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I'm not sure how many are actually on government assistance, but I suspect it's another conservative lie trying to color public opinion about a group of people. When you work in service industries, you meet all kinds of people.

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I'd be curious to see a hard fact statistic on how many Latinos are on assistance. I'd wager a higher percentage of lazy Southern Whites are on the dole. Anyone care to check? ALSO, they pay taxes out of their check but if they're using false information, they get no refund.

JV Husky Jonah Schneider pulls down a rebound and prepares to send it back up.

I bet you can't watch this just once! Wake up call for generation y!!! Looks like you've reached the end.

Unable to load more. So how do you even get the social proof data to use? Encourage your customers to leave reviews after buying something.

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Adding an incentive for customers to do so never hurts either. This can be easily automated through email platforms like MailChimp too.

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When you send that confirmation email, include a link that redirects the customer to your website for a quick star rating or review. Highlight case studies based on customer experience. All you have to do is be straight about the problem, explain your solution, and include the results. Has the ad world gone soft?

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And that would be fine if the world hadn't changed drastically over the last twenty years. Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Wait while more posts are being loaded. Jonah Goldberg is an author and columnist for the National Review. For agency crews, piggyback on third parties and get certified.

Is Halloween old news? Are people too desensitized to be scared?

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This ad features a zombie promoting life insurance. But, she should have gotten it when she was alive.

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The latest Tweets from Jonah Carney (@thatcarneykid2). snapchat: jonahcarney The latest Tweets from Jonah Carney (@jaccyboi): ""Totally Destroyed GIFs" MrBeast @Quidd".

Really starting to wonder about the legalities of life insurance when someone turns into a zombie. Would the insurance company actually pay out? He said he decided to talk to the media Monday so he could begin the process of moving forward and preparing for the season. Despite not being able to contribute on the field for four early season games, Carney said he plans to do whatever he can to help his team.

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I still encourage guys to do better and still push guys. Not only are the Tar Heels […]. Previous Surratt, defensive ends among UNC football suspensions.

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