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go to link No, it wasn't his lean, rugged face. Or the dark waves of shiny hair that hung just a little too long on his forehead. It wasn't the slim, collarless biker jacket he wore, hugging trim shoulders. It was the way he stood.

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The confident way he waited in the cafeteria line to get a slice of pizza. He stood at the center, and let the other people buzz around him. His stance was straight and sure. He could have ruled the world. Kindle Edition , pages. My Merlin Trilogy To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about My Merlin Series , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Mar 16, Alicia Galvan rated it really liked it.

I love this series. I was a little weary because of the title but it turned out to be better than I expected. I was very satisfied with the ending.

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Oct 13, Leah Speller rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have a habit of inhaling books and this is just another example. Every time I thought I understood what was going on I found out I really didn't. The author did not just invite you into her world, she grabs you and before you know it and you're a part of it.

You are in the midst of the struggle on not only Excalibur but the struggle between the brothers. Each with their own perceptions of each other and in the middle is the truth. The story has a depth to it that was unexpected. The characters I have a habit of inhaling books and this is just another example. The characters were full of life and believable. Though at times you wanted to slap them upside the head. But I think that is also what made them be so very real. There were so many twists and turns that kept me off balance that kept me entranced to keep reading to find out what would happen next.

For me I find this to be a rare find these days and I look forward to seeing more of this authors gift. Feb 26, Meghan rated it liked it. I thought it was going to be like a young teen book- wrong. It was pretty good. The last novel is pretty heady, put I don't mind a book that expects me to chew my food, u know?

And she wasn't afraid to kill off a character or two or ten. That was fun and unexpected. I picked the right team on the boy front from the get go, so I was pleased with the ending.

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My leading ladies usually end up with the wrong guy- so it was nice to pick a winner. Sep 26, Anke rated it liked it. I am pretty torn about the books. I really loved the idea of Merlin in the 21th century and the storyline is fresh and very entertaining. In the beginning the plot is rushed and you have to read Book 2 and 3 for background information. Love triangle stories are getting old and the weakest part of the book is the love story between the three main characters, I just couldn't get into it and didn't care which brother Ryan the main character ended up with.

Apr 20, Reyannan Miller rated it liked it. I put off reading this series because it was targeted for teens. However, the writing was good and I breezed through the series like I was reading a comic book. Predictable, but still entertaining and I would recommend it to a young reader that needed something entertaining rather than educational. Jun 25, Maria rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I gave five stars, because it wasn't worth taking off for tiny things like inconsistent capitalization and whatnot.

Though if we never really hear about Merlin why is he always in the title? And why in the fire few pages does it comment on her "living through history" and is NEVER touched on again? May 09, Heather Y. I really enjoyed this series. Was a little disappointed with the ending. It didn't give great closure to one of the main characters. I was really rooting for the underdog you can guess who I thought that was , and hope that the author will finish his story. Feb 19, Ashley Lavering rated it liked it.

Different these books were a ride. I didn't know where I was or what was happening a lot of the time in the third book. Jun 04, Aquira Slaughter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 02, Gabe rated it it was amazing. I loved it and highly recommend it. Oct 16, Livvy rated it liked it. I wouldn't re-read it but it didn't make me maaaaad. Mar 02, Moarocks rated it it was amazing. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy. Jul 11, Rebecca rated it did not like it.

I loved the beginning of this series but I was let down in the end. I wish that things would have worked out differently. Dec 27, Juanita Trujillo rated it it was amazing. Merlin This was a great book if you love reading about Merlin you will love this. I wasted my time. And, I was confused by a lot in the end, too e. And, if not, how would that work with Vane and the visions? This book was a BIG disappointment overall!! Oct 01, Ellen rated it really liked it Shelves: The end of the world is drawing closer, and the conflict between the two brothers is getting worse, making things even harder.

While it seems that Vane is lost to being a monster well most of the time , Ryan still isn't ready to give up on him. After facing catastrophic events, facing the loss of loved ones, and facing the wrath of not only one, but both brothers, Ryan finds herself on a quest with Matt to find the Healing Cup, which Mat Ever My Merlin is the third book in the My Merlin Series. After facing catastrophic events, facing the loss of loved ones, and facing the wrath of not only one, but both brothers, Ryan finds herself on a quest with Matt to find the Healing Cup, which Matt believes is crucial to their plan.

She also finds herself force into having to finally make a decision as to which brother she will choose, and which one she will let go. They difficult question is can she make that choice, and what will be the consequences when she does? The third book in the series was great. There was quite a bit of focus on mythology, history, and legends, which was interesting. The adventure took these characters from one end of the globe to the other.

The battle intensifies and Ryan finds herself not only in the heat of the battle, but also straddling the line of allegiance between two brothers. You can't help but love both of these brothers, and both of these brothers love Ryan, each in their own way. Vane, super hot, bad, mysterious, intense, possessive, and sometimes a little scary, yet he is always there for her.

Merlin is generally the calmer and more rational brother, or is he? Merlin has many of his own secrets and trust issues, as does Vane. He to is really hot, but also more rational. The action is intense, heavily rooted in magic and fantasy, which was really exciting. The romance is hot, When faced with losing both brothers, Ryan does what she feels necessary to save them both.

In the end, she chooses the brother that I wanted her to choose, but my heart really hurt for the other. On that note, Priya Ardis did an excellent job of ending this series, which is so important in my opinion. The modern day feel of this classic story set in a YA background was so entertaining, and though intense, there was enough humor to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. If you are a lover of romance, mythology, and fantasy, then this is one series you will definitely want to check out.

I really loved it and highly recommend it. He stared up at the ceiling, "Probably not, but we can pretend. I forgave him for being the source of my guilt. As much as it killed me to see him with her, I also wouldn't have her with anyone else. The two who filled me, but completed each other more. Jul 03, Alison rated it it was ok. I feel like there was so much more this series could have done. I also feel there should be more to the story, maybe a 4th book. I just feel kind of incomplete with some of it.

Also, some of the scenes, some of the things that happened.. I read this to get closure mostly. I know he had a plan all along and he did it for his brother, but still. Also, I feel that there should be more story with the characters. Did they really just go normally on with their lives? All the other books got 3 stars from me, but with so many issues with this one, I had to give it a 2. Also, the editing is pretty bad.

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Of Stones and Trees (Priya Book 1) eBook: Daniel J Rowe, Jonathan Corkin: linawycatuzy.gq: Kindle Store. Such a fearless love is one of the most precious human creations in the world. Priya Huffman is the author of one previous book of poetry, The Territory of Home . and olive and lichen and stone colours, and conveys a feeling of texture: tree .

There were repeated sentences, words, and randomness of the such. Another thing, why are all the books titled with Merlin? She doesn't end up with him. Plus, the story does not completely revolve around her and Merlin. From the titles alone you'd think they'd end up together. The titles just do not fit to me. Dec 06, Rose rated it liked it. What an amazing concept! This novel has taken me to a wonderful adventure For the life of me I couldn't imagine of why Excalibur had chosen Ryan as the sword bearer.

I am glad her mother was dead for if she survived Ryan will get her killed also! I'm disappointed with Merlin Matt. So how long will Ryan be able to keep her leash on Vane? I really enjoyed this series. I'm glad goodreads introduced me to it. I enjoyed that we really got to see into the mystery that is Vane in this book. I felt it really explained his motivations and I never thought this would happen but it seems in the end that Vane was actually the better man over Merlin due to his inability to trust anyone even himself.

I'm hoping this author continues to write because I am definitely a fan. Jan 01, Asia rated it liked it. Ok, this one was a little bit messed up. Both Merlin and Viviane were big asses, but I have some soft spot for Vane. I'd prefer something more for the ending but overall I liked this trilogy, it was entertaining and full of surprises. The mix between Arthurian story and Greek myths was also interesting. Nov 12, Kee Craig rated it it was amazing. Of course I was hurt because it was the ending of another one of my favorite book but I loved how Mrs.

Priya gave us the "happy ever after" at the end. Hate that it had to end but I'm happy to know how everything turns out!!! Jan 12, Vaishnavi rated it it was ok Shelves: If you like Vane over everything else, a dumb heroine who stops thinking as soon as she nears Vane. Sweet Romance between Vane and Ryan if you can ignore the fact that Matt was utterly abandoned and used cruelly by Ryan Cons: Chaos Dumb Heroine, who wasn't so dumb in prev books but for some reas 1.

Chaos Dumb Heroine, who wasn't so dumb in prev books but for some reason became one in this one No Merlin what so ever. Deceptive title and synopsis Annoying decisions by the Heroine Too many theories, one over the other No scope for Matt-Ryan, as Ryan was irritatingly gooey over Vane. The potential story line for this book ie Uniting Vane and Merlin, and a title derived hope of Merlin and Ryan were crushed and not dealt with properly.

This book tore me apart. I'll never like this book. Simply because it was deceptive with its title and synopsis. Ryan never for once chose Matt. She chose vane every fucking time. Why the hell then name the series my Merlin? Doesn't make sense at all. It seems crooked and psychotic to me, to torture Merlin fans.

Honestly, I loved book 2 and book 3 just made me want to beat the hell out of whatever was written. I desperately clung on till the last word hoping for it to make sense, hoping for it to end good for Merlin, but I just lost it with the end. I dint just get Ryan. This wasn't ever a story about Merlin. So why the disguise and hope only to be brutally crushed? There were too many confusing theories. From lelex to the fury, there was just a but too much to be honest. The rawana track, once again raised hopes only to be struck through straight.

It was a major chaos. I mean, it just doesn't make sense. I get it, vane and Ryan had a good story going.. It was sickening to see Matt disappointed and alone very single time. This is no Merlin story, it was a story about vane and Ryan, with a sick twist of Merlin being always the losing one.

I'm sorry, I'm a big Merlin fan, but even I'd I put aside those biases, I can't help but wonder about the stupid love triangle. It was triangle only because Matt kept getting shoved away again and again. I liked how vane transformed and his past stories but honestly, that's not enough if you name the fucking story Merlin and have him butchered like that. Now all that remains after a good 1st book and an excellent second one is the bitter taste of the 3rd one which makes me hate the whole series. I'm sorry I'd never recommend this heartbreak to anyone.

It was a pure heartbreak for me. I felt like Matt, holding onto fry single possibility, and hoping it would get better. But no, my heart got crushed the same way Matt's did. So, dear miss Priya, I simply hate this book, for the simple reason that you gave such a bad title an unsuited title to the series and books and for the ever more sick manipulative synopsis. And why was there no Morgana?

To hell with the book. I want to hit someone with it for doing this to me. Ugh you psychotic book!! On a last note, if this book was all about Vane and Ryan's romance, why bring Merlin into it and Why the deceptive title? View all 3 comments. Oct 05, Diayll rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Ryan continues her inner struggles as well as those within her own heart. She knows that her heart can only belong to one: Merlin or his brother Vane.

But what will happen when the choice she makes sacrifices the other? Merlin is older than dirt, and his been there done that attitude will do absolutely nothing for him when he awakes to no magic. Ryan had made a choice on his behalf, and he boy was he livid. Yet no matter what she says or does, he still loves her deeper than she will ever know. Vane, now the Fisher King, took the power in order to save the world, his brother, and the only woman he will ever love.

Ryan refuses to give up on Vane so easily, but she quickly falls into his devilish games where people she loves and respects die. Yet no matter how evil the beast within seems, she knows her Vane is still in there, he is not lost forever, and she will fight to get him back. It is a pure race against time really the end of the world is approaching quickly , and Ryan, Vane and Merlin must work together, or watch their world be torn asunder, disappearing into oblivion forever.

Even when it becomes clear that they could save a few, Ryan knows it is not enough. Can the bearer of Excalibur, the wise and powerful Merlin, and the newly crowned Fisher King pull through? I felt powerful emotions as I read Ever My Merlin. Part of it was knowing that the story was winding down, and when we fall in love with characters, it is like saying goodbye to a close friend. Yet even knowing the My Merlin series is done, I found myself wanting more. This is how I like to describe it, but really this only scratches the surface.

Priya Ardis also writes wonderful, suspense filled scenes where the characters duel, fight, and get into all kinds of normal teenage trouble. I love the realism of each and everyone, even the wizards and gargoyles. Ever My Merlin is written for the older YA audience, but as i have said before, this book is also written for us adults too.

I love anything related to Merlin, Camelot, and I could go on and on. Yet this was my first real series that I have had the pleasure to read that brings this lovely tale to a younger crowd. I look forward with sharing it with my own children, so that they too may grow to love the story of the sword bearer, and find their own hope.

Sep 09, KatieBookQueen rated it it was amazing. I am a huge fan of the My Merlin series so it's safe to say that I was mega excited to read the final chapter in Ryan, Vane and Matt's story. The final book in the trilogy sees Ryan in a race against time to prevent the destruction of the earth. The story is action packed from the start and it kept me reading well into the night! Let me just say, I think Priya has possibly created one of my favourite love triangles of all time.

I had a huge amo Reviewed At: I had a huge amount of love for both Vane and Matt and throughout the first half of the story, I really couldn't choose between them. You don't know the pain of a love triangle until you read this series! For the first two books in the series, I was set on Vane as my favourite, but in this book, Ryan goes on an important journey with Matt and we see much more of him, so I felt myself adoring him almost as much as I did Vane.

There was a definite inner debate going on in my head throughout this book: Oh, but I love Merlin. But I love Vane! And I love Merlin! Seriously though, I adore everything about Vane. His snarky comments, the fact that he calls Ryan Dorothy. He will definitely remain one of my favourite book characters! I love how this book shows how far Ryan has developed throughout the series. The plot is mind-blowing. I love how there was humour kept into the story throughout all the seriousness. We see that, although Ryan is the sword-bearer and has to help save the world, she is still just a typical teenage girl, which makes her so much more relatable and real to the reader.

I cannot put into words how much I have adored this series. The ending was beyond amazing and it has sealed the deal on this trilogy becoming one of my favourite book series.

Word of caution, you may want to watch out if you're reading this on public transport. Squeals of excitement often earn you some strange looks Jan 14, Shelly Hammond rated it it was amazing. It's a bittersweet day as I sit here and type this review. I've finished the books and now write my final review. I will take the time here to once again issue the standard warning that if you've not read the first one and the second one, I would recommend them to you before reading further along here. They are fun entertaining books and worth reading and I don't want to ruin anything if you dare read this review and I let something slip tha Ever My Merlin; the last book in the My Merlin Series.

They are fun entertaining books and worth reading and I don't want to ruin anything if you dare read this review and I let something slip that could be a spoiler. In this last book, a lot more is learned about Merlin and Vane through visions, dreams, and just by their words and actions. Ryan is forced to be the voice of reason and to finally really act regardless of either of them when it comes time to do so. Though she is still torn between what they tell her should be done and what she thinks should be done, she works it out I don't want to give anything away so I'll stop there!

This last book takes everything you've read up to this point and brings it all to a boiling point which boils right on over. You'll not want to miss this action packed exciting climax to this amazing series. This book has some spots that are rather confusing and all of a sudden sprung on you out of nowhere that don't seem to make a whole heck of a lot of sense. However, all in all, the wonderfulness of this series and the completeness you get from this last book make it super easy to overlook the few spots like that.

One thing that I loved about all the books in this entire series is how impressive it is how much research and work the author must have put into the myths and legends as well as the detail in structures and towns. It's also great to read the modern twists and personal touches the author gives them to make them hers for the books. As for the structures and towns, everything from the house in Boston to the Greek Isles and the sea below to India and back to England are so well described you can see it in your mind perfectly in just the right amount of words.

The author has a real talent for words and, although I am really going to miss these books more than I can express in words since I'm a reader and not a writer, I'm looking forward to reading more from her in the future! Aug 30, Makii rated it it was ok. Cueste lo que cueste". Este libro es el peor de los tres!! La trama es buena, pero son "Hay otra historia que conozco. Y que toda esa locura de Vane, el monstruo y eso? Estaba mal, muy mal!! Nunca me han confundido los dos.

Siempre voy a amarlo. Yo los observaba desde las sombras. Tengo mi hermano a cambio. Cuando sea el momento adecuado. May 25, Pam rated it it was amazing Shelves: With every scrap of life hanging in the balance, Ryan must convince both friends and enemies that the key to survival rests in th GoodReads Synopsis: What a roller coaster ride! This installment is a total and complete race against time to save the world as we know it.

Matt, as usual, thinks he has all the answers. But his judgement is clouded by his jealousy and anger. Vane, meanwhile, remains his rather arrogant self…arrogant or not, his love has no bounds where Ryan is concerned. Priya Ardis has written a very satisfying conclusion to a wonderful story that had something for everyone! Yes, there is an element of romance, but there is so much more. Ardis has a wonderful voice and her attention to detail as well as history is amazing! Thank you Priya Ardis for a wonderful series that is now an all-time favorite! I look forward to re-visiting Matt, Ryan, and Vane many times in the years to come…and I will be anxiously awaiting whatever you choose to write in the future…Yours Truly, a Forever Fan!

Sep 30, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love the My Merlin series so much! It is one of my favorite series based on a legend that I have ever read. The world that Priya Ardis creates is incredible. Fans of King Arthur and Merlin need to read this series. This whole book boiled down to that one choice. And what a choice it was! I didn't even know what I really wanted, but still Ever My Merlin was right on point the whole time. Ryan's struggle was like reading my thoughts the whole way. It was such a good journey for he I love the My Merlin series so much!

It was such a good journey for her to go on.

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Like an epic adventure. I didn't really know who to believe all the time, but that was part of the fun. Who was telling the truth? Who was really bad? Were they both bad? I am not kidding- all of those questions and theories passed through my mind at one point or another while reading the final book in the My Merlin series. I knew what I wanted to happen guy wise, but I am not going to tell you what that is.

Instead I am going to tell you one thing I love and I thing I hate about both guys. Matt- I love how good he was. It really did seem like he wants to save everyone all the time. But I couldn't stand how he would never make a move concerning Ryan. I know he cares about her. I just really wanted him to do something a little more a bunch of times in the books. Vane- I love how you can tell he really does care so much about Ryan, and seeing glimpses of his true self when she is around.

But I can't stand how arrogant he is. He holds is cards so close that no one can tell what is really going on with him half of the time. Ever my Merlin and the My Merlin series in general is one that I whole heartedly recommend for fans of legends, mythology, magic and fantasy. I love the story that Priya told. The writing is magical and the attention is detail is incredible.

She created a pretty awesome and expansive universe. The ending of the book was so intense too! Apr 16, Tasha rated it it was ok Shelves: This is a review of the whole series. I regret the time I got to read this. It wasn't THAT bad. The fact remains that I was urged to finish the whole series testifies that these books were "entertaining".

Let's make a list of pros and cons of the series, shall we? PRO s -I can put up with it to the end. But still, there are some gaps here and there. My head can't think of any more at the moment CONs -The inconsistent and misleading title. Readers will understand, Merlin does NOT play that big a part here. Ryan, with their arguments, their bickering and snapping at each other. And that ending bit that Vane did was SO predictable. Despite being the greatest wizard and hating his brother's guts for centuries decades? There's more, but this gets the gist of the problem. So, if you're looking for some typical love triangle with some plain mixes of mythological magic and 'the-fate-of-the-world-rests-in-your-hands' kinda plot, then this is your book.

Dec 15, Schmunzelrapunzel rated it liked it. So I dragged myself through the few drama pages and then after reading on I saw what's new to the story and lived with it..

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Afterwards I'm not sure what I really liked about this book, mostly I was curious how the story will end and what happened to the characters and FYI: Mehh, the ending was good and I'm glad it didn't do a Maximum Ride and end with the end of the world cuz that just sucked. But I'm left feeling kinda hollow. I was always rooting for Merlin to get the girl and it's just sad that again the "bad-boy" gets the girl.

But nope Merlin's left on his own wandering while he waits for his jealousy to patter out. Q dont worry Merlin I still love you!! Aug 14, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it really liked it Shelves: Going into trilogies are always hard for me, especially if I end up falling in love with the characters because you know after three books that is it, the series is over and you are left wondering what to read next. It is even harder finishing trilogies that you 3. It is even harder finishing trilogies that you know are not going to end well after reading the first book. You know the ones, the ones that have those dreaded love triangles.

You know someone is leaving unhappy and usually it is the one you are rooting for, have fallen in love with or just can't help it that you like even though you like the other guy as well. Sadly, this is one of those series. I knew after the first book I was going to have a hard time with choosing Matt or Vane, well, not me choosing them of course but with Ryan choosing one, because I couldn't help it, I really liked them both for completely different reasons.

And to make matters worse, not only are they both good guys in different ways but they are brothers. Could anything be worse? Although, if I am being honest, it was pretty easy to predict in the beginning who Ryan would end up with, I mean, her feelings were pretty strong for this person from the get go but I couldn't help rooting for the other guy as well. Something must be wrong with me that I like to put myself through this time and time again. Why do I read books with love triangles in them? I just end up sad and heartbroken for someone and very seldom do they end with a happily ever after for everyone.

Yet, I am always drawn to them. Even with the love triangle I really liked this series. I have always loved the tale of King Arthur and Merlin and this was a fun little twist on not only Merlin and Arthur but on mythology as well, another one of my loves. I have always like Ryan, she it pretty strong and determined to do what it right and to take on the role as the sword bearer but for some reason, she falters a little in this one. She is till strong and determined but it seems that more than ever she is confused about which brother to be with and where her heart really belongs. Of course, she has reasons to be confused considering all that transpired in the last book but I have to admit, it was pretty wishy washy and I didn't like it at all.

It almost seemed like she wanted both Vane and Matt to be in love with her and to prove their love for her without her actually choosing either one and I didn't like that. I didn't like her leading them on and being angry and upset at either one of them when, by all rights, they should be mad at her. Ryan wasn't the only one that has changed however, both Matt and Vane have as well and I can't say for the better or for the worse for either of them.

Change is sometimes good and sometimes not. I have to admit, there were some things in this one I didn't see coming. Some changes with Matt that really had me not liking him as much as I once did and the same goes for Vane, except the opposite. Vane has never been the good boy, he is dangerous and slightly unhinged at times but I have never doubted how he felt for Ryan deep down and I think that comes through more and more in this last installment of the series. It surprised me the things Matt kept from Ryan about their mission, their past and what was in store for their future.

The lies caught up to him and it was hard for him to redeem himself in my eyes after that. I still liked Matt don't get me wrong but it became clear that he wasn't the good boy we were all lead to believe he was. I think overall things were handles nicely in this one, if not differently. There were no easy answers for anything or anyone.