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To this person, and to everyone else, I apologize. It hurts me that this third book is taking so long. It hurts me even more to know that I have disappointed, and continue to disappoint, all the wonderful folks out there who like my work. I am still working on it. Long time no see!

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Another quick update for you: So, Book 3 of the Rites of Ascension trilogy is finally seeing some real progress. I'm happy with it, and I'm looking forward to starting the editing process fairly soon. As unimportant as it is at this stage of the game, I've been considering titles.

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I really want to find a title that fit well with the previous books in the series. I think I've got it. So, at the moment, I do believe the ti. It's been crazy around these parts this last couple of months. Because of this, I have had very little time to devote to this blog. I hope to get back in the groove of things soon. Tonight is going to be just a short note for a cool new site. It's a wonderful site that explores not just individual books but the ideas and the impact of books around the world.

How Hard Can It Be? Book three which is still untitled! And now I want to take a little break. The Path of the Sword was all snug in its file folder. It was rough and most certainly not ready to be seen by anyone but its daddy, but it was done and tucked safely away. I left it alone; I let it rest piece of advice: I'd learned something from Stephen King's book, On Writ.

I Died A Little Inside. Hoo boy, was I excited! One that would sit on my lap while I typed! And I was stoked! Okay, to be honest, we're not talking about a powerhouse gaming rig that would bake me a cake on my birthday or anything. In fact, it was slow, couldn't play HD video, and games? But, it ran Openoffice Writer, and that's what it was for anyway. It was very portable; I could take it wherever I wante. Return to the Journey. I've sidetracked long enough! It's time to return to my little story.

It's getting close to done so why don't I just move along. The completion of the first draft. I'd finished the first draft; it was all written out in pen. Hundreds of dog-eared pages covered in enough ink to paint a horse. It was approaching Christmas. It was a cold, soggy Christmas, as I recall. Snow up the wazoo. I've got the climax of the third book of Rites of Ascension done and it went right where I expected it to go!

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The adventure continues in Book Three 'Ascension' as Neil, now crowned King with Tasha as his Queen has begun a new era of the monarchy on the world of. The adventure continues in Book Three Ascension as Neil, now crowned King with Tasha as his Queen has begun a new era of the monarchy on the world of.

I don't think anyone will be disappointed. A bit surprised but not disappointed. I think, when it's finally done, it will be a good finale. I was going to post a short excerpt but it's too raw yet. I need to fix up the middle--the pacing is jerky and I'm not happy with some of my phrasing. Well, without getting too involved in the whole thing, there's still a lot of. Yep, I've got good news and I've got bad news. Which do you want first? Rites of Ascension III had a setback. I was plugging away at it and I was getting more and more frustrated.

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It looked pretty good but it felt like a shirt that's on backward: So I went back and looked through it. And I tore out about a hundred pages. That means, yes, it's again taking longer than I expected. Well, last week, to celebrate my birthday I gave away The Path of the Sword for three days. A bunch of you snapped up copies and I couldn't be more thrilled. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed giving it.

Now that the holidays are all over and done with, it's time for me to get serious again. I've had a wild few weeks--Christmas with two children under five, I'm finding, can only be described as wild--and it's been a great time, but I need to buckle down. I need to get.

The countdown is on. The great birthday celebration is winding down. Grab yourself a copy today! Part III is just around the bend maybe two bends; it's taking me a little longer than anticipated. Thanks for all your support! I'd like to say I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I haven't been around much because of my own revelries but now that it's done for another year, well, here I am.

I'm changing the pace a little this time. Some of you may have noticed that I'd begun writing about how I became a writer. I did this for two reasons: From Idea to Outline to First Draft. I had my ideas on paper. In point form, they didn't really evoke a sense of awe. Rather, it was thirty-odd pages of scribbles that, frankly, looked like a really long doctor's prescription. I could read it, but just barely. It wasn't entirely my fault. I was writing at a break-neck pace, trying to get all the ideas out so I wouldn't forget anything. I wrote until my fingers cramped and I wrote while my fingers were cramping.

I wrote beyond that until my hand was numb. In fact I wrot. Behind the Scenes Mechanics. My lovely Cori had succeeded in kicking me in the butt metaphorically. After the kick in the butt metaphorically , I was brimming with energy. I wanted to write this book. I pulled out paper and pen I didn't have my laptop yet and started scribbling away. And that's all I was doing: Sure, I had ideas.

Sure, the whole story was there in my head trying to pop out. That was the problem: I've embarked on quite the journey. I've been through a lot since I released The Path of the Sword. I'm a pretty private kind of person so not much of what I've been doing gets posted here--which, in retrospect, you're probably grateful for. I mean, who wants to hear about my work day? I suppose if you had a case of insomnia I could help you out. Or if you were suffering from a rough case of "good mood" I have just the cure. I haven't even gotten. You know, I never knew the writing process could be so difficult.

I'll explain it briefly Then I'll probably go to bed. After a bowl of chips. Rites of Ascension III is well under way. Jurel and his friends are embroiled in some pretty dicey stuff. Because of Johnson's obscurity, and his prominent place on the album, his solo is sometimes mistaken for Hubbard's.

The solo order differs slightly between the takes; Edition II also features no drum solo by Elvin Jones.

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Coltrane Cultural Society Blues for Coltrane: A Song of John Coltrane.

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