Your Destiny Lies In The Hands Of God

Your Destiny Is in Your Hands
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Following Christ led me to abandon all to Him. Opening doors that have led me to where I am today. He has also provided me with the strength, courage, desire and passion to complete what He has started in me.


I believe that I will have joy unspeakable meeting someone who was saved because of my choice to follow Christ when I get to heaven; not to mention restored marriages, recovering addicts, and people overcoming the trauma of abuse. You need to experience it for yourself. Following Christ has been the most exciting life ever. God always does things His way. Destiny is not dreams come true.

I was hoping and praying that would be my destiny. I never became their fist baseman but they have since won three World Series.

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Sometimes, the delays in your life today are allowed by God to remove evil and sorrow from your tomorrow. Your destiny is in your own hands. Destiny isn't written in the stars, the wind or the earth. of the Greek classics are long gone, they who left their fates in the hands of the gods.

Do I believe that these dreams were my destiny? I just had to give Him my hand and my life and have Him lead the way. Dreams are good and some do come true. A blind person needs a reliable hand, someone they trust to guide them to their destination.


Those who are blind to their destiny may have lost their way or have been led astray and need a reliable hand to guide them to their destination. Your earliest years in life make an enormous impact. They literally have the power to determine your fate. They possess a lot of power. How they treat each other and how they treated you will make a big impact in what you believe, how you think and feel. If you have been in any way mistreated, those painful memories become the most powerful of all and will permanently stay with you. They will eventually control your feelings, your emotions, attitudes and behaviors; how you perceive to see yourself, God and others, and how you manage yourself and relationships.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. Everyone who has not worked through the pains and fear of their upbringing has a false self. The false self will take charge if given the opportunity, and in no time introduce you to his friends, the adjuster , the pretender , and the performer. These three are also known as, the imposter , the Pharisee , the poser and so on. The Bible refers to them as the flesh , the carnal nature , and the old man.

In this outline I prefer it as the false self. In any language they are not what they appear to be, and they are definitely not your friends. They are ruthless, manipulative, conditional, and their heart is full of deceit. The heart of the false self will deceive you.

It has the power to steal your identity, and eventually draw you away from intimacy with God. Children receive everything as truth and then they personalize it. False belief systems get ingrained into their undeveloped minds, and they begin to adjust to them. This comes natural to them. They slowly begin to put their trust in the hands of the false self. The role of the adjuster is a very common one in our society today and has been since the fall of mankind. The adjuster will manipulate the child into deceiving it as its friend. Not long after, the pretender and the performer make their appearance.

The false self will provide a mask that fits all occasions; all the child has to do is submit. This is the beginning of a lifetime ritual, and the false self is more than willing to supply the child with all the power the child wants. The false self or God, you chose which power you want in your life. Not longer after the false self gets in the head of the child does he pull out his bag of tricks.

To overcome you must capture each thought and a daily renewing of your mind 2 Corinthians Instead of moving forward toward the threat, they always adjust to it. The adjuster is like the Chameleon.

They adjust their colors in accordance to their environment by which they feel are being threatened. If the strongholds of fear and shame are in control, the adjuster lives. Fear gives the adjuster its power and shame sustains it. It is deception and fear that keeps all of the personalities of the false self alive.

When does this begin to play out in the child? It begins in the parenting stage. The child will only thrive if they feel loved. This entails parents making their home a safe and loving environment. Parents that are kind to one another and that respect each other will most likely display the same kindness and respect to their children. Children pick up everything they see and hear; children are ultra sensitive to words. You have the responsibility to make their first experience a safe one. You do this by protecting them, making them feel understood, supporting them, listening to them, spending time and getting involved, disciplining them out of love, holding them, teaching them accountability, teaching them to be responsible, nurturing them, using kind words that edify and affirm them, playing with them, accepting them just as they are, and being good role models.

The fear of rejection triggers a string of fears beginning with abandonment.

What we do with the hand we’re dealt

If this occurs you lose your child. Your child now feels safer in the arms of the false self. They now have been deceived and the false self takes over the parenting, and from that day on you will only see the false child. Your real child will only let you see a role that the false self has created for their safety. You have now forced your child inward, into hiding and performing. When someone wants to hide they go to places where no one can find them, the darkest, and most remote places are the best.

Sin also loves to find places to hide. The only way to be set free from sin is to confess it and become transparent. Bringing it up to the light where it loses its power. If this is true then would it not make sense for the child in hiding to come out, become transparent, walk into the light, confess and expose their hiding places?

Why you should discriminate... if you do it well

If you have had to hide the pain of being alive growing up you would know what a shameful, lonely, fearful, powerless and forsaken place it is. When God tells us to move on and to use what we have in our hand we need to be aware that we have a lot more than a big stick. We have the infallible living Word of God, which is the anvil that has worn out all the hammers of all the lies of the enemy over the ages. We have in our hands His mighty Word with every promise, every instruction, every commandment, and stories of redemption that we can believe in and stand on. We are more than Moses and the staff that conquered Pharaoh and spread the Red Sea, we are the offspring of the living God by Christ Jesus and what we hold in our hands is His Living Testament of that New Covenant written in His blood, of which we are partakers by His grace.

When Moses and Israel stepped out, God performed a miracle for them, and for the first time in history there were footprints seen at the bottom of the Red Sea. Sometimes stretching out and believing in what God has placed in your hand will lead you where you have never been before.

You may be leaving footprints where they may have never been seen before in new path blazing through the obstacle that is in front of you, as God destroys the enemy that is behind you.

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So go ahead and move forward. Everything you need is in your own hand; God has supplied you with all you need. So stretch out, your destiny is in your hand! Needed tha word today Darrell! Thank you for delivering. When you are facing a big obstacle that is in the way of a dream God has laid on your hearts it is easy to become weary when everywhere you turn the answer is no.

Unless God says no then He has given us the power to move forward. Funny thing struck me as I read — you used the example of parting the red sea…the property we want to purchase for the retreat and ministry center is called Red Bay Lodge. I enjoyed reading about how you assist and enable churches at http: You are a blessing to the body of Christ. Thanks Calvin, I enjoyed your post Leaving the past in the past at http: I write a lot on the subject as it is a powerful tool of the enemy, thanks for you article helping believers overcome. Blessings in Christ Darrell.

The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God — the Lord arms us with the most powerful weapon against the enemy. Praise God He does not leave us defenceless.. We need just say the Word to the enemy and he will flee -.

Changing your destiny

In it is life and death. Thank you for another great reminder Darrell.

It is good also for our readers at ChristianBlessings on 22 March, as you approve it. As always Darrell, thanks for this right on time word. Another thing I like is how you give back to others by linking their comments back to their websites. You are such an encourager and supporter of fellow Believers! Your kindness does not go unnoticed! Thanks Sue, mentioning websites, I was at yours at http: Was a photo I took of a rose bush in my back yard. Thanks for the mention. Thank you Teague, I liked your idea of a suggestion box at http: Blessings to you in Washington. If you try it, I hope it goes well!

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Thanks for checking out my blog. This is so true, I think it is so important not just in crisis but in everyday life that we truly understand we do have everything we need in Christ and His word. Thank you for a great reminder!

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