Once Upon a Time in Connecticut

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They both disguise themselves in order to travel incognito. Interesting tales of colonial Connecticut. The Boss manages to escape but is caught before he can rescue The King. He orders equipment and help from Camelot and waits till Merlin gives up trying to fix it with his magic. Burdened with a heavy armor, The Boss braves heat, exhaustion, the continuous chatter of Sandy, and a horde of Knights to reach the castle of Morgan le Fay.

Once upon a time in Connecticut, by Caroline Clifford Newton. The King finds it difficult to act the part of a peasant, since his pampered nature and royal breeding seem inseparable from his personality.

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He witnesses firsthand the cruelty of his knights toward the common man, and since he himself is disguised as a commoner, he is often the brunt of their misdeeds. He and The Boss encounter several tragic stories among the poverty stricken people.

They also find themselves in frequent trouble. The King and The Boss come upon a burning house where a man has been killed. Someone tells them the dead man is the Lord of the Manor, who has been killed by three peasants that he wrongfully put in prison. The peasants, on escaping prison, set his house on fire and killed him.

Once Upon a Time in Connecticut

The Boss befriends some people in the town, but cannot resist showing off his wealth and superior knowledge in front of others. The peasants are suspicious of him and the King. A ruckus ensues and the King and The Boss are forced to flee.

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They are rescued from an angry mob by an Earl, but find that he has saved them only so that he may sell them as slaves. From that point, their hardships only multiply. They bear the brunt of the severe climate as well as the wrath of their master.

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The King, who in the past had made his subjects slaves, is now the slave of his own cruel master. The Boss manages to escape but is caught before he can rescue The King.

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He is taken to court, where he concocts a story about being the servant of a noble man and is thus released since the courts are biased in favor nobility and the clergy. He then contacts Clarence on the telephone and asks him to send Knights to rescue the King from the prison cell. When he reaches the market place, he learns that the slaves had killed their cruel master and are now going to be executed. Before he can do anything to help, he is also captured and corralled for execution.

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In the open courtyard, three of the prisoners are executed and the King awaits his turn. Rescued, they all return to Camelot. The King has gained more sympathy for his subjects, having experienced firsthand the hardships of being a commoner in a country that favors clergy and nobility.

But the trials are not over for The Boss. Sir Sagramour has returned from his search for the Holy Grail, and is ready to duel.

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The Boss defeats Sagramour, as well as many other outraged Knights including Launcelot who are too proud to see a lowly man defeat the much lauded Knights. Still, The Boss emerges victorious over all. Shortly after this incident, the boss starts revolutionizing England with his forward-looking policies and technical skills.

He openly encourages enrollment in schools and other institutions like the military academy. He popularizes telephone, telegraph, and railways.

Slowly and steadily he realizes his dream of making Camelot into a modern city.