How To Get the Most Out of Netflix (Steves Heres How 2!)

Irreplaceable You review – glossy Netflix weepie suffers from fatal flaws
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You can certainly argue that Apple is making a strategic branding mistake by making more expensive products. This is the way Safari tabs have worked as long as I can remember, and it matches the way tabs work on other browsers on the Mac. But I always do, and the behavioral mismatch has long bothered me. A few months ago I asked on Twitter if there was a secret preference in Safari that would change this to what I want — which is for new tabs to always open right next to the current tab. There is no such preference.

Jeff Johnson figured it out, though, and was kind enough to share the solution and explain the rather ungainly syntax required. The leftmost tab in a window has an index of 1; the next tab 2, etc. Ungainly syntax aside, 1 this simple script works exactly how I want it to. One could set it up using Keyboard Maestro just as easily. If someone can prove me wrong, let me know.

Worth a re-link for sure. I recently purchased an original Macintosh User Manual thanks eBay! I had seen one at a garage sale, and was struck by how it had to explain a total paradigm shift in interacting with computers.

Big Mouth: Season 2 (Trailer)

Watch trailers & learn more. 2. Everybody Bleeds. 25m. A field trip goes from awkward to mortifying as Jessi A steamy novel making the rounds at school inspires Jessi to explore her Coach Steve becomes a suspect in a murder spree. Here are all the TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in May, as well as Here's everything coming and going from the streaming service next month. On May 25th two of my favorite comedians debut their short Netflix special, Steve By far the show I'm most looking forward to, however, is the Netflix.

I figured I could learn something about helping make innovation happen. Samsung is getting criticized by hypebeasts everywhere after it claimed to be collaborating with Supreme ; in reality, it partnered with a Supreme rip-off. Samsung is actually partnering with a fake legal brand, a rival company based in Barletta, Italy, that beat Supreme NYC in a court case this summer regarding who can use the brand name in Italy.

Partnering with a legal counterfeit brand is one of the Samsung-iest things Samsung has ever done. Peter Cohan, founder of Peter S. The deal, noted with an asterisk and described at the bottom of the page, requires customers to trade in an iPhone 7 Plus, a high-end handset from two years ago. To put it in perspective, the plunge in the iPhone gross margin has been precipitous.

Game Over, Man! () - IMDb

As I mentioned, In , the iPhone had a 71 percent gross margin. Does this signal that XR sales are weak? But did the iPhone have 71 percent profit margins in ? No, it did not. Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus models are not cheap, either: Which, in turn, makes me wonder what the endgame will look like with Microsoft adopting Chrome.

Stranger Things season 3: Trailer, release date, how to watch, release date and rumors

Owen Williams just admits he made this shit up about using private APIs. My thanks to Doxie for sponsoring Daring Fireball this week to promote their lineup of excellent scanners. If you want to go paperless in , Doxie is the way to do it. Doxie quickly and reliably scans all your documents, receipts, and photographs with ease. Thanks to its small footprint, rechargeable battery, and expansive memory, Doxie consistently delivers high-resolution scans wherever you are — no computer required.

Their great native apps for Mac and iOS then let you save, share, and send your paper to the cloud. Doxie is a must-have if you refuse to compromise on quality and want a straightforward way to finally go and stay paperless. This week only, Doxie is giving DF readers a super secret 35 percent discount. Manafort and Cohen are in trouble, and so is Trump. All three briefs show the special counsel and the Southern District closing in on President Trump and his administration.

A Democratic House of Representatives, just days away, strains at the leash to help. This is about ElectronJS. Microsoft thinks EdgeHTML cannot get to drop-in feature-parity with Chromium to replace it in Electron apps, whose duplication is becoming a significant performance drain. They want to single-instance Electron with their own fork. Electron is a cancer murdering both macOS and Windows as it proliferates. Microsoft must offer a drop-in version with native optimizations to improve performance and resource utilization.

I think the Mac will prove more resilient than Windows, because the Mac is the platform that attracts people who care. In some ways, the worst thing that ever happened to the Mac is that it got so much more popular a decade ago. In theory, that should have been nothing but good news for the platform — more users means more attention from developers. The more Mac users there are, the more Mac apps we should see. The problem is, the users who really care about good native apps — users who know HIG violations when they see them, who care about performance, who care about Mac apps being right — were mostly already on the Mac.

There have always been bad Mac apps.

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But they seldom achieved any level of popularity because Mac users, collectively, rejected them. Word 5 for Mac was a beloved app and solid Mac citizen. Word 6 was a cross-platform monstrosity. OK, so Mac Word 6. Moreover, while people complained about the performance, the biggest complaint we kept hearing about Mac Word 6. Some of us hung out in various Usenet newsgroups.

Friday, 14 December 2018

We talked to product reviewers. We talked to friends who used the product. We spent so much time, and put so much effort into, solving all the technical problems of Mac Word 6. If we were to understand both those markets, then our Mac products and Win products needed separate marketing and PGM organizations.

The lessons we learned from Mac Word 6. I disagree, strongly, with one aspect of this: It looked and worked like Word for Windows. Google Docs on Chrome is an un-Mac-like word processor running inside an ever-more-un-Mac-like web browser. What the Mac market flatly rejected as un-Mac-like in was better than what the Mac market tolerates, seemingly happily, today. Software no longer needs to be Mac-like to succeed on the Mac today.

Even Apple, of all companies, is shipping Mac apps with glaring un-Mac-like problems. The only way to scroll is with a mouse or trackpad. In an app from Apple, used by nearly everyone. The Mojave App Store app must be doing something very strange for these keys not to work. And that is ominous. Things like this are canaries in the coal mine regarding the state of the Mac.

The new App Store app on Mojave certainly looks better. But developers at Apple, of all companies, should know that design is how it works. Select an alias or symlink and this command will reveal the original file. These seem to be invisible menu items in the Edit menu? Then a man named Yul Kwon came to the rescue saying that the growth team had come up with a solution! Facebook could suck more data from users without scaring them by telling them it was doing it!

I know because I profiled him , in a piece that happened to come out the same day as this email was sent. The Facebook executives who approved this ought to be going to jail.

The Cloverfield Paradox review – surprise Netflix sequel is a monstrous mess

Facebook is to privacy what Enron was to accounting. We will move to a Chromium-compatible web platform for Microsoft Edge on the desktop. It has a sleek style that could be compared to early '00s Flash animation, with the huge hat and flowing hair we all know and love. The plot, themes and other parts of the show are still largely unknown -- hopefully it'll retain the educational aspect and amazing, terrible puns that made the original games and TV shows so popular. The first 'Rocket League' Hot Wheels car arrives this month. It's set in the summer of , jumping ahead one year from season 2.

For the previous two seasons, Netflix posted all the new episodes at once, making the show yet another poster child for binge-watching. We expect the same all-at-once episode dump again, though we don't have confirmation. Production began on April Priah Ferguson orders the audience to "Get out of here, nerds! He added, "cinematically, it's our biggest season yet. I mean, [all the seasons] feel big, but this one feels maybe the biggest so far, so it's been good.

Get yourself a Netflix subscription. Stranger Things is a jewel in the service's crown of original series, and it's the best way to ensure you get all the new episodes plus access to the first two seasons. Not sure Netflix is worth it to you? The service offers a free one-month trial, so if you sign up close to the new season's premiere you can soak up the new season and both previous years, then cancel your membership without cost.

But we're expecting two more seasons of the show, so you might have to sign up again later on or find a Netflix-subscribing friend who'll invite you over. Robin is described as "an 'alternative girl' bored with her mundane day job. She seeks excitement in her life and gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a dark secret. Elwes, forever known to many as Westley in The Princess Bride, is coming to Hawkins, where he'll play the town's mayor.

Busey, son of acclaimed actor Gary Busey, will play Bruce, described by Netflix as "a journalist for The Hawkins Post with questionable morals and a sick sense of humor.

Face Reveal

In October a casting notice looked for extras with military and police experience to film with the show in Atlanta. Both men and women, aged , of any ethnicity, are needed. Hmm, what Stranger Things plot could call for a large military or police presence? Could Chief Hopper be calling in a larger force to help control the supernatural side of Hawkins?

Strike up the band: In September , casting notices were posted seeking people with marching-band experience to appear in a Stranger Things episode. Will it be a school band? Are they to appear in a parade? And, of course, we don't know if any of the main cast members will be part of the band, which would seem to mean it could play a larger role in an episode, or if the band is just background noise.

Celeb site Just Jared published a photo of Millie Bobby Brown filming what appears to be a pretty dramatic scene at the beach in Malibu, California.