Just a Simple Job

Is it wrong of me to want a simple 9-5 job for the rest of my life?
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see I think the idea of putting on a suit and tie, drinkin a cup of coffee, takin a train into the city, and working in an office until 5 would be awesome. I'd love to do that.

Six Elements To Creating the Opportunity for Career Change

So your question whether your life is too simple or not depends on the limit for simplicity. I give you the following simple advice: If you like your life, then don't change your lifestyle. How do I live a simple, happy & rich life?. Not be like a corporate drone, and I mean make a decent enough wage, not just like working at mcdonalds or something, but I see so many.

STJ , Jun 28, BahGolly , Jun 28, Ruroken , Jun 28, Fuhgeddit , Raidero , BlackWolf and 2 others like this. I don't see how it's underachieving if your happy with what you do and still have time to have a life. That goes for any profession. NarrowFomalhaut , Jun 28, I want a job like that too, all about dat simple life. I just want to be able to afford small luxuries like new consoles, phones, and have small vacations in the summer, and eat decent food.

Don't really care about climbing the corporate ladder or whatever. RustytheStalker , Jun 28, TheLastLetter , Jun 28, If you want to make sure your work day is only between the hours of 9 and 5, you are going to have to settle for only a decent wage, not a good salary. Salary is a whole different ballgame, work is over when it's done, not when the clock says a particular number.

ViolentChemistry , Jun 28, Lightsout32 , Jun 28, Jun 29, BHman , Jun 29, Shibity , Jun 29, Do what you want with life. When I first went to college, part of me wanted to major in English lit, but I chose not to do that solely because I felt like there was no income-generating career path other than being an English teacher.

Anyone here just want a simple job (life) sometimes? (srs)

We were not only spending less than our combined salaries, we were spending less than our combined salaries after I switched career paths. I spent most of my time exploring abstract problems and answering abstract questions. While it was intellectually stimulating, it was quite often spiritually depressing. I often felt very productive early in the morning and completely useless in the mid afternoon, with another productivity bounce in the evening.

I had to work for a set period each day, and at least some of that set period overlapped with my unproductive times during the day. These reasons together made for a compelling case to switch careers when the right opportunity came along.

But what made that opportunity? How did I find a situation where I could make that kind of radical change in my life without losing the things I valued?

For us, it broke down to six key elements. This is first and foremost. If your standard of living makes your current salary a requirement, then your ability to make a major career change is almost nil. Getting your spending under control is absolutely necessary.

Career advice: 5 simple steps to find the best job for your personality

Many people view such spending changes as deprivation. Instead, I suggest viewing it as an exploration. This goes hand in hand with reducing your spending. A person maximizes their monthly cash flow by minimizing every single one of their bills. It's the only thing money can't buy.

Ask any old billionaire on the world.

Would they trade half their wealth for 5 more years to live or extended youth? I say they would. But of course in the end, it's everything in moderation.

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  4. 2. Zoom in on your “motivated” skills!
  5. 1. Take a beat — and look inward;

It applies to anything and everything. Last edited by 1stChanceToLose; at Think about it everyday. Currently a financial accountant in a high stress job. Quitting the industry next year to move to South Korea and teach English for a couple years. When I come back to the states I hope to start a personal training business and say FCK YOU to the monotonous corporate world of sheep and the media influenced ideals of not living up to your potential if you don't own a massive mortgage and have a family you can barely afford by the time you're Originally Posted by 1stChanceToLose.

A small house, doting wife, a few children. Some chickens, a veggie patch, an old postie motorcycle. Originally Posted by Maiar. Originally Posted by DTRrex. Make Misc Great Again. Originally Posted by Bunpitsu. I've never been one to chase money anyway. Just never had that mindset. I think going it alone would be better.

10 Highest Paid Jobs You Can Do From Home

Meet new people everyday, and not worry about previous anchors if that's what you implied. I work at a very stable, easy job. I love it so much. I know people look down on me because I work a pud job, but I'm living the life.