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follow But when a mysterious murder is revealed, remembering the past becomes the only way George can protect himself—and his young family. This novel is much more than The Omen for the latte generation, and Evans cleverly subverts expectations at every turn. Combine[s] mind-bending storytelling with excellent prose. After months of accepting his lame excuses and strange behavior, his wife demands that he see a therapist, and George, desperate to save his unraveling marriage and redeem himself as a father and husband, reluctantly agrees. And when a mysterious murder is revealed, remembering the past becomes the only way George can protect himself—and his young family.

He previously worked in business development at the New York Times. Evans manages to take a familiar concept and infuse it with psychological depth and riveting suspense. Evans subtly evokes terror and anxiety with effective understatement.

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The economic disaster that has come to define the region is brought out through the characters lives, four of which have come back to the city for various reasons. Since Markley attended the Iowa Writers' Workshop under Ethan Canin, I was surprised to see a few passages early on that seemed both over-wrought and overwritten. Fortunately, this section did finally end, and when the next sections were somewhat less overwritten, I came to understand that all of the weird imagery was I guess? I try not to be drawn in by the book covers but this one took me back. View all 74 comments.

The intelligence and humanity of this thriller should help launch it onto bestseller lists. Evans delivers a creepy and entertaining story full of perfectly written characters. Man, did this get under my skin in the very best way. Get ready to face your demon. The result is a literary thriller of the first order.

Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. About A Good and Happy Child A young man reexamines his childhood memories of strange visions and erratic behavior to answer disturbing questions that continue to haunt him and his new family in this psychological thriller named a Washington Post best book of Inspired by Your Browsing History. Looking for More Great Reads? Tyler, a young rabbit, is on a shopping trip with his mother.

For Tyler, there is no doubt. In a store window, he sees a red car. There's something about the light glinting on the shiny surface of the toy car that he finds irresistible. He begins to beg his mother for the red car. She tells him that if he does everything he is asked and obeys all the rules at home without complaint, he may just find that car waiting for him on his birthday. After supper, he obeys again, putting away all his toys. When Tyler sees Freddy sitting alone, crying, he realizes there is something he can do to help. This devotional offers fifty-two weekly truths to ponder, each followed by one to three appropriate Bible verses.

An online search for weekly devotionals results in theme-based ones on joy, uplifting, etc.

Along the way in this journey in life, there are hurt, distractions, roadblocks, and unexpected paths. These are universal experiences. Ann is aware of this, and she addresses them here, through her poetry, through words. Surrounded by Syria and Israel, except for a western coastline that meets the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon has long been rattled by religious and political differences both within its borders and outside. His exodus created strong conflicting emotions, which energize his story. Contrasting perspectives show joy for escaping a war-torn county, then shame for abandoning it; love for those who stayed to rebuild, but hate for those who tolerated despots; courage for overcoming many hardships, but despair that romantic love eludes him.

A secret English garden in the hood quietly thrives throughout the year and welcomes animals, birds, and insects who arrive as its special guests. In spring, as flowers bloom in all their beauty, the garden prepares to greet birds that glide, dance, and sing. A resting frog, a wandering dog, cats, a shy rabbit, playful squirrels, turtles, and even a lost deer are all visitors at the garden. Summer arrives with blooming annual flowers, while autumn brings brown leaves, withered flowers, and rough damp mist.

Winter comes last, bringing snow and icicles, and the garden waits for the sun to return in early spring, when its story can begin again. This photographic journey of the covered bridges of Oregon provides lovely images of these picturesque structures while also providing historical details and intriguing anecdotes for each bridge. The contents of this sprawling coffee table book explore the practical purposes and aesthetic appeal of a covered bridge.

Their rustic charm and romantic allure cannot be denied, but covering a bridge is also a valued protective measure that lengthens and strengthens the lifespan of a bridge. Hunnicutt effectively captures both the idyllic qualities of the sites he photographs and the facts of their creation and use. Hill has constructed an intriguing collection of daily meditations based on her own thoughts, biblical quotations, and the ideas of others.

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The book follows a calendar format, arranged by week and beginning January 1st. At the beginning of each 7-day segment, there is a short lead-in message.

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The book concludes with a discourse on holidays which examines their meaning and their application to our lives. Using her personal experience as an ambitious woman in a male-dominated field, this advice book for women is an honest study of what to expect in the work environment. The author tackles subjects such as balancing work and family, dealing with pre-conceived notions and stereotypes, presenting a strong and appropriate business presence, and using awareness of the differences in how men and women utilize language to an advantage.

Most tennis players begin their careers in youth. Newton caught the "bug" at thirty.

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With the support of his wife, this educator eventually quit academia to become a full-time teaching pro. Thomas Yacht Club where their father taught for thirteen years. His wife Rosanna aka Bernice became his scorekeeper. Fusing poetic essays with photo-collage pieces of art, this artistic debut from the author is designed to contrast and draw a strong response from the reader. Containing 16 self-described self-portraits and 20 essays that function both as verse and prose, Franklin lays her perspective and feelings on the page for all to see.

Tackling strong issues such as race, economic disparity, mental health, modern life, and life as an American, each piece whether visual or written focuses on a different subject, sometimes working in tandem to emphasize a point. This is the story of two twin planets: Earth and Aquario Prime. Set several years in the future where space travel has been discovered, civilization on Earth is floundering.

The land and its people have been ravaged by environmental destruction and corruption as Big Pharma has taken a hold on society and become a power practically immune to the government. Weapons smuggling, terrorist attacks, and a new virus outbreak cause complications for both planets and their governments. Tom Clark has secured a good spot in life, working as a White House reporter and following the President around, waiting for scoops.

When the apparent suicide of a childhood friend occurs in a very public Washington D. As the journalist noses deeper into his friend's death, he uncovers a scandal on a national scale that someone will do anything to keep quiet. Putting an end to it hinges on the correspondence left behind by a tormented homosexual man, entrusted to none other than Tom.

This intriguing treatise is a collaborative effort between a medical specialist in nuclear and internal medicine, a biophysical innovator and professor of physiology, and a cancer researcher and professor of radiology specializing in early cancer detection. These three are joined by a spiritual guru and Divine Mentor as well as a spiritual intern and disciple. All five of these co-authors share a profound sense of self and God from having served as spiritual interns, disciples, and devotees under the guidance of a Divine Mentor.

Author Chaudhuri attributes some of the conclusions of this book to the knowledge and wisdom he acquired during a near-death experience. Each of the authors has attained spiritual knowledge through meditation which they believe leads them closer to understanding God as the electromagnetic energy of the mind.

Otherwise, all that happens on earth, even human consciousness, is merely an illusion. Darth, the pupil of the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth, is sent to the mortal realm to be tested. Reincarnated as a young man, Darth is serious and contemplative, eventually becoming a healer for his community and the surrounding areas. As he approaches the age of 30, Darth begins to fall in love with a server at the local tavern and begins a slow but cautious process of courting her.

Just as he finds his boldness and makes his move, dark forces conspire to permanently remove him from his desire. Accepting a prolonged exile instead of a grimmer fate, Darth leaves town and embarks on a pilgrimage, studying with peers and gurus, learning about the beauty of the natural world and the depths of human existence. Some are long, spiritual works concerning her love for and relationship to God.

Others are heartbreaking musings on the death of her husband of forty-four years. Many are short, fun rhymes written to friends. Collected from years of writings, these poems range from the reflective to the witty. Also included, is a chapter of stories about her three sons and some of the humorous and challenging aspects of parenthood. The Moon is colonized, and a newly discovered planet, Yahire, is a popular vacation spot. When the project fails, there are cataclysmic earthquakes and billions of deaths.

Soon Earth will break apart, and all will die. Jonathan Bailey, is in charge of Mantle and must somehow avert this doomsday scenario. Meanwhile, Russell, who has always felt he had a special spiritual destiny, leaves his wife and children in search of a reclusive guru who may be able to offer a very different sort of solution.

This book of symbolic and metaphorical poetry is a study of life with all its complexities and problems, its dangers and uncertainties, its highs and lows, and its ultimate, unavoidable end. Containing a preface and prologue, both also written in poetic form, the book is divided into one major section followed by five themed sub-sections.

Blanche Passes Go (Blanche White series Book 4) by Barbara Neely

Using the image of a bridge as the connection between past and present, present and future, and life and death, Bongjoh creates an accessible metaphor. His writing is honest and unapologetic. The author introduces the reader to this lively story by relaying a message for moms and dads with kids from ages 2 to 7 that fears are normal.

Each story presents the animals or situations that the character Alli fears, such as bees, monsters, clowns, shots, and Halloween. Grandpa and Alli have a conversation in which the loving grandfather helps his grandchild talk further about the fear and reframes the situation in a way that helps the youngster move on from being afraid. Suddenly and without warning, a bottle of whiskey falls from the sky and lands upright on the table of a brewery with matching branding.

Donna White-Davis

Shortly thereafter, a giant spaceship destroys the moon. Living among a host of aliens and dealing with concern over the fate of his home planet and the encroaching realization that The Embassy is his home planet given his cloned state, Sammie attempts to find both meaning and normalcy in an increasingly bizarre world. Former pro-athlete Rachel Haslett is given a class A, minor league baseball team by her father, a hard-driving, successful businessman.

She is determined to find success with the team and to shake things up by hiring an all-female staff and marketing the team with a sexy logo and ad campaign called Honeyball that proves controversial. In this book, one can enjoy two novels in one, each unrelated except for their mutual Australian setting.

The first book is a tale of a close friendship between two men that is disguised as a gritty crime caper. Morris and Spider are tangled in a life of wrongdoing yet long to escape it. Lively descriptions of people and place animate a standard plot: What really shines are the sympathetic descriptions of Spider and Morris and their unusual, even humorous, reactions to their situation and each other. The inner workings of level-headed, kind Morris and his deceptively shallow sidekick, Spider, beg to be unfolded, perhaps in a well-crafted short story.

James is a serial womanizer. When the work is done, the family moves on to the next town to fill another contract. From a young age, Gail has lived in many different houses from Arkansas to Texas, and her childhood unfurls lovingly in a time when communities cared for one another and raised each other up together through shared traditions and values. He views the world through the journey of a soul, traveling through darkness and light. He carefully reminds us that not all human experience is shared or universal, but all of us, as humans, do feel love, loss, beauty, and despair.

His poems address our need for identity, the fear of the unknown, of loneliness, alienation, and anxiety prevalent among humans. He is particularly fascinated with the complexities of our earthly lives and the terrifying wonders of what awaits us in the beyond. While the compilation contains a range of poems and short stories that can appeal to a wide audience, the central theme undoubtedly revolves around faith and family.

The strength of faith and family shines throughout, creating an aura of positivity that overlooks poetic techniques. In an attempt to eliminate the stigma around mental health, Brighten delivers a heartbreaking yet raw and stirring collection of poems that depict just how addiction gradually makes the individual bereft of personality and life. As the speaker, Liz Dunmire, journeys through addiction, the audience will be inspired by the authenticity of her words and, ultimately, the message she is trying to convey to those who have suffered from addiction.

Dedicating this assortment of folk poems, old photos, and sketches to Prince, Judy Garland, and Elvis, Webb masterfully portrays the predicament of humanity as getting stuck in the clouds of wishes and fantasies in the quest of reaching the stars of genuine happiness. Seemingly using the various phases of a hot balloon ride as a metaphor for life, Kihm weaves together myriad topics and references to icons—ranging from Jackson Pollock and Octavio Paz to Carl Jung and Socrates.

Through the use of short lines, thought-provoking imagery, and an expert command of enjambment, Kihm maintains a swift pace and infuses the poetry with energy. This is a scholarly work published posthumously by the author's children. Nablisi's credentials are impressive—including a Ph. The subject of this intriguing, in-depth work is the ancestry and evolution of the black race, especially the North American blacks.

In this complex yet fascinating study, Nablisi argues, "I would concur with the thesis of the late Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who constantly referred to the black man in North America as being indeed an Asiatic black man. Major characters are composites of actual American Army leaders and their fellow prisoners. The author records the events over a three-year period from extensive diary pages. Other than composite characters, very little is fictional. An esteemed physician bares all, describing his life, professional and personal, with bipolar disorder.

The author trained in medicine without incident and was already a successful physician before his clinical symptoms and diagnosis came about in his late 30s. His life before the diagnosis was filled with exciting moments. Emery writes in an entertaining style about golfing with the Governor of Oregon, performing surgery near the front lines during the Vietnam War, and knowing entertainers and sports stars.

His life was clearly already worthy of a memoir.

Who Were the Remingtons? The Anthology

This book is obviously written by a seasoned professional. McDonald is a retired journalist who paints vivid pictures with words. For example, in explaining that he needs to find things out for himself, he doesn't simply write that he once licked a lighter to see if it was hot. Science fiction, art, history, politics, and more populate the pages of this look into both the past and the future.

What happens when you get a serious case of wanderlust? In the case of Billy White, you leave your life on the farm and head west. While his travels take him through many places, and he runs into many people of all walks of life, his lust for women is one thing that never wanes. Will his passions lead him to where his heart leads him, or will he become furhter entangled in his troublesome lust?

Attractive and witty Mia Elyse of the Rythanian Space Fleet is in a prison cell with little memory of how she arrived there. Elyse finds out she is the enemy of the state after a battle and will be in prison until her hearing in 20 years. She falls asleep, a werewolf bites her, and she encounters a band of allies. One of these allies, Locke, tells her that only the powerful will pass the test that Elyse is about to endure. A journey then begins that includes battles, love affairs, magic, tests of friendship and loyalty, questionable enemies, monsters, war, adventure, and the dead being brought to life.

In a shocking story twist at the end of the book, Elyse is forced to make a choice that will impact her friends, lover, and future forever. But Samoa embodies a much earlier culture, lore, and legend. Interwoven in the descriptions of places in this guide are old photos showing how the islands appeared at the earliest incursion of foreigners along with vivid color illustrations of modern-day attractions.

The collection begins in the village of Fagatogo on the island of Tutuila, one of the most naturally protected harbors in the Pacific. Its name denotes the mangrove trees that used to grow in the bay, but which were later uprooted for a wharf and coaling station by the US Naval Administration.

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Another example among the places described is the village of Leona, named after an ancient famine time. Leona is important to the native political structure and carries memories of a mysterious ringing sound that used to be heard in the nearby mountains. Rudy Barabbas, a Jamaican cab driver trying to eke out a living in San Antonio, Texas to create a better life for him and his girlfriend, ends up involved with dangerous characters as a result. After trying to cheat in a dice game and getting caught, Rudy ends up in the pocket of the Caracara criminal family, working as a courier for contraband using his taxi cab in secret.

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The client is Walter Kneebone, a serial killer known in the area as the Keyhole Killer. This chance meeting puts Rudy in contact with an Ultra Demon named Insidius and places him squarely in the middle of a conflict for the souls of humanity, putting his life in great risk. A hiker in a Rocky Mountain forest loses his balance and falls into a rushing stream, putting his life at risk. Will the plan work, will they save the whole group, or will the hiker and the Shun suffer a tragic fate?

A crisis takes hold of the people of Sky Valley in prehistoric Arizona when a man mysteriously falls from the sky. In a time of great unknowns and grave uncertainty, Fat Badger, who is the Winter Chief of his people, must investigate this strange occurrence with the help of Tall Claw and others committed to keeping the people safe.

Their investigation will take them into the Forbidden Place and through old superstitions about ogres and beasts. The mystery of the falling man stokes ancient fears of the unknown, but as Fat Badger closes in on the answers, he soon discovers that man is to be feared more than beast. Readers are introduced to historical figures as well as gods and goddesses and learn how the actions and choices of these individuals have shaped Yoruba culture and tradition In this age of seemingly endless celebrity worship, where little of lasting value needs to be created to elicit fawning adulation, it is all too easy to lose sight of the dignity, struggles, and achievements of what we too often refer to as ordinary people.

The author of this book has performed a service by recounting the lives of two individuals who could easily fall into the category of Everyman and Everywoman. Yet their true story is anything but ordinary, and it reflects what human beings are capable of overcoming when devotion to one another is unending. Through interviews with the principals and people who knew them well, plus access to the personal letters they shared, a love story unfolds that overcomes distance, war, tragedy, disease, and more.

Theirs is a compelling testament to the power of love. The Tera-Ninjas are the most powerful warriors ever created—a race of superhumans genetically designed to be incredible weapons. With healing abilities twenty times more than that of a regular person, four times the strength, and the ability to manipulate energy particles around them, they are the ultimate weapons of war. Rejected by some nations but embraced by others, the Tera-Ninjas manage to flourish. But when the emperor is murdered, the empire they once thrived in collapses.

This novel is a testament to how engaging stories of the Old West can be. While revenge, an oft-used staple of the genre, centers the plot, the tale also encompasses survival, empowerment, understanding, and renewal. Fortunately, where morals are concerned, the author lets the story speak for itself, without the need for preaching or pretense. In the tradition of Sufism, which developed within Islamic culture, the images of human love are subtly presented as symbolic of the relationship between humans and the divine. In this volume, the poet has chosen the rose as a powerful representation of such love.

Other aspects of love here are depicted variously as fragrance, music, candlelight, and the moon. The verses quietly convey spiritual insight through these conventionally romantic images. This practical, research-based guide for teachers provides a well-organized track through familiar topics related to classroom management tips, techniques, and strategies. Bouie covers the core components of a well-run classroom which include getting to know your students, setting limits and clear classroom procedures, and using time wisely.

She also offers teacher-tested tips for handling discipline and classroom conflicts and for encouraging parental involvement. In the distant future, the galaxy is maintained by The Galactic Union, a collective of planets and societies who promote space exploration and unified peace. The Galactic Union has been locked in a terrible war with the Galani, a hostile race who invade other planets for resources, refuse to join the GU, and engage in deadly, suicidal attacks.

Almost all citizens of all beings in the Galactic Union have three eyes, with their third eyes operating as windows to their souls. But the Galani have sealed their third eyes closed in imitation of an evil race, as a fear and intimidation tactic, and to keep the threat of evil alive.

But what will the Galactic Union do when they come across a supposed greater evil? Recently separated from his wife and children, Detective Sergeant Grant Williams is trying to relax after a difficult murder case when he literally stumbles upon bodies in a mine shaft in the dark. The local force from Tumut, in New South Wales, Australia, does not have the expertise nor drive to handle the case, so Grant is assigned to head the investigation.

Partnering with one of the local constables, the sexy Sophie Laycock, Grant dives into a world of greed, gold, and murder. It was a time when Vietnam would divide the country, peace and love movements would forever alter the countenance of America, and music would adapt to the tune of the shifting heartbeat of the nation.

The narrative primarily follows Sullivan and his close cousin, Bruce Stevenson. Like many boys, they grew up roughhousing, seeking outdoor adventures, and roaming the highways on their motorcycles. As they begin to make lives for themselves, the young men drift apart physically but never lose their connection. However, a moment of selflessness will leave one of them dead and the other searching for a way to make sense of it all. There is a particularly sliced and diced quality to the plot, the principals, and the prose in this novel. Cynthia has a rocky relationship with her boyfriend, Ted, but his latest betrayal is the final straw.

She jumps at the chance to put some space between the two of them and signs up to work on a cruise ship as a hairdresser. Cynthia soon learns, however, that her time working on the high seas is just as complicated as her everyday life. From maintaining performance standards to navigating relationships with co-workers and colleagues, she grapples with the duality of her feelings, human nature, and all that life has to offer.

A woman named Joy, whose autobiography is being offered here in anonymity, is well aware of the truth of the foregoing statement. From her earliest childhood, she suffered various forms of abuse imposed on her by both parents. It took a journey of many years to regain a sense of her own worth. She recalled without too much effort that her parents had punished her physically with beatings that included insults, hitting, caning, and isolation in a stench-filled chicken coop. Her father was a cold man, and as time passed, and Joy had more flashbacks, she realized that, along with the frequent beatings and harsh words, he had sexually abused her.

In the mids, a Canadian woman named Robin Lindsay is traveling through Scotland on a pilgrimage of sorts. Years after the commercial flight her husband was piloting disappeared without a trace, she revisits his homeland to honor his memories and remember some places that they shared.