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I mean, that's a … I think that's a terrible outcome for the institute who's selling the course, and also, I think it's a terrible outcome for the student, because the student just feels like it was a waste of their time, and a waste of their money. They don't actually get the course completed, they don't feel like they're getting value for money, and they just end up feeling like they've been a little bit ripped off.

Yeah, you're right, you're absolutely right, and I think, though, in looking at this data here, there's one important thing to draw from it. If you look down here at this teal color, I'm assuming it's teal on your screen, those are some of the lowest, the peer grading, and auto and peer grading are really low, but when you get the system that is guiding users, and grading users, and giving immediate feedback and you interject that into the equation?

Completion rates aren't great, but they go up, and so that just shows that it's about fixing and tweaking this system, not trashing it altogether, because certainly, there's benefits to e-learning. How do we … I mean, and you've seen some results, obviously, I mean, you're in the LMS sales business.

What are some of the things that you've seen that work, that help improve these completion rates, and these engagement rates? There is a few things, and first, I think, is making the learner feel like they're not alone. I mentioned it earlier, there's, a lot of people, it's a lot of self-motivation. You go through a course, you have to want to sit down, go through the content, but second, that you can foster a community. I can bounce ideas off an instructor, or off other people that are taking the course.

That kind of motivation feeds on itself, really. I mean, you get other people that are cheering you along the way, you're more likely to complete it. The other things are more just rewards. Simple as points, badges, simple rewards and punishment-type motivation, obviously not punishment, but giving somebody a little bit of motivation for completing a course. Now, in like, for example, the corporate world, that could be a reward of like a half day, giving a employee a half day if they complete X amount of hours total of online learning, and then you have, the LMS attracts that.

That would be another example for how you can increase those completion rates, is put a carrot at the end of there, certificates, or some kind of reward to help push people along, and then let them know that they're not in it alone. Yeah, I was just going to say the carrot and stick approach, but more carrot, less stick, yeah? Around that community stuff, I mean, without getting into the technical details, we found a couple of things that have worked, a leaderboard, so that ….

The reason leaderboards work is because instantly, you can see that you're not alone, because you can see where you rank on the leaderboard. It breeds a little bit of healthy competition, and everyone suffers the fear of missing out. There's a carrot if you construct it in a way that whoever's on top of the leaderboard at the end of the course or the end of the week wins a prize. It's also, it's something that's dynamic, and it's constantly changing. If you can structure a leaderboard in a way that it's constantly moving throughout the day based on student engagement, then it's new information, and it keeps people coming back to see where they're ranking.

That's one thing we've definitely found works, I think touches on multiple of those touchpoints, like the community, and that kind of carrot dangling, a bit of an incentive there. I got to tell you, badges and certificates have been huge for us. I cannot tell you the amount of people we have holding photos of their certificates printed out and putting those photos up in our Facebook group.

It is incredible, it's just … It's so trivial. The certificate's a bit naff, isn't it? We're not a registered training organization, so it's just like, it's a bit of fun. Yeah, you're absolutely right. It's funny you bring up certificates.

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Probably by their standards, it wasn't a lot of money, because they have so many users, and obviously, a lot of investors to pay back, but I think it was over a million dollars just from in their first … When they first put it in, all they do is charge for a certificate at the end of the course, and they made over a million dollars without really having to do anything.

Hey, man, thank you so much for spending some time with us, and talking about learning management systems, and e-learning, and all the problems with it, and how we can hopefully improve completion rates and engagement. I really appreciate you taking some time and sharing your insights with us. It's always a pleasure, Troy. I love doing this kind of thing, so it's always great to talk to you.

I can't say that word, ever, but … Troy: Yeah, yeah, that's it. Concerned about the Economy, Election, Obamacare, etc.

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Learn out to lead your team confidently out of uncertainty and into your new, more secure future! In this workshop we will how you the best ways in uncertain times and how to still build a winning company in your market.

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Since then YouTube has exploded: Children learn better in a safe environment that fosters the absence of threat. Aim for smaller, relevant sites that are more likely to take a chance on you. Maybe the real issue is that you and your company needs a positive process for dealing with Conflict! Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

This workshop is offered in a 2 hour format. Have you been struggling with the younger generation workers. Have you experienced a high level of turnover with workers under 35?

Have you thought there must be a better way? Younger generations have different values and preferences. Learn the secrets to making this work! The 6 Disciplines of Execution — How to get things done!: Are you tired of setting goals that never get accomplished. Are you frustrated with stalled initiatives and programs?

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This workshop can help you learn the critical steps to accomplishing your goals and making things happen. We will show you 6 Disciplines of Execution to help you get things moving forward. This workshop is offered in a 1 hour, or 2 hour, format and is fast paced and results oriented. This workshop will guide you through competitive analysis, goal setting, 90 day goal setting, and devising an ACTION plan of to do items designed to reach your goals for the 90 day period, and year.

This 8 — 16 hour workshop is recommended to all business owners that want to start moving forward with their business and make solid progress toward their goals. Included in this workshop fee is a follow-up personalized 1 on 1 planning session specifically for your business. The Science of a Profitable Business: Are you confused by your financial statements?

Do you have trouble understanding what they are telling you? Would you like to read them as easy as the Sunday Comics? You will also learn the importance of Dashboards and how to set one up for your company. Those are your finalists. They should all be above 10 points or so. If not, you may want to run more ideas through the scorecard. Now, one of those finalists is going to become your channel idea. Think hard about the idea that you can envision yourself sticking with for the long haul — then select your favorite.

You just come up with your profitable YouTube channel! Take a second and think about your favorite YouTube videos. Maybe you have a similar sense of humor.

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Or you like their point of view. This brings me to one of the most important truths about starting a successful YouTube channel: Like it or not, many of your favorite viral videos have technical flaws that would make your average film student weep. How is that possible? Then you need something called a lav mic. The mics in most smartphones are actually pretty good.

How to create a tribe of raving fans for your online course

You plug it into your phone and clip it onto your shirt, just like on TV. You know when you see the white and black slate clap to start scenes in movies? The smartphone in your pocket is already set up to record high-quality videos for YouTube. However, if you have some cash lying around, here are two options to consider: This is what pro YouTubers like Casey Neistat use.

I recommend pairing the 70D body with an mm lens. The 70D is also versatile for both still photography and video, plus it has a fast autofocus feature for on-the-go shooting.

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These programs give you more than enough features for you to put together great videos. There are a TON of great tutorials online that will get you up to speed.

Design Your Life. Follow Your Passion. Become An Influencer.

The One-Hour Workshop: Everything You Need to Create Winning Workshops and Raving Fans. Kindle Edition. $ Life Design Blueprint Playbook: A. The Fifty come from all walks of life, from Fortune executives to The One- Hour Workshop: Everything You Need to Create Winning Workshops and presentation design that wins raving fans, ending with evaluations that build your client.

Here are a few I recommend for beginners: The most important thing is not to get hung up on equipment. Every YouTube video that is shared by millions makes its viewers feel an emotion like this. Jonah Berger, the professor who wrote THE book on virality, agrees.

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So when you create your content, always ask yourself one question: After a few years of making viral videos on YouTube, we realized we were using the same three strategies over and over again to elicit an emotional reaction from our viewers. We even put them on posters in every room of our office.

Here are the top 3 ways to elicit emotion from your audience: These 3 traits are responsible for hundreds of millions of views on our channel. And the most popular YouTube videos have shown time and time again that incorporating these traits results in shares and views. All these videos use at least one of these traits. Now let me explain how you can bake each one of these viral traits into your content.

Challenging assumptions is powerful because it shocks people into questioning their own beliefs about something. Or that you need to expose celebrities or hypocritical politicians to get attention. Or something you want to take a stand on. For example, we did a video where we took a confident guy and gave him an aesthetic handicap. Then we had him ask random women out on dates. That looks are the most important thing in a potential mate.

These kinds of videos are popular because when people hear they might be wrong about something, their ears perk up. And if you make them think differently, they are more likely to share what they saw. There are hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. How is your content going to stand out in a sea of sameness? This one might seem obvious, but most people get it wrong. Stories make people take action because they tell a narrative that helps us relate to each other and process the world.

You can create an underdog story, a surprising plot twist, a tragedy, a comedy, a rags to riches tale. The list goes on and on. So make sure every video you make tells a compelling story that has a beginning, middle, and end. To become a better storyteller, break down your favorite movies, TV shows, or YouTube videos. What are your favorite elements? What is the plot beginning, middle, end? If you bake these traits into your first few videos, you will be miles ahead of the competition.

No matter how great your content is, you will still have to hustle to get it in front of as many people as possible. Especially when you are first starting out. The reason people get this so wrong is so-called experts have been saying for YEARS that if you make good content, people will find it. So now we have an entire generation of people that think if they make amazing stuff, an audience will magically appear.

Just the people who are already into what your channel is about. And you can use them to your advantage by following these three steps: Search for Reddit subreddits, Facebook groups, forums google [your niche] forums , etc. Share other content you like. Answer questions you know the answer to. Reference older, popular posts and add a new take on them. You only need to spend an hour or two a week doing this. But you should be contributing a few times a week for about a month before you start doing any self-promotion. The dumbest mistake people make with this strategy is spamming.

Getting your content in front of other audiences is crucial to growing your channel. These are sites you want your content to appear on. Search Google or Facebook for sites in your niche e. Aim for smaller, relevant sites that are more likely to take a chance on you.