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My personal favorite is to have a Consolas font with a darkish gray background and off-white text.

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Jumps window will now show structurally indented markup headings for Markdown, Textile and WikiCreole. New marker in Bookmarks and Custom mask view - gray vertical stripe shows you item's relative position inside full text. Quick peep function to briefly hide Writemonkey. When limit is reached, the red overhead portion of the bar appears. You can set progress bar to be visible only when idle for certain number of seconds. When I am writing, all there has to be is me, a blank screen, my words and the current wordcount. It seems funny to me that something so simple can cause a stir in how I feel about writing.

After you have made your color changes, by clicking this you can save your color and font scheme to easily switch back and forth. In screen elements you can enable the Info bar that shows at the bottom of your screen. You can see the name of your file, how many words you have committed, the current time, and even the status of your file.

Snippets are a very handy way to save some time while writing.

Installing WriteMonkey

Software for full screen distraction free creative writing. No whistles and bells, just empty screen, you and your words. WriteMonkey is light, fast, and perfectly. IMPORTANT! If you are upgrading to version from any previous version, .

Jumps allow you to include regular expressions to identify special headings and markdown syntax so you can use the Jumps menu to navigate your document. With Jumps you can simply click on the headings, bookmarks, and paragraphs that you want to go to. It makes navigating your document a breeze, especially if it is long-winded. After them, type the name of your bookmark without spaces. Then you will see it in your bookmarks menu. Lookups are pretty darn amazing.

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Basically, you can select some text out of your document, hit a key combination, and your browser will open to whatever search engine you would like and search for the highlighted text. Need a Brittany Spears picture for you word masterpiece? This will search for her in a Google Image search. You can also setup other search engines and use the [lookup] string to append the text to the search query.

If you have gone crazy tweaking and customizing the look, feel, and options for WM, you can go ahead and create a profile to save them. But for Windows, the choices are much more limited. David Sparks from macpowerusers. With every new version conventional word processors like Microsoft Word gain more and more features, bells and jingles nearly nobody will ever need, while disregarding the needs of creative writers.

When I am writing, all there has to be is me, a blank screen, my words and the current wordcount. No fancy toolbars, colorful buttons, floating windows or other useless distractions from the things that really count. WriteMonkey closes the gap between simple editors like DarkRoom and full fledged word processors.

It is fully customizable to meet the needs of any writer while maintaining a simple, clear user interface. WriteMonkey is my first choice for writing novels and can be absolutely recommended.

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Richard Norden, Writer http: Quit aping around and eliminate distractions that keep you from writing with WriteMonkey, which brings the focus of the typewriter without losing some of the best tools from computers. Seth Rosenblatt Editor of Download.

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The application is deceptively simple. The preferences reveal a huge amount of features such as text replacement shortcuts web look-ups of selected text, scratch repository and dynamic Markdown shortcuts. In order to preserve your settings do the following: Czech cs-CZ updated for v2. French fr-FR updated for v2.

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German de-DE updated for v2. Lithuanian lt-LT updated for v2. Polish pl-PL updated for v2. Portuguese pt-BR updated for v2.

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Romanian ro-RO updated for v2. Russian ru-RU updated for v2. Slovenian sl-SI updated for v2.