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Dollar Bill Origami Kit-. Fed up with finding suppliers? Request for Quotation Get quotes for custom requests Let the right suppliers find you Close deal with one click Apperal Processing customization. This will help to capture and share some insight into student life at Salesian College Sunbury. Do you have a warm bed to sleep in? Do you have food that keeps you alive? Do you have a roof over your head to keep you warm and safe?

Each year more and more citizens of Australia are becoming homeless due to family issues, job loss, and taxes. Our school, Salesian College, decided that it is time for the younger generation to step up and raise awareness for this worldwide issue. On the 17th of August, a group of students ranging from different years came together to raise awareness for homelessness.

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Shortly after we arrived at Ozanam house, we were greeted by one of the workers there and a volunteer, who explained to us what they do, who they help, and a few of the facilities they provide. Then they took us for a tour of their centre, as if we were a person in need entering for the first time. We even got to see their kitchen where they make food, and have a look inside their pantry. From this tour, we learnt about the many facilities the centre has to help those in need, such as podiatrists, art therapy groups, dentists, and a cafe group.

After leaving Ozanam house, we all got back into the bus and went to drive past the homeless 'hotspots' of Melbourne where a lot of homeless people would sleep the night. Mr Connelly explained to us why homeless people would choose to sleep there, and how they were treated there. From visiting these places, we were able to gain a greater understanding of the struggles homeless people in Melbourne face, and realise how important it was to try to help them. We then came back to school and had some soup that represented the soup vans that come to feed the homeless people. Straight afterwards, we went to the FJCC to watch a documentary about homeless people and their day to day lives.

It was a really emotional day as none of the students really knew how hard their lives are. Unfortunately, at 1am it started to rain and some of our students got wet, but were able to get inside. Just imagine living on the street where it is raining, and having to place to go to keep warm and dry! Homeless people would just sit in their area and be drenched for the night.

Overall, Salesian students and teachers have learnt how hard life really is for homeless people. We have so many amazing charity that are willing to support people in need. So we ask you if you could please donate money to the following charities as there are trying to make this world a better place for homeless people:. Instituted by Pope Francis in , the Day of Prayer is an opportunity for us to give thanks for all of God's creation, which has been entrusted to our care, and to renew our commitment to its stewardship.

It is also an opportunity to pray for God's help in protecting all of creation. In his letter establishing the day of prayer the Pope outlines his intention for the day: In celebrating this Day of Prayer, Pope Francis wishes the day to become an opportunity for all Christians to join in prayer to safeguard creation. The Day of Prayer begins a month of prayerful focus on caring for creation.

I also wish to take this opportunity to thank the staff for making themselves available after-hours for these important meetings. If anyone missed the opportunity, please feel free to email teachers to request a call or to make an appointment. Enrolment interviews for the Year 7 intake are set to take place on September 4 and 6. Our Year 7s have settled in really well to life at Salesian College with many excelling in their studies and participating actively in College activities such as Cinderella, Premier League Sport and Agricultural Shows.

Shortly, all Year 7 students and their parents will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their transition from primary school via an online survey. The College values highly the feedback that such surveys provide, and I encourage all parents to take a few moments to complete the questionnaire when it arrives via Schoolbox. Before braving the elements out on the Mansion decking, staff and students visited Ozanam House in North Melbourne and heard from Louise Augustinus, from VincentCare, who spoke about the plight of Melbourne's homeless community and encouraged students to raise awareness and much-needed resources for their clients.

Congratulations to all who participated in this wonderful event! It was fantastic to hear of the recent achievements of Chloe Harris class of as she pursues her interests in opera. On Friday 10 August, students across the whole school came together to partake in a fun yet competitive as always! Students could choose to either run or walk around the track of our school and win points for their houses.

I would like to congratulate all students on their willingness to be a part of the day and to show true House spirit! Congratulations to Lachlan Fish in Year 8 who came 7th in the whole school, running 3. What an amazing effort for both boys! Congratulations to our Junior Netball team for making it to the finals round on the 29th August. We wish them the best of luck! And of course, a big thank you to their teachers Mrs Harding, Miss Crilly and Miss Roberts for their effort and time with our students.

Elective choices for and well and truly under way. Thank you to those who submitted their choices on time. If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Jones. Congratulations to the following students for their commitment to representing the College in different areas of schooling life:. Well done to the following students who received either Credit or Distinction for their performance in the Science test:.

The showcase of the Global Projects will occur on Tuesday 28 August. The Premier League group will be showcasing in the Shearing Shed from This is a great opportunity for parents and friends in the community to come along and see what the students have been investigating. This charity makes wigs for kids in Australia who suffer from alopecia and cancer. They accept both hair and money donations and we are looking at donating both of these elements.

Our plan is to go to a primary school, whom we are already in contact with, and hold a crazy hair day. Our final product will be a video that documents the experience as well as raises awareness of alopecia, cancer and Variety. We are also considering the idea of making a hair donation. Footage of this hair donation will be included in our final product. All five of our group members have expressed our willingness to cut our own hair out of support for the kids in Australia who do suffer from hair loss.

Some of our students recently learnt the art of Japanese paper folding in class — making shapes and animals. They enjoyed being creative as the pictures below show. Students pictured are making rum balls — without the rum of course! Next week is chocolate crackles and honey joys. Thanks to Mrs Judy Irvine who has been running the sessions with the students.

Leaders comes in many forms, from the softly spoken to the charismatic. However, whatever their style may be, most assuredly the best leaders are those that lead by example. We expect and demand a lot from our leaders as they are the ones who represent us and put into practice all the things we value. They need not be perfect, in fact, where they are not, a great leadership quality is in learning from their mistakes or experiences and growing even better. They are people who personify striving in life. I have been delighted to work with the student leadership body of There are many impressive young men and women in this group that have embraced the role they have been entrusted with.

However, now that the proximity to graduation grows ever nearer, we are calling on the next generation. Not only are we seeking candidates for the School and House captaincies, there are House leadership positions as well as School Action Team roles. Importantly, we also have a newly formed VCAL leadership position so that truly all aspects of school student endeavor are represented by our Student Leadership executive. For further details regarding the specific roles please refer to our Student Leadership Handbook Our Kakadu Tour team are only weeks away from departing and have been busy preparing for the trip with, not just a focus on the logistics, but attention to ethical and global perspectives as well.

We are committed to being more than simply tourists with cameras and have therefore invested some time in preparing to engage with the cultural, spiritual, and even linguistic differences we will meet while on this journey. The Northern Territory is a part of Australia with ancient history but also quite challenging contemporary issues.

While our tour will never leave Australia, it certainly will enter a very different society and, as a Salesian School in the tradition of Don Bosco, it becomes vitally important for us that our students grow an appreciation for the core beliefs and tenets of faith of other as well. Our team are tremendously excited to be able to not only see this magical part of the world, but also learn and reflect on the spiritualty and religious traditions and practices that are special to this unique place.

Many of you would have seen the display in the stadium foyer by the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Sunbury representatives over the two nights of parent-teachers last week, promoting the Plenary Council of the Australian Catholic Church. You will hear more about the Plenary Council in my articles over the remainder of the year. Hopefully, if you took a flyer from one on the parish representatives, it has sparked your curiosity and will hopefully lead to the much-needed conversations and feedback that the Council desires in the pre-planning period.

The Technology Learning Area is always full of action, practical applications, the acquiring of knowledge, and the development of industry specific skills. Here is a small snapshot of the amazing projects that our staff and students have been engaged in recently.

In their introduction to textiles, our Year 7 students are working towards finishing the idea sketches and design options for their felt pin cushions with designs ranging from different types of fruit and donuts, to animals and emojis. During practical lessons, the students have been developing their skills in hand embroidery stitching, and next week are branching out to use a sculpting putty to make designer buttons.

Our Year 8 textiles students are designing pencil cases, and applying hand stitching and applique techniques during production. The challenge for them is to practice newly acquired skills in using the sewing machine for the first time. At Year 9, our textiles students are working hard to create their portfolios. Students have been sharing ideas and are working towards the production of pyjama tops and bottoms.

They are currently sourcing material, with some choosing to use recycled bed sheets and t-shirts. Our Year 11 textiles students are learning the benefits of working in teams to create a product by researching a design movement, culture, or style. Groups have collaboratively decided what to make, and this choice has either led them to work on a range of sleepwear apparel or producing a rockabilly skirt complete with tulle petticoat. An excursion later in the month to Lincraft will provide hands on experience in selecting patterns, taking measurements, selecting and cutting materials required, and purchasing other goods to make their designs.

Materials Technology - Wood students have been working diligently on their individual design folios in preparation for the construction phase of their product. In conjunction, skills, techniques, and safety associated with the materials workshop, have played a key role in the students' practice projects; these projects provide hands-on, real-world application of specialised workshop skills students will use in their final piece.

VET Furnishing students have been learning many different industry skills while manufacturing three of their four main projects. Leg and Rail construction is not a simple task and students have learnt many skills, from producing detailed technical drawings of the products, to the types of techniques used in constructing this type of furniture, the quality of finishing, and whether the product meets specifications; all the while concentrating on transferable skills for industry.

Students enrolled in digital technology are completing a unit on how computers and digital devices use binary bits ones and zeros to represent numbers and characters, as well as to represent images and sounds. Students also learn about digital images and sounds, using Photoshop to create and edit digital images, as well as Audacity to create and edit an audio podcast. Game development students have already completed a unit investigating the hardware and networking components of gaming consoles Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo.

This included specifications for the various hardware components. Students are currently collecting data from other student about their gaming habits. This includes gaming platforms, gaming genres, time spent, as well as attitudes and impacts around health effects and addiction. In the following unit, we will be learning to code some simple games for platforms including Android devices using AppInventor and desktop devices using Gamemaker.

Our VCE Computing students are learning to code using the visual basic development environment. We are developing a wide range of commercial apps including temperature converters, BMI calculators, home loan calculators and contact databases. Students learn the fundamentals of commercial design using common components like textboxes, buttons, scrollbars, radio buttons and checkboxes, and learn to design algorithms to assist with the development of code and coding structures.

Software Development students have been working on their School Assessed Task project for about 4 months now. Their project has involved identifying a software need or opportunity for a real client and then designing and developing a fully functioning software solution for their client.

Students are in the final stages of developing and testing their solution before they hand over their solution to their client for evaluation. Their project has been undertaking using project management tools and techniques to schedule and monitor the project from start to finish. At the moment in Yr 10 multimedia, the students are creating a Photoshop Folio while learning a variety of functions from online tutorials that match their project. Yr 9 Multimedia students are recreating movie posters using Photoshop. They are producing the photos themselves and sourcing complementary images, learning text effects and applying a variety of special effects relevant to their task.

Using Adobe Animate, they have animated a computer game trailer for a game they have previously created. Our food studies students have all been exploring and developing their food preparation techniques and skills during production classes, and of course, loving the eating! As an introduction to the skills involved in food studies, our Year 7 Students have been learning the hygiene and safety rules required to operate safely in the kitchen.

Our Year 8 students have begun exploring the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating through producing food for meal times. There is a strong focus on the importance of sharing a meal together and the warmth that it can bring. Our major focus for Year 9 food studies currently is to explore the issues involved for individuals and groups who experience food inequity in communities globally. This is proving challenging and thought provoking.

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The Year 10 food students are investigating the individual, social, ethical and environmental influences on food behaviours, and will shortly move on to explore current food fads and trends. The VCE food students are exploring new areas of study after participating in engaging excursions in term two and three. Our Year 11 students were guided on an indigenous food walk at the Royal Botanic Gardens, followed by a cultural fling around the streets of Melbourne. Our Year 12 students have recently visited the Queen Victoria Market to explore the wide offerings of fresh produce and current food trends.

The current project in the learning area of which we are proud is the development of the indigenous bush foods and herb garden for our students to access fresh produce during practical classes. The garden beds are in and the planting will begin shortly; a very exciting opportunity for our students to engage more deeply in their learning. Brandon has been enjoying learning about all aspects of the sport management.

It is essential that Bosco families attend Open Days to research careers areas, courses and campuses. Prerequisites for courses for current Year 10 students is now available here. These subjects must be studied to be eligible for entry in Our Careers Centre has course guides and students can pop in at recess and lunchtimes. This site enables you to undertake apprenticeship aptitude tests, find local apprenticeship and group training centres, and learn about different trade occupations. Year 12s are deciding on preferences for courses and need to list up to 8 courses including dream courses and pathway courses.

Attending Open Days is crucial to decision making. Victoria University, VU Guaranteed: Open until 30th September. Salesian is an eligible school for this program. To apply, click here. Undergraduate teaching courses in Victoria: For information, click here. Double check application dates for the courses you will be applying for via VTAC. Applying to The University of Melbourne? Huge demand for bilingual law graduates: Top tier employers such as Westpac, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, are increasingly calling for Asia literate graduates to meet the growing demand for global talent in the Asian century.

Bilingual law graduates are in short supply and as a result, are far more employable. The following two courses are examples of how you can combine an Asian language with a Law degree. To read this feature on the future of work, visit our Careers Page on Schoolbox. We are very excited to announce that Darren Lehmann, former Australian cricketer and the former coach of the Australian National Team, will be our guest speaker at our Father's Day Breakfast.

Come along to hear from one of the biggest characters in Australian cricket as he speaks about his career, the feeling of winning the World Cup twice, how he managed to juggle various roles during his career, and his future plans.

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You won't want to miss this huge event, book your tickets now. The students are working in small teams of three or four where they are assigned to either the Activity Group or the Premier League Group. The Activity Group students are working on developing an action plan to address a local, national, or global issue in society, while the Premier League Group are working together to analyse an action and make recommendations for improvement. Students will need to hold meetings and interviews, and present their ideas in a pitch forum.

The ideas and projects vary widely and showcase a number of different types of action, from fundraising, developing a marketing campaign, and building awareness through education, to creating and submitting a proposal for a business or government. There will be a showcase day for the Global Projects next Tuesday, 28 August. The Activity Group will be showcasing in the College Mansion from Parents and friends are invited to come along and support the students as they showcase their work.

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With one running race and one walking race, we saw a fantastic level of participation across the school. The course this year was 3. Congratulations to Bunjil house who finished the day in first place! The final tally for each of the houses is below, how did your house go? Congratulations to Ben Zarb for finishing in first place, with a total time of This year we have published the magazine online; click here to read it now.

Don't forget to share among your fellow Salesian College Sunbury friends! Grade 5 Schools Visits. In recent weeks I have had the joyful task of visiting our four Catholic Primary Feeder Schools to speak with all the Grade 5 students about the transition to secondary education. This follows on from their visits to the College in term 2 and aims to answer all those burning questions about life in High School. I have been accompanied in these visits by Year 8 students returning to their primary schools.

My thanks to each of them for their preparedness to assist with this important transition activity: After many long hours of audition, rehearsal and practice, the cast and crew put on three amazing performances to packed houses. I wish to commend all the hard-working actors, musicians, dancers, designers, directors, singers and producers for their dedication and commitment to this momentous project. Pope Francis' prayer intention for the month of August is a universal prayer intention for the treasure of families:.

Today's rhythm of life, stress, pressure at work, and also the little attention paid by institutions, could put them in danger. It's not enough to talk about their importance: The parental role in this human formation is governed by love, a love which places itself "at the service of children to draw forth from them "e-ducere" the best that is in them" and which "finds its fullest expression precisely in the task of educating" Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

This is visible through our Pastoral Care structures, through financial support for school fees and associated expenses in times of hardship, as well as wellbeing support for students and parents when it is needed. Victorian State Election, The recent by-election in the seat of Longman Qld highlighted for many the influence of Catholic school parents in shaping the focus of politics see article from The Australian, 4 August.

With Victorians going to our own State Poll in November, I thought it would be informative for all parents in our community to know the views of both the Labour and Liberal candidates for the seat of Sunbury, especially on where they stand on a number of issues important to our College. I met with both candidates in recent weeks and we discussed matters including: State funding for Catholic Education in Victoria? Government support for the VET in schools program [eg. Improving the availability and quality of sporting and arts infrastructure in Sunbury, including on our own Rupertswood Estate?

You can read her responses to these topics in the article later in this newsletter. Students at Salesian College are blessed with opportunities to participate in learning experiences outside of the classroom through travel and exchange. In recent weeks this has included:. Information and news about each of these opportunities and events can be found on the International Exchange page of Schoolbox. We are praying for. Please keep the following in your prayers: Lord, God, we thank you for the gift of family.

We acknowledge that our image and name as family come from you. We believe that within our family lies a homemade holiness. We affirm that it is in this household of faith that we experience your presence, your forgiveness, and your love. We give thanks to you for the many joys and blessings that have come to us through family.

As a family we sometimes feel pain. And so we offer you our disappointments, frustrations, and hurts. Help us to forgive those members of our family, including ourselves, who have caused pain. We pray for the strength to be a light within our family.

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May we open our hearts, our eyes, and our ears and carry our light to those in need. God, Creator of the earth and all its people, help us to be mindful that, as members of one global family, we are equal in your eyes. Help us to continue to appreciate the diversity of persons in our homes and in our world. As members equal in human dignity, may we build a better world and proclaim our willingness to be the holy people you call us to be. This term has already seen the incredible efforts of a number of our students. In particular, well done to our amazing Savio students who participated in the College production of Cinderella.

It was a great performance by all! A big congratulations also to Amelia Wouti who represented Australia in the Taekwondo Championships in Tahiti recently. We are so proud of your efforts! This presentation focused on anti-bullying and cyber safety through an engaging and thought-provoking drama act. Such topics are always worth a conversation, and so it would be valuable to create a dialogue at home around these issues with your child. Year 7 students were given the opportunity to compete in some fun Inter House sport competitions, where they fostered their House connections and their team work skills.

Thank you to the staff who facilitated this fun event! Students are currently working hard on their Global Projects and have begun to choose their teams and formulate their action plans for the coming weeks. Issues are wide and varied and include road safety, domestic violence, deforestation and animal rights. Our Premier League teams have had 2 matches and come away with some good wins against the competition. Those not involved in teams are undertaking a variety of activities. One of these is ten pin bowling at Watergardens — some of them are very good!

Students have been practicing their debating skills in English. This is an assessment piece and students have worked very hard to hone their arguments and rebuttal. In Curiosity — Humanities, the subject for the start of the term is Geography and in particular the food bowl of Victoria.

Students have been exposed to where our food comes from locally and some of the issues around food supply with an ever-growing population. Our sessions for the first few weeks have been focussing on subject selection. This week we build on this with a talk from the Careers staff around work experience. Week Four is the House Cross Country. There will be a run and walk option and our students will represent their House in one of these. Students may wear PE gear to school on this day. I would like to add my congratulations to all the members of the Cinderella cast and crew for all their hard work in producing a magnificent production.

Having attended with a very excited seven year old, I can assure everyone the event was both wonderful and inspiring. The Bosco campus has been honored this term to be the host to two international groups. I thank everyone who has extended a friendly welcome to our visitors and encourage all to continue to extend the warm hand of friendship I have had the pleasure of experiencing since my arrival to the College this year. Last Saturday night, the college came together with our Catholic primary schools in Sunbury to celebrate Catholic education and its partnership with the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Fr Kevin McIntosh spoke of the intrinsic value that Catholic education plays in educating us in a world where justice and peace can be fragile. The aim is to support Ozanam Community Centre by donating Coles-Myer group gift cards, which they then use to help clients who access their services in the need to obtain assistance for food and basic needs such as toiletries.

For Ozanam Community Centre, the gesture of solidarity in our students and staff undertaking the winter sleep out, demonstrates our Christian commitment to compassion and charity. Read more in the article later in this newsletter. The new building is a learning hub and a community zone in which students and teachers can gather for learning, reading, communication, collaboration, and leisure. The multi-zoned, flexible and attractive spaces, innovative resources, and Information Literacy and Wide Reading programs are designed to inspire, motivate, and expand the horizons of our students.

Learning support will be provided for classes, individual students, and Year 12 private study groups in the various zones. Curriculum and learning and teaching support will be provided for teachers. The Learning Commons is a physical and virtual learning and collaboration space that connects learners and helps them to construct knowledge and build understanding. The Learning Commons is well on the way to becoming a thriving, essential part of our College community. It was great to have Bosco and Mazzarello families discuss opportunities and have questions answered.

Congratulations to eighteen Year 10s out on work experience placements this week. See our Careers Schoolbox page for further details on the following:. The following seminars are running:. For information and to register, go to https: Experience Days at Kangan Institute: The Institute is running the following experiences days at the following campuses in August. Congratulations to all those involved on a fantastic performance; the energy and talent on show was matched only by the obvious enjoyment each young performer and back stage crew member exuded.

Singing, costumes, dance, makeup, music, the sets, scene changes - everything was outstanding! Thank you to everyone who donated their time, talent, and expertise to contribute. We hope you had a chance to attend and see our students shine. See the gallery below for some photos of the action. You won't want to miss this huge event. Book your tickets now. Just over a week left to get your applications in for any students hoping to join us in !

Don't forget, even if you already have another child already attending, you will still need to submit a full application by the closing date. Our new College website allows you to apply online ; click here to begin. It is estimated over , Australians experience homelessness each night; half of these people are women and a quarter are young people under the age of This experience challenges our students' sense of home and offers unique insight into the complex issues faced by people experiencing homelessness. If you are interested in donating, please contact College Reception on phone I met with both candidates in recent weeks and we discussed matters including:.

Catholic school communities already raise 80 per cent of every dollar they spend on capital works, the essential bricks and mortar parts of school facilities. That takes a real burden off the public purse by ensuring government funds go a long, long way. The Liberal Nationals are committed to providing choice to Victorian parents in education, noting there is a greater proportion of Victorian students in Catholic and independent schools than any other state in Australia.

Easing congestion on our roads is fundamental to our liveability and part of that is to look at our public transport network and how were we can improve it. This is why I am reaching out to residents to find out what services they want to see more of as well as frequency to see what areas need the most urgent attention. Traffic congestion is a major issue not only for Sunbury but also for the state of Victoria. We have committed to removing the intersection at Gap and Horne via grade separation as part of our 55 intersection removal program. Making sure that we have alternative pathways for students is essential to us having a well-rounded community.

This is why having Vet courses available is essential for our community. Many employers and small businesses that I speak with are desperate to employ skilled workers, but can't find any. This is why we need to continue to support the VET sector and ensure that there are a variety of options available to students. Local sport is a must for me as it is what I grew up with playing Softball, Squash and Basketball and in order to do that we need to ensure that we have the right facilities to play in.

This is why I am advocating for improvements for the Rupertswood Football and Netball Club to help improve the facilities so players and supporters have the best experience possible playing the game they love. I will certainly encourage my children to be involved in the arts as they get older. I was involved in arts and drama throughout high school and made many lifelong friends.

I feel that art and drama provide students with many skills including confidence building and public speaking. There are certainly many benefits to improved performance facilities in our schools and I will happily investigate this further. I would like to welcome all students back to school for Term Three, as well as several new members of staff who commenced last week. I encourage all students, especially our Year 12s, to settle into a school routine quickly so as to make the most of the educational opportunities on offer at the College.

At the end of Term Two, Semester One reports were completed and distributed to parents. I was pleased to see the majority of students return in complete and correct uniform this week. The wearing of the uniform in an appropriate manner is an important part of our education here at Salesian College, and I wish to commend those who do so each and every day. Ours is a wonderful uniform, but only when worn well. Unfortunately, a small minority wish to challenge these rules, with consequences issued accordingly.

Firstly, we were all overwhelmed by the generosity of the Thais in hosting us and going out of their way to make their teachers, classrooms, and students available to us. Their schools certainly varied in size from to upwards of ! However, one thing that stood out in every single school we visited was the sense of joy and belonging the students felt, absolute hallmarks of a Salesian school.

Whilst the students may not have had a Catholic Faith connection in the traditional sense, their knowledge and experience of Christ through the charism of Don Bosco was evident for all to see. As Principals, we are hopeful that this experience will grow into further opportunities for our staff and students in the years ahead through reciprocal visits and professional learning. Choosing the right subjects is a critical step, not only in engaging students, but in creating a successful transition through to tertiary studies and future employment.

Students are encouraged to use the many resources available to them parents, teachers, open days, subject handbooks, etc before completing the online subject selection preferences due in a few weeks. Next weekend 3 August , our College Production opens the curtain on some amazing talent here at Salesian College.

I wish to commend all the hard-working actors, musicians, dancers, designers, directors, singers, and producers for their dedication and commitment to this momentous project. Ciantar Learning Commons Offical Opening. Please read my piece later in this newsletter where I explain the purpose behind the naming of our new learning space. Firstly, welcome back to Term Three! I hope that you all had a wonderful break, with plenty of time to rest and recuperate before another big term. Term Three is just as jam-packed with events, assessments, and plenty of learning.

As we begin a new semester, keep in mind that it is a chance to start anew, with fresh beginnings. Whether you are a Year 7 or Year 8 student, your learning journey is your responsibility. How you choose to see your studies, your goals, and your successes are in your control. So, welcome the beginning of Term Three with open arms, an open mind and an open heart, and see what opportunities come your way! Keep an eye out for Mr. Our College production is well underway, and our talented students are ready to perform on stage.

Well done to our Savio students involved in the production whether on stage or off. You are both to be commended for your efforts and should be very proud of receiving such a prestigious award! At the end of the last term, students had the opportunity to hear guest speakers from the Cagliero Project and the Sea Shepherds,. This was to help us to start the Global Project we are undertaking in Challenge. Both presentations made a real impact on our students as they start to think about the positive change they can make in the community. Our Challenge students are now undertaking Premier League or Activities.

The first match is against Kolbe away in Week Two. Activity students enjoyed a trip to the rock climbing wall in Preston - they were amazing and starting scaling the heights almost straight away! Last year we offered the Great Victorian Bike Ride for the first time and seven students had an amazing time riding their bike through the Gippsland region of Victoria. We are again offering the experience this year and the course looks even better than last year. This year the ride will take place from Saturday 24 November until Sunday 2 December.

Any interested students are encouraged to see Mr Pell. Well done to Marco Renda who has been selected in the Victorian Soccer squad and will hopefully be selected for nationals later this year. To attain the top award in each of the five sections reflects initiative in tackling challenges, sustained effort over many years, and self-discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Only a small percentage of young people reach this level. Three students represented the College at the successful Holbrook Show recently as part of the Ag Scholarship program: Students are encouraged to submit these as soon as possible.

Thank you for the positive feedback on the information I provided about social gatherings in the end of Term Three letter. I felt the following image summed up the challenges faced by parents in the modern age:. As we begin this new term, and we look ahead on our College calendar to how the term will unfold, it is unsurprisingly busy! However, you have to expect that in a large school with so many wonderful opportunities that are provided to our young people in their learning space. Schools are dynamic places of engagement in a 21st century learning environment.

We only have to take a glimpse at evening news services, newspaper articles, government reports, and what may pop up on the net, to realise that the landscape of schools today are wide and varied. Professionals and experts in many fields will often comment on the state of education or offer new, informative, and invigorating insights into the latest research and data. These matters require and demand our active attention. We need to keep ourselves informed as educators and as families as the key stakeholders of the young people we are investing our time and energies into for their future.

It can be easy at times to lose sight of the important things when inundated with a myriad of things that do require our attention. Our lives are busy! Taking 'time out' can seem like a luxury for many people. Yet, it is important, as we know for our wellbeing- physically, emotionally and spiritually. And, it is the latter point that is vital in our space in the life of the college. As we head into this term, we would have just concluded the last of our Year 10 retreat days, which focused on our young people reflecting on the relationship with themselves and with their faith.

Conducted by the Youth Mission Team YMT Australia , our young people were asked to stop and think about what is important to them in terms of themselvesir and their spirituality. Each individual Year 8 class spends time focusing on qualities and values that can be embodied in building greater connections with important people in their lives.

Sharing ideas, teamwork, reflecting on how we relate to others is the encounter in this space. This weekend intensive program covers a variety of topics, allowing staff the opportunity to actively engage in lengthy discussions and lectures related to the Catholic faith. The retreat also aims to provide staff with quiet reflection time. The keynote speaker for the day, Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, will take staff through a series of discussions on contemporary faith matters.

Taking 'time out' to reflect, contemplate, share and discuss matters of faith and spirituality is vitally important in the life of the college. It is what we do as a faith community. Providing opportunities for all members of our community to connect with that other dimension in their lives despite the busyness of our day-to-day routines is important for our wellbeing.

Next week on Saturday evening Saturday 28 July at 5: All families are warmly invited to attend. We were fortunate enough to, once again, have many opportunities for students to represent Salesian College Sunbury in sport throughout Term Two, with many teams and individuals winning their respective divisions. Below are just some of the interschool sports that were offered throughout Term Two:.

It is great to see the enthusiastic uptake of female football this year. Due to the growing interest, the Senior Girls AFL competition has progressed from a one-day tournament in recent years to a seasonal competition that now mirrors the boys. Despite our girls just missing out on a spot in the final, it was great to see so many out there genuinely enjoying themselves and learning about the game that is new to so many of them. A special mention must go to Mitch Bruce , Ben Zarb , and Hugh Tighe who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively out of runners in their Intermediate Boys event.

However, the combined effort of all Salesian runners was the highlight; we managed to take out top spot in both the Boys and the Girls Intermediate Divisions on the day. This was a great experience for our students who competed against many state and national swimmers on the night.

Congratulations to the following students: While there was a great deal of interschool sport on offer throughout Term Two, there were also many sporting opportunities for students to represent their House within the College. One of these opportunities included the House Athletics Carnival. We were blessed with the weather and it was great to see so many students involving themselves and representing their Houses in a variety of events.

One of the most popular events of the day was the tug-of-war rope, which will need a few repairs before next year. Congratulations to Naughton House who ran away as overall winners on the day. This competition was a great success, every house easily filled a mixed netball team and we had in excess of spectators supporting their houses and creating a competitive-but-friendly atmosphere in the stadium each Friday lunchtime.

Congratulations to Colliton House who, after finishing 4th, managed to save their best form for the finals and were crowned Premiers. See below for the ladder as it stands at the end of Semester One. Looking ahead to Term Three, we again have many opportunities for students to represent the College in sport. Below are some examples:. We know our students will continue to be reliable team members who win humbly and lose gracefully in Term Three. Careers Week is happening here at the college!

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At home, we encourage parents and family members to discuss their career journey and those of relatives and friends. The aim of the week is to inspire our young people to understand success, career journeys, challenges and future possibilities. With subject selection underway , it is a great time to research careers, courses and prerequisites. Our Careers Centre has course guides and are happy for students to pop in at recess and lunchtimes. All Year 10 students have developed a personal Career Action Plan with career interests, course areas and possible subjects for next year.

Year 11s should continue researching courses, careers and attend Open Days. Year 12 are now deciding on preferences for courses. All Year 12s will have an application appointment with a careers adviser to support them with the application process. From Monday 6 August , you will be able to create a VTAC account and apply for vocational and higher education courses. VTAC has a series of resources to assist students with their applications.

The following are three examples:. Selection is based on: If you receive a place in the program, you will receive a guaranteed place in your desired course if you: Applications close 31 August, http: Salesian is an eligible school for this program only. For Open Days at all other states and territories go to https: Why is completing a vocational or higher education qualification after school so important?

According to the My Career Match website: To read more about the future automation, globalisation and collaboration of the future workforce, read the following report by the Australian Foundation for Young Australians - http: He was the most active and tireless man one could imagine, fluent of speech, infectiously enthusiastic, a real human dynamo.

Such a dynamic man was just what Sunbury needed — a man of deep spirituality who was exemplary in community life, but had the uncanny ability to mix with people and to hold up to them the person of Don Bosco as a most admirable human saint. He became good friends with Archbishop Mannix, through whose support managed to finance many new projects for the order, including the Youth Hostel in Brunswick and Boystown in Sydney.

He became a sort of roving ambassador for St John Bosco in Australia, visiting many parishes and seeking their support for the work amongst the young, encouraging vocations for the new novitiate at Sunbury. Fr Ciantar might not have been tall, but he was a giant in the eyes of the early Salesian Community here in Australia, and for this reason alone we wish to honour his efforts by naming this important place of learning after him. If you're looking for something to do, and brave enough to venture out into the cold, they would love your support.

The students will be performing from pm in the Bowling Club function room; tea, coffee, and muffins will be available. It's time for this year's College Production. With two evening shows and one matinee, the team will be very busy working to bring you a fantastic piece of entertainment. It's not too late to get your tickets, book now at t he Clocktower Centre website , details below.

Volunteers are invited to join them on Sunday 5 August between 10am and 1pm to help with some planting. On Monday 6 August, Year 10 students will have the opportunity to receive the Meningococcal W vaccination here at the College. Immunisation cards were sent home with students in Term One. Families who have not returned a card would have received a reminder text message from Hume City Council. It tells the story of a group of boys in Koh Panyee, who in decided to build a floating soccer pitch in their village so they could play their favorite game. They got so good at controlling the ball after many times of retrieving it from the water that they entered a soccer tournament, much to the amusement and doubt of their fellow villagers.

I guess what I like most about this clip is that the boys never let their physical boundary dictate their goal of wanting to play competitive soccer. We are fortunate here at Salesian, with very little standing in our way of achieving success, and yet our greatest boundary is often of our own making — negative thoughts, fear of failure, lack of willpower, not wanting to be laughed at because we dare to be different.

So how do we fight those demons that hold us back from taking risks and daring to have a go? Thank you to our parents and carers for supporting and accommodating our Staff Professional Practice Time last Tuesday. It is not always easy for working parents to accommodate pupil-free days for staff learning and planning. I am always grateful for your understanding of the learning and development needs of our staff. The day afforded teachers the opportunity to correct exams and assessments and to complete their reports for Semester 1. The next opportunity for Parent-Teacher Interviews for Years is not until August 14 and 16 but, as always, we encourage you to contact the class teacher or homeroom teacher in the first instance if there are immediate issues or concerns.

Over the past two weeks, we have had the absolute pleasure of attending the various Dance and Music performances presented by students in Years These evenings are a wonderful showcase, not only of the talents of our amazing students but also of the dedicated and inspirational teaching staff within the Arts Faculty. Natalie Port and Ava Marshall are both involved with Time To Shine ; a musical celebration to showcase the talents of performing arts students in Catholic schools throughout Melbourne.

Natalie will be dancing, while Ava will be singing. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement girls! The date of the Year 9 Information Evening has been changed and is now on the 25th October. It is important that students are aware of any changes in their timetable to ensure that they remain organised and on time to classes.

You made it all the way to the Grand Final, and though you were unable to take home the flag, you gave it your all and we are so proud of you!