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Seven signs that suggest it's time for you to grow up
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Dear World I really love you. So this songs vocal is sung by a woman. Can you see yourself succeeding and feeling good about your success? Corkey Geronimo Stilton 17 December maybe the song is called "change your username" by destiny child. Michela 07 December Hey guys, can u help me?

Do I have more than one towel? And how often should a person change their sheets? First up, there's no way your place would ever be considered as the venue for Christmas Day. Even if you do have kids, all that cooking and cleaning isn't really your thing smart man! If you're still single, you'll definitely, without question, be the last one to rock up for any special event.

Not a casual 10 to 20 minutes late, but a good hour at least. However if you are asked to bring a foodstuff, you'll be given the same no-fail task every year: If you're using your noggin, you'll couch your lackadaisical lifestyle in current, non-consumery terms.

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Living in a van, sleeping bag and all? Living like a manchild is also excellent for your 'socials,' not to mention Bumble and Twitter. Know anyone who ticks at least three off this list?

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A new economy that focuses directly on human and ecological wellbeing could offer a much better future than one that is structurally dependent on economic growth.

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For the past seven decades, GDP growth has stood as the primary economic objective of European nations. But as our economies have grown, so has our negative impact on the environment.

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We are now exceeding the safe operating space for humanity on this planet, and there is no sign that economic activity is being decoupled from resource use or pollution at anything like the scale required. Today, solving social problems within European nations does not require more growth.

It requires a fairer distribution of the income and wealth that we already have. Growth is also becoming harder to achieve due to declining productivity gains, market saturation, and ecological degradation. If current trends continue, there may be no growth at all in Europe within a decade. Right now the response is to try to fuel growth by issuing more debt, shredding environmental regulations, extending working hours, and cutting social protections.

This aggressive pursuit of growth at all costs divides society, creates economic instability, and undermines democracy. Those in power have not been willing to engage with these issues, at least not until now. Even the new UN Sustainable Development Goals include the pursuit of economic growth as a policy goal for all countries, despite the fundamental contradiction between growth and sustainability. The good news is that within civil society and academia, a post-growth movement has been emerging.

It goes by different names in different places: Since , regular degrowth conferences have gathered thousands of participants. Full list and media clippings: EU using your information for the purpose of this campaign.

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To stay independent, we will never accept money from corporations or governments - but impactful campaigns need funding, so we need your help! Can you donate just a few euros a month to help our community continue working for a better Europe? DE98 00 BIC: The You Move Europe platform is your chance to push for change in Europe: Why not try it now? EU hosts these petitions and they are in line with our values but they are not necessarily endorsed by WeMove.

The European Union, its Institutions, and Member States This petition is run by European Environmental Bureau Petition text The pursuit of economic growth is not environmentally sustainable, and it is failing to reduce inequalities, foster democracy and ensure well-being of citizens.

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