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Definition of cow pie

As a newspaper journalist of nearly 40 years' standing, I clearly have an axe to grind here - but there's something desperately poignant about the end of cow pies in print. Dan's written off the page in digital age. One cow can produce 20 times her own weight in wet cow pies each year.

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Readers hope that real cow pies could go on sale as the final print edition of the comic comes out on December 4. Standout characters included Nosey Parker, Keyhole Kate and Desperate Dan, the world's strongest man with a fondness for cow pies.

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Cow pies were the favourite food of which comic character? Ace even turned rolling in cow pies and old fish into a formalized but oddly humorous ritual. A pup at any age; occasionally, dogs come along that recognize the perks of puppyhood--and devote their lives to being a professional youngster.

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They were so simple to make. I didn't have any raisins though so I doubled up on the nuts which by the way I used Honey Roasted Peanuts. That's all I had handy I have made these with craisins, dried blueberries and chopped dried cherries.

Have never been disappointed! These turned out really well, and couldn't be any easier to make. The chocolate didn't pool on the bottom, which happens to me a lot with this type of candy. They look very professional and pr This was SO easy to make! I needed something fast and easy for a potluck party.

I followed the directions exactly except I only had walnuts.

Chocolate Cow Pies

I used the Ba These are great and very simple. My husband was wary of them, but I was curious, so I went ahead and tried it.

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I had to use honey roasted peanuts since that is all I had, and t A wonderful homemade treat for chocoholics. These are really yummy, Noel. But why save them for Christmas.


To a chocoholic, these would be good annyyytiiimmmeee! This recipe is wonderful, easy, and fast to make.

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This shirt is far too proper to get anywhere near even the faint whiff of cow pie. — Jacob Gallagher, WSJ, "The Chambray Shirt: Why Every Man Needs This. Cow Pies. Getting reviews Level: Easy. Total: 1 hr 10 min (includes cooling and setting times); Active: 35 min. Yield: 36 cookies. Save Recipe.

I used dried cranberries instead of raisins and they were delicious.