How to Run a Lemonade Stand: Everything a Kid Needs to Know About a Lemonade Stand

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The impact is irrefutable: Her best advice for hosting your own stand: Super-big cheers to that!

How to Have the Ultimate Lemonade Stand | Parents

Secure them together with clamps or jumbo binder clips. We hung the sign with dowels attached to the stand with zip ties—so you can repurpose the materials or store it all to use again. Tie yellow balloons to twine, and glue on paper leaves to make instant lemons! A lemonade stand needs lemonade, of course, but you can raise even more money by selling snacks too. Add mango and lemonade to a blender. Place the mixture in a large, microwave-safe bowl.

Sprinkle with gelatin; whisk. Let stand 5 minutes. Stop and whisk every 15 seconds. Pour mixture into silicone molds or a plastic-wrap-lined 8x8x2-in. Cover top of pan with waxed paper. Chill 2 to 3 hours. Release gummies from molds, or lift mixture from pan and invert onto a cutting board; carefully pull back plastic wrap.

Prepare cake mix as mini cupcakes according to package directions. Add marshmallow creme and lemonade concentrate, if using. Beat until combined, scraping sides of bowl occasionally. Try adding some comforts for your customers. If it is a very hot day outside, you should consider putting up some shade, chairs, and foldable tables too.

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You won't believe how much more inviting your stand would look. If you can, you could even get a TV or a large tablet and hang it up so customers can watch any programs such as sports games going on. The more creative, the more likely people will come to your stand! Set up a card table and chairs. A small card table should be big enough to fit your lemonade pitcher, cups, napkins and any treats you're offering.

Lemonade Stand Guide

Get a chair for each person who will be running the stand with you. To attract more customers, use a pretty but not distracting tablecloth, and tape your sign to the front. Bright colors will get people to look at your table, and ponder whether or not they want to buy something. Not all lemonade is created equal. It's worth coming up with a tasty recipe so you don't disappoint your customers. Be sure to sample each batch to make sure it has just the right amount of sweet and sour flavors before you try to sell it. Always serve your lemonade with ice to keep it cold.

Here are three ways to make lemonade: For one gallon of lemonade, you need 2 cups of fresh lemon juice and 2 cups of white sugar. Mix well so the sugar dissolves. Make it from concentrate.

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You can buy a can of frozen lemonade concentrate in the freezer aisle of your grocery store. Mix it with water according to the instructions on the package. Make it from powder. Get a can of powdered lemonade. Follow the instructions to dissolve the powder in cold water.

Get disposable cups and napkins. Small paper cups are a popular choice, but you can use larger plastic cups if you'd like. One package of cups usually comes with enough to sell a days' worth of lemonade. Get a package of napkins, too.

Lemonade stand

Sell other treats if you want. Why stop at lemonade?

Since you're setting up a stand, you might as well offer other treats, too. Cookies , brownies and other baked goods are fun to sell. You could also offer a bigger variety of drinks. Strawberry lemonade , iced tea or fruit punch are refreshing drinks customers might enjoy. Some websites let you sign up to start a lemonade stand or bake stand, and donate part of your profit to help end hunger.

Talk to people who pass by. If you sit quietly, they may not feel encouraged to come to your table and buy lemonade. Smile and say, "would you like a cup of lemonade? Be prepared to answer questions if they ask. Make sure to talk loudly. Even if they don't buy anything, don't be shy to say "Have a good day! Potential customers won't want to buy anything if you get irritated with them.

If they have kids, talk to them and pay them a compliment. If they are just adults, act joyful and polite and just be yourself. If they decide not to buy anything, just smile and politely tell them "Have a good day! Use good manners when you make a sale. When customers want to buy some lemonade, carefully pour a cup and hand it to them with a napkin. Once they have the lemonade in their hands, take their money and place it in your cash register. Don't forget to tell them thank you! After all, they just bought something from your lemonade stand.

With luck, they'll tell their friends to visit your stand. Remember to always be nice to your customers, a common expression is "the customer is always right. If you have multiple things for sale, at different prices, a menu is very helpful. It can be customized, and under each item can list things people might be allergic to. Menus also can have combos and labels like "Chocolate brownies are best with fruit punch" to make people want to buy both. You can even throw in some combos, like, "Buy two drink and treat pairs, get one free". Not Helpful 36 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Make sure your table is nice, clean, decorative and full of bright colors so you can attract more people. Try decorating plastic tablecloths with paint, or buy special lemonade stand products. If you want to sell more lemonade, make homemade lemonade.


In the cooler you put the ice in, store cut lemon slices or mint sprigs for decoration. Friendly tip- you can get more customers around 5: If you are doing it for more than one day, count how many people you have a day to see if you're improving. Have a notebook with you to count. The more personalized your stand is, and the more effort you put into it, the more lemonade you might sell.

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Customize things like the tablecloth, paper cups if you use paper cups, napkins, donation jar, cash register, and anything else that you can and should customize. Have a friend help! However, if you do have a friend help, make sure you both get a fair share of the money. Good luck on your lemonade stand. If you are putting up signs by the road, make sure the letters are big enough to be seen by people in their cars. A lemonade stand is a business that is commonly owned and operated by a child or children , to sell lemonade.

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The concept has become iconic of youthful summertime Americana [1] to the degree that parodies and variations on the concept exist across media. The term may also be used to refer to stands that sell similar beverages like iced tea. The stand may be a folding table , while the archetypical version is custom-made out of plywood or cardboard boxes. Lemonade stands are often viewed as a way for children to experience business at a young age. The ideas of profit, economic freedom, and teamwork are often attributed to traits lemonade stands can instill.

In some areas, lemonade stands are usually in technical violation of several laws, including operation without a business license , lack of adherence to health codes, and sometimes child labor laws.