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300 Inspiring Life Quotes That Will Change You (Forever)
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Positive & Inspirational Life Quotes

It was this purpose that gave his life meaning. The only certainty is today. Why mar the beauty of living today by trying to solve the problems of a future that is shrouded in ceaseless change and uncertainty - a future that no one can possibly foretell? If you are carrying strong feeling about something that happened in your past, they may hinder your ability to live in the present.

You have to get rid of them. Les Brown , Live Your Dreams: Andrew Carnegie , The Gospel of Wealth: Without beauty, love, or danger it would almost be easy to live. You'll never escape it alive anyway. Vibrant life is surely God's intent. The true test takes place when we are faced with challenges. Stop Making These 50 Excuses! You don't know who is watching, listening, or learning from you. It can do the same for you. Only those that are motionless in their graves have reached their end, not you, not me.

Yet we watch people pass through the latter part of their lives with little or no celebration of that achievement. But that is exciting news. It means we can choose the life we want for ourselves. They give up too easily, or they stop figuring out how to improve their lives and those around them. They encourage us to improve our talents and stretch and challenge our intellectual and physical abilities. That becomes a mantra for them, a way of life, a philosophy and a doctrine, a life companion and a collection of self-regulating instincts that become etched on their subconscious mind.

Malone, The Art of Delegation: They flourish by doing two critical things well: Identifying the most important activities or habits related to their goals. Repeating these activities every day. Our Grandmother stories are truly a powerful gift in our life. Our objective should be to live, really live, all the days of our lives, through joys, disasters, threats, sunshine and storms. More Quotes about Life: Can you accept my definition about life????? I love him so much…and he does not at all…….

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After knowing also that he does not loves me I am waiting for a magic lamp to light the lamp in his hearth…. I am in love wit a gal who is working wit me in my office. She is the one who approached me first and started talking to me. Now everything got changed and she said that we can be Frds.

So she stopped chatting and looking at me and now making fun of me with her colleagues for the messages and emails that I have sent during her absence. But I feel like there is something good or great in loving someone blindly and keep on waiting for her..!! I would love to receive your qutoes whenerver you send them out. Please send to my email address:. Let it be and free, so that you can do it freely to your life as in LIFE. Succcess is not Final. Failure is not Fatal. It is the Courage to Continue that counts. Need to think what is blocking our mind to make a prompt action…..

This qoutes really give the courage to change my life and to love and appreciate the world. More love to change myself and my world. Chivalry is not dead ladies and gentleman. Gandy March 3, This quotes are really great! I was looking for something for my team — how to keep standing against the ever changing circumstances of children. This help me to show them the way. People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you.

Pick every flaw you have just to make THEM feel better.

The Best Life Quotes Ever

They might think of how annoying, ugly, and stupid you are. But why care what they think! Just be happy XD Be your self. Every single day i live i feel myself no reason to live. But the day i go through this pages the extravagance in the words makes me relax from embarrassment i live with. There is nothin in this world that would make me down again. So thank you so much and long live inpirational quote.

These r good quotes….. I wish these quotes couldve helped but they only left me torn…. These words are words of wisdom….. Thanks for the comment, love hearing from enthusiastic, aware people like you! The pics illustrate the meaning and worth of the quotes further and better.

I collect these quotes for our school and write it on a common board everyday for everyone to see and inspire. Its bee quite helpful. I have a project now…. I love how you have combined a great collection of inspirational quotes with a variety of powerful images — this combination really allows the quotations to sink in. Appreciate the thoughtful comment, it took me hoursss to do this and was a moment of pure inspiration from 11pm — 5am one September night in ! Rock on my friend. This is a mind opening. The inspiration you give me, its more then the world could offer me. The serenity prayer is by St Francis of Assisi ….

Everyone has to struggle even though some humans have to struggle more than others to achieve their dream. It always depends on how high and how wide you want to go with your dream for how many struggles you will have. I really liked the quote, they keep reminding one self that we here to live this life and face different challeges it contains.

I was going to do something terrible with my life because of some recent problems that I encountered. Your quotes gave me a new vision and attitude towards the life. I will now do what is correct and needs to be done to the situation to correct rather than ending it forever. I am so happy to hear that, Harsh!! Your life is precious and amazing, please treat it as such. Tap into your inner strength and never give up on yourself! You are here for a reason and make a difference whether you know it or not. Take care xo, Tia. I love the inspirational quotes.

Thanks so much for sharing. Do you mind if I borrow some? I have a small forum and would love to use some on my Inspirational Quote thread. Very thoughtful and helpful advice, for inspiration and personal development. Hi , Find your blog very informative. As I am also running a similar blogs on Quotes. Would like you visit my blog as well and suggest me to improve it.. Will visit your blog regularly.

Ask yourself what kind of children you are leaving in this world. Your life is like an empty book. The front cover,your birth, the back your death. The story you put in the middle is upto you. Yesterday is behind us Todays almost over and Tomorrow aint promised to us so stay bleesed keep smileing an stay positive. People have always critisized me for being an extreme optimist and i love reading things like this bc it just reinforces the positive energy inside me.

Your website, hard-work, passion and care is cheering me up and giving me a needed perspective when needed. Life is a lion fight. So chin up, put your shoulders back, walk proud, strut a little. I read them everyday because the quotes motivates me every day and also improvises me in thinking positive.

If love is what you seek, then do not expect to find it. If hope is what you want, then look high and low, and if peace is what you need, look within yourself. Thank you for the wonderful quotes. I enjoyed reading everyone of them. Please keep writing them. I stumbled on this website by accident and so glad I did. Some of these are exactly what I need right now. Thought provoking as well as stimulating enough to go for it.

Keep Smiling and Stay Winning. I use your inspirational thoughts to encourage my hospice volunteers. Thank you so much. Pamela Chaffin Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. For inspirational quotes I also recommend The Reader Facebook page. I believe thoughts become things,and therefor I promise myself to think positive and persevere with my dreams.

I really like this website of positive life quotes and think your website readers would enjoy a book called The Little Things and Such. Its a writing journal with motivational poems and quotes and reflection questions. Really did love it. Try to enjoy the every moment of life. Think about 2day not 4 future,…cause 2day is the future. One is though nothing is a miracle, the other is that everything is a miracle. Hi Tia, Thanks for sharing these beautiful quotes, they are such an inspiration! I think it call retail therapy and I totally agree with Gertrude!

Thanks for the thought seriously.

42. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop – Gertrude Stein.

Some thoughts are often related to my life n it also inspire me that how to come out from the deep problems seriously thank you so much n really u r doing a nice job. Your past matters but your present matters than your past and your future matter most than your present. If u want your present to be better than your past, correct your past, if you want your future to far better than your present; work on your present….. Hi Tia I just read your quotes today.

These helped me to lift my spirit up… Keep on creating such beautiful quotes…. Your collection of quotes were like a sweet fresh rain falling on my overworked, dried out brain. I came out refreshed and ready to meet the day. I wish you would continue to find more quotes to publish because the world has become a cesspool of stagnant thoughts. We all need comments that lift us instead of pulling us down into the mire. Tia , feeling good to read all articles..

These quotes could be applied to so many diff life situations! I run a relationships website and each and every quote here should be heard by a heartbroken-devastated-depressed-sad person. Those who feel like they are stuck in an unhappy relationship should understand that it is THEM who can make that change!

I did everything they told me to do. Im so alone, and I know theres other people like me, but where. I physically, emotionally, and mentally cannot do this thing called living anymore. We see them the way WE are — Talmud This is so true. If we have negativity in our mind, we will never able to see any good thing. Having a positive attitude for life is the key to real happiness. Your Life Your Way — 75 Best Kickass inspirational quotes on life love happiness change and gr…I hope you enjoyed this post.

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A place where change makers connect. And here for […]. Your email address will not be published. There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. How you do one thing, is how you do everything. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Comments Wonderful stuff thanks Tia.

I like your qoutes. How can i get some? Thanks for putting that together! Thanks so much for the inspiration!! Thanks for dropping by!

Quotes about Life

Very heart touching quotes love it. Thanks for tolerating this old man. I look at it a few times a day, too! Hi Tia, Awesome list! Thanks for sharing the list with us Tia! Hey guys, I love the posts here! Hi Tia, I love your webpage! My absolute honour, Oliver! What a glorious list of quotes and pictures. I love number Thanx very much for the sweet words it has really help me.

Can you please send me some updates. Ride the energy of your own unique spirit…. I love this website it is so amazing and gave me some amazing sayings xoxo. Awesome set of quotes!

Positive Quotes About Life - Inspirational Life Quotes To Live By

Amazing quotes and really inspirational…. I loved the collection. Am really moved by these inspiring quotes… thanks. Fell deeply in love with this site ASAP. Treatment is a great beginning, aftercare determines how you finish — David Paur. You can be called by your actions. I use this for facebook all the time its very usefull. I really feel the lines especially about life.. To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance — Oscar Wilde. If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people He gave it to. They are very lifechanging and inspirational!!!

So true to lifs…. This site has cheered me up tremendously-well done! Really awesome quotes 4 ever…! Being isnpired by qoutes dat were writin by men wu reali wanted 2 mke da world a beta place,,,. I love beautiful quotes about life and I love those pictures added by you. Quotes really lifted my spirits….

Like All of Qoutes Inspired me…. Awesome i read these everyday…just loved it. Iam really inspired keep it up in box me too. Life is the ever evolving world so follow your map and find the x.

Quotes on Life Experiences

If it changes your life, let it. Hi dear Tia,these inspirational web can change the life of many people once and foreever. Elizabeth Kenny Click to tweet. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference — Reinhold Niebuhr. Best collection i love it. If you do that, you're in control of your life. May 6, at 7:

You have to get the bad times to really appreciate the good times. Dont say dont if do can do! Commit to ur soul mate.. If not u will always look back n wonder…. Always b positive n look at situations like a rainbow n treasure will reward eventually…. Live according to Gods will and all will flourish…. A genuine wonderful mind is born from a beautiful soul…. Exquisite she may be but only a sensitive inner eye will see…. Only with faith are all things possible…. Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet shed on the heel that crushed it.

Thank you for posting such wonderful inspiration! This Joy should be shared!! LOve the Tupac quote, thanks for sharing!

You shouldnt cry about your shoes if you are lucky enough to have feet. True happiness is to be able to enjoy the things you already have. Fear is a great possession to distribute to those unworthy of trust or respect. Very inspiring and nice.. Everybody should keep and refresh always for better living. True friends will be there to help you through problems not create them. These inspirational quotes inspired me. Hi, Wonderful inspirational quotes. This was great — I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the quotes.

We take lot of time to understand this…. God bless us all women! I feel better the quotes they are inspiring thank you. Keep on inspiring us. I like it much.. It also inspired me! After knowing also that he does not loves me I am waiting for a magic lamp to light the lamp in his hearth… But I am seriously missing him and not understanding how to continue my future with out him.

Oh my God, each and every quote was so amazing and motivational. Please send to my email address: Nice sharing of quotes. Love it, thank you. Love these quotes, brightened my day: Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration! Wow i love these quotes. Follow that small voice within yourself to choose the Right and Do it! Thanks the quotes are so true.

Be with them who know what they have when they have U ……….. I like this inspirational qout….. These are good inspirational poems especially in a moment of grief. These quotes truly are an inspiration many thanks for these. Have a great day. Just what i needed to keep me going!!! Your not what youve done but its what you do today that defines who you are.

Thanks Tia for the wonderful pool of the quotes. Reading them helped lift my spirits. Motivational messages very good and you looking great. Enjoy the truth i find in the quotes…had to share them with my friends Thanks. Hi Nomsa, could you email me at tia at coachtia dot com, thanks! Inspirational quotes are food of the soul.

Am so blessed with all there quotes. Awesome, thanks Tia, thanks for sharing. We have a choice in life, and we decide to be in where we are, what we are. Live life, choose a wonderful one. I Have read some of the quotes and really find it very inspirational. Post as many as you can!! Very very very inspiring!!! Very inspirin its a life changer God bless u. Thank you all who are working for it. Thanks for sharing Good inour life.

God Bless you and all. It was realy very inspiring …. And I wanna see the tattoo! It is very helpful. I just want to say that d quotes r inspiration, it keeps us going in life.

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Thanks for your great quotes.