The Secret to Winning Spiritual Wars
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The Secret to Spiritual Warfare

In his book Victory Over the Darkness , Dr. Even when Jesus taught the disciples to pray, the first verse required the disciples to know their identity and who He is: He affirms their identity as beloved sons and daughters. In a day and age where people stand in front of the mirror and take a picture of themselves to post on the internet, God is looking for His people to stop in front of the mirror of His Word James 1: Are you in a spiritual haze?

Feeling some spiritual resistance?

Put on the full armor of God and re-connect with what Jesus has already accomplished for you at Calvary. Get your soul renewed in the truth that Satan desperately wants you to forget. He oversees Small Groups and Assimilation. And funny how my friends who go to a lot of these conferences also spend time ministering to their waitress at the restaurant or the worker at the grocery store or whoever God brings across their path. Though, in truth, we all neglect the lost to some extent.

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It turns following Christ into a hobby. Back in the Seventies, I was mixed up with a Pentecostal splinter group, very into Gifts of the Spirit. I was the weird one; I wanted Wisdom because Wisdom was the command control over all the other gifts — when to use them and when NOT to. Wisdom does have a flip side: You get very aware and very annoyed by all the Stupid People Tricks you see around you. They hope that — just maybe — someone else can tell them how to get it right. Being the planter or the waterer or the tiller is not nearly as much fun as being the harvester..

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In other words, I always thought my calling was to other Christians. In my neck of the woods, evangelizing is a dirty word. I highly recommend it. Your timing on this is perfect!

Every discernment bell I had was ringing and I nicely told her no thank you. Why do we have to make a method out of every thing God give us? Religion is the number one enemy of the Kingdom! Lets make rules and a 15 bullet point process to keep people from learning to hear the Spirit!

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Satan tempts to infidelity, lawlessness and disobedience. Fidelity is a weapon for victory. Being a vessel of divine mercy is a weapon for good and for defeating evil. The devil is about hatred, rage, revenge, and unforgiveness. Others have hurt us all at some time. What good can we do in return? Returning a blessing breaks curses. A talkative soul will more easily be attacked by the devil. Pour out your feelings to the Lord only. Remember, the good and evil spirits hear what you say aloud. Truth is the compass.

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Interior recollection is a spiritual armor. Most of us have been rebuked at some time. We have no control over that but we can control our response. The need to be right all the time can lead into demonic traps. God knows the truth. Silence is a protection. The devil can use self-righteousness to trip us up also.

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Simplicity of life can drive out demons. Honesty is a weapon to defeat Satan, the Liar. When we lie we put a foot in his camp and he will try to seduce us all the more. No one likes to be taken for granted. But when we are met with ingratitude or insensitivity, the spirit of discouragement can weigh us down.

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In many Christian circles, you hear about spiritual warfare and taking dominion. Here is the "secret" way to hurt the devil and take back what is. Choosing not to fight doesn't mean we're excused from the war. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we're all in a spiritual battle. In The.

Resist all discouragement for it is never of God. Gratitude in all things wins the day.

The need to know, and curiosity about the future is a temptation that has led too many people into the backrooms of psychics, witches, etc. Choose to walk in faith. Decide to trust in God who leads you on the path to heaven. Resist the spirit of curiosity always. Jesus delivers the same message a second time.

Now He refers to boredom. Earlier in the Diary he told St. Faustina that the devil most easily tempts idle souls. Beware of boredom, a spirit of lethargy, or acedia—the noonday devil. Idle souls are easy prey for demons. Be about the business of God.

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Fear is the second most common tactic of the devil pride is the first. Courage intimidates the devil—he will flee in the face of persevering courage that stands on Jesus, the rock. All people struggle, God is our provision. She can do so because Christ accompanies her. Christians are called to fight with conviction against all demonic tactics.

The devil tries to terrorize souls, demonic terrorism—resist! Invoke the Holy Sprit throughout the day. All merit lies in the will because love is an act of the will.

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We are completely free in Christ. We must make a choice, a decision for good or evil. What camp do we live in? Christ is instructing a Religious here.