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Clean streets
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Littered streets convey an attitude of neglect. Increases in heavy rainstorms overload the pipes.

Clean Streets

Keeping the City clean We're keeping the City tidy for you, whether you're visiting, living or working in the Square Mile. Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account. Hide this banner this requires a cookie. Trash in the system makes this problems much worse, causing the overflow of contaminated water to wind up in our rivers and waterways. The street looks tragic and non-sanitary.

Trash in the system makes this problems much worse, causing the overflow of contaminated water to wind up in our rivers and waterways. Weekly sweep-ups with like-minded people can be fun! They leave you with a sense of accomplishment, and your actions will have an immediate impact. We want to help.

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Not only do they collect litter in our Tree Pits , but in our Gutters , too. Do it with with your dog. Do it with your kids. Show them how to see the world in a larger sense, and not to tolerate its abuse.

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The idea is to tend a single tree pit. Add some chips to keep moisture in. Just add about an inch or so.

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This trash eventually washes down into our drinking water through our Storm Drains. Jane Kim believes this valuable program should be expanded with city assistance to deploy more teams throughout the city with a minimum of one per district and more in highly affected districts. Once the crisis of cleaning our public streets has been stabilized, crews could be put to work on landscaping, beautification or other projects that would further enhance jobs skill training.

Waste from businesses

Partnering with the city would allow the current program to expand beyond Community Benefit District — although Kim would also consider expanding those districts themselves — providing assistance to more residential areas of the city. Cities like Hong Kong have thousands of street cleaners. San Francisco has We can do better and have the resources to do so.

As part of this initiative, Kim would double the amount of street cleaners on our streets. Currently the Department of Public Works is largely responsible for street cleaning but its mission also includes sundry other responsibilities and not all properties fall under its purvue.


As Mayor, Jane Kim will appoint a special projects manager — a Clean Street Director — who is directly responsible for ensuring city resources are put to the best use and will be directly accountable to the Mayor and the residents of San Francisco. Jane Kim clearly understands that this is a looming public health crisis — a hepatitis outbreak like that seen in San Diego could hit hundreds of residents and the fatality rate in such a situation could be high.

We must have a coordinated response to clean our streets to also protect our city. As we are able to make in-roads to address the current crisis, Jane Kim will not lose site of the need to make the systemic changes that will help prevent this situation from occurring again. That includes working with top-notch designers and environmental experts to place more trash bins — and to have those bins be ones that cannot be opened except by authorized collectors, helping homeless residents find housing so they are not living on the streets and providing better public outreach so residents are aware of services like large item removal.

Fighting grime one street at a time.

Clean Streets Los Angeles (Clean Streets LA) is a government and community partnership lead by LA Sanitation and Mayor Eric Garcetti to keep Los Angeles. Cleaner streets = better environment. By removing trash, bulky items and hazardous materials from streets we are able to help prevent more.

San Francisco Loves Clean Streets. Partner with non-profit group and Community Benefit Districts to greatly expand deployment of Neighborhood Streets Team which employ homeless individuals to help clean the streets while providing them with job training skills and housing income. Double the number of street cleaners. Background Over the last three years, there has been a sharp uptake in reports of trash, feces, needles, glass and other materials on our street.

Data compiled from confirms this problem has gotten worse. Jane Kim has worked to help reduce public waste: Launching the Pit Stop program to expand access to public restrooms.