stellt die Verabschiedung des italienischen Gesetzes vom Die durch das Gesetz Nr. Particularly for people living in border areas who cross the border regularly such as the inhabitants of South Tyrol , this bureaucracy results in a considerable restriction on the freedom to travel. Minors who travel without this written authorisation therefore do so illegally.

What action does the Commission intend to take in order to ensure that freedom to travel is encouraged rather than restricted in border areas? The obligation imposed by Law n. However, Italian citizens may cross an internal frontier of the European Union with their identity card. In case none of these persons accompany the minor the accompanying persons must hold a document issued by one of the mentioned persons and validated by the competent authority mentioning the name of the person, the entity or the transport company. According to the Commission such a measure seems to be justified as the protection of minor children is a legitimate aim compatible with the Treaty.

Furthermore, the measure seems appropriate to ensure the attainment of the objective pursued as one of the parents and the competent authorities are requested to intervene where the children travel without either of their parents. Finally, the measure does not seem to go beyond what is necessary to attain that purpose as, the issuance of the authorisation is simple and once the authorisation has been obtained the minor is free to travel in company of the person or entity identified by the authorisation for as long and as often as desired.

There is no indication in the Italian law that would suggest that an authorisation must be issued for individual travelling periods. Was the Commission invited to take part in or have any role in the negotiations before this agreement was signed? If not, when will this be checked? Has the agreement been shared with the other Member States, and if so in what form? The Commission has not been involved in the specific negotiations of the IGA in question but has been closely following the process. Once submitted, the IGA will, in principle, depending on the level of confidentiality, be shared with the other Member States.

If appropriate, the Commission will exercise its prerogatives under the Treaty in this respect. In work on the first River Basin Management Plan period was completed. This vote followed on from the intercalibration exercise. Does the Commission consider it is reasonable to set a hearing deadline of only five days for such a complex scientific and technical exercise as intercalibration? This allowed for issues raised by Member States to be addressed in advance of the voting on the final Commission Decision.

It is up to Member States to organise their internal consultation process. Can the Commission confirm that updated ethics rules for Commissioners and officials dealing with the tobacco industry will ban persons employed by the tobacco industry or any entity working to further its interests from being members of committees and advisory groups that set or implement tobacco control or public health policy?

The Commission confirms that the Ethical framework applicable to Commissioners and staff is fully compatible with the non-binding measures of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and therefore does not foresee any major changes in this respect. De EU heeft geen begrotingssteun verleend aan de Palestijnse Autoriteit. Can the Commission say how much EU financial assistance was given to the Palestinian territories in , and can it also say how much of that amount went on direct budget support?

The EU did not provide any budget support to the Palestinian Authority. Voor deze bezoekers werden individuele informatiegesprekken georganiseerd en ze kregen begeleiding en advies. In het kader van het programma voor legale studentenmigratie dat met de steun van de Deense ambassade wordt uitgevoerd, zijn 50 beurzen toegekend op het niveau van Afrikaanse referentiescholen.

Can the Commission inform me how much European financial assistance has been provided to the reception and recruitment centre in Mali since the centre was established? Their lives are now in great danger. The Palestinian political prisoners are detained under inhuman conditions, without knowing if and when their imprisonment ordeal will come to an end.

Israel is answerable for the lives of these three Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike. Will she condemn the criminal policy pursued by Israel against the Palestinian people, which is continuing unabated? What measures will she take to secure the immediate release of the three hunger strikers and also of the thousands of other Palestinian political prisoners before their names are added to the virtually endless list of victims of Israeli crimes? She has called on the Government of Israel to do all it can to preserve the health and rights of these prisoners and has expressed concern about the impact that such incidents can have on the security situation in Palestine.

This reiterated the EU's call on the Government of Israel to allow for the immediate restoration of their family visiting rights and called for the full respect of international human rights obligations towards all Palestinian detainees and prisoners. Currently only Samer Issawi is continuing his hunger striker. The EU will continue engaging with Israel on the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, in particular administrative detainees, also with a view to an immediate resolution of cases of hunger strikers.

In Italia il loro volume di scambio corrisponde a quasi miliardi di euro di titoli assicurati, ovvero il 20 per cento circa del debito pubblico. Non ritiene che sia necessario regolamentare tale mercato dei Cds, in attesa che si giunga alla riforma del sistema finanziario internazionale?

Non pensa che questa riforma da applicare in seno all'UE possa contribuire a risolvere quella globale? Il regolamento vieta alle persone fisiche o giuridiche di concludere contratti CDS scoperti o nudi in debito sovrano, per evitare il rischio che i CDS nudi in debito sovrano vengano usati abusivamente per speculare sul declino del valore del debito sovrano in modo tale da aggravarlo.

Il regolamento chiede alla Commissione di presentare una relazione sul riesame del regolamento stesso. This involves great risks. This huge financial betting market is made possible by the lack of relevant legislation and the fact that it is oligopolistic, i. These CDSs can be bought and sold — and this is the most disturbing aspect of it all — even without holding any Btps. Does it not think that the CDS market should be regulated, pending the reform of the international financial system? Does it not agree that it would be prudent, to avoid the worst, to ban the so-called naked CDSs, which are only speculative and not tied to any underlying security?

The regulation comprises a number of measures to enhance transparency, to reduce certain risks associated with uncovered short selling and uncovered CDS in relation to sovereign debt, and to ensure a common regulatory approach across Member States. The regulation prohibits natural or legal persons from entering into uncovered or naked CDS in sovereign debt. It addresses the risk of naked sovereign CDS being used abusively to speculate on a decline in the value of sovereign debt in a way which could exacerbate such a decline.

But at the same time it exempts from the ban sovereign CDS used for legitimate hedging purposes, and allows competent authorities to suspend the ban temporarily in cases where the sovereign debt market is being negatively affected. The regulation requires the Commission to present a report on the review of the regulation. La contraffazione che dilania l'industria manifatturiera europea ha trovato un altro ambito cui allargare i propri malaffari, ovvero il gioco d'azzardo, dove i comportamenti illegali hanno terreno fertile.

In caso affermativo, quali misure intende adottare riguardo alla pratica della contraffazione in tale ambito? La Commissione sta lavorando alle iniziative annunciate nella comunicazione, che non intende aggiornare nel futuro immediato. Assicurare il rispetto della normativa nazionale rientra sostanzialmente tra le competenze nazionali. The counterfeiting that is destroying European manufacturing has found another area in which to extend its unlawful business — that of gambling, in which illegal behaviour has found fertile ground.

They then decided to open a national anti-counterfeiting operations centre in Bari. If so, what measures will it adopt with regard to the practice of counterfeiting in this sector? Does it not agree that a European anti-counterfeiting body should be set up, along the lines of the Italian one, given the international nature of the phenomenon? What steps has it taken to protect consumers, especially younger ones, from counterfeiting and fraud by criminal organisations in the gambling sector? The Commission is now working on the initiatives announced in the communication and will not, in the immediate future, update the communication.

Compliance with national law is primarily a national competence. Within the expert group on gambling services the Commission aims to facilitate an exchange of good practices, including combatting fraud. The European Observatory on Infringements of IPRs promotes cooperation between the competent public administrations and organisations in the Member States, as well as in the private sector.

It is also a resource for gathering, monitoring and reporting relavant information and data and will provide policymakers with the necessary knowledge and tools to enhance the fight against counterfeiting. Kanna hi o tsiro, te krass kowa tchatches, pral hoi Europa peskro wast pre das un te djass menge kowa pale an o shero, hoi i glanstuni idea his, hoi o glanstunsto projekto glan-his. Mer kharah hakenes, kei kanne an Europa djiwella, i tchatcho europtiko Manush. Mer lah menge i buthi pral kowa an, hoi o universaltiko tchatchepen i manushentsa atchas un mer dah sowel, te krass hallauter, hoi hunte kras, te well ko tchatchepen kanna tchatches dino.

Mer haiwah, kei well o brawlepen an Europa dran o tchilatchepen pral wawar Kontinente, ninna dran i Diskriminirunge wawar Kulturentsa. Mer dah mari phub jaake ninna kolen, gai wan mentsa pal-lines ap lengri phub.

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Hakeno, kei khamell, nai hi i europtiko Manush. I europetiki Republika, hi o glanstunsto Shtakepin ap ko Dromm, te well i globaltiki Demokratia. O universaltiko Tshatshepin heu i Manushenge atshas, koi glan kamma mehr dardo te well, koi glan kamma mehr te buterel,te well ab i tshatschi Riek ninna o Tshatshepin dino. O Europa, kei e Themma ketne rikerena, della ga butta, koia Idea was verpuckedo. Kolenge hunt well an e europetike Instutitioni glan tappedo, te nei hadas o europetike Lowe un o Markto kethne, an i europetike Demokratia. Mer tshivar Europa ab kova Tshatshepin, kei hakeneskre Politika o Nemligo he, kei jek he dran habbo Themm, dran habbe Manushenda jek wela.

O Europtiko Zillo, he pre hardedo. Manifesto, Burgenland Croatian Stoga dijelimo zemlju sa svima koji su bili protjerani iz svog teritorija. Europska Republika prvi je korak na putu globalnoj demokraciji. Ustavne institucije europske republike su gradovi i regije. Adjes pe novemberi to djes, Evropicko kon kodo kamel te avel.

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Der Binnenmarkt und der Euro konnten ohne politisches Dach zur leichten Beute einer neoliberalen Agenda werden, die der Idee der sozialen Gerechtigkeit widerspricht. Menschen zu einen und nicht Staaten zu integrieren. Der Tag ist gekommen, dass sich die kulturelle Vielfalt Europas endlich in politischer Einheit entfaltet. Rzeczpospolita Europejska to pierwszy krok na drodze do globalnej demokracji. MMXVIII, quarta hora, centum annis post finem primi belli mundialis, qui cultum europaeum deleverat, recordamur non modo historia, sed formamus futurum nostrum.

Declaramus, nunc omnes in Europa cives res publicae europaeae esse. Accipimus officium hereditate declarationis universalis iuris hominum et spondemus eam ad effectum adducere. Scimus divitiae europaeae in saeculis expilationis terrarum et in oppressione cultuum alienorum positae esse. Itaque dividimus terram nostram cum illis, qui ab ea expulsi erant. Ille europaeus, qui europaeus esse vult. Res publica europaea gradus primus ad imperium populi est. Commercium internum commune Euroque sine tecto publico praeda consilii neoliberalis in contradictione iustitiae socialis facta sunt.

Igitur imperium institutionibus europaeis ad formationem commercii communis et monetae communis et imperiique europaei populi expugnandum est. Europa non est integratio nationum sed confoederatio hominum. Summa rerum potestas nationum summa rerum potestas civium substituta est. Res publica europaea in ratione aequalitatis generalis ultra genus nationaliatemque posita est.

Urbes et regiones res publicae europaeae fundamentum sunt. Nunc est adventus diei in qua varietas culturalis Europae in unitate sociali provenit. Consilium Europaeum dimissum est. Parlamentum Europaeum potestatem legiferam habet. Eligit imperium europaeum in aequo modo obligatum ad effectum salutis europaeae.

Partilhamos portanto o nosso solo com todos os que tenhamos expulsado do seu.