The Underwater Dentist

How Scuba Diving Is Affecting Your Teeth
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The veneers will remain the same, so it could start to look out of place. A great aspect you will enjoy with the veneers, though, and what can really make it worth the cost is it can help cover up broken or missing teeth.

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This will help you get the best smile around and with that comes the confidence you need to have to get a better paying job or even get a chance to flash your smile. When you are looking at cosmetic dentistry one aspect that tends to come to mind are veneers to get your great smile. However, the common question is are these worth it? The quick answer is a resounding yes if you want to have a smile that shows and exudes confidence. Powers has over 15 years of experience and will take care of your cosmetic dental and general dental needs.

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4 Ways to Replace a Tooth

When people become displeased with their smiles, they often turn to the dentist for solutions. Outside of normal cleaning and whitening, the dentist may offer the choice of getting veneers or lumineers. Both options can create a smile that people will love, but have differences that will be a deciding factor. Here is a breakdown on what veneers and lumineers can offer.

Veneers , otherwise known as dental porcelain laminates, are a kind of covering that can be placed on the teeth.

They are mostly used as a solution for imperfections that can be normally found on teeth, such as chipped portions, cracks, discoloration, and even fillings. Veneers can even be used to provide a solution for a condition known as diastema, where there is a gap between the teeth. The veneers will fill in the necessary space and make the teeth appear as they would in a normal mouth. The veneers give those who have them the appearance of teeth that look exactly the way they want, but there are some drawbacks to them. Veneers are applied using a bonding process, where the surface of the existing tooth is reduced, usually by about 5mm.

This involves removing the enamel, leaving only an unprotected surface behind. This process is irreversible and if the veneers have to be removed for any reason, the tooth will be unprotected again.

They perform the same function of acting as a covering for teeth to hide any dental issues. The process of applying lumineers differs greatly from that of veneers.

Training to become a scuba diver? Start at the dentist

While veneers are more involved and use tooth reduction to facilitate the bonding process, lumineers are simply applied to the teeth without doing any kind of removal of enamel. This means that the process of adding lumineers can be reversed to give the wearer their normal teeth back. When lumineers are worn, they have a bulkier look than veneers because of how they fit over the teeth.

A bad lumineer application can find some wearers with gum inflammation and irritation as the lumineers might occasionally scrape against the lining of the gums. Between lumineers and veneers, lumineers seem like a better option for those who want to have better looking teeth without as much difficulty. Still, either option can create a great smile.

Protecting your teeth

Currently there are two dental implant types, which include the Endosteal implants which are placed into the jawbone. These implants are typically made from titanium and shaped similar to small screws.

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The Underwater Dentist

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This is a great incentive to keep them brushing. We also send every new patient home with a timer to help kids learn how long they should be brushing their teeth every morning and evening. Be sure to follow Scuba Smiles for Kids on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with our dental tips and tricks, posted every Thursday.

Super Mario Sunshine Episode 17: Mario the Underwater Dentist

I look forward to meeting you and your sweet babies soon! Unable to display Facebook posts. When should I bring my child to the dentist?