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If, however, time and patience can be employed in allowing children to be aware of these simple tasks and decisions, the vocabulary of mathematics and science becomes a natural part of every child's life. By enabling children to hear and use such vocabulary, it is less likely to hold any mystique or create any anxiety when it is used in a mathematics lesson. Playing games with children starts at a very early age, but the toys and games mentioned here could be used by practitioners in Early Years classrooms as well as by parents at home.

Enjoyment of playing games continues beyond these first years, and teachers of older children will also find the games useful. They could be used in small group situations, or as ideas to include in clubs and activities used to cultivate a home-school partnership in the promotion of mathematics. Alternatively the beads can be arranged in steps, increasing from one on the first row, two on the second, etc. With a set of blocks made from simple geometric shapes, children can explore balance and the possibilities of building, either intricate facades or more simple towers.

Traditionally dominoes have patterns of spots on each end. While there is no reason why the spots cannot be treated as patterns in their own right, and not necessarily related to number at the outset, many adults prefer to introduce children to dominoes through picture matching. A complete set of dominoes may make the game too long for very young children, so start off by using just a few of the set, and gradually build up the number of dominoes used in the game.

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To be sure the game is playable choose dominoes that can be arranged in a ring. Then, no matter which domino is played first, someone will have a domino which can be attached. It is preferable that a very short game is played through with enjoyment, than a full game is started and then left unfinished. Pictures and colours can be used to introduce the idea of matching. Domino sets with pictures and spots allow you to introduce the idea of numbers and matching numbers.

Sets which include figures numerals are in fact taking the matching game one step further, as they use symbols for the amounts shown, rather than a simple representation in the form of spots.

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No reason not to use them, but remember, although the numerals are second nature to you, they are unfamiliar to the child and he is still learning to relate a certain squiggle to a certain number of objects. You may also find our Dominoes Environment useful. A game may have rules which are too difficult for very young children to cope with.

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First Steps Mathematics is a series of teacher resource books that is to focus on the student's abilty to represent location, shape and to demonstrate the ability. 22/9/11 pm. FIRST | First steps in Mathematics: Space from a collection and either posting shapes in boxes or fitting shapes into cut outs.

Make up your own rules and play a simple race game until the children are ready and able to make the game more interesting with tactics, penalties, etc. Snakes and ladders is often quoted as a game for young children, but it can get very frustrating and with a run of bad luck, may go on for too long. Ludo , which is often thought of as a simple game can get quite intense if the rules for barriers and double barriers are employed.

Again this can be a long game, so reduce the number of counters each player has. Some of the games which we have found particularly enjoyable, for adults and children are: These games can be played as simple races until the children are ready to understand more complicated rules. The mixture of chance and tactics keeps the games interesting for all levels of ability, and ensures the games are used over and over again. As with the counting frame, plastic shape sorters shouldn't be regarded as 'merely' baby toys. If we take the example of a sorter with a square, a circular and a triangular hole, the children are learning that the circle has an infinite number of axes of rotation it doesn't matter 'which way up' the circle is, it will still go through the hole , while the square and the triangle have to placed more carefully to get them to fit through their holes.

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As the children progress to more difficult puzzles it is useful to provide ones where whole pieces fit into a rigid outline, as then each piece completes a picture without being reliant on the correct positioning of other pieces. Gradually the children can progress to more conventional puzzles.

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At first provide puzzles with very few pieces so that the task can be completed before the concentration runs out. Or get the children to complete a larger puzzle in which you have left a few holes to fill. Path of Discovery Series: Toys and games The range of toys and games which use mathematical processes increases all the time. Real life As well as learning about the mathematical world through play, children encounter mathematical concepts through everyday activities. The counting frame Firstly, of course, the children can just count the beads on a row. They can move one bead as they count it, to promote one-to-one counting.

Having mastered accurate counting to ten they can use two rows to reach twenty. The beads are 'trapped' on the wire, so no matter how little dexterity the child has, the beads can't run away and get muddled. As their prowess at counting beyond twenty improves the children can count all the beads on the frame. The eye and brain get clever at counting, and recognise two, three, four and perhaps five beads without even having to count them. They can learn the names of 2D and 3D shapes by considering the whole shape or the shapes of the faces. They can investigate the rolling and rocking properties of the cylinders and semi-circular prisms.

Fun with Shapes Book First Steps. Description Filled with bright, fun pictures and first words, this cuddly cloth book is perfect for little hands! Actual Size Steve Jenkins.

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