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follow The new edition was improved thanks to the players' feedback, with changes to make the gameplay faster and to clarify the effects of some cards, while keeping unchanged the fun and original spirit of the game. Let's look at what is new in the rules.

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A "Fast Start" option was introduced, to allow the Infection to start spreading sooner, to get the players faster to the point when the game becomes more tense and engaging. The effects of some "Panic" cards- those influencing the movement of players- have been revised and improved. The effects of the "Quarantine" and "Barred Door" cards are now more balanced, so that players under the effects of these cards get back into the game faster and don't stop interacting with the other players.

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A new card, "Placeholder" a green arrow was introduced to handle the situations when players exchange places. In the previous version of the game, the turn continued to the first player in clockwise order from the players who changed place, and for this reason other players could skip some rounds. Now, the turn goes on normally, as the Placeholder card or any other token are used to keep track of the player who is in turn.

When a player plays a card requiring a place exchange, he will exchange cards with the next player according to his new position. However, the Placeholder card remains in place, and the game resumes from the player next to the one who moved away.

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You can support us in many ways, so we added many free digital secret Goals for all Facebook Fans, that we'll send immediately through our "Stay Away! We still have to finish all the artwork for the cards and we intend to finish during this Kickstarter campaign, we've already contacted a number of board game manufacturer in the USA. As far as the finished product is concerned box, booklet and card we have selected a few. In addition we are pleased to be able to translate the game into various languages, through the stretch goal Kickstarter we hope we can translate Stay Away!

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Stretch Goals will allow us to translate at least the owner's manual and will allow the whole world to play Stay Away! In fact, the cards are simple to interpret even if show English. The factory to who we have entrusted our product will complete tests and there will be a complete prototype product this will be shipped to Backers, a quality product that meets the most stringent quality standards at a competitive price.

As you can see there are some Pledges that will allow us to put you in our game credits and even as illustrations in the cards. We strongly believe in this project and our Italian designers Sebastiano Fiorillo and Valentina Alessia Coppola have worked hard in making the graphics and continue to work while this campaign is underway.

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Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Send your photo and we'll create one of the "Panic Attack! Shipping included in worldwide with tracking number.

To your home in time for Halloween! All backers at higher pledges will get this reward as well. Send your photo and we'll create one of the "Infected" cards with your face forever impressed in the "Stay Away! Send your photo and we'll create the "No Barbecue! Send your photo and we'll create the "Analisys" card with your face forever impressed in the "Stay Away! Send your photo and we'll create the "Missed! Send your photo and we'll create the "Flamethrower" card with your face forever impressed in the "Stay Away!

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