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Mother’s Day Ads: A Celebration of Love
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memoorinpalo.ml/mallorca-palma-9-viaje-fotogrfico.php The most remarkable thing about Lemonade , especially, is the compassion it expresses within its rage: You're right, Ann — this album in no way provides an answer for hip-hop's MeToo paradox. But it is ironic that, in this moment, a genre that's prized the unfiltered voice of maligned black malehood since its inception is suddenly, and loudly, finding a woman as the real keeper of truth.

Authenticity in rap has always been based on transparency. Back in the day, we called it keeping it real.

Looking for (a g)love?

Even that became role-play after a while. But it's also what hip-hop has always been at its best: That kind of vulnerability used to be — and I believe still is — essential to play in this space.


It's what makes Erykah Badu one of the greatest, unheralded MCs of all time. It's interesting, isn't it, that women are not only so skilled at articulating the details of private life, but also so often tasked with that. This album, I think, isn't that personal. Is that a strange thing to say? Though "Summer" is a deliciously sensual slow jam that could also be an effective ad for a newly branded BeyJay couples' resort, Everything Is Love mostly stays away from sex or even tenderness. The exceptions are all Jay's: She even describes lust as a form of work that she has perfected.

If you think about it, even the fact that this album is cast as a celebration defuses any sense of intimacy it might communicate. Who celebrates the end of couples' therapy? Don't people usually act sadder but wiser in these moments? Instead of the sweet sadness of John Lennon telling Yoko Ono, "I wilt just like a fading flower" when she's away, or even Johnny Cash's utter surrender of his own will to June Carter's ring of fire — expressions of connection that ultimately exclude the world beyond the couple — Jay and Bey shout "Salud!

As Lindsay Zoladz wrote over at The Ringer , this coronation of a queen who rules her king is partly an assertion of Beyonce's alpha role in her reconstituted relationship with Jay-Z and in their shared pop career. She's the innovator; he's the Harry. I have to admit, while listening to Everything Is Love for the third or fourth time, I wondered if this album was always part of the deal between them — a final act of penance before she let him dismantle the doghouse.

But the smile Jay gives Bey as they recline in their finery at the Louvre says something else.

They both are more powerful together, economically, socially, artistically. Everything Is Love commemorates their partnership as a true royal marriage: At its fur-lined, gold watch-rocking heart, Everything Is Love is about two people who need each other — sexually, sure, but even more so in other ways. As family, they are building a legacy that will last beyond their own lives, via the wealth and projected influence of their children.

As artists, they've extended each other's careers. She does most ceremonies inside but said she established a drive-up specifically for couples who want to "do something unique and fun. Get married without leaving your car. This is the story of a businesswoman who wanted to bring joy in a way no one else could. She just loves weddings. Now she's taken her love one step further. Inside is a quaint setting for small weddings.

Outside something for the more adventurous.


Please turn off your cell phones. Nob Hill is open for business and easily accessible.

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If there comes a time when traffic is moving slowly on Central simply access our businesses from the streets north or south of central. Intersections will be open the vast majority of times.

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Come join us for the Nob Hill experience that you have always enjoyed. We will get back with you right away! Are you legally married? Both applicants need to be present. Both need to be at least 18 years of age. Both need proof of Social Security number. Parental consent if 16 or 17 years of age. Court order if 15 years of age. Marriage licenses are issued and valid immediately.

Marriage licenses do not expire. About 20 years later Dr Eid Anderawes came, and then there were another four or five families from Taree, Port Macquarie and Forster, and so we began to come together once a fortnight in a hall. Now some may call me obsessed, but I love St Pope Kirolos the 6th immensely. I saw him from a distance, but never met him face-to-face. The miracles that he has done in his life and made in his name afterwards are so many, so that is why the church is named for him and St Mary.

The church is opulent in its decoration and features beautiful wood carvings and paintings. Where did they come from? There is a deep connection to St Pope Kirolos the 6th and it was all made and assembled by the Baramos Monks in the Eygptian desert, the monastery where St Pope Kirolos was ordained. The wood carvings, the paintings of The Last Supper and disciples were shipped from Eygpt in a container and I had the honour, along with Dr Anderawes, to go to pick it all up and put it in a trailer that we hired from Bunnings.

There was a little bit of drama, as it was too heavy; we thought we had secured it and it tilted at the first roundabout! It was too heavy for the two of us, so we struggled until we found somebody to help us, thank God! You are respected by thousands of people in the Manning Valley for your work as a general surgeon, and in you were honoured with an Order of Australia Medal for your service to medicine.

A Celebration of Love: One Couple’s Commitment Ceremony

How has your faith helped you as you help others? I do not push my faith on patients. The only time I may mention faith to a patient is if they are told news that is so bad that it is overwhelming, or they are facing death. Hopefully people will seek to know about my faith by seeing what I do and who I am. Faith is very much part of my daily life. I pray as soon as I wake, and before I sleep, I try to make the sign of the cross before I operate, and I pray and read the Bible sometimes during the day if I have the time.

God has beautiful ways of communication and we are lucky that we have eyes that we can open to see, and ears that can hear. I have been blessed, and it continues with Fay. Creative House Publications Pty Ltd. They are tears of joy and as they fall, he speaks of love — his love for God, his love for St Pope Kirolos the 6th and his love for Fay Abdo, the woman he will soon wed in the beautiful church that he gifted to the Mid North Coast. Please share a little about your bride-to-be. One Response to A Celebration of Love. September 13, at 8:

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