The Evidence of Gods Existence: As Explained in the Teaching of Agni Yoga

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  • Why, then, do people try to convince themselves of an eternal night, when they await so simply the coming day? Let us accept the currents of unceasing motion. The realization of our adaptability will be affirmed as wisely as the pulsation of the Cosmos. Unfit are sorrow and grief! You must accept the true life of the Cosmos for the full contemplation of Infinity. You accept simply the rotation of the seasons of the year and await the fruit of the rhythm of nature.

    You prospect ore-beds; you build dams for electricity. Turn instead to the buried treasure of the invisible spheres, and direct yourselves toward a creation manifested beyond the limits of your comprehension. Vast is the field of labor! Therefore, perceive and enter into the rhythm of Infinity.

    And where will be the night?

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    Where you seem to perceive its hush the hymns to the Mother of the World begin. Neither day nor night—only Her Radiance! Coordination of the planetary life with the higher spheres will provide a better possibility for man. Then the rhythm of our forces will increase threefold and the reason will accept this power. Thus will the covenant of the Wise Ones be fulfilled.

    Inseparable is the blending of the higher invisible spheres with the visible. Therefore, comprehend the indivisibility of our life. The Breath of Cosmos is immutable in everything. The manifestation of planetary periods depends on cosmic waves; therefore, those who deny the link between spirit and the cosmic whirls do not walk the path of knowledge.

    Is it admissible to perceive only one essential point in the All-existing? Is it admissible to separate one tiny grain from the Great Whole? Only madness sets limits for itself. The assertion of cosmic and limitless forces is clear; the life-giving and eternal process goes on in all things. A spark ignites the Cosmic Fire. Verily, by the spark of desire is the torch of knowledge kindled. But do not impede your own path. Only strive, and your being will be flooded by the radiance of Infinity. One must choose between the darkness of error and the grandeur of Truth.

    The spirit will determine the understanding affirmed by ages. It is unbefitting to traverse by way of a very low arch, starting from a point on a low plane and returning to the same plane. Why waste the energy, if we must knock again at the lowest gates? Prepare for your spirit a beautiful garden, not in the desert waste but on the summit of attainment. It is ordained for each one to adorn the path of evolution. The help of the spatial thoughts is ordained for each one.

    The Treasury of Infinity is open for each one who penetrates into the understanding of cosmic forces. It is no joy to discover what saturates the strata of your planet. On one cup of the scale let us place the manifestation of all vices anger, cowardice, treason, prejudice, hypocrisy, complacency. On the other cup let us place the impelling force of psychic energy, straight-knowledge, affirmation of the Covenant of the Wise Ones, inviolability of the Origins, gratitude to the Shield, attainment of knowledge, and unwaveringness on the path opened by Infinity.

    Creativeness attracts the creative power. Therefore, observe the sparks of Cosmos. Reality and illusion will begin to appear to humanity as issuing from one source when we understand that the life-giving vessel is one. The Universe becomes devoid of all reason with the adoption of the concept of separation of the invisible world from the visible one.

    If we assume that our path is a casual one, with a void beyond, then our imagination is very poor indeed! Illusion is that which does not exist; and the concept of reality must be expanded. All lives and all propagates. Space carries your engenderings. Let us utilize the entire creative force of Space! Verily, one may term most irrational the illusory concept of void! Picture the entire Space radiating Fire, with an unprejudiced eye.

    Imagine the Space containing Prana and Akasha. At the approach of Satya Yuga these spatial forces will be utilized. True, in the consciousness of the self-crowned ignoramuses the frigidity of the Stone Age still prevails. You are right in speaking of the One Origin. Herein precisely is the core of evolution contained.

    Where men see a boundary between two beginnings, the Arhat sees only one great Origin. The truth of relativity has been accepted in mathematics, and all former calculations have proved erroneous. A like relativity exists in the world of evolution. The concepts of light and darkness, happiness and unhappiness, labor and rest, are likewise subject to the same law of relativity.

    When We speak of progress in thinking, We foresee the need of accepting this relativity. Precisely, the concept of the steps of ascent is beautiful. The spirit realizes that ascent is the page of wisdom on which is traced the entire power of Cosmos and the manifestation of motion. Progress cannot be affirmed on the lowest point of the great Origin. The temples of Atlantis knew this great principle. Like an all-containing flame, the Heart of Cosmos is all-encompassing. How wondrous is this all-inclusiveness!

    From the small to the great, everything is refracted in this manifested crystal. Since all the cosmic possibilities provide a direction for each manifested scroll, since each beginning has its propelling currents, since one must realize the magnitude of the Cosmos, let us gather all power of the spirit that we may embrace it. There is no deviation, no renunciation, no repulsion, no negation, there is only containment. The Teacher manifests the significance of the concept of containment.

    As the creativeness of Cosmos is inexhaustible, so let the understanding of Infinity be indefeasible. The manifestation of ages in eternity, the work of transforming the oceans and the crust of Earth, may serve to illustrate the eternal motion. You did not realize the achievement of the difficult task; and you do not ascribe human obscurity to the prototype of your actions. There is no ground for blaming devastations upon the cosmic whirls; in this is not evil but necessity. Each manifestation of Cosmos has its application in Eternity. And, as is the devastation, so is the accumulation subject to the rhythm which is inseparable from the affirmed course of your earthly events.

    The difference is that Zeus, in creating a cosmic storm, fills space with ozone; whereas your earthly Zeus, creator of wrath, fills the sphere with suffocating smoke. In this, the lowest and the highest do not meet. Why do people accept the images of Maya to such a great extent? Life is filled with these phantoms and deceptive manifestations.

    This satiety fills existence with unnecessary images. The spirit cognizant of Eternity is impelled to the great Origin, and in him is contained the seed of the understanding of Cosmos. That spirit which is receptive only to the customary is directed to the petty reality of Maya. He is attracted only by the manifestations of the ordinary life. The absence of containment does not aid him in opening the book of life. But there also exists a class of people whose fate is deplorable.

    These are the consciousnesses which do contain the seed of understanding but which, being obscured through negation, do not perceive the cycle executed by Cosmos and thus retard evolution. That which is predestined will be fulfilled, but those who retard the dates of advancement condemn themselves to regression.

    He who is unwilling to realize the future is like a crawfish—both walk backward. There is either the sword of achievement or an emulation of crawfish. Intentional arrogance is similar to the call of one who summons in the name of ignorance. The accumulation of cosmic fires may easily sweep away this dust. But, friends, your progress lies in your forging of the future sword. Accept these truths molded by the ages and ponder upon them! How may one affirm the beginning of understanding? The spirit will teach one to apply the signs of straight-knowledge, but let the treasury be filled!

    Only desire to enter into the rhythm of the cosmic pulsation. It is also customary to consider karma as retribution. But in its true significance, karma means labor. Do not limit the work of the laboratory of the spirit and you will see the results. When the spirit is seduced by Maya and by the manifestations of self-satisfaction, then a hammer and the development of straight-knowledge are required. When the spirit is dazzled by the glamor of wealth, without realizing its impermanence and considering that a bar of gold leads to happiness, then let us recall all the menaces of sickness and disaster.

    But the warrior of spirit glows as a manifestation of light; he is illumined by the rays of the fires of Infinity. The response must be understood, and one must strive to the Cosmos with all fires and all flowers. Upon the summit of consciousness is affirmed the path of the Lord. On the summit of consciousness achievement and evolution resound in unison. Eternal, indefatigable is the labor of ascent!

    This eternal motion is your karma! You are right—only currents of will direct the karma. But to stop the course of karma is as perilous as to invoke eternal night. With what will you fill the Chalice of Amrita if you sink into the pool of darkness? We shall answer that the ocean of actions is verily more beautiful!

    Perceive that the power of the law of the life principle is invincible. The tension of the spiral of the higher energy puts all elements to work. The accumulation of energy in the spheres of the world gives variety to the substance, and it calls for the manifestation of creativeness. Cosmos manifests no periods of lull. There is no refusal; there is only a summons to humanity to accept all the gifts of Space. Why then not apply the cosmic energy to the broadest task, to the glorious acquisition of treasures new to us? The advance of consciousness to the cognizance of will will reveal Infinity.

    There are witnesses to the cosmic manifestations in our sphere. This formula may be repeated because the course of evolution is disclosed to the fearless spirit who knows the entire mystery and all the striving toward Infinity. The kindling of the fires of the Lotus is the highest manifestation of the Cosmic Fire.

    Spirit-knowledge is revealed in the consciousness of a true Agni Yogi. The consciousness that embraces the currents of Space and grasps the formula of psychic energy may enter the vortex of Kundalini. When humanity will learn to realize and coordinate world events with the complexities of Cosmos the progress of insight will be affirmed. The manifestation of the chain of events, and a full realization of that which as the heritage of the ages proceeds from one period to another, can impel the consciousness toward the understanding of Cosmic Infinity.

    Whither hast thy past knowledge led thee? Where dost thou perceive boundaries? And where dost thou see the manifestation of submissiveness? Thou, spirit, striving to the Creator of Cosmos, turn to the Mother of the World. Proclaim what thou seest. Space is revealed as manifesting the utmost creativeness. The immensity of Space and the inalienability of the cosmic forces enrich the kernel of our being. The levers of evolution are the finest energies which may become the possession of men.

    When you will accept the predestined, then the direct result will lead you on. When you will understand how to fly in the kernel of the spirit, then you will communicate with the higher worlds. Whence came the engulfing wave that obscured the consciousness?

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    Religare was pronounced even in antiquity. The property of causativeness and resultantness—the law of concatenation of the Universe—applies to this same manifestation of a bond with Infinity. Humanity is bound to the Cosmos by inseverable bonds. It is not difficult to establish that immutable point where all things meet—where the earthly accumulations meet the strata of higher spheres. By the Will of Cosmos all things are attracted to each other.

    All strives toward mutual creation. Religare is bestowed on humanity in the form of a religion for unification, for the development of community, for the avowal of the Primary Source, which contains all principles of Being and which creates all substances for our good. The concatenation of the Universe with all higher spheres should be adopted by the consciousness as a saving anchor in the advancement of the higher foundations of the future.

    The scientists have already found that which is most evident, but much is as yet unperceived. It is not denied to humanity to draw from Space, but the principle of prejudice is destructive. The ozone of Space and the rays of far-off worlds will provide the planetary substance for the accumulation of new energies.

    Causality is that factor which moves the Universe. It is incongruous to expect that the Lotus of Benevolence will result from an evil act. One can understand that the result of each action will be a direct reflection of the beginning. It is generally accepted that the kernel of misfortune easily resounds in the same tempo. A conceiving of ignorance gives rise to a poisoning of dormant elements. But the raging element gives growth to the rhythm of Cosmos. When the radiation is directed toward the conscious assimilation of all designs of cosmic waves, accept them.

    The unutilized energies are speeding through space like discharged cannon balls.

    Questioning God's existence

    Observe that first of all it is necessary to harness the ocean of the world; later the effect will determine the experiment. Our earthly firmament requires a great deal for the healing of the breaches. Many fountains of formulae of the Lords have been poured out. The help, through the Shield of the Teaching, was sent, but the priceless treasures of spirit were scattered as chips into space.

    However, space is a great collector and accumulator of all treasures unapplied by you. Nothing is wasted by Cosmos, and the reserve is guarded. When you realize this, the sparks of knowledge will reveal to you all mysteries of Existence. The element of Fire is dreaded by him who knows only the decay of contemporary life. But he who sees and welcomes causativeness and the affirmation of results is the evident votary of evolution.

    The hidden manifestations of Cosmos emit light for the eye of the seeker. But bereft of any glimmer of light is the world of him who sees its expiration with his own end. The renaissance of a country is always created through cosmic influences. The agglomeration of propelled thoughts attracts from space the necessary layers of manifested sending. Cliches of great discoveries float in space.

    Those who can intensify their psychic energy with the rhythm of cosmic energies will absorb treasures into their consciousness. The broadening of consciousness will propel toward the chain which connects all creative forces of Cosmos. The decline of a country that has already accumulated much from the treasure house is the result of its denial of the causality of cosmic actions.

    When human conceit drives the consciousness to the turning point and the Ego becomes an idol, then are the Gates closed. The personality becomes a reflection of the smile of cosmic action when it considers itself as an inseparable part of the existing, manifested Cosmos. Verily, man is the highest manifestation of Cosmos. Verily, he is chosen as the predestined builder and collector of all treasures of the Universe. Verily, the term man means the affirmation of creativeness.

    Long ago was the key entrusted to man, but when revelation illumined him there appeared the extinguishers of the fires. We shall say that when our paths converge within the sun, then you will realize the entire grandeur of Cosmos. Conceive the sun as a guarantee of a new science. Accept the Fire of Infinity as an illumination, as a manifestation of Our real presence. Accept what is ordained by Us. The task suggests that creative thoughts be applied toward discoveries in the realm of Space. Great is the loss when designs force the closing of that which induces the perfecting of all forms.

    Only when the evidence of all spatial riches will be realized will it be possible to give perfection to our earthly forms. Be-ness was affirmed before its full realization by humanity, and all forms of life were then in varying stages. There are as many stages in Infinity as there are steps of consciousness.

    All things are interrelated. All things are mutually attracted and everything is reflected in the depthless ocean of creativeness. The spirit able to assimilate the highest on the planet and cognizant of the incompleteness of one life is an eagle spirit, soaring unfettered in life, in the sun of knowledge above the desert. The concept of non-goalfitness is excluded from the annals of evolutionary movement.

    The symbolic assertion of the ancients regarding fire provides the best conception of the fact of indissolubility into void. The ancient covenants assert that fire, after consuming all fuel, is not annihilated but returns to the primary stage, to the form of invisible fire, to the stage of the highest manifestation of the Fire of Space. Thus manifested is our life. When the body is consumed, on the path of life, can one assert that it has dissolved into nothingness? When every chain of action is utilized by Cosmos for application, and each change draws after it a chain of other changes, how then can we not perceive all the endless chains of ascent of our spirit?

    A token is manifested by the fire, which contains all elements in its invisible higher form. The spirit departed from Earth and the spirit returning to earthly manifestation contain in themselves the assertion of all principles. The difference is only in the extent of accumulations. Thus, up to the unattainable heights of Infinity!

    The Mind of Cosmos is omnipresent. In all Space its rule is manifest. Incalculable are all its effects and new combinations. This question has troubled many consciousnesses. It is difficult to deny the almighty Mind of Cosmos, which suffuses all strata of the firmament with its Breath. But people usually turn away from the truth consciously.

    When the spirit attracted to delusive Maya strives for momentary rest, it dissipates the best light rays of Cosmos. Illumination can frighten him who does not desire enlightenment. You are right in asserting that the Lord Buddha had to give the concept of Nirvana to the world because there are few who are willing to labor eternally for the creation of new forms.

    Nirvana is only a step in the endless cosmic periods. Our disciples, accumulating the earthly inheritance, can rejoice, transporting themselves with striving consciousness toward the higher worlds. Is it not better to serve the manifestation of the great eternal re-working and transformation from the lower to the higher than to be slave to stagnation?

    Note that even insignificant dams cause decay. There are many instances when long-standing remains generated the destruction of spheres. What then will be the result of the stagnation of will and consciousness? The generator of rest can call forth the most dreaded explosion. But one flash of the fire of spirit, in unison with the Cosmos, can evoke the pacification of an entire nation.

    The spirit determined to labor ceaselessly draws along with him those who strive. Thus, the fiery thought kindles a bridge in space, and the magnet of spirit glows with the impulsion of Cosmos. The higher world sometimes seems to people like a hallucination or delusion. Each one understands it in his own way, and each one is afraid to confess his understanding of Cosmos. The human spirit carries many bundles, and hence comes the difficulty of ascent into the higher sphere.

    The reorganization of life by way of cosmic fires will provide the salvation, but fear overcomes people at the thought of a reorganization of life. The old outworn forms attract, and thus do traditions originate.

    If the concept of tradition is regarded as one that leads to a foundation, then benefit may be derived, for a broadened consciousness will lead to a covenant of wisdom. But the traditions of our contemporary life do not allow the spirit to strive toward the higher spheres. The church has it dogmas; families have walls of restrictions erected by the forefathers; nations have laws which deprive them of the affirmation of independence. Thus, deprived of the spirit of beauty, how will they perceive Infinity?

    You are right in desiring to give school children an understanding of the whole boundlessness of creative activity. Why endue with new radiance the garment of a grandfather? Try to resemble builders of new powerful bridges, and strive toward the radiance of the higher worlds. Not phantasmagoria, but life! The best path to choose is not pointed out directly. Protection and the designation of an affirmed path is made manifest; but in essence it must be found by the man, and this will determine the consequences. When you hear defamation of Our Covenants, which provide endless vistas for the expressions of the spirit in its striving toward beauty, is it possible that this seems to you an achievement breathing with true beauty?

    When incomprehensible grimaces of spirit are manifested, is it possible that you will follow those who cannot keep pace with the rhythm of Cosmos? We revere the freedom of will, and endless are the paths for the application of it. Therefore, not violation but the flight of striving spirit! The mighty warrior, builder of life, proceeds straightforwardly under this banner.

    The utilization of all manifestations of the primary formulae of the Lotus of Cosmos should guide humanity in its evolutionary development.

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    When the spirit will make use of the manifestation of Spatial Fire, and when the breath of Truth will touch the Source of Life, then will it be possible to vouch for the shifting of consciousness. The top, revolving around its own axis, symbolizes the destiny of the man who has dissociated himself from the eternal motion. He who carries the Lotus, who is open to meet the Cosmos, and who displays the best differentiation of the lights of the centers, typifies the builder of life, co-measuring his constriction of the centers with their opening.

    Let us find a correct definition of the vital principle. The open Lotus embraces everything; the differentiated lights of its flaming petals rotate to cover all directions. When the sacred Fire, representing the spirit, is in touch with the All-existing, then the cosmic ring and the wheel of life move in conjunction. The sharp-pointed top does not correspond to a refined spirit. The spirit who prefers the cosmic waves to a smooth, slightly undulating surface, verily knows Infinity.

    Our indicated formula moves forward, in the direction of the manifold spatial fires. When humanity will accept the affirmation of Infinity, destiny will reveal itself not as a punishment but as a cosmic expansion. The beauty of the vastness of life is measured by the consciousness of creativeness.

    We repeat about Fire for the sake of humanity. You know how much in need of a new torch is human thinking! The division of the world into the existing and non-existing constricts the thinking. Rejection of that which is invisible, and denial of the whole expanse of Cosmos, results in that narrow measure of Cosmos used by humanity. A cosmic spaciousness for the path of life is ordained by Infinity.

    In ancient times the symbols of religions were drawn from the treasury of Cosmos. The degeneration of the loftiest cosmic images is symbolized in our denials. But there where the principle of the element of Fire is still venerated the consciousness of the primeval spirit has become already affirmed.

    Only cognition and the rational acceptance of limitless cosmic forces will teach humanity the means of their application. The Teaching of Lord Gotama affirmed that Light does not fear darkness. The victorious Light engulfs everything. So, too, does the Cosmic Fire pervade all. It is omnipresent, and infinite in its power.

    In assimilating the cosmic fires the entire organism is regenerated, and the alien elements are eliminated by its own flame. The armed spirit conquers by its own striving; therefore, the manifestation of Infinity indicates the all-pervading Fire as the ordained healing sign. To each one is entrusted the finding of the path to the higher sphere; but when humanity thinks that the work designated for the transmutation of the spirit and of all accumulations can proceed from without, then the lever of Cosmos will devastate the accumulation.

    The lever will descend upon the constricted horizon, to devastate that which obscures the course of evolution. But the lever of the actions of the full life, affirmed as a union with the higher sphere, will descend as the regenerating Fire. The manifestation of oneness, the manifestation of indivisibility, and the realization of the kernel of the spirit as a creator, will give the best formula of the essence of Be-ness. Cosmic dates and planetary movements can coincide. This combination provides the better formula of Existence.

    You are right in calling the spirit the creator of Cosmos. Subservience to the elements of nature puts man in a corner, like one in ambush awaiting an enemy. True understanding of the elements is not yet alive in the consciousness. Sacrifices are not needed. Evolution needs only quickened steps, The unforeseen factor of unbridled elements is not a chastisement, but only an unutilized afflux of the gigantic forces of Cosmos.

    As in the small so in the great. Means for the lesser and greater bridlings of the elements are found. How insignificant are these checks! Still, they clearly reveal a direction. Why, then, not move in the opposite direction? The result would be valuable. The manifestation of loss will be replaced by a revealed propulsion of the consciousness.

    This law is immutable and is one with the universal process. It is the uniformity of life that so strips the life-essence of beauty. How could human life garb itself in so drab and monotonous a garment, when the diversity of Cosmos is full of beauty! The combinations of Cosmos are so varied!

    The reverberations of Cosmos should be reflected in the life of the planet. How could so monotonous an existence take root on the crust of Earth, when each spirit is unique, when each manifestation may assume varied forms? Macrocosm and microcosm are bound together and are one, with the power of one and the same Breath!

    Humanity knows all visible forms of Cosmos, and people utilize the manifest combinations for the fertilizing of their existence. If people would admit that Cosmos in its invisible aspect can enrich the existence incalculably, then consciousness would utilize all the endless forms of the cosmic fires. Cosmos was created and so was humanity. How could the form of Be-ness become dismembered in consciousness? When our consciousness will once more return to the acceptance of pure Fire as the origin of Be-ness, then we will understand Infinity.

    Do not think of Fire as an abstract concept. Although we do not summon you to the stake, We do not detach you from daily life. Verily, We see Fire even in the most humble worker, if in his spirit lives the song of the endless joy of labor. We shall say that We value each manifestation of true labor, leading toward evolution.

    Search for this identity and you will become identical with the higher. If we were to look upon the manifestations from an opposite viewpoint, we would be astonished at their consequences. As will those of the elements, so also will our own life manifestations lead to one conclusion—cause and effect. In the death of a man, or in the charring of a tree, or the evaporation of water—all returns to its primary seed.

    Therefore, search everything for its true origin. When you will exhaust the findings of psychic energy, then you may forge out of the human furnace a broad cosmic design. Consider that one may transform the most pitiful existence into one radiant with cosmic fires. If we will apply in the strong current of karma that which is given, then the signs of the manifested Infinity will rise not as phantasmagoria but as reality.

    Why then is thy fear so great before the derision of thy brothers? Let us look at the one who consciously strives to the veil of the Mother of the World. We shall see that, of all the inexhaustible, numberless consciousnesses, this warrior, aflame with cosmic fires, is borne there where the power of Infinity glows. But here on Earth the warrior carries a brimming chalice.

    Wondrous is the transposition of our conception thitherward, into our true life! Verily, only the cognizance of Infinity will unite all elements. Manifestations of cosmic life will be revealed as a formula in our conscious thought. One thing gives birth to another—in the transmutation and eternal motion of the cosmic forces of our affirmed life. The spirit, despite its innumerable forms, often chains itself to but one of its manifestations. Such adhesion greatly impedes; it infringes upon the course of the circle, for irreplaceable forces are passing by.

    If we realize the predestined chain of cosmic lives we will apply the entire cosmic energy, and then the spirit of the manifested creator will ordain for us the revealed path. Our will is a mighty creator; as a restraining force it soars above the energies that are revealed and unassimilated by us. Evoke this vital force! Learn to strive in the direction of the cosmic waves! Learn to yearn for the spatial energies! Courageously realize the unlimited number of your forms!

    Verily, life is transmuted by the spirit and the will! And the manifestation of energies is without end. If we compare the work of Cosmos with the work of man, we may find the closest correlations on our planet. Let us see wherein cooperation with the elements has been realized. The vegetable kingdom takes what it requires for its growth. The cooperation between man and the cosmic riches is clear. From the animal kingdom we take what is necessary for our existence, accepting it as being customarily due us. When man built his dwellings upon the lake shores and hewed them out of the rocks, he subordinated the world to himself and proudly dominated it.

    Now the same man dominates, but, having been enriched by all manner of subtle means, he has progressed toward an understanding of the riches of Space. The word materialism has assumed a monstrous significance. And yet, materialism should be based upon the all-pervading substance of the power of the Infinite.

    Why this perversion of cosmic power? The symbol of the Mother of the World, giving form and purpose to the entire Breath of Cosmos, transforming the kernel into incalculable manifestations, crowns our Earth with beauty. When the differentiation of the elements occurred, the cosmic force did not disunite itself. The manifestation of heterogeneous cosmic fires is but one rotation on the wheel of Fohat. Fohat is in everything, and various manifestations carry its expression.

    Urusvati knows the myriads of sparks of Fohat when the sparks of Materia Matrix fill the space. Each spark is the essence of Be-ness. Each particle is the essence of various forms. Each atom breathes through Fohat. Fohat and its sparks are one; likewise one is the Universe in all its forms. Differentiation comes from rotation, but there is no arbitrariness. The power of rotation and attraction enriches the Cosmos with the manifestations of the action of fires.

    The spatial waves produce an effect which calls forth conscious creativeness. The creativeness of Cosmos and the impulse of consciousness are the propellers of energy; hence, nothing can be dissociated in Eternity. Space is perfecting construction, and great is the surplus tension of the speeding forces!

    I have said, long ago, that in completion there is death! Only by incessant action may one advance in the direction of beauty. Even in the state of Pralaya the substance of matter continues its motion. It is impossible to conceive a point of cosmic suspension. It is impossible to put a point of suspension in the category of usual manifestations, if we include the fact of a foregoing cause. There is no such suspension of life as that of which people dream. A speedy motion cannot manifest in the slackness of suspension. A process invisible to us does not cease to be a process of the creative Fire.

    When people think about economizing in their reception, We may advise to move on, move on, move on! The quicker the better. A speedy reception will bring closer the reactions. Where forces are intensified the attraction is inevitable. The law is one in the entire Cosmos. Obstacles that generate weakness of spirit are the begetters of failure. Obstacles that summon to battle the entire fire of the spirit serve as a creative impetus. He who is unafraid to participate in the eternal unlimited motion may verily assume the image of the warrior.

    Readiness and the pressure of the rhythm will carry him into the radiance of Cosmos. The acquirement of the cooperation of cosmic forces brings us closer to the source of atomic energy. Our science can reach the tension of this energy if only the explosion of consciousness will occur. Much can be derived from the complex cosmic combinations. Earthly concepts are garbed in uniform manifestations or in prejudice. Commune with the Infinite and be a part of it, part of all the beauty of cosmic energy. We shall untiringly repeat about the energy of Infinity.

    When humanity will understand the sparks of Fohat and accept the countless manifestations of matter not yet in the state of cohesion, then will the new formulae be manifested. Half of the manifestations of cosmic forces await humanity in Eternity. Why not utilize all the powers of radioactivity and all radiations of the myriads of rays! What remains for our planet to extract from the Primary Source is evident through the conception of Infinity.

    Our planet is stratified and permeated by the properties of cosmic fires; and man, as a magician, can propel his magnetic power according to his desire. He can express his striving through the tension of his psychic energy directed into Space. Clarity of thought gives impetus to this direction.

    We are not speaking of magic formulae, but We wish to direct your spirit toward the limitless possibilities. Cosmogony and astro-chemistry are as applicable as are geography and history. Could you but know what the Lords have seen, you would find understanding of the immensity of non-concatenated matter. Not the mystery of a temple, but the Sacrament of Infinity! The assimilation of the higher energies, upon the evidence of tension, can give form to new energies. Matter and spirit grow through mutual help. When the tensed current of will flows with accelerated speed, matter is absorbed by the spirit and the functions of a spiritual creator are performed.

    Then the refining of forms takes place. The power of the fire of spirit is like the power of the fire that melts metals. Only through the process of melting may one form new combinations. That spirit who yearns to bring his energy into incandescence becomes the melter of matter. What forms and dimensions the spirit can melt, from all the spatial matter and from our lives! From times immemorial the Lords have assumed the task of melting the consciousness. Eternity is the flame wherein new combinations are wrought without end. Verily, the quests have gone on for ages. Where is the beginning?

    For the present, let us say it is in the eternal desire for new forms. With the same broad vision let us mold our future. Hail the triumph of the prophecy of the Herald! The victory is proclaimed by fires and by psychic energy. Each century brings forth its pronouncements. He who has proclaimed the victory of Infinity is the carrier of Truth. Like stones on the path lie the derisions, and persecutions grow into impenetrable thickets.

    We will not destroy these thickets, but the conscious spirit will cover all manifestations of ignorance with its wings. To some, Infinity will seem an impossibility. To some, the thought of death will seem beautiful. To some, the evidence of labor will seem horrible. To some, labor itself will be a terror. To some, the rhythm of endless cosmic labor will seem like an old encumbrance. But the hand of wisdom points to where there is no end; there where all is incombustible, yet where all is both destructible and indestructible; where all is visibly formless yet where all great and beautiful forms dwell.

    The non-realization of currents, and the reluctance to accept them, greatly complicates the evolution. When We summon to the far-off worlds, it is not for a detachment from life but for a discovery of new ways. Only in realizing participation in Infinity may one reach the upper spheres. If we trace the development of the human spirit from the very primitive forms, we will perceive that the variety of forms of the primary spirits branch out into corresponding manifestations. One may call the forms of the present day forms aspiring toward perfection.

    The forms of the future correspond to the far-off worlds. Having deprived itself of the knowledge of cosmic vistas, humanity has dissociated itself from the manifestations of Infinity and has lost the thread of unity with the beauty of life and with cosmic energy. This cleavage is cruel, and the lost thread turns into a thin cobweb of reality. We, the Brothers of Humanity, know that there exists a great unembellished and indestructible Reality.

    Affirm yourselves in the acceptance of the great beauty of Infinity! Let the far-off worlds live in the consciousness of men as a wondrous kingdom. This is just as indisputable and just as real as the fact that a growing seed gives birth to a flower. The far-off worlds are interpreted only as something illustrative of the concept of distance. But let us regard the far-off worlds—the life there is affirmed in beauty and in striving for achievement; there are the fires of spirit; there is the fire of love; there the seeming excrescences of Earth are transformed into creations of Fire.

    The fires of the spirit carry knowledge that the passing of the present and the striving into the better future will be the ladder upon which we shall ascend. The illusion of life is created only by the thought which limits the cosmic expressions. But the true meaning of life impels striving into Infinity. Illusion is a drug, but the basis of striving lies in the affirmation of the endlessness of our tasks.

    Much is said about those who lack understanding of that which joins our beings together. Having accepted life, we must accept the power of the bond. Disunited minds differ in rays of understanding, and this disunity bears the consciousness away from the primary source. The power of the bond is affirmed as the cosmic lever, and man cannot isolate himself. Only after it has abolished the belief in a precipitate fall into void will the consciousness rise to the concept of Infinity. The echo of Space carries the command of cosmic manifestations. And whatever humanity possesses, it draws from the treasury of Cosmos.

    It is necessary to have full realization of the immutability of our course of evolution. Every beginning depends on the understanding of the affirmation of cosmic evolution. Only acceptance in full faith can bestow the crown of success. The lever of faith will permit penetration into the spirit of man.

    Only through the lever of faith can one adhere to the Infinite. The great lever of faith will aid the spirit in finding its path. Faith indicates the striving toward the Teacher. Let us take for example the child who conceived in its spirit the love for the Teacher. Faith transformed the child into a warrior of spirit, and the path of solitude was transformed into one radiant with joy. Hope abides, and the wondrous power of Cosmos reveals itself when the spirit manifests faith.

    It is not difficult to manifest creativeness of spirit when thought seeks to picture the Universe as an unconfined domain. In the desire to alter its conception, humanity already moves forward. Manifest the desire for new images. Manifest the desire for new paths. Having awakened the desire toward the beauty of Infinity in everything, humanity will walk forward without glancing back.

    Only the grandeur of Cosmos will impel the spirit toward the Inaccessible Heights. If it were possible to convey the concept of Infinity in the entire essence of cosmic understanding, humanity could attain great heights. But this achievement is possible only through broadening of consciousness. Where is our textbook? Let us verify this proclaimed Infinity. The threads of our lives are stretched from the depths of Infinity to the heights of Infinity.

    The power of Cosmos, which is invincible, is one and the same essence as our own. And just as the element of fire is unconquerable, so also is our spirit. And the task of the New World is not terrifying, since we endeavor to affirm a new spatial thought. The Mother of the World lives and constructs.

    And We proclaim not the utopia envisioned by humanity but a true striving toward endless construction. Being saturated with wrath and blind to the light of cosmic reality expels one from the chain. It is difficult to foresee how this contagion of the spirit will spread. The sowers of contagion carry the responsibility for all humanity. The understanding of responsibility must be developed limitlessly. The human spirit, being a creator, bears the responsibility for all its actions. Let us not be afraid to meet responsibility. We are responsible not only to ourselves but to Cosmos.

    Of course, Cosmos sends succor, but humanity thinks of altering it to fit its own understanding. One cannot break the chain, but one may replace the iron links by a finer metal. All which leads to boundless development proceeds in step with Cosmos. The spatial battle runs like a thread through all that exists. In battle, possibilities are born.

    In battle, the forces are tempered. Manifest understanding of responsibility and of the beauty of Infinity! In a epoch of division between spirit and matter, one must consider him as condemned who creates his world around non-understanding. Why build with hustle and bustle? Wherefore all dreams and privations, when your constructions crumble and the tide of human property may not be prolonged?

    Where the condemned one has marked out a small circle for himself, all space will be measured for him by the same radius. Spirit itself—the ruler—will affirm the choice of the path. And why obscure the path when one may manifest the predestined bridge between the stronghold and Infinity! Condemned one, why does your heart not whisper to you wherein lies the truth?

    In every action is comprised an energy identical in substance with the energy of Cosmos. Every atom moves in accordance with exact calculation, and energy gathers from each convulsion of spirit. Let each one understand that he is doomed not because of karmic cruelty but by self-indictment. Cosmic Justice is aware of the design of evolution, and the plan is executed in accordance with the design of one and the same law of the Fire of the Mother of the World. The life impulse lives within man and in everything outside of him.

    The life-essence of Cosmos binds all that exists. And all subdivisions into conscious and unconscious must be verified. Thus far, the concept of consciousness is understood only relatively, and it is customary to define as subconscious and unconscious those manifestations of the cosmic fires which humanity has simply failed to understand. When manifesting elements are accepted as the roar of Cosmos, and people are unable to discover a further explanation, then blindness must be removed, for mental reclusion is far from the realization of Infinity. The inceptions are always accompanied by engenderings of that life impulse which moves the hand of a creator, or by the rush of the wind that bears the seed of life which, on finding a fitting soil, can evince the sprout of creativeness.

    The yearning for communion with the far-off worlds provides the possibility for adherence to the course of Cosmos. The date predestined to humanity for the realization of Infinity pierces already the strata of cosmic fires. People have sought the approach to Truth in varied ways. Various manifestations impelled them to fasts, flagellations, tortures of their bodies and benumbing of their spirit.

    Manifold searches are inscribed in the book of striving. But progress of the spirit cannot be achieved without the realization of the endlessness of the battle. Progress of spirit is there where the spirit develops its protective net through unlimited striving. His twin brother Indra ruled the atmosphere as the god of storm, rain and war, while Surya ruled the sky and heavens.

    In the Vedic pantheon, Agni occupies, after Indra, the most important position. In the Rig Veda there are over hymns that praise Agni. His name or synonyms appear in nearly a third of 1, hymns in the Rigveda. The Vedas describe the parents of Agni as two kindling fire sticks, whose loving action creates him. Just born, he is poetically presented as a tender baby, who needs loving attention lest he vanishes. With care, he sparks and smokes, then flames and grows stronger than his parents, finally so strong that he devours what created him. The hymns in these ancient texts refer to Agni with numerous epithets and synonyms, such as Jaatavedas one with knowledge of all births and successions , Vaishvaanara one who treats all equally , Tanunapat son of himself, self-made , Narasansa praised by all men , Tripatsya with three dwellings , and many others.

    He hides in strange places such as waters where in one myth he imbues life force into living beings that dwell therein, and in another where the fishes report his presence to the gods. Agni is in hymn Agni is considered equivalent to and henotheistically identified with all the gods in the Vedic thought, which formed the foundation for the various non-dualistic and monistic theologies of Hinduism.

    To what is One, sages give many a title, they call it Agni , Yama, Matarisvan. Klaus Klostermaier [57] [58] [59]. Agni features prominently in the major and minor Upanishads of Hinduism. He honestly admits his poverty and that his mother does not know who his father was, an honesty that earns him a spot in a Vedic school gurukul. In verse 18 of the Isha Upanishad , Agni is invoked with, "O Agni, you know all the paths, lead me on to success by the good path, keep me away from the wrong path of sin".

    So pick anyone, suggests the Upanishad, meditate and adore that one, then meditate over them all, then deny and discard the individuality of every one of these gods including of Agni, thus journey unto the universal, for a communion with the Purusha , the Atman. Sections 3 and 4 of Kena Upanishad , another major ancient Upanishad, present an allegorical story which includes gods Agni, Vayu , Indra and goddess Uma. The Kena Upanishad closes these sections by stating that "Agni, Vayu and Indra" are revered first because they were the first among gods to realize Brahman.

    Another ancient major Hindu scripture named Prashna Upanishad mentions Agni in its second Prashna question section. Agni is mentioned in many minor Upanishads, such as the Pranagnihotra Upanishad , the Yogatattva Upanishad , the Yogashikha Upanishad , the Trishikhibrahmana Upanishad and others. Vedic rituals involve Agni. He is a part of many Hindu rites-of-passage ceremonies such as celebrating a birth lighting a lamp , prayers aarti lamp , at weddings the yajna where the bride and groom circle the fire seven times and at death cremation.

    According to Atharvaveda , it is Agni that conveys the soul of the dead from the pyre to be reborn in the next world or life. The most important ritual of Hindu weddings is performed around Agni. With each circuit, the couple makes a specific vow to establish some aspect of a happy relationship and household for each other, with Agni as the divine witness to those mutual vows.

    The Agnihotra involves fire, and the term refers to the ritual of keeping fire at home, and in some cases making "sacrificial offerings" such as milk and seeds to this fire. A wide range of Agnihotra procedures are found in the Brahmana layer of the Vedas, ranging from the most common simple keeping of sacred fire and its symbolism, to more complicated procedures for the expiation of guilt, to rituals claimed to grant immortality to the performer. Two major festivals in Hinduism, namely Holi festival of colors and Diwali festival of lights incorporate Agni in their ritual grammar, as a symbol of divine energy.

    For Holi, Hindus burn bonfires as Holika, on the night before the spring festival. The bonfire marks god Agni, and in rural India mothers carry their babies around the fire clockwise on Holika in Agni's remembrance. Agni has two forms: Agni is a symbol of piety and purity. As expression of two kinds of energy i. There are three kinds of Agni inside every human being, states this text, the krodha-agni or "fire of anger", the kama-agni or "fire of passion and desire", and the udara-agni or "fire of digestion".

    These respectively need introspective and voluntary offerings of forgiveness, detachment and fasting, if one desires spiritual freedom and liberation. Agni variously denotes the natural element fire, the supernatural deity symbolized by fire and the inner natural will aspiring for the highest knowledge. Heat, combustion and energy is the realm of Agni which symbolizes the transformation of the gross to the subtle; Agni is the life-giving energy.

    Agni is the essence of the knowledge of Existence. Agni destroys ignorance and all delusions, removes nescience. Light, heat, colour and energy are merely its outer attributes; inwardly, agni impels consciousness, perception and discernment. The iconography of Agni varies by region. He is shown with one to three heads, two to four armed, is typically red-complexioned, standing next to or riding a ram, with a characteristic dramatic halo of flames leaping upwards from his crown.

    Agni holds a rosary in one hand to symbolize his prayer-related role, and a sphere in another hand in eastern states of India. In other regions, his four arms hold an ax, torch, spoon or fan and a flaming spear or rosary. Seven rays of light or flames emit from his body. One of his names is Saptajihva , "the one having seven tongues", to symbolize how rapidly he consumes sacrificial butter.

    Agni has three forms, namely fire, lightning and the Sun, forms sometimes symbolized by giving his icon three heads or three legs. He sometimes is shown wearing a garland of fruits or flowers, symbolic of the offerings made into the fire. The earliest surviving artwork of Agni have been found at archaeological sites near Mathura Uttar Pradesh , and these date from 1st-century BCE. In the Panchala coins of Agnimitra , a deity is always present with a halo of flames. In Gupta sculptures, Agni is found with a halo of flames round the body, the sacred thread across his chest, a beard, pot-bellied and holding in his right hand a amrtaghata nectar-pot.

    The iconographic statues and reliefs of god Agni are typically present in the southeast corners of a Hindu temple. However, in rare temples where Agni is envisioned as a presiding astrological divinity, according to texts such as the Samarangana Sutradhara , he is assigned the northeast corner.

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    Goddess Svaha is Agni's wife. Her name is pronounced with offerings such as butter and seeds poured into the fire during ceremonies. However, like many names in Hindu traditions, the name Svaha embeds symbolic meanings, through its relationship with the Vedic word Svadha found in the hymns of the Rigveda.

    Thomas Coburn states that the term Svadha refers to "one's own particular nature or inclination", and the secondary sense of "a customary pleasure or enjoyment, a refreshment that nourishes". This salutation is a remembrance of Agni, as an aspect of that which is "the source of all beings". In the text Devi Mahatmya of the goddess tradition of Hinduism Shaktism , and in the Hindu mythologies, Svaha is the daughter of goddess Daksha, Svaha has a crush for Agni.

    She seduces him by successively impersonating six of seven women at a gurukul school that Agni desired for, and thus with him has a baby who grows to become god Skanda — the god of war. Agni is identified with same characteristics, equivalent personality or stated to be identical as many major and minor gods in different layers of the Vedic literature, including Vayu, Soma, Rudra Shiva , Varuna and Mitra.

    Offended by Agni, Bhrigu had cursed Agni to become the devourer of all things on this earth, but Brahma modified that curse and made Agni the purifier of all things he touched. In the "Khandava-daha Parva" Mahabharata CCXXV , Agni in disguise approaches Krishna and Arjuna seeking sufficient food for gratification of his hunger; and on being asked about the kind of food which would gratify, Agni expressed the desire to consume the forest of Khandava protected by Indra for the sake of Takshaka , the chief of the Nagas.

    Aided by Krishna and Arjuna, Agni consumes the Khandava Forest , which burnt for fifteen days, sparing only Aswasena, Maya, and the four birds called sarangakas ; later, as a boon Arjuna got all his weapons from Indra and also the bow, Gandiva , from Varuna. There is the story about King Shibi who was tested by Agni assuming the form of a pigeon and by Indra assuming the form of a hawk; Shibi offered his own flesh to the hawk in exchange of pigeon's life.

    The pigeon which had sought Shibi's shelter was thus saved by the king's sacrifice. In the Ramayana, Sita voluntarily goes through this ordeal to prove her virtue. Agni is the eldest son of Brahma. From these sons, he has forty-five grandchildren which are symbolic names of different aspects of a fire. Agni or Aggi has been a part of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. He is, for example, one of the fifty one Buddhist deities found in Tibetan Buddhism mandala for the medicine Buddha. The overall environment of the art works includes Buddhist themes as well as such as the dharma wheel, white conch, golden fish, elephant, and karma cycle depicting endless knot.

    In the Theravada Buddhist traditions, such as those found in Thailand, Agni is a minor deity. Agni is called Phra Phloeng also spelled Phra Plerng , literally, holy flames. The medieval era Thai texts describe him as a deity with seven tongues, a purple crown of smoke, and fiery complexion.

    He rides a horse chariot, a rhinoceros or a ram. Agni appears in many Buddhist canonical texts, but not in the sense of a Vedic god, rather it appears in the Upanishadic knowledge and inner heat metaphorical sense. The Aggi-Vacchagotta-Sutta found in the Pali text Majjhima Nikaya , presents the much discussed exchanges between Buddha and his contemporary colleague named Srenika Pali: Srenika suggested that there is an eternal Self Atman , soul, permanent Tathagata that lives in a temporary physical body and one that is involved in rebirth.

    In the Buddhist traditions, the Buddha taught there is rebirth and Anatta , or that there is no eternal Self. The Pali texts state that Shrenika disagreed and asked the Buddha many questions, which the Buddha refused to answer, calling his questions as indeterminate; Buddha clarified that were he to answer Srenika's questions it would entangle him. Different versions of this debate appears in other canonical texts of Buddhism, such as the Mahaparinirvana Sutta , Mahaprajna-paramita-sastra and Samyutta Nikaya ; in some versions, Shrenika offers his own simile of Agni to further his views.

    In a manner similar to the Hindu texts, the Buddhist texts also treat Agni Tejas as a fundamental material quality and building block of nature. For example, in section The word Agni in Jainism refers to fire, but not in the sense of Vedic ideas. Agni appears in Jain thought, as a guardian deity and in its cosmology.

    He is one of the eight dikpalas , or directional guardian deities in Jain temples, along with these seven: They are typically standing, with their iconography is similar to those found in Hindu and Buddhist temple pantheon. In ancient Jain thought, living beings have souls and exist in myriad of realms, and within the earth realm shared by human beings, there are two kinds of beings: The last class of beings are Agni-bodies, and these are believed to contain soul and fire-bodied beings.

    In their spiritual pursuits, Jain monks go to great lengths to practice Ahimsa; they neither start Agni nor extinguish Agni because doing so is considered violent to "fire beings" and an act that creates harmful Karma. Agni-kumara or "fire princes" are a part of Jain theory of rebirth and a class of reincarnated beings. Agni, as constitutive principle of fire or heat, was incorporated in Hindu texts of ancient medicine such as the Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita. It is, along with Soma, the two classification premises in the pre-4th century CE medical texts found in Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Agni-related category, states Dominik Wujastyk, included that of "hot, fiery, dry or parched" types, while Soma-related category included "moist, nourishing, soothing and cooling" types. This classification system was a basis of grouping medicinal herbs, seasons of the year, tastes and foods, empirical diagnosis of human illnesses, veterinary medicine, many other aspects of health and lifestyle.

    Agni was viewed as the life force in a healthy body, the power to digest foods, and innate in food. Agni is an important entity in Ayurveda. Agni is the fiery metabolic energy of digestion, allows assimilation of food while ridding the body of waste and toxins, and transforms dense physical matter into subtle forms of energy the body needs. Jathar-agni determines the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, Bhuta-agni determines the production of bile in the liver, Kloma-agni determines the production of sugar-digesting pancreatic enzymes and so forth.

    The nature and quality of these agnis depend on one's dosha which can be — vata , pitta or kapha. Agni is also known as Vaisvanara. Just as the illuminating power in the fire is a part of Agni's own effulgence, even so the heating power in the foods digestive and appetizing power is also a part of Agni's energy or potency. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about fire and the fire god in Indian religions. For other uses, see Agni disambiguation. The icons for Agni show wide regional variations. Agni on ram, Right: