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Suzy Weaver Kline and Suzy Kline. Better You Than Me. So to find out there was a second book that followed on with their story left me hungry for more. I downloaded the second straight away after finishing this first. Amy Harmon, another great 5 star story. This is a unique story filled with likeable characters, except for the ones meant to be disliked ; The story captured my interest from the beginning.

I loved that she had insecurities and that she was loyal and fierce in her love. Shad was a hoot Johnny was bad-boy mixed with hero, mixed with heartthrob. He was a compelling character.

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I normally don't connect as well with stories told in third person, but this was not the case here. I totally connected and wasn't sure what would happen until the end, which kind of left me hanging, but I'm just fine with that because the sequel is already available.

The ending made me tear up. It was just what I wanted, however unlikely. This is a great book, one I will most likely read again in the future. Amy Harmon's style is casual and easy to sink into. If you're looking for a love story for the ages, this is your book.

I have loved so many of Amy Harmon's books! Her characters are always so deep!!! Really engaging short read that ends in a definite cliffhanger!

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An obvious early work of hers as she has grown and expanded her writing with so much more depth than this older duet - but still enjoyable. I was hesitant to read this series because I am usually not one for "ghost" love stories, but with Halloween coming up in the next month, I decided that now was a great time to give this series a try. I am so glad I did!!! First of all, make sure you have the second book ready to go, because after finishing the last chapter of this book, you will need to have the sequel, Prom Night in P I have been on an Amy Harmon kick ever since reading Making Faces , and she continues to WOW me with her talent!

First of all, make sure you have the second book ready to go, because after finishing the last chapter of this book, you will need to have the sequel, Prom Night in Purgatory , on hand. Although these are separate books, they combine to create one big. This author continues to amaze me.

She has an ability to take far fetched, improbable situations and make you into a believer. This love story features a lonely and transient teenaged orphan and a ghost. I found myself sucked in to this relationship quickly, and although I had no idea how this relationship could end in any way other than tragically, this fact didn't stop me from reading. This is a type of book that is difficult to put down and I found myself sneaking chapters whenever I had any spare moments. I loved everything about this book. I loved the characters, the setting, the paranormal aspects, and even the villains.

This is an excellent example of the fact that if, in fiction, true love is accurately and effectively portrayed, even death is not an unsurmountable barrier to it's power. This book ends on a huge cliffhanger, so as I said, have the next book ready to go. I for one can not wait to see what happens next! Amy Harmon does it again. A perfectly unique and special book. Slow Dance in Purgatory is different than most books I read.

I loved the story. I listened to the audio and enjoyed the narration. Would recommend this one listening or reading to anyone looking for something a little different than their everyday romance ; View all 26 comments. I work with a woman who grew up with Amy Harmon and she had told me about the books Amy had written What a wonderful book to spend time curled up with There is nothing but plain and sweet pure teen love here and that is a refreshing thing for a YA novel.

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The characters are I work with a woman who grew up with Amy Harmon and she had told me about the books Amy had written The characters are very likable and the story line is very intriguing with plenty of high school filler to keep you remembering what it was like to be in high school that is for us older readers. The ending was just right and what it should be for this story I am very glad I listened to my co-worker and picked up this sweet read So this is my very first Amy Harmon book.

She has such huge fans I knew I had to read something of hers. Maybe I shoulda tried a different book of hers first. I almost didn't like it. For the first half I felt it was lacking something. I saw the amazing storyteller I've been told that Amy Harmon is! So Maggie falls in love with a fifty year old ghost I was super conflicted. I also wanted him to find what he needed to move on.

In the end, actually BOTH these things were solved for me. And I could close my book happily. Really, I just pressed power on my kindle but it sounded so much better that way I'm definitely going to give one of AH's more popular books a try.

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Fun story with a ghostly element. I enjoyed watching these two fall in love and wondered how the author was going to resolve the issue that apparently one of them had died 50 years ago. The hero was sweet and I think a lot of thought had been put into how and why he had ended up in purgatory. His character showed the effects of his long isolation in a believable way. The heroine was also easy to care for. This book ended on a cliffhanger and luckily the second book was already available! Your love's made me blind.

Your love's made me weak. This is just the first part of a incredible love journey. I loved all the characters and Amy's writing style keeps you enticed. I stayed up all night reading! View all 5 comments. Studly Johnny Kinross, why oh why didn't you haunt the halls of MY high school back in the day?

Seriously, this is one amazing paranormal romance that sucked me right into the world of the story. I read the entire book within 24 hours it was so good. The romance between Maggie and Johnny is achingly beautiful and captivating. Nov 19, Christine rated it liked it Shelves: It had some great scenes and some okay scenes. Not my favorite by Amy Harmon. I love a good cliffy, but this one was okay. Not sure I will spend a credit in Audible for book 2. This is definitely one of the best books I've read this year.

It's most certainly the best young adult book I've read so far for Slow Dance In Purgatory was as well written as a literary adult novel whilst still capturing the essence of teenage life.

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The balance between paranormal and realistic fiction was perfect as the book both was magical and ghostly without seeming ridiculous and far fetched. I am so glad that I read this book and I can't wait to get my hands on the second book. The th This is definitely one of the best books I've read this year.

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The thing I loved most about this book was the comparison between life in the 50s and life now, specifically for teenagers. I immediately recognised the difference between Johnny and Maggie's lives and absolutely loved that aspect of the novel. Johnny was an awesome character to read about and I especially loved reading about his conversations with Maggie about the modern world. Johnny was also amazingly sweet and charming and is definitely a great leading man for a romance novel swoon alert!

I also adored Maggie as a character. She was never afraid to tell Johnny her feelings witch takes a lot of courage and I admired that in her. I read so many books about females who are so strong can fight but I really value the rare few characters, like Maggie, who show their strength through their ability to be honest with themselves and others.

Maggie and Johnny together though, WOW, that's one amazing couple. They both cared deeply for each other and would even sacrifice their happiness if it meant the wellbeing for the other person. I can't really pinpoint my favourite romantic scene from this book and instead will say that the whole story was sweet and romantic. For a moment there, I swear my heart was going to explode. This book just made me so happy and I couldn't have asked for more from the novel. Slow Dance In Purgatory was the perfect blend of romance, paranormal and slightly not really historical fiction.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, young adult books or even people who are interested in the 50s. This book will not disappoint!

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Interesting ending, very unexpected and cliffy. I loved her other book, Making Faces, so I had really high hope for this. But, it did not wow me like it did with the other one. This felt more like a YA realistic and not as emotionally churning as it was with Making Faces. It actually reminded me of an old movie, Ghost, another reason I wanted to give this a try. The best part was the use of 50s lingo.

Not that I knew any of them, but it just made it so interesting. It felt like I was immersed in another era. That cliff at the end could have had killed me. Review also posted http: This one was shared with me in a book club. I really appreciate ghost- or other paranormal love stories because real life just doesn't measure up to a romantic ideal now, does it? Maggie was a well rounded young lady character as well. She had a tough childhood but is pursuing her interests anyway, and has finally found a home. She has a psychic gift allowing her to interact with This one was shared with me in a book club.

She has a psychic gift allowing her to interact with Johnny and it just develops from there. Loved the special things Johnny could do within his prison, and the ending built up to a big crescendo and coasted to the perfect ending, where there is more to come! And this book is NOT scary people. I mean, there are suspenseful bits, sure. But apparently just the concept of ghosts scares the crap out of me. I started this book at 1am while my husband is away on business, and you better believe I freaked myself out.

This book really did suck me in despite scaring me…and I think I was scared because the atmosphere surrounding the school and Johnny was described so well. The way the story was laid out was really interesting as well — there were 2 or 3 glimpses into the past near the beginning to help us understand what happened, but mostly it was set in the present. And we also got quite a few POVs. I loved Maggie, even as she frustrated me. She was so vulnerable and desperate for love that would stay, my heart broke for how hard she worked to not be a bother to Aunt Irene.

At times it felt like she did become obsessed. I understood why, I just wanted more for her, you know? I appreciated the little detail about her having dyslexia, and how becoming a foster kid kind of let that fall through the cracks so that no one noticed or helped. I felt for him and what that kind of isolation must have done to him. I understood his connection with Maggie, and I appreciated that he tried to do the right thing, but found that hard to maintain. I adored Gus and Aunt Irene…they were a wonderful pseudo-family for Maggie, and I loved that Maggie automatically had someone who believed her in Gus.

Shad was a mixed bag for me…he was written so perfectly, this lonely, awkward, 14 year old boy just trying to survive high school. I would get annoyed with his crush on Maggie, but it was so perfectly realistic for a kid his age. He was hilarious and annoying and my heart ached for what he was going through. In my quest to read all things Amy Harmon, I decided to start from the beginning. Love is a Amy Harmon book. Okay, so if you follow my reviews at all, you know that I really stick to 3 prerequisites before I buy a book, it needs to be 'Adult, Erotica or New Adult' I don't mess around with that Young Adult stuff anymore, I mean I am 27 years old.

I have two kids I need my smut, I need it like I need my morning coffee, or air So when Amazon started doing this new Kindle Unlimited thing, I signed up. Money is tight, it's summer blah blah blah. I started to type in my favorite author's first. Some didn't Okay, so if you follow my reviews at all, you know that I really stick to 3 prerequisites before I buy a book, it needs to be 'Adult, Erotica or New Adult' I don't mess around with that Young Adult stuff anymore, I mean I am 27 years old.

Some didn't offer books. The other day I typed in Amy Harmon. She has written some of my most favorite reads in the last 2 years and I just knew I wanted to see if she had something out that I had somehow missed. Slow Dance in Purgatory came up, it looked really good. Girl falls for 50's bad boy who is stuck in some weird purgatory in the local high school 50 years after he "died" I have a weird obsession with the 50's.

I am a huge Elvis fan, I love the idea of malt shops and poodle skirts. I think I was reincarnated from that time to being born in the 80's a lot less awesome if you ask me But then it happened, I realized that it was set on Goodreads as YA, mainly for teens. So it had to be boring. It HAD to be. Nothing good that will hold my attention would be marketed towards teens.

But I started reading it anyway. I was a little bored. I had some time to spare and it was free I love when authors use songs, lyrics or quotes for their chapters because they almost always fit for the chapter and what is happening. This book was no different. I loved Johnny Kinross. He is the ultimate bad boy. He starts out the book getting ready for a rumble could you imagine having those? Tragedy occurs, and Johnny finds himself trapped in the school. It's a pretty lonely place. He can mess with the school, not that he does at least not to be mean like a normal "ghost" but no one can see him.

Until Maggie O' Brannon comes along. I won't spoil what happens every moment of their journey, but obviously this is a romance even if it was for teens and it was great. He was so protective of Maggie, and Maggie really fell for him and fell hard. Which made her friend who is in love with her a bit jealous. Shad I thought he was a good boy, but he was just that a boy.. His choices at the end of the book bothered me, because things could have gone a totally different way. I am getting ready to pick up the next book in this series now and I cannot wait to see how this will all work with Johnny and Maggie here on out!!

Moral of my review?

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Don't judge because of genre's. This doesn't mean I will start reading YA, I think only Amy Harmon and very few author's could make a YA teen book appealing to someone who is almost 30, but she did it.. She's amazing and this story Just groovy see what I did there? In , Johnny Kinross goes missing. In , Maggie O'Bannon finds him.