The Pathway To Discipleship

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Think of going from point A to point B in your walk with God. Point A would be to have no connection or relationship with God at all, and point B is to be fully engaged as an all-out follower of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

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All of us are somewhere on that journey, and Pathway is our attempt at providing a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, systematic process of getting from the very beginning to the final destination as a fully engaged follower of Jesus. We have learned through the years that if people spiritually take the nonchalant method of the guy who just journeys on his own, that they seldom end up being a fully engaged follower of Jesus and if they do it takes way too long.

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What happens more often than not is they stall out along the way or just give up on the trip altogether. So we have learned that this is a journey, and there is a specific Pathway to take where certain things must happen first, then second, then third, and so on.

Developing A Discipleship Pathway in Your Church

The Pathway process has three primary pointes in it. Each of those pointes is two classes long.

Pathway to Discipleship

First Pointe is called Commitment. Let the journey begin What Jesus said in Matthew 4: Based on Jesus' invitation in Matthew 4: All three are needed to make disciples, but each one is developed differently. Spiritual growth happens best with others who share the goal of being a disciple of Jesus.

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The best way to reach the most people in the most meaningful way is through the small group care group, ministry group etc. It provides all the essential elements for spiritual growth.

Care Group Sign Up. The Pathway of Discipleship.

The Pathway of Discipleship

But for those who willingly submit, the yoke is easy, and the burden is light. Discipleship is a life long journey.

To help us on this exciting journey we have designed the Pathway of Discipleship POD that will ensure a holistic discipleship for all. It is designed to be delivered through small groups.