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Charles Koch outlines how to build a successful business. It will send activists into their community to carry out tasks such as feeding the homeless. That mission is world domination. We have high standards and expectations for our team and are always looking for passionate and business-oriented people. You have no guarantee of tomorrow. You will lead a strong team of 10 specialists and your ability to coach and inspire others in an agile, non-hieratical and fast paced environment will be crucial. He is on a mission that stretches far beyond Saddleback, far beyond America even.

In total, more than 15, churches in dozens of countries have carried out the programme. They span all denominations. We don't put a sign up. You won't know they are in our network,' Warren says. Added to that is Warren's enormous network of pastors who have received training through his classes or internet site. He has now trained , pastors across the globe.

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Some , of them get his weekly email that includes his latest sermon, which they then can deliver to their congregations. Warren's family has preaching in its blood. His father is a minister and his great-grandfather was a follower of famous 19th Century English evangelist Charles Spurgeon and came to America as a travelling preacher.

Warren grew up in the small town of Redwood Valley in California.

New York Times Bestseller DRIVEN Racing to Passionflix This Summer. K. Bromberg's sexy novel will be the next film to join the streaming. New York Times Bestselling Author K. Bromberg's hit romance series 'Driven' crosses the finish line Aug. 24 - exclusively on PASSIONFLIX.

At High School his real passion was politics. However, while attending a Christian summer camp as a lifeguard he became inspired to join the church for life.

He left for a Baptist seminary in Texas. After college, Warren says, he and his young wife Kay decided that God was calling them to come back to California. They abandoned their desire to become overseas missionaries and spent their last 1, dollars on a U-Haul in which to pack their belongings and moved themselves to Orange County to found Saddleback Church, which now boasts huge car parks and a series of 'park and ride' buses to shuttle worshippers to Sunday services in a sprawling complex of buildings.

Each weekend more than 19, turn up to hear Warren preach, attending one of five venues on the landscaped site. Saddleback looks more like a corporate headquarters than a church.

It has modern offices, a cafe, outdoor theatres and an artificial hill on top of which are three wooden crosses, standing above a re-creation of Jesus's cave-like tomb. Warren proudly tells of a visit he recently made to a poor township near Johannesburg in South Africa.

New York Times Bestseller DRIVEN Racing to Passionflix This Summer

He was instantly recognised by the pastor of a small church. I said, "You don't even have electricity.

How do you know who I am? Warren's use of the internet and his focus on pastors rather than congregations has allowed him to bypass the media on his rise to the top. I didn't want to be a tele-evangelist.

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It was not authentic,' he said. The book takes the shape of 40 biblical lessons to be considered at a rate of one a day, and promises its readers a spiritual journey that will change their lives. Just like Warren's conversation, it is peppered with biblical quotations. Its message is clear: The book's now famous opening line simply states: Its religious basis, just like Warren's, is that of a strictly fundamentalist Christian.

The book makes no attempt to disguise Warren's belief in the book of Genesis, Noah's Ark and the existence of Hell. Amazon founder and chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Post. Rachel Hollis, founder of TheChicSite. A look at how to navigate the new challenges that face us everyday from the rise of technology to national security. The author of "Where Good Ideas Come From" turns his attention to the tools that help with complex decision-making.

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A memoir by a self-educated girl from a survivalist family who earned a Ph. The Fox News host draws on his personal life to show how populism is good for society. A tell-all account from a former White House staffer and "Apprentice" contestant.