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The Universal Dream Key — Electric Dreams Interview
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What do dreams about keys mean?

Replies. BBD Level Zenith Buccaneer. bVXVSJk8 5min mark will show you how to get the key. Jun 18 Caught all Dreams about keys are common. Find out what they meaning using our dream dictionary.

In my dream I am having fun. The two people I am having fun with are not people in my life. We are in a park chasi. Its sounds odd but I had a dream of my house in Mexico which is kind of a traditional house. It all began with my aunts giving me keys to a secret ro. This dream was almost like the last dream of my engagement ring. The boy who promised to marry me went to work and earned a fortune good enough to buy. I walked through an open door, into a doctors office, on my right hand side there was a lady and a male doctor.

The lady introduced me to the docto.

Key - Dream meaning | Dream about Key

In my school we have a very big room. Losing a Key To dream that you lose your keys signify fears of losing control of yourself or losing your position or status in life. Mixing Up Key When the dream features a bunch of keys mixed up with your own, the mix up indicates unexpected changes, frustrations, and unpleasant adventures. You are confused and feel lost about your own goals, because there are many distractions and potential paths that you can take. Giving Away Your Key If you give your keys away in the dream, then it suggests that you have given up control or responsibility.

You are passing those responsibilities to the person whom you are passing the keys to.

For example, if in the dream you are giving away your house key to someone, it can suggest that you are passing the jobs that you may have within the household. Locking a Lock with a Key The dream suggests that you are locking away your inner feelings and emotions. There are parts of you that you wish to keep to yourself. Unlocking a Lock with a Key The dream suggests that you are unlocking the answer to some problem, or that you are beginning to open up parts of yourself to others.

Making Your Own Key When the dream features you making your own key, or even trying to break open a lock without a key, it highlights your adaptability to a situation. You are making the best out of your seemingly stuck situations. Jamming a Key into a Lock The dream that features you trying out different locks, and even jamming the incorrect key, reflects that you may be forcing a solution on others.

Perhaps you are overworking yourself and the people at work or home with forced attitudes on life. If the key does not fit into the key hole, it can reflect that perhaps the relationship in your life is not exactly compatible. Dream About Key Related Symbols Key Chain To see a key chain full of keys in your dream indicates your ability to adapt to most any situations.

You fit in with anybody and anywhere. If the keys on the key chain lead to important places like a vault, these keys represent status, authority, and power.

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Key Maker or Locksmith To see a key maker in your dream suggests that there is something that you need help to unlock or uncover. This allows us to rely more heavily on the meanings they seem to have for most people. However, there are always idiosyncratic differences we need to consider. It turned out from your research that the most common dream theme was being chased or attacked. Why do you feel this is such a prevalent dream?

The imagery of being Chased or Attacked has become a metaphor for feeling threatened in our waking life. The actual situation may be relatively mild, such as a sensed competitor for our job. It is not, however, one of the more frequently reported themes, is it? About twenty-five percent of the dreamers in my study reported this type of dream theme. You and readers of Electric Dreams will be in a good position to follow this theme over the coming years.

The notion of the machine as a metaphor of the body seems very interesting and productive. How did you come across this idea? They are the opposite pole of Disaster Dreams. The ones that I wake from feeling uplifted and full of wonder are a delight both to dream and to re-experience when I write about them. These dreams give a sense of connection with something extraordinary, almost magical, mystical. Electric Dreams readers always want to know what dream researchers and authors are reading themselves. When you originally began working with others to create the Association for the Study of Dreams, there was very little going on in the world in the way of coordinating efforts in dream studies.

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Did you think that it would become an international forum for so many fields; psychology, anthropology, biology, writing, arts, dreamwork, spirituality and telecommunications? We did think an organization like ASD was possible and needed.

Interpretation of Losing and Finding Keys in Dreams

Besides pioneering dream organizations, research topics and new areas in dreaming and dreamwork, you have also inspired many people to join the field and create a career for themselves. Do you have any advice for people who are interested in dreams and want to make a career that is related to dreams and dreaming? Study your own dreams intensely, along with how they vary with your daily experience.

There is so much you can learn from yourself. Those dreamworkers who have gone before can provide a variety of tools and techniques, but the motivation to understand yourself, to discover how your mind creates its own language of pictures, is something only you can do. Do you have plans for another book? Well, there are some other pots of book ideas still simmering on the back burners.

Key - dream meaning

These dreams give a sense of connection with something extraordinary, almost magical, mystical. You are threatened, criticized or berated by images of dead people you know. In some dream themes, the positive pole is actually more commonly reported than the negative one. Think of the twelve months of the year, based on the twelve moon cycles; the twelve hours of the day and of the night; the twelve Zodiac houses. Perhaps you have not practiced certain skills for a long time and they have rusted.

I know you are quite busy now with your book tours and appearances, and so I wanted to thank you for taking the time to being with us here at Electric Dreams. If our readers would like to meet with you, is there a listing of your appearances? Yes, you can always stop by my website and look at the Schedule of appearances.

They can get more information about it at https: From the online questionnaire. The mirror opposite of dreams of fleeing from a dangerous pursuer are those in which the dreamer happily embraces another. These figures may be animal or human celebrities, movie stars, politicians, royals , angels, imaginary people, or the boy or girl next door.

The defining element of this category is pleasurable physical contact. Falling, getting hurt, being hit by a car, being sick, dying, etc. The opposite to dreams of injury or death are those dreams in which we become healed or reborn. Finding your brakes are gone, running out of gas, obstacles in the road, etc. Few dreams fall into this category, but when they do they are extremely significant, suggesting easier access to skills for coping with difficult life situations. Your purse or wallet is missing or stolen, a special ring is gone, your house burned down, your plants are destroyed, books torn up, household goods broken.

Here, also, is where our dreams of reconstruction and remodeling occur. These dreams may serve as rehearsal for an approaching performance. Whizzing along in space, feeling the wind, sensing a delicious freedom is probably the all-time favorite dream.

Although this theme may evolve as an escape out of a fearful situation, dream flying soon becomes a joy-filled activity. A similar feeling of pleasure can emerge in dreams of moving effortlessly through water. You suddenly realize you have no clothes on while at the office, school, or market, you are only partially dressed, you are wearing the wrong outfit for the occasion, etc. The opposite of naked or ill-dressed-in-public-dreams are those in which we find ourselves wearing beautiful clothing. You are rushing to catch some transport and it leaves without you.

The opposite of dreams in which problems arise around a vehicle are those relatively few dreams in which travel proceeds exceptionally well.

Key Dream Interpretation

Trips to fantastic places and past or future times also are featured here. You have trouble getting through to your party, you get cut off, loose the connection, have a fuzzy line, struggle with some malfunctioning machine, etc. The converse of trouble with machines is dreaming in which we make easy, clear connections or machines that operate smoothly suggest improvements in our emotional connections.

Many of the dreamers who participated in my study of dreams during bereavement reported dreams of clear connections with their deceased parent, spouse, or child. In these cases, the dreamers received messages in the dreams that dramatically helped them cope with their losses.

You are caught in a tidal wave, flood, earthquake, fire, you are in the midst of a war, exploding bombs, pollution, etc. The opposite of dreams in which natural or manmade disasters occur are those dreams in which the dreamer is inundated by the beauties of nature, rather than by destructive forces.