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Hair cap moss, Polytrichum spp. There was also, incidentally, a Battle of Karuse on the ice off Muhu in between the Livonian Order and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, although there were not many Livonians left to say which side won. Given its company, fair to assume it could be intended as? Street not actually in Tallinn but m away in neighboring Laagri.

Wo die Goldfisch´ geigen… (German Edition)

Birgit Denk's musikanthologisches Werk "Wo die Goldfisch' geigen " bietet einen liebevollen Streifzug durch die Wiener Live-Musik-Szene - aus dem. Paperback; Publisher: Carlsen (December 1, ); Language: German; ISBN- ; ISBN ; Package Dimensions: x x.

After local farm of that name. Spiked speedwell, Veronica spicata , beautiful blue flower, one of the Veronicas see also Mailase. Slum area in the lateth C.

Bunch grass of the Poaceae family, genus Calamagrostis , of which at least 5 varieties native to Estonia: Growth, increase, height, stature. Previously Sireli , Valgesireli white lilac, Being defenders of the faith, they call themselves Domini Canes , dogs of the lord. Roofing felt, tar paper. Named after the factory producing same in 19th C, Tallinna Katusepapivabrik , founded Far, far off, distant, remote.

Shirt pocket, pouch, large breast-pocket. Named more or less collectively with Herne and Oa. One of the mysteries of modern-day life: Hamlet close to Kehtna in Raplamaa, street appropriately located at the end of Rapla. Moth of the Lasiocampid family, aka eggars or snout moths. Part of a lepidopteran group. Also used in yarn manufacture for the direction of twist, e. Two-ply yarns will tend to use one of each. Named, apparently, after the shape of the street which, relative to most Tallinn thoroughfares, is straight as a die.

The first Jews to arrive in Estonia are believed to have come with the Teutonic knights. Also name of story by Kitzbergi A. Why it got that name is uncertain. The story goes something like this: My suspicion leads me elsewhere: What would strike one, however, would be the numerous chimney-stacks associated with the brick and tile industry of the spreading? But, as always, could be wrong: Kentmanni Wilhelm Gottfried Kentmann, ca. Street namesake often confused Kentmann senior and junior: Woldemar Friedrich, author of Koolilaste Geograahwia raamat Geography book for schoolchildren, and Geograahwia kaardid koolilaste geograahwia-raamatu lisaks Maps for a geography textbook, Chess in Estonian is male , a word invented by Ado Grenzstein in the late 19th C.

Net bag bag for putting nets in , backpack, pouch, wallet or basket made from birch bark or bast, cf.

Brigitt - ... da beisst ein goldfish an - German girl groove psych 69/70

He also wrote a fourth, Talve , which was not filmed. Note the first title? Dog rose, Rosa canina. Its hips contain high levels of vitamin C. German gucken or kucken , might be more appropriate. Said to derive from Low Saxon kijk in de keuken. Earliest recorded spelling was Kyck in de Kaeken. My personal suspicion, however, given later and central to southern German words such as Guckindiewelt 2nd half 18th C and northern German variant Kiekindiewelt , curious child, Topfgucker , Nosy Parker, lit.

Made of wood, the traditional Estonian swing took on as many passengers as a Greek motorcycle and provided a similar degree of adrenalin. There seem to be three species of kiik: Cars, on the other hand… Street located near site of former kiik. New street next to Pikksilma.

The larvae are unique in the insect world for using jet-propulsion, ejecting water from the anus to achieve speeds of up to 10 cm per second. Part of a small groups of insects, placed appetizingly next to a horde of insectivorous rodents and birds… See also Kuklase. In addition to this, the word also means gad-, bot- or warble-fly, divided into three families: The latter are the bugger.

An arms race has evolved with reindeer burying their muzzle in the snow, vegetation or water when they hear the sound, and the fly learning stealth strategies. Ki nn i jooksma , on the other hand, refers to when your brain goes dead. So much change in such a tiny soundlet. Ray, as in sun or light. Street now suffering from severe personality disorder. Eurasian Ruffe, Gymnocephalus cernuus , member of the perch family.

If, on the other hand, the name also means plover, six nest in Estonia: Named after former city commons where the bird was often seen. Spindle tree, Euonymus spp. Its name comes from using its hard wood for making spindles for spinning wool. And one for car lovers everywhere: Old farm name but none listed in KNAB. Perhaps from Old Norse kelda , spring or source? Rubble, breakstone, cheed, crushed aggregate, chippings. Soviet Era renaming of Sikupilli. Former neighborhood whose economy revolved on rock. Baltic sprat, brisling, Sprattus sprattus balticus.

Cans of Baltic sprat, known as Tallinn sprat, photo by Andres Putting. Kindral Fedjuninski Ivan Fedyuninsky, Clearly, a very pedestrian precinct, presumably well-cobbled. The Kingisepp district also has the dubious distinction of being home to the forthcoming extinction of Votic, a language very close to Estonian, with perhaps only twenty or so speakers left alive. Also noordoost or nordost among sailors. In a world where lack of belief in god correlates with advanced civilization, Estonia is at the top of the league.

As McCruiskeen would say: After a long process of elimination, given its almost totally lepidopteran neighbors, we can almost certainly exclude the following fancies: As to the moths and butterflies, there are piles of them, matching the street to varying degrees. The next tempting candidate is one of the Festoon butterflies, although both are unlikely. Probably, though, since kirju: Bottle of wine for first realistic answer backed up by credible evidence. This was the Mithridates No. The story that when he attempted to use the method to commit suicide, failed, and had to have himself run through by his bodyguard, a double irony to say the least, is almost certainly apocryphal.

Said to be named after its width narrowth? Quite a common street name in Estonia, with 15 towns having or having had one, but beaten by Lai , with odd. And it was in Maardu anyway: Knowing Kitzberg to be a committed anti-drinker, playwright Oskar Luts see Kevade kept a bottle of whisky in a sculpture of his head. In , the post office gave him a sesquicentennial first-day cover. Kitzberg lived at Posti 23 , Viljandi, in —, so they probably owed him one.

Interestingly, various FU creation myths tell of a creation egg, cracking open by various agencies, releasing the sun, the moon and a rock. Personally, rocks have only a limited capacity to excite my imagination, but imagine a people coming to apprehend the huge boulders left by the retreat of the ice.

How did they get there? There must have been much mystery there. No relation to Tatari. Bear in mind, however, that Sumerian, as far as is known, is a language isolate, like Basque. Likewise, the fact that Estonian lava can mean hotbed among other things has nothing to do volcanoes. While possible, there do not seem to be any compelling arguments for Estonian roots in Etruscan. Stone wall, dry-stone wall. Place of stone, stony area. On the other hand, using the same reasoning, it could also come from, e.

One of a rock-based neighborhood. Estonian name reflects the Latin: Renamed under Soviet rule along with Reimani V. After nearby glass factory. Abbey, cloister, monastery, convent. Close to Pirita convent. Abbey, cloister, monastery, convent woods. Kodu armas kodu is, of course, home sweet home.

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Cog or cog-built ship , ship dating back to 10th -C, usually oak, single mast, square sail, common trading vessel in the Baltic. By 12th C, its capacious, high-sided design with true rudder made it capable of transporting up to persons, and be used as either cargo or fighting ship. Viewing platform at the end of Kohtu. Sun-up, dawn, daybreak, cockcrow.

Lydia of the Dawn, sobriquet of the bushy-browed Lydia Emilie Florentine Jannsen, Estonian kirjaneitsi maiden of letters , poet and journalist. Mugshot on krooni note see Hiidtamme. In , however, while the German camp translated it as Stiftstr. This, of course, was not enough: Kolkhoz, contraction of kol lektivnoje hoz jaistvo or collective farm.

Soviet Era renaming of Gildi. Named after yellow-painted wooden barracks, demolished Street names indicated by an adjective occasionally an adverb or attributive are in the nominative. Previous orthography, Kom e ndandi. Earliest recorded name Kommandanten-Steg. Having lost the bet, Salza built this one, at his expense, in This was a type example used by Aavik see Aaviku in his Keeleuuendus , or language renovation, for creating new words.

It was probably the comet which manifested the adoption of a medieval belief in the money-goblin perhaps a hand-me-down from old legends of finders of hoards of gold [see Kalevipoja ], not forgetting that Estonia has one of the richest collections of hoards in Europe , a helpful little chap that flew about collecting milk, butter, grain, etc. Probably after an inn of that name. Street first recorded in as sogenannte [so-called] Compass-strasse. Youth wing of the Soviet Union Communist Party: Soviet Era renaming of Suur-Ameerika.

Hook, bucket pole for drawing water from wells. Listed in TT although not, actually, in Tallinn. Be this as it may, we keep it for the entertainment value of which it has, for those of goldfish intellects, well, not much actually: Actually, given its tree-related neighbors, it means bark other translations include skin or peel. But still not in Tallinn.

Jugendstil sculptor, painter and ceramicist. Began studies at Stieglitz school of art, St. Sculpture of him in Kadriorg, near the palace. Its current name is deceptive as to its history. A Koppel is indeed a paddock, but while there are said to be maps showing protective structures against wolves from the Rocca al Mare forests dating back to , other records indicate the same area being used for its Cambrian clay as raw material for bricks and rooftiles dating back to at least And various names of the past bear witness to this: Clearly, the further back, the stronger the connection.

Even so, given its three sides protected by the sea, it would still have been an ideal place to pasture long before bricks were baked. The name Talyna was first mentioned in Names tend to designate singularity. Renamed as Kalinini M. Formerly known as Koplirand , which only goes to show what a fresh kerbstone in the right place can do to your genitives.

Grit, course earthy particles. Street scheduled to cut a swath through the woods between Veerise and Saviliiva. Fuse or circuit breaker, but still one of the seven electrical streets see Lambi.

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More commonly known as kaitsekork or elektrikork. Also means, and more usually, cork, as well as plug, stopper, or even bottle-top…. Woods by the or with waterfall. Sawbill, large ducks with serrated bill for catching fish: All breeding in Estonia. Ten species breeding in Estonia: Renamed from Kiire.

Kotzebue Otto von Kotzebue, Baltic German born in Tallinn, completed three circumnavigations of the globe in Russian service. Bullace, wild damson, Prunus domestica ssp. Estonian Communist, shot in the back, they say, by the security police, Kaitsepolitsei. Soviet Era renaming of Kentmanni.

Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, Original Estonian name, apparently Vindri Roin Ristmets. Friedhold, Lauluisa song father , Viru Laulik see Lauliku. Street once known as Romanov Prospect. Christina but see next entry. Kristiine Kristina Augusta, Plus an exciting shopping mall. Named after former gravel-pit. Spawn, after spawning site in the Tiskre river. Heap, rick, pile, stack. Dry — Kuival olema: Alternative name for Sipelga , ant, of the Formica genus.

Part of an insect street-name group. Previously known as de Guldene Voet. Estonians do not distinguish feet from legs, or hands from arms, rather confusing at times. Sounds a bit like the name of a tavern or cobbler to me. See also Kuradi torn. Pellet bell, sleigh-bell, bell, or alternative word for brass. Trollius or Globeflower, Trollius spp.

Tadpole, flagellate biological not theological or, believe it or not, bluish grey cow. Helene Kullman, soviet spy trained at Leningrad spy school, Hero of the Soviet Union, arrested by Germans and died heroically under torture. Hollow, dull, cloudy weather, glimmering in the faint or twilight sense, cf. Part of the sinister-street area, see also Kura. Camomile, Latin name debated.

Kira (German singer)

Plant beloved by new-agers for treating alcohol withdrawal, asthma, bronchitis, colic, cough, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, ear infection, brain extraction and nuclear winters. Street name with longest? Lemmiku , which might explain its popularity. Writer known mainly for fairy tales, e. Eesti Muinasjutud Estonian Fairytales. Renamed as Niguliste during the Soviet Era. Boll, capsule on plant. Kura kurk , Latvian: There is also a word kurameerima , to court, implying cultural remnants of kura , court, as a loan word. To conclude, given its relative frequency in Estonia as farm or locality name oikonym , its historical use as personal name, e.

Or again, probably all wrong, and maybe just a serious mispelling or simplified pronunciation of a one-time estate in the area known on maps from and , etc. It is after all only m from the Kurna brook running through the neighboring municipality of Rae. Formerly known until as Muraka. The closest candidate seems to be Johannes Grymme, genannt Duvel known as Devil , curate of the Corpus Christi altar at Oleviste church.

Most common, however, was plain old Kuradi from Kurat , devil. Interestingly, from a phonetic point of view, the so-called alveolar trill, or rolled R, is also one of the rare sounds independent of the vocal apparatus. According to one linguist to whom I expressed my admiration for the way she rolled her Rs, she said it was just the way she walked. Courland, formerly western part of present-day Latvia, the Curonian Spit. Originally inhabited by the Curonians or Kurs, eventually assimilated by the Latvians and Lithuanians. Four species breeding in Estonia: The two toonekurg s enjoy special status in Estonian folklore.

Where the valge-toonekurg is reputed to protect your house from lightning if it nests there see Oleviste , the must-toonekurg was less benign: True to form, toonekurg derives from tooni , forefather, ancestor, probably from toona , before, long ago, etc. German Kranichbeere , and Low German Kranebere. Names come from the shape of the spring-action fruit capsule allowing for seed dispersal resembling the beak of a crane: Gorge, gulch, gully, ravine, precipice. Settlements recorded as far back as the Bronze Age. Corner, nook, secluded or out-of-the-way place.

Game involving six wooden pins to be knocked down by a cudgel, more often or accurately the pin itself. Played by Kalevipoeg as a child. Russian game of Gorodki. Part of a mini game-name area.

Pass, gorge, defile, flume, couloir, gulch, etc. Honeysuckle, woodbine, Lonicera spp. Also Soviet Era renaming of Kesk-Ameerika. Bullet, shot, ball or even pill. Named after a turn-of-the- last -century military firing range. Tree parasitized by Ips typographus , one of the only bark beetles to feature in a blue movie alongside Marlene Dietrich, Der blaue Engel. Shortened to Kuu from Spruce marsh or moor.

Spruce wood, spruce grove. Quartz, silex, or silica as adjective for soil types , after local factory of same name. Next to Sanatooriumi , so maybe the latter for occupational therapy, but probably the former since named same year as Laulu. Either running out of names or, equally likely, because built on former farmland.

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  3. Jeremy James oder Kann ein Goldfisch Geige spielen?.
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  5. The Gullah People Of Sandy Island.

Known as Kanarbiku until Part of the sinister-street area, see also Kume. High tension, high voltage, near Siire. Bulrush, club-rush, deer grass. Member of the Scirpus genus. After the rushes at the ford crossing Pirita river to what seems to be an unnamed island.

I can just imagine the crowds…. Part of a cereal-names street zone. Alternative name for Pikne , etc. Piece of bark used as float on fishing-line or net. Regional synonym of Laose. Part of a fishing-related street-name zone, see also Landi. Cone pine or otherwise, street parallel to Orava. Also strobila, larval stage of jellyfish or segment of a tapeworm. Winter Wren bird with the loveliest Latin name: Common Cuckoo, Cuculus canorus. Platanthera, Butterfly-orchid, Platanthera spp. Estonia has two species: Seems to be one of the dozen or so names for the harilik Nurmenukk , Primula veris.

Odd, though, why they keep it: Close to those on the Pirita river. Apparently after the place where the Haabersti estate gardener lived. Also means barrow or pushcart. Asjaajaja [nice word — try saying this late one Friday night: Rope hill, named after a former suburb of that name specialized in its manufacture. Street representing one-sixth of the highways of Aegna island. Cold, wintry, chilly, bleak. Cold spring, cold source. Formerly plain old Allika , and temporarily Kalmuse Sowing, by extension, a freshly-sown field.

Like Kuuli , named after rifle-range the military used to practice on. Bog-rosemary, Andromeda polifolia , a slightly poisonous plant, may cause breathing problems, vomiting or diarrhea. Named for its visual resemblance to the herb. Also small town close to Narva on the Russian border. Initially named as Oktoobri prospekt , followed by Oktoobri tee after which it acquired its present name.

As the old Soviet-epoch joke went: Vabaduse puiestee viib laagrisse: Freedom avenue leads straight to the camp Mountain fern moss, Hylocomium splendens. Soviet Era renaming of Villardi. Laboratory, but not the test-tube and fragile glassware type: Manor house outside Tallinn first mentioned in , name derived from German Laakt. Watch sergeant while in the German army before emigrating to Sweden in Lage means open, bare or bleak, and loo is the genitive of three words: Glade, due to its then proximity to… a glade. Street no longer exists. Another genus of Goose see Hane. Bay, bight, gulf, cove, inlet.

Not far from Tallinn Bay. One of the oldest streets in Tallinn, with a long list of names to prove it. Initially identified after its salient residents, the nuns: At some stage, however, contemporary records of Cistern- sonst genandt breitstrasse suggest locals must have become aware of the human side of their angelic nature and that, if nothing else, nuns were still broads….

Painter known as Hans Laipman until Estonians have a history of chronic name-changing. Also name for broad-brimmed hat. Fourth of a ring mains. Trolling-spoon spinning-bait for catching pike, etc. Part of a fishing-related street-name zone, see also Laose. See also Loewenschede torn. Four possibilities including one correct Area used for windmills dating back to middle ages lasn: Various interpretations of the name come to mind: Brine is made by evaporation, and a windswept hill would be an ideal place to do so, but a number of details argue against this: Soviet Era renaming of Magdaleena.

May well be the street with the greatest number of spelling variations. Cheapskate copy-and-paste coming up: Common, carp, freshwater or bronze bream, Abramis brama. All these are related by the idea of a vertical white splash of color: As to hair, since it sort of implies dark hair parting to reveal a pale forehead, it may represent a word dating back to before the stereotypical Scandinavian blond hair became a widely acquired and inherited feature?

Street named in but never, apparently, built. Poet, bard, singer, often lead singer at weddings, or songbook. Temporarily Nikolai Triigi Song, singing, ditty, ballad. Also, coincidentally, not far from Tallinn Music High School. Song festival one of the great events in the Estonian calendar.

Try and imagine over , people all singing the same songs, mostly from memory, for hours on end. In comparison, a recent survey found that the average Brit knew 4. Singing means something to Estonians… Tallinn Song Festival laulupidu. Named after nearby former farm, and also from Laurits, St Lawrence, 3rd-C martyr, reputed to have been roasted on a griddle, but probably just decapitated with a plain old sword.

Laur family, household, farm. After a farm of that name. Estonian politician and communist. Serial prisoner, forced labor twice: Died either during an evacuation or, some suggest, assassinated by the NKVD. Soviet Era renaming ? Actor who lived in this street, star of famous Estonian pic: Part translator of Stanislavsky, and winner, lucky lad, of Stalin Prize and Order of Lenin Estonian writer, winner of the Stalin Prize in , who once lived in this street No.

Soviet Era renaming of Ugala. Albert Le Coq, dates unknown: At the same time there was an A. Prussia, however, in , had other more pressing matters to attend to: The Battle of Jena was lost on 14th October and two years later Hamelin fell without a shot. It could be purely coincidental, and the date does seem to have an air of convenient priority as well as copy and paste about it, but if you run a business and all of a sudden a namesake of yours, be it father he did have four children, including two boys, probably around , so the dates match or even fortuitous, comes to symbolize the epitome of disgrace, moving abroad may not seem a bad idea, all the more so if maintaining a degree of commercial relations with, or knowledge of, clients far enough away Russia, perhaps?

Donning a very neutral nationality, Belgian, seems natural too, as well as good commercial sense. This was the beer that A. Le Coq became famous for marketing to Russia, so successfully in fact that copycat versions on the one hand and an invitation from the Tsar on the other found the company moving to St.

If anyone can provide more accurate information, please let me know. Pyralid or snout moth. Numerous species, including the ubiquitous iniquitous Kirjuleedik kirju meaning variegated, mottled, many-colored, etc. Aka Punane red leeder , kooljapuu corpse or dead person tree , kihvtimarjapuu poison berry tree , etc. Leaf, sheet of paper. Thesium humifusum , but doubtful. The leh root means leaf, perhaps indicating a more than usually leafy plant. Meanwhile, after happy years with Freibank, Kira switched to Wintrup Musikverlage as her publisher.

After her gig at this event, which took place on November 9, Kira performed at a number of universities in Chongqing. In time for the tour, Kira released an EP of the same title, which contains some of the songs intended for the third album. Kira's appearance in Shenyang on June 13, which was also at the invitation of the Goethe Institute, was part of the "Deutschland und China--Gemeinsam in Bewegung" event.

Originally scheduled for release in the spring of , and later pushed back to the fall, Kira's third album was later expected to be out some time in However, its production was halted in January when Kira decided to leave the music business, effectively ending her music career and making the Deine Insel EP her final release. History From the beginning of her musical development Kira had an unstoppable will to write her own music and songs.

Inauswendig Her first album, Inauswendig , was released on October 25, Third album and additional appearances Kira began working on her third album in the fall of Albums Inauswendig "Inside and Out". Released October 25, Released in promo and commercial versions; the commercial version was released August 11,