Dream of the Dragon Pool

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Part of my interest was to better understand the role of religion in Chinese society.

Dream of the Dragon Pool: A Daoist Quest

With that understanding I might have a clearer insight to the medieval Buddhist texts and historical records I was studying. Many of these visits led to amazing discoveries. There was a whole generation of senior Chinese Buddhist monks who had escaped the religious persecution across the Taiwan Strait to settle in the Taiwanese countryside. I learned and continue to learn much from their experience and wisdom. Once I finished my language and graduate studies, how could I possibly be satisfied with following the narrow strictures of historical research and inquiry -- there was this great imaginative world out there!

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So I returned to Taiwan, after receiving my doctorate and publishing some short stories in the US, and began to teach creative writing at a private university for a number of very happy years. All of this led, finally, to the publication in mid-April, of my first medieval Chinese historical fantasy, Dream of the Dragon Pool , which is published by a NYC literary press, Pleasure Boat Studio. Dennis Littrell, one of the four top Amazon.

Frankly I have never read anything like it. Dalia who is a Chinese scholar has recreated a style and a world view long gone from this realm, a style that interprets the world as dream and mystery, a style that celebrates Dao as an occult religion Dalia's prose, like those of a fairy tale master, immerses the reader in the mists of the long ago, into a world in which ghosts and dragons, shamanesses and wondrous magicians, goddesses and monsters, exist in reality as they do in myth.

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He recalls a vision of this world in which there is no line drawn between the mysterious and the mundane, between the world of spirit and that of mortal flesh. The gods and the goddesses are real.

Monkeys can catch ghosts and creatures such as the Albino Swordsman can enter your dreams and kill you while you lie sleeping. The dragon can assume horrific forms, terrible and awesome to the eyes. And mortals can mingle with immortals. Please drop into my website at the Dragon Gate Inn , for the complete review and the other reviews, a first two chapters sample, a blog on the historical background of this type of literature in China, and more information and pictures about me and my travels than you would ever want to know about! Join the conversation Comments from our users: Saturday February 9th , You can exhaust your life in the philosophies and studies of this culture and end up empty like Albert, empty yet still searching and have to turn to the world fiction to try to find truth.

He is hidden to the unsuspecting and He is revealed to those who pursue Him. What a great waste of a life to end up at the dragon's pool. Saturday February 9th , 7: Fiction deals with the unprovable, the more-than-real realms of our imagination and feeling and belief.

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Albert Dalia isn't empty, he's drinking from and sharing with the whole world from The Dragon Pool. Ah Wu is along for the ride out of respect for his friend Li Bo, and as a disciplined soldier can barely stand it to watch his companions wile the entire day away reading poetry and drinking.

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Mollie rated it it was amazing Jul 11, You can, if you wish, select a specific area of the website to search by using the drop-down menu next to the search box. Be the first to ask a question about Dream of the Dragon Pool. Dalai marked it as to-read Feb 28, Click here to subscribe today. Dennis Littrell, one of the four top Amazon. A mild negative on the book was sentence structure and editing.

The Blood Dragon is a fascinating foe, appearing as the person you most hate. Even after finishing the book, I can see Li and Ma Ssu-Ming laughing on the boat, and Ah Wu looking suspiciously at Chen, and the Blood Dragon swimming behind the boat, biding his time. For having numerous attempts made on his life, and to the frustrations of his travelling companions, Li Bo is incredibly relaxed through the whole ordeal.

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  • Dream of the Dragon Pool: A Daoist Quest by Albert A. Dalia.
  • Dream of the Dragon Pool, by Albert Dalia.
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For a historical and mythical fantastical story, all the characters even the spirits talk and act in a smart and rather modern fashion. Written in the style of chinese heroic fantasy, there is plenty of action as well, much of it involving kung fu and sword fights.

A thought that kept crossing my mind as I read this was the tempo. Certain scenes meander, flowing like a lazy river, other times moving at an unexpectedly quicker pace. Dalia artfully parallels the tempo of the story to the river on which they are travelling. As the currents move faster and the rapids become more dangerous, so does everything else. A mild negative on the book was sentence structure and editing.

If you enjoy any type of hero myth and hero fantasy, give Dream of the Dragon Pool a shot.

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It is a refreshing change from western style fantastical stories, and gives a relaxing and satisfying aftertaste. I look forward to reading more from him. Dalia February 20, at 6: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Albert Dalia Historical Fiction 2 Comments.

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Dream of the Dragon Pool: A Taoist Quest

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