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Future of Pak-US relations
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Despite the short duration of the ceasefire it could be a harbinger for initiating the peace process by creating a congenial climate. The US probably has realised that its past policy of maligning Pakistan and harping on the Haqqani network has not worked and only widened the chasm between the two countries. Despite serious governance and policy weaknesses, the people of Pakistan have demonstrated once again extraordinary resilience and ability to overcome US pressures.

Interestingly, Pakistan has wisely improved its relations with Russia and widened contacts with Central Asian states. The development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as a viable alternative power centre is also contributing towards diffusing the US global power and providing alternative options for countries like Pakistan. Furthermore, the US and European efforts to isolate Russia after the annexation of Crimea have encouraged Moscow to get closer to China and expand its relations and influence in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

U.S. Relations With Pakistan

Russia remains engaged with the Taliban, their erstwhile enemies in a new jugsaw puzzle to counter the US influence in the region. Iran too for similar reasons is keeping its contacts with the Taliban leadership. Washington realises in this scenario it could exercise only limited leverage on Pakistan. No country benefits more than Pakistan if Afghanistan were to stabilise. It will also have a beneficial impact on its relations with India.

We also cannot overlook the reality that in this multi-polar world major powers have developed positive relations with erstwhile adversaries. Recent improvement in relations between India and China is a classic example of this trend.

Pakistan-US relations | Pakistan Today

For both these countries the priority is to develop their economy for which peace is a vital element. Adversarial relations of the past and territorial disputes have not stood in their way from developing strong trade and economic linkages. The current geo-political rivalry now rests in staying ahead in economic power, technological advancement and internal political stability.

It has passed through a number of different stages. The era of Cold War was full of different surprises for Pakistan.

So USA-Pakistan relationship is no exception. This further created a number of issues for the rest of the world.

Likely future trajectory of Pakistan-US relations

A power tussle started between two major blocks. America found Pakistan an important ally because of her geographical location that further helped the superpower increase its sphere of influence in Asia.

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Furthermore, the US had no issue in getting permission from Pakistan to use her military bases for spy purposes, such as the U-2 incident. The Afghan War further strengthened the relationship between both countries.

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He has accused Pakistan of providing safe havens to terrorists. Informal visit to Karachi ; met with President Ayub Khan. Since some in the U. In the hindsight it will not be unrealistic to conclude that Pakistan has paid a heavy price for this strategic decision. But the president is sadly ignorant of the fact that the northern areas of Pakistan had come under the influence of terrorists after the Afghan War, but now almost all the areas have been cleared. Retrieved 26 January Kitts and Nevis St.

Though Afghan War was in no way an American war, still America fought it with full might by providing support to Afghan mujahideen army. At that point, Pakistan became the most important ally of America. Afterwards, Pakistan was left at the mercy of God when America suddenly decided to stop all help to Pakistan at the end of Afghan War.

It was followed by the Pressler Amendment and a number of other sanctions making our nuclear explosion an excuse for it. This was not the end.

It initiated a new chapter in America-Pakistan relations. Then began the never ending war on terror. Pakistan again joined the American camp.

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He said any proposed change that reduces US influence without getting something meaningful in return would be met with staunch resistance. The US-Muslim leader said he was aware that Pakistan and the US have had an on-again off-again relation dating back to when the US was one of the first countries in the world to establish diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

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He said the relations between the two countries are attenuated and for them to strengthen would require serious diplomacy from both the US and Pakistan. I also know through personal involvement that American Muslims contribute to political campaigns and provide input into policy papers for both parties.