A Slave to My Desires

Are we slaves of our desires?
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precfultorafe.ga/teen-and-young-adult-thrillers-and-suspense-ebooks/gullivers-travels.pdf I can't tell them my problem. I read many of your fatwas on how to control sexual desire, and how we should fast. But even while fasting the month of Ramadan, I couldn't concentrate and fulfill the requirements properly, because my mind was always in need of sex. So how could optional fasting help me control myself?

Please, give me solution for my problem. How should I make my soul alive? What about the baby I have? How should I face that fact when it cannot be changed? I am afraid that if that lady returns, I will meet her.

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The best hope of social order was to have an "intelligent few" who were capable of "regimenting the public mind". So they gave up on achieving political change and decided to transform themselves instead. When you find that your mind is overwhelmed by desire, examine that desire in the light of reality. Our very responsibility as a citizen became to support the economy stupid by being an active consumer. The key to social control is to manage people as passive consumers. Bernays had written a series of books claiming that he had developed techniques to control the masses by stimulating their inner desires and sating them with consumer products, thereby managing the irrational forces of the Freudian unconscious. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Linkedin.

We are in continuous communication over the phone. How can I convince my parents about my marriage? How can I return to the path of righteousness? I am very stressed. I live neither for Allah nor for myself.

Slaves of our desires

I am just like an earning machine for my parents. Brother, you are in a very difficult situation. The first and most important thing you must take care of is to find a way to marry the woman whose child you share. You must make that relationship and the birth of your child legitimate.

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Like the title says, I am utterly controlled by my desires. This makes me delusional and often clouds my judgement. How does one break. I read many of your fatwas on how to control sexual desire, and how we should fast. But even while fasting the month of Ramadan, I couldn't.

You must make an all-out effort to talk with your parents and help them understand the gravity of the situation. If there is absolutely no way for them to understand or give you their blessing, then you need to consider marrying without their blessing, which is of course not desirable, but in a situation like this, it is the lesser of two evils for sure.

You are aware of the seriousness of your sins, as your plea for advice indicates, and you must find a way to channel that into a sincere and humble repentance to Allah swt.

Be sincere, that is the most important thing. Pointing out the gravity of this failing, the chapter entitled Al-Jathiyah Kneeling of the Quran admonishes us on this subject in alarming terms: Will you not take heed? Desire is an essential part of one's personality. But it is like grease to an engine and not like the driver of that engine. Desire can serve as a motive force, but mindless yielding to desire will lead to disaster.

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If you want to be successful, try to steer your life in a rational manner. It is said that man is a slave to desire. But this saying expresses only half of the truth. It is a fact that the human mind is full of desires but, at the same time, it is also true that man's mind has the capacity for logical thought.