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break the ice
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phrases, sayings, proverbs and idioms at This refers to the need to break the ice around a ship before it is able to sail. Bookmark them for your next networking event. Strachan's call to arms. Picking a more neutral topic is safer and less likely to get you into a sticky situation. My Prerogative B in the Mix: Organiser Karl Altdorfer was still breaking the ice 10 minutes before the start, but that didn't put the carp off in the least. An accompanying music video, directed by Robert Hales , was released on March 12,

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These ships, known as ice-breakers, were equipped with strengthened hulls and powerful engines and were employed in the exploration of polar regions. Soon after these ships were introduced the term 'ice-breaker' began to be applied to social initiatives intended to get strangers acquainted with one another.

Better Together.

(Attempt to break the ice after a large argument has ended between two people) " Man these ribs are awesome! where did you get them?" (Meeting people for. Definition of break the ice in the Idioms Dictionary. break the ice phrase. What does break the ice expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

In , Mark Twain used the phrase that way in Life on Mississippi: Home Search Phrase Dictionary Break the ice. Browse phrases beginning with:.

Break the ice What's the meaning of the phrase 'Break the ice'?