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source url Her father was a writer for the Bristol Herald Courier and her mother was, formerly, a fourth grade teacher. A happy, middle class family. They imbibe booze, they schmooze, and on the other side of town, their son was risking everything he had, his future, in a moment of lapsed judgement, acts on an idea involving a party with lots of alcohol, an unconscious girl, and a cell phone. He could never afford to send her there otherwise.

She reaches out to help. If he did this thing he is accused of, she wants him to confess, repent and take responsibility for his actions. Through the alternating thoughts of Nina, Tom, and Lyla, we are able to see the flaws become cracks and then everything erupts. The accusations that flow when Tom approaches the Academy in search of justice for his daughter.

A woman examining what she believes in, what she wants from her life, a town that thrives on gossip and unkind remarks, a husband who has no moral compass, and a young girl desperately in need of someone to listen, and believe in her, too. But that is not to say this is not a love story, only that it is not your soft, happy, tears-on-my-pillow kind of love story. View all 50 comments. Jun 23, Reading. What would you do if your son is accused of sharing a picture with his buddies that contains a half naked girl with a racist "joke" as the caption?

Well that is exactly what Nina has to find out when her son Finch is accused of doing just that. Told in alternating viewpoints, this book is a heavy hitter that touches on a lot of pertinent issues in today's society. Chapters alternate between Nina, Finch, Lyla who is the girl in the picture, Lyla's dad Tom, plus a bit of Nina's husband Kirk sprinkled in.

I loved the way Giffin did this because not only did it keep the story interesting, it also made figuring out who was telling the truth much harder. Each character had a very strong, unique voice so you can tell this isn't Giffin's first rodeo, and the characterization was perfect for me. While the main storyline has to do with the photo, there is also a touch of romance, marital woes, keeping up with the Joneses, and relationships between parents and their children. There are so many topics touched upon and I found the book to be quite emotional.

Not only is the cover of All We Ever Wanted beautiful, but the inside is as well. There is struggle and sadness, but also a good dose of happiness and hope as well. They are very strong female characters and they weren't doormats which was refreshing to say the least. I have heard that All We Ever Wanted is nothing like Giffin's other books which mainly seem to be romantic in nature , but it was such an amazing book that it makes me want to read her other novels right away. Her writing is superb and she is such an amazing storyteller.

I will definitely be thinking of this book for months, and maybe even years, to come. All We Ever Wanted in 3-ish words: View all 3 comments. Jun 23, Meredith B. I love Emily Giffin and I get so excited when I hear the annoucement that a new book of her's is coming out. She seems to take really relevant experiences and apply them to a fictional story so that we can all somehow relate.

Nina and Kirk are a wealthy couple.

They drive nice cars, they have a 4 million dollar house and they have a housekeeper who does all the work for them. They also have a son, Finch, who just got into Princeton and is not only a great student but an all a 4. They also have a son, Finch, who just got into Princeton and is not only a great student but an all around great kid. Lyla comes from a single father home, her mom is an alcoholic but her dad wanted better for her. She is an incredibly smart girl and therefore was given financial aid to go to the town's top school.. Her Dad is a carpenter for the town and does his best for him and his daughter.

One night Lyla and Finn end up at the same party after lying to her dad about "studying" but really what teen doesn't?? Lyla gets sick, her friend Grace brings her home and we just think it was a night of some teens drinking and being stupid. The next day however a photo spreads around town and turns into chaos.

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Lyla just can't seem to remember anything that happened. Thus starts the conflict, the questions and we start to find out the moral of each of the characters. What happens when your husband and you disagree on a parenting decision? What if your morals suddenly don't add up? Do our experiences when we were younger always shape who we are today? Can you always protect your daughter from 'bad' people?

Some choices you make will forever be held against you I flew through this book. It caused me to stop and think so many times what I would do in Nina, Tom and Lyla's shoes. I love how they all come from different places but try to work together to resolve conflict. It was also a very relatable story in the sense that this probably happens to a lot of youth in today's age. Also, can we talk about this cover. This book comes out June 26th and I highly recommend you pick it up!

View all 30 comments. Jun 11, Carrie rated it it was amazing Shelves: One drunken night leads to a risque photo being passed around of a young teenage girl leading to the characters all dealing with the situation from their own points of views. Nina Browning is the mother of the boy accused of taking the photograph and is appalled at his behavior.

She desperately wants her son to see that what he did was not right and not hide behind his father or their money. Tom Volpe is the single working class father of the teenager Lyla who was the subject of the photo. The book follows Nina, Tom and Lyla and changes the point of view between them as the incident unfolds to see how they all cope with what had happened.

The author did a wonderful job conveying just how each person was feeling and their prospective on what was going on making it feel as if we were there witnessing the events with them and the effect it was having on each family throughout.

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It was wonderful to watch each grow and learn from their own mistakes and those of others in the story. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. For more review please visit https: View all 8 comments. As a parent of a 12 year old son that seems to be growing quicker than I'd like him to be I found this book to be quite terrifying.

We all want to believe our children are thoughtful, empathetic, and responsible beings but that's not always the case and sometimes our children are going to disappoint us. The entire time I was reading this novel I couldn't help but think "What would I do? I was angry, I was frustrated, I was sad, yet I was As a parent of a 12 year old son that seems to be growing quicker than I'd like him to be I found this book to be quite terrifying. I was angry, I was frustrated, I was sad, yet I was hopeful throughout.

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They are beaming with pride for their son when the horrific happens. Their son is accused of taking a picture of a girl, exposed, while passed out at a party captioned with a racist comment. He then sends it to a couple of buddies who then send it to a couple of buddies until guess what? Lyla is the girl in the picture. She is the bi-racial daughter of single dad Tom. Tom is understandably furious while Lyla just wants it all to go away. She is embarrassed and doesn't want her entire education at Windsor Academy put at risk.

From here we follow along with alternating chapters between Nina, Lyla, and Tom and I have to say I was absolutely enthralled to see how this all played out. This book is not only topical but important. A must read, indeed! View all 17 comments. Aug 13, Brandice rated it really liked it.

All We Ever Wanted is a timely story about Lyla and Finch, two high schoolers attending an elite private prep school in Nashville, who both go to a party one night. Lyla gets drunk and a compromising photo of her with a racist caption surfaces following the party. Nina came from a humble background and tries to instill the right values in Finch, despite his wealthy upbringing and ostentatious father.

I appreciated the varying viewpoints among the three main characters, all of whom I liked, and quickly became engrossed in the story. This book focuses on choosing between right and wrong, as well as money vs.

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Some people believe money can be thrown at a problem and that everyone has a price. Some people believe justice is the only price. And some people just want to be liked. Jun 23, Jill Croce-McGill rated it it was amazing. She takes us on a powerful journey through marriage, motherhood, friendship, teen life, racism, and the negative effect of social media. This book definitely deals with some heavy topics that are going on in today's world right now.

The story is told from three points of view: Nina, Tom, and Lyla Tom's daughter. I have to say, I loved all three of these characters! First, we have Nina, she is living the dream. She has a wealthy handsome husband, and a son who is going off to Princeton in the Fall. She has it all! Then, we have Tom, he's a lonely single father raising Lyla and working several jobs to pay the bills.

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But unfortunately, she doesn't always fit in. Then, one photo, that was shared on social media, changes their lives forever. In the end, they have to choose between their family and their values. This was a very powerful and moving read for me. View all 16 comments. May 29, Jenny rated it really liked it.

Children who are obedient and responsible bring to their parents unending pride and satisfaction. Griffin gives the reader a chance to see the point of view from all the main characters in real time giving us a chance to feel the highs and lows of every person involved. I find myself still thinking about this book a week later and discussing it with friends and family. A definite must read and should be on everyones book club list.

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley. It did effect my review of this book. Aug 27, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it did not like it Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: Simply put, this was the most basic white girl of chick lit and was absolutely.

Jun 25, Marialyce rated it really liked it. My reviews can be found at: Can you ever forget them? No matter how old you are you can flashback to those years with trepidation and the thought that god I am glad those are over. It is a time of so much that is unsure, the feelings, the emotions, the constant knowing that it always seemed as if your life was spiraling out of control. The arguments, the searching for control Nina Browing has it all. She is married to a very wealthy man, has oodles of money, a fabulous house, and a son she adores. Her husband is ever so successful, a bit of a snob well maybe more than a bit but it is her son, Finch, where her love and adoration lies.

He has been accepted to Princeton and life look very sweet for this golden boy but then Lyla Volpe lives with her dad. They are not even close to being in the socioeconomic stratosphere which the Brownings and others of their ilk exists and yet, Lyla attends on scholarship the prestigious academy where Finch is a senior to her sophomore status.

They attend a party, unsupervised by adults and drink and then a picture is taken of Lyla that will eventually open up all the prejudices, some of them racially motivated and a series of lies that lead Nina in search of who she is married to and what her son is becoming. This was a well developed story that pointed ever so well to what can and does happen when teenagers drink and think nothing of the consequences of their actions. It is a story of how privilege often gets in the way of what is right and how the brains and actions of teens can often prove a major downfall to themselves, their families and those who surround them.

It is a story of young attractions, of social media and its sometimes harrowing effect on our teens, and how is it possible to be responsible parents when life surrounds our teens with all its allure and it very many pitfalls. Welcome to the teenage years. View all 20 comments. Jul 02, Debbie Oliphant rated it it was amazing. I could not put this book down. It was so intense and relevant today.

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The story details the life of the privileged families who are held to a different set of rules nor held accountable for their actions. A mistake is revealed that is life changing, for a young girl who comes from a blue collar family and a young man who is entitled and comes from an affluent family, both attending a prestigious, expensive school. The event is revealed early in the story but through multiple points of vie WOW!!!!! The event is revealed early in the story but through multiple points of view, the true story is revealed by the disparity of classes and how wealth provides access that can alter an outcome where actions have consequences.

This story was paced perfectly and the story grabbed and engaged you immediately. Intense, emotional and so climatic in the end. The is my first book from this author and look forward to more. Tom Volpe is a single father and a skilled carpenter. He lives modestly on the east side of town and his daughter, Lyla has excelled scholastically, earning a scholarship to Windsor.

This was an extremely troubling but compelling story told through the eyes of Nina, Tom and Lyla.

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Contemporary issues involving sexting, teenage drinking, social bullying and traditional tensions between those that have and others that have less. It puts her at odds with her husband whose only goal is to help his son evade the consequences of his behavior, furthering instilling his sense of entitlement.

All of the characters were changed by what happened, Nina most profoundly as it forced her to take an unfiltered look at her life. It felt real though some of the people in her world seemed a bit caricature, but it illustrated the salient points effectively. Everyone was trying to do the best for their children but not all actions were in their best interests.

It felt as though they were inhabiting the skin of their characters. And that thought provoking ending was truly the best final touch.

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I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review View all 9 comments. Nov 07, Kristy rated it liked it Shelves: Nina and Kirk Browning and their teenage son, Finch, live a good life, especially since Kirk sold his company and the family has experienced a great deal of wealth. Nina and Kirk are attending a fundraiser when they hear whispering that Finch has been involved in an incident with another student at his school, Windsor Academy. It soon comes out that Finch has taken an inappropriate sexy picture of Lyla at a party and sent it to friends, accompanied by a racist comment.

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The photo spreads around t Nina and Kirk Browning and their teenage son, Finch, live a good life, especially since Kirk sold his company and the family has experienced a great deal of wealth. The photo spreads around the community quickly, causing both the kids and parents to take sides. Lyla's father, Tom, who has been raising Lyla since she was small, is appalled--he cannot believe his daughter is involved in such a mess, and he wants justice for her. Lyla's at Windsor on a scholarship, and she just wants to fit in.

Now, Nina, Finch, Lyla, and Tom must grapple with the aftermath of the photo and what exactly happened the night of the party. This is a timely novel that certainly has a place in the MeToo moment. It's a topic being covered more and more lately, and the idea of teens and sexting is just as horrifying as always. It draws you in from the beginning, and I found it to be a very fascinating read that kept my interest throughout. By alternating the point of view between Nina, Tom, and Lyla, we get to the story told from a range of characters, including the victim herself.

The biggest issue I had with this one--and even Lyla herself admits it--is that the characters sometimes come across as cliche: The only light of resistance is Nina, our wealthy wife with the obnoxious, rich husband. Her fifth studio effort, the album featured the single "Mr.

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"All I Ever Wanted" is a song by Swedish eurodance musician Basshunter. It is similar to his previous single "Now You're Gone" in that it is an English remake. All I Ever Wanted is the fourth studio album by American singer Kelly Clarkson, released on March 6, by RCA Records. After the controversies that.

As well as the usual selection of festive favorites, it included a number of newly written songs, including several co-penned by Clarkson herself. Clarkson spent much of recording her next LP with producer Greg Kurstin. The first single, "Heartbeat Song," appeared in January and, a few months later, Piece by Piece debuted atop the Billboard This marked her third number one album and first since In June , she also unveiled kellyclarksonlive.

In September of that year, Clarkson released "Love So Soft," the lead single from her forthcoming eighth studio album, Meaning of Life, which was expected in October. I Do Not Hook Up. Don't Let Me Stop You. All I Ever Wanted. If I Can't Have You. If No One Will Listen. BORN April 24, Retrieved 23 June Celebrity Big Brother 7 Big Brother Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 28 August , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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