Direct Your Own Damn Movie! (Your Own Damn Film School {Series})

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Now Kaufman has his share of friends too in the business. Other have gone on to do things in different avenues and have crossed paths many the time.

Kaufman has had his share too which has taken him all over to infuse his production talents. His friends in the business were kind enough to stop and contribute some words of wisdom along the way..

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Just buy the damn book and find out for yourself! Only kidding …there is alot of ancient chinese secrets in these temples so follow your path to enlightenment.

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At least here you get to keep the prize. Oh and extra bonus..

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Now for clarification there is alot of pages that are sectored as in process conversations. Perhaps this is to educate the numbskulls on what a typical producer luncheon talk sound like. There is alot of dung flying within producer land. Hey it also makes for legal great tax write-offs, so meet, meet, meet and produce!

Kaufman has his own style this is reflective of his style of movie making. All the workings of a long timed producer. His pages lay out several days of exploits, situations and issues that pop up like chickens smacking for feed.

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We get to see copies of letters sent, emails and even screen shots of his …. They'll only water down your erotic zombie thriller anyway. Often low-budget filmmakers get thrown into the position of being not only the director, but their own producer. Using tips from the finest washed-up has-been producers in the business, this book will give the low-budget filmmaker practical tools for getting a movie shoot started, and keeping it going until it is supposed to end.

From budgeting concerns to production-damaging acts of God, all will be discussed.

In this book and especially in the subsequent "Sell your own damn Movie", we as readers and wannabe filmmakers learn as Lloyd realizes in the process of writing the "Make Your Own Damn Series" that the dropping price-point for the masses to create professional looking independent cinema has created an interesting dynamic in the marketplace such that distributors no longer have to pay six-figures to distribute such readily available independent films made by the masses, the big studios don't have to pay as much to make their 13 circuses a year digitally, and that the dollar value of films as a commodity is dropping like a fly due to the declining DVD distribution industry and the death of the independent theater industry.

However, Lloyd's books still talk about the economy of film distribution markets, sales agents, and the work and job of being a producer.

Lloyd Kaufman's Direct Your Own Damn Movie! (Your Own Damn Film School PDF

So if your dream is to raise money, employee actors and crew, and help a director finish your film on time and on budget Lloyd Kaufman is a loon. He's also a filmmaker, writer, and all-around decent guy. He manages, in his own twisted Castskills comedian way, to get across the fundamentals of GETTING the film made, not necessarily how to implement the "rules" of filmmaking such as shot selection, etc.

You can study film theory all day, but this tells you how to put film theory to use. The humor is as brutal as it's honesty.

Book Review: Produce Your Own Damn Movie! - Author Lloyd Kaufman | HNN

I've lived and worked in LA and everything Lloyd says is spot on, but it also tells a great story. You will not find any words truer about film producing, then the words that Lloyd Kaufman brings you in this book. On top of being informative, without sugar coating anything, it is quite possibly one of the funniest books that I have ever read.