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This is a fantastic spin on the proverbial "I love you to the moon and back". A lovely addition to any personal library of early readers! I am glad to have been given this opportunity. Nov 23, Lavonnia rated it liked it Shelves: The books' intended young reader is P Primary reading range, 5 through 8 years old. The book has different colored pages with people on them from 9 different continents.

The parents and children are expressing their love for one another. I gave this book a 3 star rating for the illustrations in the book throughout. The pages were colorful and theme was displayed on every page. I do think that a child in this age range would be interested in reading this book. I would use this book with children in reading out loud. I read and reviewed this book in September Apr 29, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: Parents and children from across the globe share the depth of their love for one another in this appealing picture book.

Starting with the Grand Canyon in Arizona and concluding with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and then even in outer space, the author makes sure readers are able to identify the deep family bonds that transcend the imagination. The answer to the question of how far do you love me is even farther than the eye can see. The colorful illustrations and engaging text will be ex Parents and children from across the globe share the depth of their love for one another in this appealing picture book.

The colorful illustrations and engaging text will be excellent to share with those you love. Jul 01, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: Unique picture book inspired by a game that the author played with her own children. Ending with question, "how far do you love me? Includes a world map as well. Dec 30, Crystal rated it it was amazing Shelves: How far is the question and then they use the places around the world to show how great the love is. Seeing the many amazing places from around the world is great.

Our social studies committee is looking for ways to increase the knowledge of geography and this would be a way to do that since readers could look up the places and also come up with some of their own. Dec 20, Carol rated it really liked it Shelves: Gorgeous paintings show how much a parent loves a child, comparing that love to the heights and depths of various places in our beautiful world.

This is a sweet bedtime story for young children. It reminds me of my son who since he was quite small would say, "I love you as big as the universe"! Jun 25, Marcie rated it really liked it Recommended to Marcie by: I see this game turned into a book as much as poetry as anything else. I don't usually like books that are so right out there, but can see using this to build that love of geography and place.

It would be a perfect read aloud in any unit on the continents. My favorite page was the How far do you love me in all the various languages. Another game was to see how many of the languages I could name - unfortunately not all. Jun 28, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: A bedtime story in which mother and child play a game in which their love is so great it travels the world. Simple text sets readers up for answers that feature the seven continents and some of the most beautiful locales.

Locations are labeled at the bottom of each two page spread rendered in pastels. Great read aloud for awake or asleep. Aug 07, Christine rated it liked it. Exquisite soft pastel illustrations accompany the answers to the question: Readers will delight in the journey around the world while listening to the answers of how much they are indeed loved.

Apr 15, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was absolutely stunning! The pictures transported me to their locations around the world and although the premise of the book is somewhat simple, it is touching and connects everyone in the world. Jun 10, Becky Shaknovich rated it it was amazing. Lulu Delacre has a special talent for writing simple words that draw out emotions. I might be biased because I was lucky enough to have a visit from Ms. Delacre at my library earlier this year.

She is just plain fantastic! Apr 25, Ashlyn Barker rated it liked it Shelves: This book would not be one I would use for a classroom. This book is more suited for a parent or other family member to read to their child. It's a sweet, feel good story that will reassure children of their family's love for them.

Aug 22, Lyn rated it really liked it. A Great Bedtime Story! A fun story to share with your children and grandchildren. The book has great illustrations and can even be a bit educational. Great gift idea for showers or birthdays.

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NetGalley provided an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Sep 14, Deb Readerbuzz Nance rated it really liked it. Delacre attempts to use geography to explain how much the parent loves the child, with fresh and clever metaphors. A lovely, lovely book. Sep 27, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 20, Stacy Natal rated it liked it Shelves: The beautiful sites are documented on each page. Apr 25, Jamie Tedesco rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved that this story took you around to various locations in the world to share how love is the same everywhere.

Apr 25, Erika Donahue rated it liked it Shelves: Experienced gamblers engage in a variety of behaviors which imply a belief that they can control what numbers turn up on the dice. Similarly, people prefer to choose their own lottery ticket rather than have it chosen for them; they believe that their choice will increase their chances of winning.

However, if this option is impossible—it is very difficult to change most adults—attempts to change the other partner may increase your frustration and disappointment.

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Albert's mental state is calmer than Debra's. He may be dissatisfied from time to time with the fact that he does not experience genuine love, but he enjoys Debra's love and his future is secure. Debra's mental situation is less stable, as it involves both more intense positive emotions love and negative emotions insecurity and frustration.

The anxiety associated with Debra's behavior is greater than Albert's, and this can burn her out; eventually, her love for Albert may decrease. Personality traits also influence the choice between Albert's and Debra's situations. People with more egotistic tendencies are more likely to prefer Albert's because they believe they will have no difficulty finding a new partner.

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A bedtime story in which mother and child play a game in which their love is so great it travels the world. By the time people are well into their twenties they have experienced a number of relationships, some of them serious but failed. Whenever we say goodbye we always say, "I love you" and then race to see who can say, "most" first. A nice calm middle ground would be nice, I admit. In a way, it is a positive experience Follow up Submitted by Jadeidi on August 17, - 8: Gorgeous paintings show how much a parent loves a child, comparing that love to the heights and depths of various places in our beautiful world.

More rational people might also take Albert's choice, while more romantic people would more likely take Debra's. Age may be another relevant factor: Older people whose romantic choices are decreasing, or who might look more for companion love than passionate romantic love, may tend to choose Albert's situation. It is often the case that the intensity of love is not equal among lovers; hence, lovers have to cope with such differences.

My choice would be to one who loves more. I've been in the other position and it is awful to be intensely loved by someone you don't so love. That inevitably leads the greater lover to feel rejected, overly sensitive, controlling - as you say, it is often based on the greater lover hoping to change the other. Who needs to be that kind of lover's project? Sounds like prison to me. Looking up at the stars, I know quite well That, for all they care, I can go to hell, But on earth indifference is the least We have to dread from man or beast. How should we like it were stars to burn With a passion for us we could not return?

If equal affection cannot be, Let the more loving one be me. It has been decades since my wife of 45 years has said, "I love you. However she shows me through her actions a zillion times a day how much she truly loves me. My wife had a horrible childhood where the ones who should have loved her the most parents , let her down the most.

She built a shell around her so that she would never be hurt this way again. I known, understand and accept this and I love her with all my heart and soul. Like the great mirror in the Taj Mahal, sometimes the things which are the most broken are the most beautiful and most loveable. Beautiful poem it was heart felt. No matter how love comes let the more loving person be you. That like Gods love for us the relationship is always some time lop sided. He loves us more than we love him. My name is fedrico hernandez, i was having issues with my job, and it affected my relationship so bad that my girlfriend had to stop seeing me, then i came across an article that was written by one Mrs Lisa Fitch that a certain prophet prince helped with her famiy problems and i took it upon myself to try and see what will be my fate.

Behold i was surprised the spiritual being fix all the problems immediately without stress,i was promoted at my work place and i got my love back, my girlfriend came apologizing and i forgave her cos we were still in love. If you having some difficulties at your work place or you are in need of a promotion, or you need a love spell or you need to talk to your loved ones that are dead, or you are badly in need of love, contact prophet prince at or reach prophet prince with this number You can also add him on whatsapp.

I am currently engaged in a relationship more closely related to Debra's although not as extreme , and can say that it is a terrible position to be in. The constant uncertainty is exceedingly painful and nerve-wracking. If the partner with the "upper hand" in the relationship can find someone better, surely the Debra in the situation can as well, someone who offers more to the other partner.

I keep telling myself this, and yet there are those feelings that simply do not go away. I'd feel like a quitter if I gave up now. Both positions are prisons. It is wonderful to feel in love, but the constant anxiety is not worth it. It just hurts, is stressful, and hurts, and keeps on hurting.

I am currently in a relationship like this as well. It is extremely painful. I find myself wondering if he won't find someone else and leave me I give my all, and it still isn't enough. He has even said i deserve someone who loves me as much as i do him.

I Feel Like He Won't Ever Love Me Like He Loves Her

But i just can't semm to leave him or stay apart. How long should someone go on feeling this way? I don't know how long you've been in that relationship I'm at a point now where I feel like I'm just a nuisance in his life. He continually shows me that I'm down at the bottom of his priority list, coming after his job, his kids from a former marriage and especially himself.

He's only loving to me when he needs something from me, like sex, help him with his computer work and other tasks relating to his job that I'm more knowledgeable in, or to do something for his kids. Whenever he doesn't need something from me, he treats me like I'm just a piece of furniture in his house, not a person. It's so painful that I've decided I can't bare it anymore. I will be filing for divorce. I have a lot to offer and a lot to give. I deserve at least the same. I just can't believe I allowed someone to treat me like this for so long. I wish you the best of luck.

You're only 5 yrs in, at least, i cant believe ive gone on almost 14 - he was lucky to get me then, now feel like a nuisance too, especially since learning he tries to hook up not once in a while, but apparently every time he knows i'll be out of the house and he has the car. Only does missionary now - kind of unfair to lock me into "boring".

Sad to see him progressively more comfortable and skilled at lying - apparently no guilt growing. To love someone is You are more concerned with their happiness than your own and that should be mutual. Not a One way street you will just end up bitter, recentful and divorced. Dont settle for a d by believing you are a beloved child of God will give you the strength to get an A. I am in this situation. I am constantly told that she is 'not there yet' and it hurts but leaves me hopeful. The stress and anxiety is crazy, but for some reason I just keep hanging on.

The feeling of loving someone is so great and I think that is why people keep themselves in the situation. It is called risk. I am like D and i loved him sooo much.

Hey, it has been two years since you wrote this message. I am in the exact same situation right now except I haven't had the courage to leave like you did. I am kept by all the memories, all the feeling o loving him. I know at some point in time, the roles were reversed and he loved me much more than I loved him. Eventually we were in the best phase of our relationship, when we loved each other intensely and equally.

But over time and with long distance, his love faded and I am now always the least of his priorities although he will never admit it. He would also never admit that he loves me less than before. This all makes me question whether me feeling less loved is even real or not. I think if I break up now, I will always wonder whether his love for me could have grown over time. Whether this was just a phase. Whether I always imagined things. I wonder, how are you doing now? Did your hurt ever get better? How long did it take?

Did he come back to you? It would help me so very much to know the follow up of your story. I read both of your posts. Many of the previous posts made me wonder what happened in people's relationships. Did they stay in the relationship or get out? I was with someone for 5 years. Then he tracked me down. And once again I believed everything he said. I wanted to believe it.

But in time, I realized I too was second or third to everything in his life. I finally said enough, just 2 short months ago. It has not been easy. I am certain I will never contact him nor will he contact me. The pain, anxiety and heartache of an untrusting relationship slowly, each day fades away. Although I felt I truly loved him, and given all the lies he told, it is still hard for me to date. BUT, I really feel someday I will again be in a heathy relationship.

Someone who will sweep me off my feet. I just have to move forward. When I truly have shut that door, then another one will open. I'm clinging to that. Yeah, I am, I have hope and I'm far better off alone right now than in a relationship that was filled with uncertainty and wondering if he was with someone else or going to be. I will not settle This Too Shall Pass.

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Good luck to you. Be strong, not mad. I feel your pain and I want you to know that I think you are very strong for letting go of him. I'm in a similar situation but I can't let go of him. We've been together for 10 years and are married. I love him deeply but I don't think he feels as deeply for me. For years, I wrote it off as me being overly, emotionally needy because of my crappy childhood. We broke up for a time because I was convinced he was only with me for financial reasons but after 2 years apart, we reconciled and now the old feelings and misgivings are back.

Only problem now is that I'm so entrenched that I just can't give him up. So, I'm doing the next best thing - pulling away.

I feel myself pulling away from him and learning to live my life for me and not for him. In a way, it is a positive experience Finding someone else isn't going to be an option for me It is a shame that my love life is being reduced to "put up or get out" but that's all I have strength for.

Some days are better than others. Some days I'm running my business and finding success and my confidence is high. Other days, I look over at him and I'm filled with such pain and hurt because no matter how hard I tried, he just didn't love me the way I loved him So, I admire your strength. It will get better with each passing day. Focus on you and turn all the love you gave him into love you are giving yourself. You're one of the strong ones. I agree with you I m in the same situation Its just there in your mind. I just got out of a relationship like this, in terms of the imbalance.

My partner was twisting himself into a pretzel trying to make things work, but the truth of things was that I wasn't as invested in it as he was, and never felt that I could "meet" his level of love for me. It was excruciating for both of us. A nice calm middle ground would be nice, I admit.

You were told right!! A man should always love a woman more then she loves him. I believe this is true. When the man loves more, he feels like he has a woman is a good deal? When the woman loves more, he might have a devoted wife but he feels he can do better? An insecure woman is no good for either party in the relationship. Men, however, don't become insecure by "loving more. In an ideal situation a man should be more in love with the women because then he feels he got a good deal..

But I am currently in a relationship where I am in Debra's position.. In my heart I know why he says so..

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I have myself been in Albert's situation in one of my relationships where i was dating my childhood friend. The difference in that situation was that I just couldn't stand his dotting love after a point because i didn't like his company too much. I liked his company only in controlled doses so it was wrong in my part to enter into that relationship and ultimately break his heart when i decided to separate I would rather be in Debra's position and full heatedly love someone in the present with the hope that maybe future will be good Also the author is very correct in saying that couples in such a situation know the truth but hardly discuss it openly I totally disagree with the comment that a man should love more.

I am the man and I DO love more. I have no words that can express the amount of sadness this has brought me over the past few years. The desire I have for my wife both physically and mentally is mind blowing and for some reason I think it's slowly killing me on the inside. In my relationship I feel my wife is ok with this set up BUT she gets frustrated at my actions. My wanting of her is not attractive to her.

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I hurt so badly some times I feel like an idiot for letting myself get this way and I should not. My opinion is my wife should thank God for allowing her to have someone that cares for her. Just lost here, sorry for the rambling. I previously wrote a pOST currently in a relationship spanning 2 years, first year felt even but quickly I could tell he didn't love me as much , I had children from a previous marriage and didn't have it in me to leave, before u know it , one year turned into 3 etc. I just want to say hang in there and give your situation to God.

I know this feeling since I've been on both sides of the love equation.. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find some consolation through prayer. Remember that it is important to have passions and interests outside of your relationship that fulfill you. Certainly there are some things in your life that bring you pleasure just for by doing them, like listening to your favorite music, woodworking, dancing, learning, sports, reading.. Reflect on times when you've been genuinely happy. These are the things you CAN control, so focus on those, and not something beyond your control, like your wife's feelings.

Remember that people are not the only things that can make us happy. This is something that has helped me on my journey. Well, I'm certain that your wife would "rediscover" her feelings for you and confirm them in her heart if you were to start puling away. It's unfortunate that games should at all be involved in a loving marriage But if you feel so unhappy with the state of things and it's more than understandable , maybe you should try to change them.

She married you for a reason.

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She enjoys your company and values you. People sometimes take things for granted and feel like they don't have to worry about making sure the other feels loved. Maybe all she needs is a little reminder. I know I am late with the reply but as most of the others, I am currently in the same situation. A man who has undying love for his woman. I find it interesting that some of the comments would want to be in this position.

Believe me, man or woman, you don't. In my eyes, a relationship should be with someone that helps you grow personally. They are someone you are attracted to, as well as a resource for them. You help them selflessly, expecting nothing in return. You sacrifice doing things, and for some reason it takes no effort at all. That's the incredible thing about love. Things that normally frustrate the hell out of you, you find yourself doing selflessly for your significant other.

No natter what you do. No matter how much you sacrifice, no matter how sincere and loving you are, you won't see that same type of love back. In fact, those nice, loving, selfless, things your do for them aren't seen as helpful or loving. Imagine the worry of "fuck am I annoying her? My girlfriend of over a year now is the greatest thing that's happened to me.

She is one of the sexiest woman I've laid eyes on. She makes me a better man. She is good at things I'm not and she is helping me perceive the world from a perspective I never thought I could with anyone. I don't get it. The only thing missing is emotional growth. Before me, she fell for some guy she was friends with. They were friends for a couple of years in co,legend and then decided to do the "friends with benefits type deal. Exactly what you thought happened happened. She started to like him a lot and he wasn't about it so he made her feel used, and whenever she wanted to bring it up and get closure he would avoid her.

HE had no emotional tie to her whatsoever which must have been a painful thing to hear more than once. Now, there's a very tall shaped emotional wall, that has electric barbed wire on both sides. She's trying to trust me and see that my intentions are true and that I do care for her more than. And she's somewhat newer seeing as tho this is her longest relationship since that 2 year fwb.

I'm trying to be patient and remind myself that it will get better.