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lomifipermest.cf/3778.php Follow nonexistent the paper trail: If they read this article it may give them the confidence to tip the scales and make the wholesale changes the club desperately needs. Fans are short changed by club. The cables will tip the scales at , tons--more than half the bridge's total mass. This is a man who knows a thing or two about sugar and about the dangers of overconsumption. My grandfather used to make me, every time I went over there, what he called the sugar butty. Bread and butter sprinkled with sugar, a lot of sugar.

I mean I can't imagine too many parents or grandparents doing that today.

His love of sugar and fast food has had serious consequences. I'm a fat bloke, right? You know, I've been fat ever since I was probably about 20, I don't blame the sugar industry. I don't blame Coca-Cola. I blame myself for putting that product down my gob. That's what caused it, me myself and I, and I think that a lot of the issue with obesity has got to come back to telling people that they are personally responsible for the choices they make.

As the world's most popular and recognizable sugar sweetened beverage the finger is often pointed at Coca-Cola. And as it turns out, with good reason, around the world Coke has spent considerable time, effort, and money attempting to undermine public health strategies that single out sugar as the primary cause of obesity, and trying to influence the debate about sugar taxes.

In internal Coca-Cola emails were leaked that showed how Coke executives in the US had worked to pressure local governments, influence journalists and aggressively lobby politicians against a sugar sweetened beverages tax. We just got approval for the funding to establish a Global Energy Balance Network. Coca-Cola paid scientists to conduct research that would shift the blame for obesity from sugar to a lack of exercise. And there's really, virtually no compelling evidence that that in fact is the cause.

The New York Times exposed the Global Energy Balance Network, a consortium of three institutions and three scientists who were basically dedicated to the notion that the obesity problem was due to a lack of exercise.

tip the scales

I'm not saying he can't do it. My grandfather used to make me, every time I went over there, what he called the sugar butty. We'll have things fixed soon. There's really good reason why the word epidemic keeps coming up alongside obesity. It has to impact on jobs. It's a cultural thing.

These three scientists were paid directly from Coca-Cola. The network has since shut down. But that wasn't Cokes only expensive attempt to influence the debate. Another paper came out last year demonstrating that Coca-Cola had given money to 94 separate public health agencies specifically to use calories as the marker of obesity and physical activity as the problem rather than sugar beverages. So, the fact is this kind of influence, under the table influence continues to go on even today. Although it is a separate listed company the Coca Cola company is still the major shareholder of Coca-Cola Amatil.

In Canberra, Coca-Cola Amatil engages one of the nations premier lobbying firms - Newgate communications.

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The company now has a policy of not making political donations but between and it gave about a million dollars to each of the major parties. People who donate to both parties -there's only one reason you can be doing that, and that is to buy influence. To buy access to ministers, to members and that access is influence. And it works, doesn't it?

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You donate, you get access. There's no question, if you make donations, of course you get access. And influence isn't always realised with money.

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Last year Coca-Cola headquarters in Sydney provided the venue for a seminar on the future of foods run by the dietitians Association of Australia. Surely that must have been a mistake? So that particular event was Look, you know, I concede that there are some 'optics' issues, as you describe it, with that, and, you know, we learn and move on. So it was a mistake? I don't think I'd call it a mistake. The members who were having that meeting, work in the food industry, and that's a part of their normal, you know, part of their normal workplace. The Dietitians Association of Australia says it supports the idea of a tax on sugary drinks.

The Association is the professional body representing dietitians. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in sponsorships - some of its corporate partners include food giants Nestle, Campbell, Arnotts and a group called Cereal 4 Brekkie - representing big cereal manufacturers.

Do you think sugar's to blame for the obesity and diabetes crisis that we're having at the moment? It's an easy thing to say yes, but it's a lot more complicated than that. In its simplest terms, weight management really is about energy in: But that doesn't happen in isolation. We don't live in a test tube.

In Tasmania surgeon Gary Fettke says the Dietitians Association has been campaigning against the advice he's been giving to his patients to cut their sugar intake. Dr Fettke is puzzled by the Dietitians position given the clear results he's seen in his patients. Within days these people start feeling better, and particularly in diabetes they start getting blood glucose control that they haven't achieved in decades. They actually come back a week down the track, two weeks down the track, saying, 'Hey, doc, I'm actually reducing my medication.

My brain's working again. We see their function improve. I've seen patients, their peripheral neuropathy improve. That's not supposed to happen, but I can guarantee it. Gary Fettke has become a fierce champion of a low carbohydrate diet - quitting sugar is the first step. So I came up with a handout, which advised patients to reduce their sugar intake. As it turns out, what I was advising is completely now in lines with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. So I gave that handout to my patients, and that's when the trouble started.

The Dietitians Association complained to the medical board about the advice he's been giving to his patients. Many people would be surprised that a doctor couldn't give dietary advice, right. Doctors can give dietary advice. It's about the scope of that advice. And so dietitians are there, you know, they are the trained professionals in nutrition. Just like doctors are the professionals in medicine, dietitians are there to be the experts in nutrition.

Gary's clearly a staunch nutrition advocate for his patients and that's a good thing, absolutely no doubt. But you say he can't do it?

I'm not saying he can't do it. It's about the level of advice. There's a line across which specific type of advice should be provided by particular professionals.

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The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency found he was working outside his scope of practise and was not qualified to give specific nutritional advice. Gary Fettke is still advising his patients to cut their sugar intake. What are the consequences? Could you be struck off?

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Yes, that is the potential that if I keep receiving complaints that I have the potential to be struck off. And each year I get reported by another dietitian. So each year I've had a dietitian anonymously report me to the Medical Board for giving this advice.


Definition of tip the scales in the Idioms Dictionary. tip the scales phrase. What does tip the scales expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Definition of Tipping the Scales in the Idioms Dictionary. Tipping the Scales phrase. What does Tipping the Scales expression mean? Definitions by the largest.

What we do have is two key federal initiatives. The healthy food partnership to encourage healthy eating and the health star rating - a front of packet labelling system. The rules have been agreed by committees that include representatives from government, public health and the food industry - including companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Unilever, Nestle and Kellogs. Jane martin was a member of the Healthy Star Rating Committee.

I was on the committee for two and a half years. But it moved very slowly, and some of the key elements that were on the table, such as that the system should be mandatory, ended up being off the table by the time the negotiations closed and the system went live, basically. And that's because industry didn't want it to be mandatory, so they took their time, they lobbied behind the scenes and it wasn't made mandatory, and that's a big flaw in the system.

Public Health is brought in, so that we can have the least worse solution. Both Michael Moore and Jane Martin say many of the committees are dominated by vested interests and they say industry has had too much sway. They should be decided separately based on the evidence and the potential impact, and then industry should be involved in how to make that happen.

Public Health advocates are concerned by the industries behaviour. They say they've seen these tactics before. It's about challenging, or making assertions, but then public health has to go and try to find the evidence to counter. And that uses up a lot of our time. Even the alliances are similar.

So the tobacco industry worked to set up these alliances with the retailers, with the Australian Association of National Advertisers, with the convenience stores, with industry groups, very similar to this alliance that's working against a health levy on sugary drinks. There's no safe level of smoking, and so we refute any sort of comparison between what's happening with reducing the prevalence of smoking with reducing the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.

They're not the same, and we shouldn't be using that sort of comparison or analogy. In Feburary , the then assistant health minister Fiona Nash moved against the newly introduced health star rating system. It emerged Fiona Nash's chief-of-staff was a director of a lobbying firm that represented the food industry.

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