Taking Out North Koreas Super Missile: (The Axis of Evil & West Coast 11/26)

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https://adtamotocom.ml/map8.php Ever heard of propaganda Counter Intelligence units? They pump this shit out by the Gbs worth every day. I haven't been so embarrassed since Tony Abbott was out PM. They both work for the same masters. Are you implying that this is not a product of Counter Intelligence? Or that Counter Intelligence units do not exist and produce this stuff? North Korean leader responds to Trump: I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U. NEW YORK President Trump on Thursday announced new financial sanctions targeting North Korea as his administration seeks to build international support for more aggressively confronting the rogue nation, whose escalating nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities have reached what U.

The new penalties seek to leverage the dominance of the U. If this doesn't start some shit I don't know what would. Ri's comments came shortly after Kim said that Trump would "pay dearly" for threatening to "totally destroy" North Korea during his UN speech Tuesday. That would not be a smart move on Kim's part. If he did something like that, I think China might just join in the bitch-slapping. They'd already taken the actions before Trump got up in front of the world and embarrassed the US again.

North Korea – UNSC’s – 15 : 0; – Choking a Country into Submission | The Vineyard of the Saker

I'm guessing they thought the speech a waste of time. It may well be, therefore, that Kim has calculated two likely outcomes surrounding his fate: Looks like the Norks are preparing their biggest missile yet to fire. Look to the Oct 10th, it's the anniversary of the Worker's Party as their preferred target date, but missiles are tricky beasts and it may not be ready quite on schedule. You don't think he'd remember minutiae like that, do you? Hell, he's got bigger fish to fry, like the NFL. We may find out very soon which orifice was doing the talking there.

The warnings from Yun and Congressional officials come as the president prepares for his first official trip to Asia next month and as tensions between the two nations are near an all-time high. Officials throughout government worry that a lack of diplomacy increases the risks of military action in the region.

They also explain some of the alarmist comments that have been made by Republican and Democratic Senators in recent weeks, most notable Foreign Relations Committee chair Sen. Bob Corker who has said repeatedly that the president is undercutting diplomatic efforts. I think a diplomatic solution is within reach, providing President PeePee can keep his mouth closed long enough for foreign policy experts to work their magic. Unfortunately, that's precisely all that he's done so far. Complain and threaten doesn't count. Complaining and threatening are two of the main things diplomats do and when a President does them, for better or worse, that's diplomacy.

No diplomat that I know of has ever used Twitter to engage in diplomacy. Also, no President in the modern record has resorted to insults to get their point across. This isn't proper diplomatic behavior by either side, but we are supposed to be far above that by now, or at least we were.

While driving home I heard an interview with a guy who knew about the anti-missile systems the US has.

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He said that they can take out one iCBM when;. So he said that if ideal conditions were not there, they have fuck all chance of stopping ICBMs hitting the US mainland. No one is going to bet on a defence shield working. He has no empathy for others but he knows he would be targeted, he knows what fear is.

Meanwhile, a tunnel has collapsed at a NK test facility. Additionally, with the test site compromised, hazardous radioactive material left over from the blast may seep out, which could possibly cause an international incident. If the debris from the test reaches China, Beijing would see that as an attack on its country, Jenny Town, the assistant director of the US-Korea Institute and a managing editor at 38 North, told previously Business Insider.

I would bet he isn't planning to do jack shit besides bluster, but I would feel better about that bet if he had included "Believe me! He could promise to build a Trump casino, and bankrupt the country Does it prove anything to you about the effectiveness of international weapons control programs? WTF does that mean? We're sitting here on the flight path to Seattle. With any luck, the Nork rocket will be like early Hyundais and disintegrate halfway across the Pacific.

Something will be done, this I can tell you, and it will be big, and it will be beautiful and strong, unlike what we have done in the past, which was weak. Many people are saying it. They say it was a disaster. But we will do something and we will win, believe me. There is the theory floating around that the folks up in NK are too brainwashed to join the rest of the world.

Curious how a few good meals and not being afraid of being murdered by the police in the night will clear up peoples minds. He had Nikki Haley tell the rest of the UN that if China doesn't cut off their oil we would do that for them yesterday. There is certainly a lot of back channel communications though John Bolton, who served under former President George W. The Guardian also reported that a senior U. Trump's not concerned about this. He's rarely ever in Washington DC anyway, and if it helps drain the swamp, all the better The Norks are much more likely to nuke someplace on the west coast, and that would be a win for Trump.

Isn't that the same guy who said we just HAD to de-regime Iraq because of the imminent nookular threat? Here's your chance Mickey, why don't you detail the reasons why you think John Bolton is 'a goddamn hero'?

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Taking Out North Korea's Super Missile: (The Axis of Evil & West Coast 11/26) - Kindle edition by James Novak. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. TAKING OUT NORTH KOREA'S SUPER MISSILE (The Axis of Evil & West Coast 11/26) describes in complete detail all of the events that occurred before and.

Many of us would like to understand that. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted September 11, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 12, Posted September 14, I haven't had my coffee yet! Living in Tasmania or NZ looks better all the time. If these things fly in a straight line.. They're half way to Alaska!!! Peace treaty with NK?

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IMHO, this is more akin to a hostage situation using human shields. What do we do in hostage situations? Posted September 15, I F Stone says that the beginning was the SK attacks and invasion…several towns over a few days…. Not necessarily an atomic one, but after the fiasco whad da yagunna do fer an encore except a nuke? Why did the Korean War break out in ?

The USA went to war in Korea for three reasons. Russia went to war because Stalin wanted Communism to grow. In , Syngman Rhee threatened to attack North Korea. It was an excuse — the trigger for war: This is not your war on the Indian Chinese border that one can make a black out of fact of white. Stone said that such cross-border attacks, authorized by the South Korean government, were part of the U.

Is Marx, get facts first, Comrade. Everyone comes, in the end, to Science. And of course Truth is essential to Victory, as El Commandante has shown. No thanks, I have no interest to be your comrade. Find your Hindu nationalists and they are your true Comrade.

At least from the American perspective, this geographic division was a temporary expedient; however, the Soviets began a short-lived reign of terror in northern Korea that quickly politicized the division by driving thousands of refugees south. The two sides could not agree on a formula that would produce a unified Korea, and in U. Both the South Korean national police and the constabulary doubled in size, providing a southern security force of about 80, by In the meantime, Kim Il-sung strengthened his control over the Communist Party as well as the northern administrative structure and military forces.

In the North Korean military and police numbered about ,, reinforced by a group of southern Korean guerrillas based at Haeju in western Korea. The creation of an independent South Korea became UN policy in early Southern communists opposed this, and by autumn partisan warfare had engulfed parts of every Korean province below the 38th parallel.

The North launched 10 cross-border guerrilla incursions in order to draw ROKA units away from their guerrilla-suppression campaign in the South. Russia is a vassal of the hegemon. Justice plays no role in Russian policy making. How pathetic what they chose to do appears. There is no polite word for what Russia has ultimately become, geopolitically, under the guidance of Putin. Paul, your drivel is superb.

I always enjoy the absolute depth of its shallowness. You have raised to an art form the preposterous. Yet here you are already arrogantly making demands of other commenters and pompously playing net nanny like you owned the place. This may be the truth, but most importantly it seems that the Russia falls pray as a result of an attempt to participate in the World events like Olympics, Football Championships.

May I bring back the memories of: At the end the price of victory was horrible and USA had marched in Europe. Russia has feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor Stockholm Syndrome says it all! First of all all these Russia these and Chinese that…. Does Kim inform Putin or Xi about his plans before carrying them out? Exactly, Had Kims talk to China, China would have say lets build a road to south and make your people filthy rich.

Instead Kims prefer the free hand outs and provoking wars that will cost unspeakable amount of lives include our own children. Why should Chinese support his actions? Why China should not condemn him? Apparently, this is a done deal: What better way to do it than concoct some pretext he knew in advance to result in a vote against the US? Any moron would have known that his Jerusalem declaration was going to be so unpopular worldwide that attaching to it a threat of slashing down the UN budget would make it… unavoidable!

Nothing happens randomly or by coincidence. Closing our bases worldwide and bringing our military back home? This vote is readily explained by the politics of enlightened self interest. It is not in the national interest of China or Russia to allow North Korea to have a massive nuclear weapons program. Today NK is a very limited threat to the U. And, liquid fueled missiles that can be destroyed pre-launch. On the other hand, current bombs could be put on a plane, ship, or truck and be smuggled into China for immediate use.

China needs the number of NK devices as small as possible so they can keep track of every one of them. Putin is playing the long game. Currently, Russia is keeping its Chechnya problem in check by installing a strong regional leader and exporting hard cases such as the Boston bombing, Tsarnaev brothers. Ultimately, this is not a permanent solution. When the next flare up happens, Chechen terrorists with rogue nukes would be a threat to the homeland.

Putin is also playing a short game. Iran and Russia are having a quiet struggle for influence in the Middle East. S it wanted for its proxy militia offensive into Israel.

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Why is Korea demand free protection but refuse to consider protectors point of views? Timothy Renner Whether presented comedically in popular culture or explored cumpara acum acest produs. Mac11 With this type of rocket, once the engines fire, there nothing to be done except wait. Mark can't reignite a war when it never was a "war" it was a "conflict" and it really never was won or ended. This comment s not directed at Koenig, btw.

I have to give Putin credit where it is due. He is delivering a master class in how to wield political influence. Have the Iranian proxy forces, Hezbollah, launched their planned offensive into Isreal? I think it is fairly clear that they have not……. Are you a Zionist troll? To answer the last question, those with nukes have power over those without nukes. Those with power never give it up or allow it to be diluted voluntarily.

There is a very good chance the that the conflict between Israel and Palestinians would have been resolved peacefully long time ago if Palestinians had nukes to force Israel to negotiate in good faith. Of course there is the real danger of widely available nukes falling into the hands of truly irresponsible state of non-state actors, which could be a problem.

The US waged a horrendous war in the fifties on NK and in fact are still at war with them, because the US refuses to sign a peace deal. A useful reference article on the history of american nuclear weapons deployments to s. It ends with rebuttal to arguments promoting a return of u. As the zionazi quisling trump regime is no doubt harboring such a deployment, more to threaten Russian and China with a first strike, this nonsense needs to be acknowledged and killed now.

Those early gadgets were heavy and awkward, and the US military fought with the AEC, which owned them, over possession.

North Korea – UNSC’s – 15 : 0; – Choking a Country into Submission

The aircraft, a B, burned, being an aircraft full of gasoline. The gadget did not detonate or Susun marsh would have been blasted away. His excellency General Travis died in the burn. Or so I remember. The gadget and the aircraft were going to Korea… Stuff happens. B 29 has engines that tended to self-immolate and which were of magnesium — a flammable metal well known to first year chemistry students as suitable for fun and games…. Has anyone ever considered that North Korea serves the same purpose to China as the Donbass to Russia. North Korea is a buffer state between China and the puppet states of the Empire.

POKÉMON IN UKRAINE: Tactical War Game Introduction Manual

If allowed to happen, there would no longer be a reason for foreign troops to be stationed in South Korea. This is something the Anglo-American-Zionist elites would never accept. A strong, united Korea would also mean unwanted economic competition for Japan. Therefore, Japan wants two weakened Koreas held in a constant state of tension.

US intelligence agencies would love to invade North Korea to eliminate the competition. The presence of abundant raw materials is an added incentive. China would never allow North Korea to be invaded, so what is the point of the Empire constantly talking about war? Should Russia or China invade Mexico? Why then, would China allow the Empire to attack a country resting on its border?

Is all of the anti-North Korea rhetoric a way to distract the American people from more important issues? News about North Korea? Change the channel, please. I remember that Russia is nomore part if UNSC, it is corrupt wester coalitions and established after nazi Germany…you really think they do anything that US doesnt want..? Sactions, war and any kind of blackmailing after agenda 21 agenda Russia and china dont want powerful self-reliant Dprk..

Thats why they voted in support of sanctions. NK is not a self reliant state. NK is a state control by a crazy man who has no regard to any one and demands handouts. Why would anyone want it. If it had pursued road of conciliation with SK, it had far more chance of being self reliant, strong state. Right now, it is a mouse that roars. They say that Mr Kim and NK are about to launch a orbiting machine, early warning, or whatever, it puts them firmly inside the club….

Of course there are pictures of tankers, but we have no diea if these are from recent times, or even imaginary constructs… The point is that they say it now…today. All timed for something close now. The figure was given in a secret diplomatic cable from then British ambassador to China, Alan Donald. Previous estimates of the deaths in the pro-democracy protests ranged from several hundred to more than 1, Not aligned with my tastes, but really interesting site with a large historical component dealing with deception and propaganda in War….

People say crazy things, sometimes, like this: OBOR too, as they are part of one policy…. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order…. DOB November 8, ; nationality, Pakistan. If war criminal Margaret Thather the witch of UK could say that her puny borrowed nuke from America called Polaris would reduce Russia to to ashes and make russia think twice about attack and when the whole british populace rejoiced at her saying that she would attack Russia with nukes especially when Russia had Missiles which on combat alert reached their largest number in 2, missiles, including 1, ICBMs.

At the same time, the largest number of warheads on combat alert was registered in 10, Again when that puny so. If China opposes North Korea then. Then China will have deserved what is coming her way from the west. Betraying allies to please arch enemies is loser way practised by Russia and china. With such background, it turns out to be pretty insane not to develop enough deterrence in order to prevent Pindostan from invading North Korea.

The UN is not merely debilitated and useless as the the League of Nations was, but actually nefarious, as it stands today usurped to the core by the very parasite it is supposed to combat. It became under American dictate all too eager to stifle and coerce rather than investigate or conciliate.

Russia has betrayed her ally again as was intended by the enenies of russia to show the world that in any war rusdia is an unreliable partner and thus must be left alone yo fight her war. Russia is really isolted because of her folly and her too clever by half tactics to sacrifice her allies to please her enemies. Not for nithing has russia been attacked so many times. The UN is nothing but a useful good for the US to vilify nations that are not vassal states of the US and to provide legitimacy for the war crimes of the US and its vassal and puppet states. The UN lost all credibility and is a useless organization except for as a US tool that needs to be disbanded; the sooner the better.

As it is, the UN is unfit for purpose, either pushing the US agenda as here or in regards to North Korea and Ukraine, or doing absolutely nothing e. UN has lost its legitimacy. It always interferes only when western terrorists are in dire straight. It has allowed saudis to attack yemen with impunity. Putin is stupid traitor to still talk about supporting UN. Treacherous Russia — https: Russian treachery against her allies like north korea ,syrua ,libya, iraq and iran where russia helped anglos to impose sanctions through UNSC.

For DPRk these programs demonstrate the will of a people to maintain its soverenty rather than become another vassal NWO state. In other words China. Russia has betrayed her ally again as was intended by the enenies of russia to show to the world that in any war russia is an unreliable partner and thus must be left alone to fight her war. Russia is realy isolated because of her folly and her too clever by half tactics to sacrifice her allies to please her enemies.

Not for nothing has russia been attacked so many times from the west. The Korean state is years old. They had book printing years before Gutenberg. Luxury jeeps on the streets of Pyongyang suggest the country is not as poor as people say. Korea, particularly nuclear war, it will be a disaster for Russia too. North and South Koreans think of themselves as one nation, one race, and both are fiercely nationalistic and look down on other races.

The two countries are much closer emotionally than people in the West realize. Foreigners are enemies in North and South alike. Korea has a complex caste system which is officially supported. It has 51 castes. Korea abandoned Marxism in the s!

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Government decisions are made collectively — it is not an autocracy headed by Kim. Government and army extremely rational in their behavior. A very tough, united people prepared to fight for their lives. People trained for nuclear war, not intimidated by it. Korea has diplomatic relations with nations, but not with US. Koreans are ready to fight, and not afraid of war. Impossible to bring this proud people to their knees. Russia and china always betray their allies in order to please their anglisaxon enemies.

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West Coast Wild Men: Timothy Renner Whether presented comedically in popular culture or explored cumpara acum acest produs. Hiking the West Coast of Vancouver Island: An Updated and Comprehensive Trail Guide. Produsul a fost adaugat cu succes in lista de produse favorite. Produsul a fost sters cu succes din lista de produse favorite. Inchide Cos de cumparaturi. Produsul a fost adaugat cu succes in cosul tau de cumparaturi.

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