Wuthering Heights and Other Works by the Brontë Sisters (Halcyon Classics)

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geofillatatma.tk/statue-walked.php They do create the perfect gothic picture of a tragic family, alone on the moors, the mother dead, two older sisters also gone, and eccentric father and tragic older brother. It isn't hard to imagine why they have become such a myth and a force of fiction. Lucasta Miller does an excellent job trying to piece together their lives and deconstruct the forces behind their works. I enjoyed reading her theories and I loved how she mixed a bit of biography, myth and intrepretation of their novels all into one very enjoyable read. She did spend most of the novel discussing Charlotte, but I thought that she did the best job she could trying to include Emily and Anne with what little information is available on them.

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Emily will always be such a recluse, unobtaniable figure in literary history. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a little more information about the Brontes and how they affected writers and other novels since. In actuality, the novel is broken down in two parts focusing on the lives of Charlotte and Emily, while mostly ignoring the less fascinating Anne. I would have enjoyed a little more information on Anne since I felt like the book was somewhat incomplete with only a single chapter dedicated to her and the rest of the book on the two elder sisters.

However with that being said, I still found this book to be exceptionally thought-provoking, making me question what I thought I knew about the lives of Charlotte and Emily Bronte. The Bronte myth consists of preconcieved ideas of the Bronte family, wherein Elizabeth Gaskell's boigraphy of Charlotte's life is somewhat erroneous. She portrays the Bronte family as brooding and depressed, their father as a villian. She implies they have a secluded childhood, and Charlotte is basically sexless and pious. The myth of the Bronte family has survived down to our day. I did enjoy the book, reading about the Bronte's early life, the difference between who they truly were, and what the preconcieved notion of them has been.

My great fault with the book is that while Charlotte, the Bronte who perhaps the most is known about, is discussed at length, we hear less of the other sisters, though a large portion is devoted to the elusive Emily.

And in that way I feel as if I know as little about Anne as I did before reading this book. It makes me seem as though we are all content to pass over and not acknowledge this very talented woman from a very talented family.

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Wuthering Heights and Other Works by the Brontë Sisters

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Please try again later. For the price, this book collection is obviously a great deal. When I received my Kindle, I was already in the process of reading Wuthering Heights, and I therefore wanted the e-book to continue my reading. I was pleased with the price, as well as the inclusion of the other Bronte novels, as I wish to read Jane Eyre next. However, I was disappointed when I received the book because there was no table of contents.

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Luckily Wuthering Heights was the first part of the collection. Attempting to find the beginning of the other novels is difficult. I tried searching "Jane Eyre" and was only given instances where her name was mentioned in context. I had to choose one of those and page backwards to find the beginning of the book.

Also, within the books themselves, it's nearly impossible to find the chapters, although the chapter headings are clearly labeled. Also, I recall that in my text version of Wuthering Heights, explanations of certain words were included in the footnotes, as well as the translation of certain characters' dialects.

These are not included in the e-version although the description never indicated it would, and therefore one should not expect the footnotes. The word descriptions were useful but not necessary. However, without the footnotes, I have a very hard time understanding Joseph. I would like to see other versions available with footnotes. This novel is more like a young girls journal. I felt like I had found Agnes' diary and was reading it, with her permission, of course.

Delightful even though it is very low key. One person found this helpful. While I thoroughly enjoyed Jane Eyre, I couldn't get into Wuthering Heights which in my opinon should be titled "Two crazy people make each other miserable and proceed to destroy the next generation. I'm not going to make the argument that Jane Eyre is filled with any less damaged or neurotic characters, but at least they acted like human beings to each other -- on the balance and with one extremely arguable exception.

Wuthering Heights and Other Works by the Brontë Sisters by Emily Brontë

I discovered I was in error. I have always heard what a great love story Wuthering Heights was. Imagine my surprise when I read it and found out it was a tale of abuse and horror, not love. If you like the macabre then Wuthering Heights should be a good read. It was a wonderful story which was told in 19th Century. It is full of nice sketching of human characters and nature.

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If it has been written today, it, probably would be classified as "soap". Are not the soaps the mirrors of the real lives? Another thing which I would like to say as a senior reader over 60 y. Thank you all for your kind services. Movie was better slow read.